Making the Grade Ch. 01-02

Kristin Campbell was filled with anxiety as she sat in Professor Wilson’s office. The 20 year old junior had failed two out of the last three statistics exams and hoped the educator would show some leniency, or perhaps better — favoritism, as she approached the last couple months of the semester. She had heard through numerous girlfriends that the professor, who was widely known on campus as a lesbian, sometimes had “favorites” which seemed to do well in her class.

Kristen was a very pretty blonde, with dark brown eyes, and silky blonde tresses that fell down the mid part of her back. While only 5’4″, Kristen showed off a 35C-23-34 figure which had guys on campus drooling. Kristen was no saint in high school but she certainly had a coming out party in college when it came to sex. She knew she was attractive and combined with her infectious smile and warm personality, she found no shortage of suiters.

While she had never had sex with another girl, she was curious and now given her poor showing in Professor Wilson’s class, she wondered if a deal could be made. She had seen how some of the other coeds seemed to hang around after class, particularly those who struck her as girls who preferred an alternate lifestyle. There were quite a few girls who were known to be lesbians who often dined together in the cafeteria or lived in “The Lodge” — a converted hotel not far from the campus grounds where gay students roomed.

Kristen sat in a reception area as she watched what appeared to be a graduate student work silently at a desk looking over papers. Professors typically didn’t have secretaries but quite a few tenured professors had grad students who fulfilled those roles. After waiting twenty minutes or so, the student took a call and then told Kristen that the professor could see her.

The young coed was amazed at how large the office actually was. It didn’t appear that way from the outside but it apparently ran the length of two rooms down the hall. Tracey Wilson was 43 and had been on faculty since she was 26. She taught statistics, economics, and business law.

Wilson was dressed in a smart grey dress and matching jacket with a white blouse underneath. She didn’t look up as she told Kristin to take a seat in one of the two empty side chairs.

“How can I help you Miss Campbell?” Wilson asked still concentrating on a stack of papers before her.

Kristen hesitated before beginning, causing Tracey to glance up, for the first time taking in the young coed’s concerned face. “Well, I’m sort of having a difficult time in your class and I was kind of hoping you might offer a suggestion at how I can improve my grades.”

Tracey waited for her to continue, but sensing she had concluded the professor chimed in.

“Yes, I see your grades are lacking. You started off well, a ‘B’ on your first exam but since then you have really fallen short. Didn’t I have you last semester in an economics class?” she added.

Kristen beamed that she recalled, “Yes mam.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t remember all my students, and how did you do in that class?” she asked.

“I made an ‘A’,” she responded.

“Well, you certainly have the intellect. Are you putting in the time reviewing the lessons?” the professor asked.

“It’s just difficult,” Kristen responded, “The formulas and everything – I just have a hard time.”

Professor Wilson studied her for a second before she began, “Kristen, have you given thought to joining a study group? Perhaps friending someone in the class to help you? Unfortunately I can’t assign a gradate student to every student who needs help but I do want to see my students succeed.”

“Well, I’m not sure I really know anyone in particular in class. Can you suggest someone?” Kristen asked.

Professor Wilson smiled back, “Look, I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, you need to commit yourself to your books and perhaps take a little more time reviewing the exercises.” The professor started to dismiss her when there seemed to be something Kristen wanted to add.

“Will there be anything else,” she queried.

“Yes mam, I was wondering if there might be any chance for extra credit… I mean something to pull up these other grades.”

“Extra credit?,” the professor shot back.

“Yes mam, something I could do. I mean right now, even if I did improve on the last couple of exams, I might still fail the course,” Kristen reasoned.

“Yes, that’s very possible. But something you should have taken into account before now. Anyway, you can repeat the course next semester and be much more prepared if that occurs.”

Professor Wilson noted the young coed seemed to be on the verge of tears, struggling to respond, when between breaths she informed the teacher, “I didn’t do well on some subjects the last couple of semesters and daddy warned me if this semester was the same, he’d pull me out of school and send me to community college to finish up,” Kristen collected her thoughts before pleading, “Please Ms bursa yabancı escort Wilson, I’ll do anything. Anything at all, if you could find your way in helping me.”

Kristen searched the professor’s face. She wondered if she dared go there, what she actually came to ask. “Professor Wilson, some of my friends said that sometimes, well… in the past you may have helped some girls get ahead. Girls who might have also done things for you. I’d do that,” she added.

The young coed’s hands were shaking wondering if she had crossed the line. If the professor would be incensed at her offer. Perhaps suspend her on the spot.

“Miss Campbell, are you suggesting I give you a passing grade in exchange for favors? Is that what you are asking?” she retorted with an air of indignity.

“Please Ms. Wilson,” she pleaded. “I just heard, well I know you are attracted to women… I know that’s wrong to bring up, and you could probably fail me on the spot or worse for even saying what I just did, but I’ve seen how you look at me, and I don’t know, you seem to be interested, and I’m interested in you… that’s all. I just thought maybe if the stories are true and everything, well you might consider helping me,” Kristen rambled.

Tracey Wilson sat back in her black leather executive chair studying the coed whose tears ran down the side of her face carrying hints of black mascara. Kristin had dressed in a tight denim mini-dress that showed her gorgeous legs with little yellow sandals and a yellow blouse which did little to hide the braless breasts it encased. Kristin’s dark brown nipples were quite evident under the top and the professor wondered if the coed had intentionally picked the wardrobe for her.

