Loving Tammy Ch. 01

Hi everyone! This tale is bit different as I’ve found a fun romantic bone in my body. It is a romantic tale with eroticism mixed in for spice. And it will only get spicier as time goes. I hope you enjoy!


“I am going to kill him,” Sara repeated in her mind as she made her way across the school hallway. With another look back at Jay she sighed. It was her own fault for making that bet with him, but he didn’t have to be so damn smiley about it. The two had been friends now for ten years, ever since he shared his crayons with her when they were nine. Since then they have been through thick and thin, but if Sara given the choice of continuing down this hallway or beating him within an inch of his life, Jay wouldn’t make it to fourth period.

Up a head laid her doom. It was a dumb bet in the first place. “As IF he got a better mark!” It was an English essay, and a guy who could barely string together four words without a dictionary got a ninety-seven. In hind sight, Sara knew she should have chosen an easier topic. Maybe something with flair. Like how to beat your best friend to an inch of his life and get a way with it : A suckered friends guide.

Three more steps and her life would be over. Winning that slick plasma tv off Jay would have been sick, but it was never worth the risk! If she hadn’t been drunk at the time she would never have bet high school suicide against a tv. Damn his snug look when he lifted his paper. As if the breeding rituals of African ants was really that interesting anyway!

Sara’s legs began to shake and a familiar turning sensation began to pick up speed in her stomach. She was actually beginning to feel faint! Years of aloofness all down the drain in one apocalyptic moment. “There is still time to veer away if I do some fancy footwork, pretend to be lost in thought or sick. That would explain the damn sweat!” Just as that thought showed her a last ray of hope, Jay’s parting words kicked her hard. “You know you’ll regret it if you never even try. If it don’t pan out we can always watch some porn on my new TV!”

“Goddamn him!”

And here it was. The moment that kept her from sleeping for the last week and a half. In front her stood Tammy Lynn Brooks, the most gorgeous girl on the face of the earth, flanked by her ever-present friends Becky and Trisha. Six pair of eyes stared at her. Peering at her as if she was someone that was all together new to them. If they had tried real hard they might actually remember who Sara was. After all the school wasn’t that big and they had been in the same classes since grade nine.

Then again, Sara had to admit to herself that she did purposefully spend most of her high school days in the back of the crowd. Ever since early in grade nine she made the horrible mistake of coming out to her then friend Christy Baker. Christy had misinterpreted it as Sara hitting on her and proceeded to spread it around the entire school. Which left Sara to do the only logical thing, and deny the rumors and hide herself snugly back into the closet.

Unfortunately that was not enough as she became a social pariah. Every time she tried to interact to people they would always get that “You’re gay aren’t you” look in their eye. Consequently, despite a confidence in her cute mousey looks, Sara was never able to develop her social abilities. A fact that was blatantly obvious now that she stood face to face with Tammy.

“Um, hi Tammy…” Sara muttered before everything went really, really black.

Puffy white clouds parted as Sara flew through the air. She had been here before. It was her happy place. Over the next hill would be her little cottage near the lake. The lake didn’t have a name. It was just THE Lake. Sara’s world had no use for others so naming a unique thing seemed silly. A smile crossed her lips as she saw the thatched roof come into view. Sitting idly where she left them where her friend the gnome (Not a dwarf! thank you!), the unicorn (can’t a girl be cliché?) and the frightening to look at but tender hearted beast (okay really cliché!).

“Welcome back deary,” said the beast as Sara landed gently on the rich green lawn. Sara was about to run over to greet the big hair ball with an affectionate hug when it’s large paw raised up to stop her. “Whatcha doing here deary?” It asked.

Looking to her other friends for explanation she was greeted only by sour looks. “What’s going on?”

“That be our question lass!” barked the gnome in his ruff tones. “Ye ain’t supposta be ‘ere right now.”

“But bursa escort bayan this is my home.”

