Roomies Ch. 01

Erin tried not to feel too nervous as she undressed for the night… she was a pretty eighteen year old, rather innocent in the ways of life, who just happened to have a lesbian for a roommate. Sure, Shannon was nice and all, but she made no bones that she was supremely confident in who she was and what she liked. Flirting subtly with Erin, Shannon had tried to make her new roomie feel at home with her sexuality, but Erin was still having some reservations.

A lot of her reservations came from the fact that a lot of people had called Erin a lesbian in high school and she’d been rather ostracized because of it. In her small mid-western town it wasn’t considered acceptable to be a homosexual or be linked in any way to one. Some mean-spirited girl had claimed that Erin had been eyeing her in the locker room and it spread like wild-fire that Erin Zanes was a hardcore lesbian. From that moment on only her best friend Georgia had stuck by her, the rest of the girls in school avoided her – although a lot of the guys seemed to like talking to her. She quickly found out that was because they thought it would be a coup to bang a proclaimed lesbian.

Because of her problems in high school she’d become rather introverted, and the extroverted, confident and highly sexual lesbian roomie that she had was something of a shock to her system. Shannon came from right outside DC, talked constantly about her friends there – which seemed to be comprised of both homo and heterosexuals to Erin’s shock – and made no bones that she thought Erin was a cutie. Of course, she reassured her roomie that there was no fear for any funny stuff, she just wasn’t that kind of person.

Privately, escort bayan Erin rather admired Shannon; she didn’t think she could ever hold herself with that kind of confidence. She also envied her… within her first hour of being there Shannon had half the guys and girls on their floor coming by the room to talk to her – she’d already been to their rooms to introduce herself. Thoughtfully she introduced Erin to all of them, but Erin was having trouble actually talking to any of these new people, it was all just really overwhelming. Shannon’s bubbly personality made Erin rather awed.

Erin was also very shy around guys… she’d never had a boyfriend because she was never sure whether they were just talking to her because they thought she was a lesbian or because they actually liked her. Really, she wasn’t even sure whether or not she was a lesbian… sometimes she wondered. After all, everyone in school had seemed so sure, and there were times when she thought that other girls were really attractive… but did that make her a lesbian? Having Shannon for a roommate was bringing up a lot of old questions that she’d been sure she’d buried.


Their first weekend their Shannon came by the room with another girl; her name was Robin and she was very sweet, but Erin was surprised to feel a little flash of jealousy. She and Shannon had been getting on very well all week, and she’d even started to get used to having Shannon flirt with her. With Robin sitting there on Shannon’s lap, all of that stopped. It didn’t help that Robin slept over that night either… although she was sure that the girls weren’t altıparmak escort bayan doing anything really clandestine with her in the room, she did see them kissing out of the corner of her eye while she was on the computer.

She wondered what it would be like to kiss another girl. In high school she’d kissed two guys… both during Truth Or Dare at a party, but still. At least she’d been kissed, but she’d never even considered trying to kiss another girl. That kind of behavior would be more than out of bounds… but now she wondered. Especially what it would be like to kiss Shannon whom she was becoming pretty close to.

Sometime after she got into bed, Robin and Shannon went off to the showers… which Erin thought must mean that they were going to fool around where they could have a little more privacy. It was late, almost no one would be around in the bathroom. Tossing in her bed, she could almost see them in the shower… naked with their soft skin glistening, kissing and caressing… uncomfortably she examined her feelings about this. Not jealousy anymore, but something much more disturbing, she was a little excited by picturing this. Even more so when she wondered what it would be like for HER to take a shower with Shannon… picturing her naked was no problem, she’d accidently walked in while Shannon was changing the other day.

When Robin and Shannon got back from the shower they kissed some more. Pretending to be asleep, Erin watched them through slitted eyes. She couldn’t tell if they were wearing clothes or not… eventually Robin got out of bed and left, they were just wearing bra’s and panties. nilüfer eskort Muffling a sigh, she watched as Shannon got back into bed. Then she spent more time tossing, her closed eyes burning with the image of two girls kissing…

That night she dreamed. She dreamed that Shannon got out of her bed, and now she was completely naked. Walking across the room, Shannon slid into Erin’s bed, and Erin froze.

“It’s ok,” whispered Shannon, “I just want to kiss you.”

Before Erin could even protest, Shannon’s soft lips were on hers… sweetly and gently pressing down onto Erin’s mouth, her tongue sliding slyly between her lips. She sighed into Shannon’s kiss, feeling her roommate’s nude body pressing against hers… and she suddenly realized that she was naked too, their bare skin was touching. Bare breasts rubbed together, nipples pressing into each other and Shannon’s hand went around her back, sliding fingers over her bare shoulders and down her back. Goose bumps went up on her arms as Shannon’s hand glided over her ass, caressing it as the kiss deepened.

Shannon’s hand slid back up her back and then to the front of her shoulder, pressing her back against the bed so that she was on her back. Then her hand began to slide down Erin’s front, and her breath caught as Shannon cupped breast, thumbing her nipple and making it hard.

With a gasp Erin woke up, finding her own hand under her shirt, caressing her breast. She realized that she was incredibly wet, but she didn’t think she had the courage to masturbate while Shannon was sleeping only mere feet away from her. Especially after the brazen and confusing dream she had just had.

Did it mean that she was attracted to Shannon? Did she really like girls? Or was it just brought on by Shannon and Robin’s minor activities tonight?

Confused, she huddled in the sheets… her pussy was burning with arousal. It took awhile before she managed to slip back into an uneasy sleep.

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