My Senior Prom


Carla Rachel Lee-ME! Standing five foot eight I weigh 120 lbs. my eyes are green and my hair is red my bust size is 34DD. My measurements are 34 27 34. I am 19, my birthday is October 31, 1993 Halloween. I use to be straight until I was showed the power of another woman’s pussy.

Lisa Ann Zina was born May 9, 1990 she 21 and lives and grew up in Colonial Heights VA USA a Caucasian with a athletic tan body with a measurements of 38DD-20-34 standing 5 ft 9 in weighting in at 112 lb with the most beautiful Dark Brown eyes and long straight black Brunette hair and a completely shaved white pussy.

Jade Martin was born July 23, 1991 she 20 and lives and grew up in Chester, VA USA an exotic Asian beauty with measurements of 34C-35-35 standing 5 ft 4 in weighting in at 110lbs. with a slim body and long brown hair and a completely shaved pussy.

Lexi Martinez was born June 19, 1990 she 21 and lives and grew up in Hopewell, VA USA. An exotic Latina beauty with a measurement of 34EE-25-34 standing 5 ft 9 in and weight in at 134 lbs with dark black eyes and black hair and nice meat kept landing strip above her pussy.

Jasmyn Reed was born October 27, 1991 she 20 and lives and grew up in Petersburg, VA USA. An Nubian Goddess with Mocha color skin and a measurement of 38G-26-32 standing 5 ft 3 in and weight in at 121 lbs with dark Brown eyes and dark Brunette Shoulder length hair and a trimmed bush above her pussy.

Elizabeth Kocianski was born November 24, 1990 she 21 and lives and grew up in Richmond, VA USA a Caucasian with a muscular body and a measurement of 40C-25-44 standing 6 ft 3 in and weighting 150 lbs with Blonde crew cut and a full blonde Bush. Lisa’s Bull-Dyke Enforcer

Since no one in my family is aware that I’m a lesbian, I went to my High School Senior Prom with my ex-boyfriend, Dale Tanner. Dale isn’t a bad guy, even a pretty decent lover, standing six foot even with sandy brown hair and brown eyes and skinny frame, but he was NEVER able to make me cum the way I did after a group of hard-core lesbians “got a hold of me” later that night.

The Evening started with Dale picking me up in a limo along with John Wayne McLintock, Melanie Eve Lee, George Washington McLintock, Daria Jane Lee, Johnny Thomas, Kimmy Jo, Jermaine Johnson, Anita Banks, Freddy Jackson, and bursa eskort Jennifer Hart. John Wayne McLintock stands six foot six, weighted two twenty-nine and has a body that look like Michael Angelo has sculpted it. His hair is dark brown and kept high and tight. He also keeps a neat trim beard and mustache. George Washington McLintock, who is six foot six, and weighted two twenty-nine too, His body also looked like Michael Angelo has sculpted it, and like his brother his hair was dark brown and kept high and tight. He also keeps a neat trim beard and mustache. They are eighteen-year-old identical twin brothers. Melanie Eve Lin is J.W.’s girl friend and is Daria Jane Lin identical twin sister. The Lin sisters are eighteen years old and stand five foot seven and weighted one hundred and ten pounds. Their long dark black hair reached down to their waist, and they have deep brown eyes. Both have athletic bodies that were curved and rounded in all the right places and looked like they were poured into their prom dresses. Johnny Thomas, eighteen, stand six foot three and weighted two ten. His face is shaved clean and he has dark deep blue eyes and sunny blond hair. His body looked a like the perfect male specimen, not too bulky and not too muscular Kimmy Jo, eighteen, is five foot six and weighted one five and she has crystal blue eyes. She wore her long blond hair in a ponytail and has a figure of playboy playmate. Jermaine Johnson, eighteen, six foot two and weighted two forty and is the spitting image of young Denzel Washington. Anita Banks, eighteen, five foot five and weighed one eight she has a perfect complexion and hourglass shaped figure that any women would die for. Her kinky hair is kept short and with two small ponytails kept up front on the top of her head. Freddy Jackson, eighteen, six foot two and weighted two thirty. His body is all bulk and his hair is long and sandy blond and he always wore red bandana. Jennifer Hart, eighteen, five foot five and weighed ninety-nine pounds, and is curved in all the right places. Their parents are hippies; their children were stuck in the 60’s. Freddy Jackson and Jennifer Hart wore bell-bottom denim jeans tie-dye T-shirts, and a long string bead around their necks. We went out to eat at Kan-Pai.