“Aye, and tis always that, but ye ‘int ‘upposeta be ‘ere now.” The angrier he got the more letters he started to drop until the ground would be so covered there wouldn’t be anywhere left to sit.

“I don’t understand.”

The gnome spat, letters falling freely from his mouth. Turning in disgust he kicked the fallen ones away then sat quietly on a near by stone. After a curt nod toward the beast he just stared at her.

“Don’t mind him deary. He just wants the best for you, you know that.”

“I do, but I still don’t understand what’s going on.”

“You were suppose to talk with that girl you are liking, your not suppose to be here.”

“oh,” Sara said blushing.

“OH!” The gnome burst out after finding a spare H on the ground. “Blo-” he began again dropping in inordinate supply of o’s.

“I’m sorry for this deary, but can you look thata way for just a moment.” Waiting for Sara to oblige, the beast screamed “Now Youni!”

Youni was the unicorn. For just a brief moment Sara was confused as to why the beast would be calling for Youni to do something. The moment was brief because in the very next one, a hoof struck her quite smartly on the back of the head.

“I hate it when imaginary creatures gang up on me.” Sara said waiting for the clouds to part once again.

“That’s an odd thing to say.”

This time as the clouds parted Sara didn’t see her thatched roof cottage but another equally vivid fantasy. Sitting quite quietly beside her bed was Tammy Brooks, looking at her sweetly, if a bit confusedly. Her slight lean in gave Sara a spectacular view of Tammy’s well proportioned cleavage, clad a lacy camisole under a wide necked stretched tee that hugged her curves very effectively. From this angle Sara could only see the tips of Tammy’s sculpted legs poking out of her skirt before they disappeared past the bed. It all made Sara feeling quite warm and still a bit dizzy from Youni’s kick.

Knowing it must be a dream, Sara let her libido out to play as she imagined what she would do with the supple nineteen year old beside her. She smiled as she imagined leaning over to caress Tammy soft cheeks, before pulling her slowly in to brush her lips with her own. A breath of hesitation and then they would press together, gently at first but then harder as their mutual passions grew.

Leaving the sculpted tee and camisole in place to dull the sensations, she would move her finger tips teasingly across her beautiful breasts. Tammy would moan delightfully into Sara’s mouth as her dexterous fingers continued to dance. Switching tactics in mid-stride, Sara spread her whole palm out to caress Tammy’s entire breast. Messaging one while her fee hand slid down, their kissing grew more frantic.

Finally as their passions grew overwhelmingly, Sara hooked her fingers under both tops and slipped them effortlessly over Tammy’s head, messing her hair just slightly as it passed by. As Sara smoothes it down with a caressing hand it would be Tammy who would then pull her in for a deep kiss. Their tongues explore eagerly as the excitement rebuilds.

Pulling away from the kiss, Sara slid down to firmly kiss the tender flesh around Tammy’s breasts. Her tongue probing deeply into the supple flesh while her lips gently drag dangerously close to Tammy’s stiffing nipples. Continuing her teasing, Sara moved quickly to the next breast to repeat her torture. This time Tammy gently grabbed hold of Sara’s head to pull her in desperately, sliding her nipple into Sara’s waiting mouth. Tammy moaned again as Sara finally relinquishes her torture to suck hard on the sensitive nipple, flailing her tongue back and forth.

Meanwhile, not to be out done her right hand begins to firmly slide up Tammy’s bare thigh. She squirms as Sara’s hand slowly slips beneath her skirt sending electric jolts upwards. With but a thin piece of silk between them, the damp heat beneath her skirt is intense on Sara’s hand. With a loud moan, Tammy squirms some more, this time allowing her legs to come to rest a hands space apart.

“Sara?” Tammy said.

“Hello,” Sara said sweetly smiling widely.

“Going to stay awake this time?” Tammy laughed light heartedly.

Reality has tends to come back with a cruel thump. And every once in a while, when special circumstances are met, you can actually hear the thump. When Sara’s mind görükle escort finally raced it’s way forward passed her libido screaming “the end is coming!” Sara was left confused and very embarrassed.

