Need Ch. 01

The pen’s end glides over her bottom lip as she tries to clear her mind to make one last short list. Eyes slipping closed, her mind flashes. Lips on her neck….soft breath in her ear….deep moans. Ella shakes her head trying to refocus. Do other women think about sex, desires, as often as I do? She silently wonders. She finishes her food list, and decides on a quick shower before her family is home.

Flipping her phone to the radio app, she lays it down on the sink. Slowly removing her clothing from her curvy frame, she stretches and massages parts of herself. Her shoulders, arms, neck. As she reaches for the shower door, her phone stops the music and “pings” startling her.


“God do I need you.”

Her insides tighten when she reads the word “need”. Taige always knows exactly what to say to get her blood flowing.

She replies…

“I need you. Just jumping in the shower. Wish you were here.”


“Jesus baby. When I think about your naked body, dripping with steaming water….you drive me wild. See you tonight.”



Stepping into the hot shower, she quickly moves through her normal routine. Always saying she will take time to relax during a shower, but she never does. It’s habit of being a mother. Take no time for yourself.

Dinner is simmering on the stove, music softly playing on the radio on top of the fridge. Her son is playing in his room, home from school for the day. And her husband will be home any minute. Ella rushes to finish up the last of the cleaning before he arrives. Putting dishes away, while stirring the spaghetti in between trips to the sink. Ella’s husband, Jeff, walks through the door. She heard the squealing of her son before she heard the door open.

“Hey babe.” He said, exhausted.

“Hey love, escort how was your day?” I asked.

He gave me that look that said, “Don’t ask.” So I didn’t.

“Are you still ok with staying home tonight so I can do girls night? I know you’re tired.”

“No, no. You should go. I don’t work tomorrow. I can sleep in. Have fun.” He pulls me into his arms and kisses my forehead.

I set the table and make my son’s, and husband’s plate before putting on my boots and grabbing my jacket to head out the door, kissing the boys on my way out.

My heart races, as I buckle my seat belt and turn up the music in my car. Heading down the road, I try to calm my nerves. It’s girls night for crying out loud. Ok, granted it’s not a normal girls night that most women enjoy. But girls night all the same. I pull up to Taige’s house and honk the horn. She bolts out of the front door with her 2 year old daughter clinging to her leg. Throwing a wave to her husband, but I didn’t even notice if he waved back. I was too focused on Taige. Her curly deep red tresses spilled over her naked shoulders. Dark eyes, with long batting lashes, that no doubt if I complimented on she would have to describe just how many hours it took for her to look like that. She wore a frilly sleeveless cream colored top, black leggings, and knee high black boots.

“Hey, what are you looking at?” she asked me, flipping down the mirror to look at her teeth nervously.

“You look gorgeous.” I replied

“Ha. No. YOU look gorgeous! Look at you! That cleavage! Damn girl!”

I blush, and just say ‘thank you’. Which is often what I wish she would say when I give her a compliment. Most women just don’t take them well.

I put the car into drive, ready for the 30 minute drive to the movie theater. She grabbed my hand as it lay on the shifter, bursa eve gelen escort interlocking fingers. Babbling on about work, her mom, her husband, her daughter’s potty training adventures, and so on. But all I could concentrate on was her skin on mine. It sent tingles through my whole body. Every time her thumb brushed mine, more wetness would pool deep inside me.

Taige finally stopped talking as we entered town, and found a parking spot. With drinks in hand we made our way to a seat toward the back of the theater. The whole room was a buzz of conversation, teenagers goofing around and flirting, couples sitting closely talking, and people making final trips for popcorn and sodas. The lights flashed once as a warning that they would soon go off for the next two hours.

Sitting next to Taige made my heart race. Yes, we are best friends. But our form of girls night usually is much more involved then movie and drinks away from husband and kid. It was also a way for us to enjoy something that we both agreed several years ago was the most stress relieving. We teased, worked each other up, made out, and sometimes we had sex. Lately we have been flirting with sex in public places.

On the screen, the actor grabbed the actresses hair and pulled her close in a deep passionate kiss. Taige squirmed a little in her seat, which was usually a good sign that she was getting turned on. Putting my hand on her knee, I began circling my fingers over her knee cap, and down her thigh. Her breath caught, and as I looked at her dark eyes, I could see she was so ready for what I had in mind. Both of us keeping our eyes on the screen, I continued to rub her leg, working my way up her thigh. Sweeping fingers over her hips, and then back down her thigh again. I could hear görükle escort her breathing start to pick up, and then stop altogether when I almost reached her pussy lips. I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to feel her lips, so I moved my fingers teasingly up her inner thigh and lightly brushed them along her pussy lips. She moaned softly. Her leggings were thin, and I could feel the heat, and a little moistness through them. She ran her fingers through my dark hair and then grabbed, pulling me to her mouth and kissed me hard. Forcing her tongue to mine, and breathing in deeply at the same time. She was moaning loudly.

“Shhhh.” I softly reminded her. “The point is to NOT get caught love.”

I grabbed the blanket out of my movie bag. I always carry one no matter who I go with. Theaters are always cold. I placed the blanket over her lap as well as mine. Then sinking down into the seat, I cupped my hand full on her pussy. She started to moan, and then remembered my warning. Sliding my hand up to her stomach, I could feel her heart beat with my hand. Then pulling the elastic of the leggings out just a bit to fit my hand inside, I started to rub her through her silk thong panties. As she parted her legs I could feel her swollen clit. She was dripping wet. I could even feel her juices on her inner thigh. My mouth watered knowing how good she tastes. One finger, and then two found its way inside her panties, and inside her wet pussy. I started to finger her, watching her watch the movie and trying not to scream in pleasure. Her hand was over her mouth, stopping sound from coming out, but trying to make it look like she was just resting there. I could feel her muscles clench around my fingers, and with every flick of the clit, her legs would shake a little. I knew I couldn’t make her cum here. She was far too loud and lost control almost every time. It would give us away for sure. So I pulled my hand out. With the other hand under her chin, I made her look at me as I sucked and licked all of the cum off of my fingers. We decided to leave the movie early……..but didn’t notice that we were being followed…

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