Then we went to the prom we all got table together and bursa bayan escort we danced and drank punch and talked and danced some more then after the prom we went to after prom party. I told my parents I was sleeping over at Melanie and Daira house that they were having slumber party. While the guys and girls were otherwise occupied (dancing, drinking, and mingling with the crowd), I sneaked-out of the prom and met my friend Lisa. As I was climbing into her car she told me she had a surprise for me as we drove back to her apartment over her Tattoo pallor, an all-girl slumber party, which ended-up as a Lesbian Gang Bang, with ME as the center-point!

We got back to her place she took me up to her apartment where Lisa has invited some friends of hers I’d never met over as well (a sexy Asian chick, curvaceous Latina, and a “thick and juicy” ebony beauty). She whispered in my ear to strip so I did. She said she was going to initiate me properly into lesbianism as she led me to her king size bed where I had my first lesbian orgy. It was so hot I had my young wet white bare pussy and ass eaten my 34 dd tits suckled and I ate and suck ass, pussy and tits of all four of them over and over and over again. I was eating Jasmyn for like the fourth time when Lisa got up went to her top drawer pulled out four 13″ strap on and gave one to Jade, Lexi, Jasmyn and she put on the last one and said this is just the start of my initiation into the pure joys of lesbianism. All four of them (Jade, Lexi, Jasmyn, and Lisa Ann) took turns fucking my mouth, ass, and pussy after each strapping-on a big, thick, 13″ rubber dildos. I ended up wrapping my full soft pouty warm wet pink lips around a strap on at the same time I had a strap on up my young white tight ass and in my young wet white bare pussy for next hour or two. They all four took turns fucking my mouth, ass, and pussy.

Just when I thought it was over, Lisa says she got one more surprise for me; as a tall, muscular, crew-cut blonde joined the party. She has her own “bitch-tamer” already strapped-on, and she proceeded to take me fore and aft after first making me suck her off. She finishes me off by cramming her big cock up my already sore butt-hole and corn-holing me until I screamed for mercy as the others watched and fucked each bursa ucuz escort other. Beth told me that by the time she was done with me that she would fuck me better than any man ever could. OMG and she did I swear by time she was done with me I couldn’t walk. After she was done with me she said the next time she was going to bring her clippers and shave me bald headed that I was going make perfect little dyke.

I swear I couldn’t move I just lay there covered in sweat when Lisa said she had one more surprise for me that was she was going to give me the lesbian baptism then Lisa, Jade, Lexi, Jasmyn, and Elizabeth all stood over me and played with themselves until they end up squirting all over my body, my 34 dd tits, my face, and my long red hair. I was literally covered in pussy juice from my head to toe. Omg it was fucking hot I even squirted my first time in my life that night. I was so tired end up falling sleep sucking on Lisa 38 dd tits with Elizabeth 13″ strap on up my young white ass and Jasmyn 13″ strap on in my young wet white bare pussy and Lexi and Jade each sucking one of my 34 dd tits.

When I woke up in the morning, Lisa told me to get dress she was going to drop me off at my house said it time my parents find out what a lesbian whore slut their daughter was. I had to beg Lisa to let me take a shower first, and she finally gave in to let me take a shower. As I was taking a shower Lisa join me and made love to me in shower. Our soupy body against each other, Lisa leathered up my 34 dd tits and wash my arms and belly and then my back then down each leg and finally rubbing and washing my young wet white bare pussy, the hot water cascading down both out soapy bodies as she held me tight kissing me passionately her long dark hair and my long red hair wet stuck to our bodies.

After the shower I got dressed in my prom dress and Lisa dropped me off at home. My parents were already at Church so Lisa came in with me and she fucked me in my parents’ bed. We spent all morning and noon in my parents’ bed having hot lesbian sex, it was so fucking hot and a turn on to have Lisa defile my parents’ good little catholic daughter in their own marriage bed. After she left she said she would see me graduation night. I had to be careful when I change in the locker room at school because Lisa gave me a henna tattoo just above my young white bare pussy that say Property of Mistress Lisa plus I had hickies all over my 34 dd tits and thighs from Lisa, Jade, Lexi, Jasmyn, and Elizabeth and before Lisa left before 2:00 pm she gave me a hicky on my neck that I had to use my long red hair to keep it covered up.

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