“Oh my God! You turn the cutest red!” Tammy laughed.

Finding no way to regain dignity, and quite overly grateful that Tammy assumed the blush was from fainting, Sara decided to try her hand at a new line of dialogue. “How come you’re here?”

“Your friend Jason had to work, or so he says, and no one could get a hold of your folks.”

A glance around her Sara’s folks would be off until later tonight. Her father had houses to show on the mainland and her mother would be working late tonight. Groaning a little, Sara sat up on the nurses bed. “Thank,” she said sheepishly.

“Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah. I guess I just haven’t slept much lately.”

Tammy smiled, reducing Sara too a liquidy heap. “I go through spurts like that too. Though I’ve never passed out!”

“You’ve never tried to ask you out,” Sara thought to herself.

“Do you have a ride home?”

“Damn,” Sara cursed at herself. “No Jay drove me in this morning. I was going to catch the bus,” she laughed nervously.

“Well if you don’t mind a quick stop off the market, I can give you a lift.”

Sara swooned. “Best pass out in history!” she rejoiced internally. “That’d be great. Thanks.”

Sara could hardly contained her nervous shaking as the two made their way to the mall. Idle conversation about classes and current trends filled the air, mercifully keeping the awkward silences at bay.

Twenty minutes later they were on the road back to Sara’s house, with the conversation winding down, Tammy viciously destroyed Sara’s great time with a single question. “So, what were you about to ask me when you passed out there.”

Sara’s house came into view signaling the end of their journey was mere moments away. If she intended to ask Tammy out it would have to be now. Her jaw shook as she stumbled to find the words. It was so much easier in front of her mirror last night! “Um, yeah, I was wondering, if, um…. you might want to go out sometime, maybe dinner,” Sara managed to squeak out.

Immediately her survival instincts began to scream at her. “Say something! You going to be tossed out, beat to a bloody oooze, your going to-“

“I’m sorry!” Sara blurted out. “You were so nice to drive me home and I had to ruin it. And-“

“I didn’t say no yet.”


“Is that why you passed out earlier?”

Sara nodded.

“That’s so cute! So the rumors are true eh?”

“Some, I mean yeah I am, but I never hit on Christy Baker or anything.”

The car slowed to a stop outside Sara’s front door.

“Your really nice and all,” Tammy began.

“Please make this quick,” Sara pleaded internally. “I just want to crawl into bed and sleep.”

“But,” Tammy continued. “I can’t.” Sara noticed that Tammy continued to stare straight forward, her lips were pressed thinly stressing over her next words. “It’s just that that my parents would freak out and my friends…”

I glimmer of hope slid desperately into Sara’s mind. “She’s still not saying no. Well not outright!” Feeling emboldened by this thought Sara blurted out desperately. “What if we went to the main land? I have this great idea for a dress for you for prom and I need materials and-“

“Okay but-.”

“and you would really just be coming to help choose what you like and-” Tammy cut Sara’s rambling off with a raised hand.

“I do need a new dress. I’ve seen the stuff you’ve done at the school fashion show and I would love to have something that Becky and Trisha would be able to copy.”

“You mean-” Again her hand raised to silence the flow.

“I mean, I’d love a new dress, and if we’re on the mainland, I’m sure we’ll get hungry.”

Sara stared speechless.

“Tammy looked at her concerned. “Are you okay?”

“uh huh,” she squeaked.

Tammy laughed. “I’ll see you Saturday morning then.”

“Okay,” Sara said fumbling for the door, still shocked into a daze.


“Bye!” Sara waved as Tammy’s car disappeared down the road.

When it was out of sight, Sara squealed. Running into the house she tossed her bag down and made her way over to her detached room. Sara’s father had bought the house off Jimmy Schmitt a record producer who fell in love with the island shortly before his company went belly bursa escort bayan up. Sara’s room was the old recording studio that he had built into it, which her parent renovated for her after she gained an interest in loud music.

