Imagine this woman. Tall, about 5’10, 135 lbs. Long dark hair, a little past her shoulders. She’ll be Fifty five, in about a month or so. But she looks about 35 with or without her hair in a ponytail. She acts it too. I don’t mean she’s immature, no, not at all. She’s a very mature, intelligent woman. But she can still be as good in bed now as she was when she was in her twenties. That’s what I’ve heard anyway.

She told me one morning, that she was bisexual. That just stopped me dead in my tracks. I was like you’re kidding me?

“No I am not,” she said.

I was like, “wow!, I did not know that.”

“You didn’t?” She replied.

“No, but I think it’s great! I have no problem with it. You obviously have some desires that need to meet an appetite so to speak.”

“Well, to tell you the truth, I have never tried to hide it, nor tried to advertise it. But thank you for being so understanding.”

“My pleasure,” I said.

Even though we still continued our conversation that morning.. I was still sort of shocked. I mean, I don’t believe in stereo types, so what does a bisexual woman look like? I’ll leave you thinking.

So, any ways, I started to question myself. I have never been with a man, nor ever wanted to be.

Never thought of myself being with a woman either. Been through the “it’s not natural” from the parents routine. But I started having feelings for this woman. And then I thought again, she’s my friend, I cannot think this way of her. So over and over again, those thoughts played in my mind. Sort of like a tug of war. Back and fourth, and back and fourth. I thought of her every waking moment, and even dreamed of her every sleepless night. Of us. In love, in bed. Doing just about anything. Inseparable. Well, at least in my dreams. In fact, let me tell you a dream I have of us..

In my dream… I imagined kissing and sucking her earlobes, kissing and nipping her long swan like neck, before finding her blush colored lips. Taking her lower lip and sucking it, as she sucked mine. Tongues colliding in a rhythm of dance only she and I knew.

Our hands roving about our beautifully toned and tanned bodies. Hers with tan lines, and mine, well, all natural. We stopped kissing long enough to help each other out of our cloths. Leaving our bra’s on, then continuing our kissing, and caressing. We finally decided that we couldn’t take it anymore. We both needed to get our tits out of our bras. They had the need to be free. Free of the darkness that our clothing kept them in, free of the unpleasant uncomfortableness they held. We then helped each other out of our bras, freeing orhangazi escort our tits. Tossing aside our bras, then caressing each other again. Our hands roving about. Lynsie then cradled my tits in her strong yet ever so gentle hands, coaxing the aureoles into their hardened peaks before bending her head and taking a nipple into her mouth. Laving and bathing it before settling down with her tongue under its crest and gently sucking like a nursing babe. My hands flew to the back of Lynsie’s head, holding her closer to me, as she suckled me. Leaving her other hand caressing the breast she wasn’t sucking. Her gentle sucking sent waves of rapacious desire throughout my whole body. She then switched breasts, licked and sucked one while caressing the other. I leaned my head back to take in the sensations that were flowing through me.

She then stopped suckling me, and reached up and placed her hands on my neck, bringing it back up and cradling it, as her lips meshed with mine in an explosive kiss. Tongues playing about in a rhythm dance of the tango.

We were in heaven. The clouds rolling by, angels fluttering their wings, but we didn’t even notice. We were so lost in each other. Lynsie broke the kiss on our lips, as I breathed “don’t stop.”

Lynsie breathed, “I don’t plan on it.”

She then continued by kissing my earlobe, tonguing my ear, kissing my neck, then traveling her kisses to my mouth. Our tongues danced the tango again. And then back to my tits. Laving and sucking, then trailing down my torso, laving my belly button. Her hands are all over me. I wanted her and I to be one, so my hands were atop her head. Everywhere she nipped, licked, and sucked, my hands pushed her harder into me. My breath becoming harder as she took her hand and ran it along my vaginal lips. Slightly parting them in their wake. Then traveling her hands further down, bending her head still, kissing my inner thighs, my legs, all the way down to my feet.

Back up my legs, and settled her kisses on my vaginal lips again. I shuddered as her long tongue laved them. One then the other. Then sucking each one. before her long tongue traced the inner walls of my pussy. I was in heaven again. Her long tongue felt so good inside me. I couldn’t wait for her to tongue fuck me. Her tongue then started darting in and out of my pussy. Bathing my huge budding clit each time her long tongue came out.

