Sarah Awakens in Paris

– Introduction –

Sarah looked forward to her trip to Paris, it was many years since she had had the opportunity to see the famous buildings and the elegant shops. Now she had accompanied her husband. He was on business but had just telephoned her on her mobile to advise that his meeting would go on quite late. So have dinner and go see a show, he had said.

The exhilaration of wandering through the elegant stores was wearing off so Edwina decided to take tea in one of the cafes in a large store. She was aware that to do so would probably annoy James as the cost in such a place would probably be astronomical.

Enjoying the cream cakes and cups of tea Sarah suddenly became aware that someone was looking at her intently. It was a woman two or three tables away. A slim elegant woman, Sarah racked her brain going over the people with whom she had been introduced but the woman did not fit any recollection. What was more Sarah realised that the woman was at the very least in her mid 50’s and gorukle escort bayan all the women she had met were all around her own age, 35?

The woman had soft brown eyes, which nevertheless seemed to bore into Sarah’s. The woman smiled and Sarah found herself returning the smile. For some unknown reason Sarah also found herself mildly sexually excited. True she had enjoyed fun with girls before, but it was years ago before she was married, nevertheless this woman seemed to draw her.

The waitress came to the table to ensure that all was well and Sarah asked her if she knew the lady at table 14. She explained that she thought she had been introduced but was unsure and had no wish to offend the lady. The waitress had no need to look. “Oh oui Madame, that is Contesse Madeleine de Nouville, have you met?”

“Er no, Thank you so much, she just bears a resemblance to a lady to whom I was introduced yesterday.”

The waitress went away with a shake of her head and sotto nilüfer escort bayan voce added “Ah les anglais, pouf.”

Sarah then noticed the Countess get to her feet, she again smiled in Sarah’s direction as she walked towards the ladies room. Sarah watched her and as the woman opened the door of the ladies she inclined her head.

Giving her a few moments Sarah followed, even she did not understand why, it was some unknown compulsion that took her there. In the ladies room were two cubicles and one was occupied. No sign of the Countess so Sarah assumed she was in the cubicle.

Entering the vacant one, Sarah closed the door and before using the toilet had a quick glance round. It was then that she noticed a small hand mirror being placed on the floor by a long elegant hand. The fingers ending in blood red nails that were absolutely perfect.

Bending over she took the mirror in her hand and looked at the reflection. She was looking with a bursa otele gelen escort bayan worms eye view of two stockinged legs, placed well apart. As her gaze traveled up the legs passed the thighs where the stockings were tightly suspendered she gave a little gasp as her eyes alighted on the woman mons, absolutely hairless and the labia were already swollen. As she watched the woman turned, slightly bent her legs and peed into the toilet bowl. Sarah could not take her eyes off the spectacle. After she had finished the woman gently wiped herself then squatted on the seat. bending she took the mirror from Sarah’s fingers and tilted the glass. It was obvious that she wanted to watch.

Sarah had never peed in front of anyone before, not even her husband but there was something very exciting about peeing for the countess. Pushing her panties off completely, she hoisted her skirt, bent her knees and finding it easier to use a finger directed her pee into the bowl. After wiping herself she noticed a note being pushed towards her.

“Bravo, would you like to accompany me to my apartment, I think we could have many things in common. I shall wait for you whilst washing my hands and perhaps we can speak”

The note was written in English – Sarah knew that her nationality was not an issue.

To Be Continued…

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