“Danny!” She called out to see if her brother was around. “Most likely out with his friends.” Sara thought. He was a few years younger that Sara and much more popular. Since he hit high school, it was rare to see him around until dinner or later. As long as he called in, their parents seemed okay with it, which was annoyingly twenty billion times more lenient that they ever were with her at that age.

With no answer coming, Sara grabbed a light snack of cold leftovers and juice out of the fridge and made her way to her room. Jay wouldn’t be home until nine so she pulled out her sketch book and laid on the bed to work on new designs for Tammy’s dress. Starting with simple sketches of Tammy’s thin curves Sara began to work on how standard prom-styles would look, then as her libido kicked in she grew more daring with the various cuts.

Detached Sara’s watched as her pencil glided across the page bringing her Sketch Tammy into life wearing a daring cross weaved halter top and complimenting thigh length skirt. With each new pose, Tammy grew more adventurous. The sultry figure began to twist back and forth to test the flow of her new skirt. Tammy stumbled slightly as she spun quickly about, causing her short skirt to spin high up, just barely revealing a glimpse of the silk beneath.

With a mischievous smile, Tammy danced in close bending in slowly to sway her soft lips a breath away from Sara’s. Just as Sara moved closer to close the gap, Tammy spun away. “Must be from teasing her so much earlier” Sara thought to herself. Her left slid down clenching and unclenching the blankets beneath her as her breathing began to pick up.

Furiously Sara’s pencil continued across the page, as she watched Sketch Tammy continue to dace seductively to the unheard music. Slowly wrapping her hands about her waist, Tammy spun backwards and slid off the halter top revealing bare flesh beneath. Swaying slowly back in to Sara, she dipped down and turned back face to face before slowly sliding back upward, pressing her proportioned breast into each side of Sara’s cheeks as they passed by.

Sara moaned aloud as her devilish left hand slipped beneath he own skirt to press firmly upwards. The jolt sent a spasm into Sara’s right arm, causing her to slip the pencil off into an unintended line. Grabbing onto it Sketch Tammy twisted it into a ribbon as she slid it over Sara’s head to pull her in for another achingly close view of her supple breasts.

Sara could smell her berry perfume briefly before Tammy slipped away again to dance with the music. With her back to Sara once more, Tammy slid her hands slowly down her bare skin until the reached the skirt below. A quick bending motion brought the skirt down as Tammy raised her thin silken accented ass up into the cool room air.

Pages flipped by as Sara’s left hand continued it’s ministrations below as her face flushed deeply. Tammy continued her dance in front almost free of clothing Sara’s focus became on the growing darkness between Tammy’s legs. As Tammy slowly slid in once more, a gentle knock came at the door.

“Sara honey, can I come in?” It was mom.

Quickly hiding her sketch book under the bed and giving her left hand a quick wipe down, Sara called the all clear. Getting up to greet a serious looking mother Sara wondered briefly what could be wrong.

“Are you okay?” Her mother asked. “You do look a little flush.”

Confused at first, the memory of her faint slowly filtered passed the much more important memories of the drive home. “Oh, yeah. Sorry mom, I guess I just over exerted myself. Didn’t sleep well last couple of nights.”

Her mother looked at her doubtingly then smiled warmly. “Well then come down to dinner, than it’s off to bed.”

Sara nodded, following her mother out of the room.

“How was your day otherwise?”


“Oh? What happened.”

“Er, nothing really. I guess I missed fourth period. Oh, I’m going to make a girls dress for the prom!”

The two continued to chat idly, on the walk down to the dinning room. Only two plates were out for dinner. “Dad still on the main-land?”

“Yeah, apparently there in negotiations. And your brother’s off at Jim’s again.”

Sara spent a few hours eating, cleaning and chatting with her mother. When her father and brother were out, she got lonely in their house. With more room than they would ever need, the empty space was sometimes haunting when you were all alone. By the time Sara made it back to her sketch book, she was exhausted and fell asleep half way through the next sketch.

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