I took my hands and played about my tits. Making the aureoles into hardened peaks, and slightly pulling up on their long nipples. As my nipples became longer in my playing, her tongue continued to bath nilüfer escort my pussy. By now my body was writhing in tune with her tongue. Each time she darted into me, my pussy met her tongue. We were in complete sink with each other. She then took her tongue and bathed my clit and placed two then three fingers into my pussy, twisting and turning them, as she went. My hands working my tits, pulling their long nipples. She then settles her lips upon my clit, and begins to suck it into her mouth, still twisting and turning her three fingers in my vagina. My hips lifting off the bed, bucking in tune with her fingers. She begins to suck harder at my clit, and takes her three fingers twisting and turning, faster and faster in and out of my pussy. I begin to moan an utterance of words only the Gods above could understand. I begin to flow my juices upon Lynsie’s long snake like tongue. She continues to suck my clit, taking in all my juices, as she finger fucks my pussy into oblivion.

I begin to cry, “don’t stop, fuck me harder.” as I flow again my juices into Lynsie’s mouth. I begin to settle my hips back down on the sheets. Lynsie’s long fingers slide easily out of my pussy. She then takes them into her mouth and sucks hard, the juices from my pussy off them. Before leaning up and pressing her lips against mine. Our tongues wagging about in a tango dance.

We end the kiss, and gaze into each others eyes. Hers a beautiful resplendent baby blue, and mine a soft warm brown. Her hands on my shoulders, and mine on her long muscular arms.

My hands now cupping her beautiful face, I then take my lips and kiss her blush colored lips, her mouth sucking lightly on my tongue. I feel a rush of sizzling energy spark through my whole body. My hands now cupping her arms, as I lean my head in and kiss her long swan like neck. Her head arched back to take in my kisses. I kiss her long swan like neck, then travel them down to her collar bone, and kiss and lave the hallow between them. That spot between her collar bone, is so sexy, I could kiss her there all day. Just looking at the slight indent there, makes me so hot.

I kiss and lave there, while cradling her beautiful 38d breasts. Making the aureoles into ½ inch hardened peaks. Lightly pulling up on those hardened peaks. Traveling my kisses to her meaty breasts. Kissing and laving her ½ inch erect nipples. Before settling down with my tongue underneath her nipple and my mouth draped over its crest, and began to suck gently. Lynsie’s hand rushed to the back of my head pushing me closer to her breast. I suckle a few more times before lifting my head türbanlı escort and take my hands and massage her nipples with my fingers, before taking the other nipple into my hot steamy mouth, and suckle her.

Her nipple feels good against my tongue, taking it back and fourth underneath my tongue. Resting my hands upon Lynsie’s back, as I travel my kisses further down her torso, my hands reach her beautifully sculpted ass, and my tongue laving her long belly button. All the while her hands on my head, running her long fingers through my hair. From where my tongue was laving her long belly button, I could smell her hot sexy aroma from the apex between her long healthy sculpted legs. I traveled my kisses down one leg and back up the other, before taking a finger and running it along her vaginal lips. Then entering it into her vagina.

Hungry for her sweet honey, I took out my finger from her vagina and sucked it into my mouth. Looking up at Lynsie watching her watch me. I then dove between her long sculpted legs. And took my tongue up and down her unshaven forest. Parting her lips and running my tongue along her vaginal walls. Her pussy closing in around my tongue felt so good. Her sweet aroma filling my nostrils. I breathed in deeply, inhaling her sweet scent. My tongue laving her inner walls, feeling her pussy pulsing against my tongue. I took my hands and cupped her sweet ass, as my tongue found her huge budding clit. As I took my tongue out of her sweet pussy. Lynsie began to moan in protest. But when my mouth clasped over her huge budding clit and I began to suckle it, Lynsie breathed a sigh of relief. My hands exploring her sweet tight ass, and my mouth suckling her huge budding clit.. I looked up at Lynsie and saw that she had her hands splayed across her chest, fondling her tits, pulling up on her sweet ½ inch erect nipples. Her head arched back her mouth slightly open as she began to moan sweet words of love to me. As I continued to fuck her pussy into oblivion. I continue to suckle her huge budding clit, I could feel her body begin to shake, then go stiff. As Lynsie’s juices began to flow into my mouth and onto my tongue. Lynsie flows a lot more than others, so I take a lot of juice into my mouth. A lot of sweet juice. And I, sure as there is a Heaven, swallow every drop.

Then I take and kiss Lynsie’s vaginal lips one more time, my tongue running along the way. I then slowly get up on my feet, and cup my hands over Lynsie’s as she cradles her sweet 38d breasts and massages her nipples. I take my mouth and mesh our lips together, for a sweet long lingering kiss. Our tongues colliding in a long dance of the tango. We then collapse with our nude bodies entwined and with one last tongue filled kiss, our hands roaming each others bodies we fall asleep in each others arms.

I hope you have enjoyed my dream about Lynsie as well as I have many nights in the past and many nights to come.

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