At least one of the statements was quite true in the fact that Professor Wilson was interested in the young girl who sat on the front row of her class and for the last several weeks had seemed to dress more and more provocatively. It wasn’t lost on Tracey that Kristin often came to class showing off her breasts and displaying her gorgeous tanned legs.

On more than a few occasions the older woman had become distracted looking down at the comely student sitting on the front row. She noticed her little toes painted pink, red, and sometimes burgundy with the colorful stars tattooed on the top of her foot. Several times as the coed was engaged in a statistics exercise, Tracey would stand over her shoulder looking down at her. Sometimes even catching a glance at her beautiful breasts and an occasional glimpse of her hard dark brown nipples under her shirt.

Now here she was, overtly as she could be, propositioning the professor. Offering herself as the collateral in a high stakes game.

Tracey was taken back at the directness of the student and admired her courage and bravado but she also had to be careful. While she was a tenured professor and was “out” in her sexual preference, the administration would act harshly on a professor openly fraternizing with a student, particularly in a sexual relationship.

“Kristin, I’m a little shocked and quite taken back. Mind you, you don’t have to answer but are you a lesbian yourself?” Tracey asked, a little unsure if she should even head down that road. “No, no I’m not, at least, I’ve never done it before. But I have a few girlfriends who have and they, well they talk about it. How much they like being with other girls and all,” Kristen responded feeling a little more at ease that Professor Wilson didn’t seem offended or angry.

“And are these girls gay?” the professor asked.

“No, they have boyfriends. They just sort of do both but they’ve shared stuff with me. How they…” Kristen hesitated just a second, wondering how blunt she could be. Seeing the teacher hanging on her next word she continued, “How they go down on each other and they use things on each other. Vibrators, and sometimes they use strapon dildos with each other,” she explained.

“And that turns you on, hearing about it,” Tracey asked starting to become intrigued with the young coed.

“Yes, a lot. I’ve wondered about it and well,” again she paused, wondering whether she should go on. Sensing Tracey wanted to hear more she started back, “I’ve heard the stories about you. How you are a lesbian and sometimes in class I’ve fantasized about you and me.”

“Really?” Tracey responded.

“Yea, I sometimes think about us together,” Kristen added.

“Maybe if you did less fantasizing and paid more attention in class your grades would be better,” Tracey smiled. “I shouldn’t ask, but you really have me intrigued. What do you fantasize us doing?” the older woman asked.

“Sometimes, when all the students have left the class, and it’s just you and me, you disrobe and sitting on your desk you have me lick you. Lick you down there,” she added looking down at her own lap. “And like my girlfriends talk about, you’ll take one of those cocks and fasten it around you and take me.”

Tracey bursa sınırsız escort was beginning to get aroused listening to Kristin. She knew how dangerous the situation could be but she also knew how much this young coed excited her. All of her relationships with other students had taken place over weeks, months, leaving nothing to chance. Very little doubt that the truth would never likely be divulged about her and the students. Rumors and innuendoes perhaps. But nothing definitive anyone could use to tarnish her academic record.

“So who knows you’re here,” Tracey asked as she slowly rose from her chair making her way to the entrance of her office.

“No one, no one at all,” Kristin confided.

“And this idea you have, perhaps getting some extra credit as you call it. You’ve not discussed it with anyone?” Wilson pressed.

“I promise,” Kristin assured her. “And I wouldn’t say anything to anybody, and I’d do anything you ask Professor Wilson, anything at all,” Kristin assured her.

Tracey quietly flipped the latch on the door as she walked around the student still sitting in the side chair. She could smell the coed’s perfume as she stood over her with Kristin’s back to the educator.

“Anything,” Tracey echoed pondering Kristin’s words. “And I take it, for as long as you’re in my class?” Tracey asked.

“Yes, as long as you like… I mean whatever you want,” she agreed.

Tracey walked around the girl and then sat, leaning against her desk as she looked down at Kristin. “Kristin, you need to understand a few things. First, regardless of what you may have heard, I’ve never given any student a grade they did not earn and I will not start that practice now. I will not give you a passing grade. In my class you will earn it. It will require discipline, commitment, and hard work but you will learn.”

“I’m very interested in your proposition but I need to think on it. You may well need to reflect on it as well. You see I am a lesbian, that’s not in question. But I am very dominant in my relationships. I prefer women who are quite submissive. Do you understand what that means?” Tracey asked.

Kristin nodded her head. “Perhaps, perhaps you do. But I’m not certain you are ready to submit yourself entirely to my will. However, that said, I am willing to consider it. First, why don’t you show me what you’ve been teasing me with for these last few weeks. Stand up for me and remove that top. Let me see those beautiful breasts that you’ve been taunting me with,” Tracey directed. The coed didn’t hesitate as she pushed the chair back and rose and began unbuttoning the little yellow blouse and pulled it from her shoulders revealing the golden brown breasts capped off by two dark nipples which already stood erect. Tracey’s eyes showed their approval as they took in her naked chest.

“And the dress, the dress too,” the professor added. Kristin stepped out of her sandals and then unsnapped the top button on the denim skirt and unzipped the fly easing the miniskirt off her shapely hips leaving just her satin blue bikini panties. No words were exchanged as she stuck her thumbs in the elastic of the panties and eased them down too without being prodded. Now standing nude in front of her teacher, Kristin felt vulnerable but excited.

She felt Tracey’s gaze as it feasted on her shaved pussy lips and took in her navel with the little dangle piercing which hung from it, glistening in the light of the professor’s office.

“Turn around for me,” Professor Wilson encouraged. Slowly Kristin turned as Tracey took in Kristin’s shapely ass and her beautiful toned legs. Tracey was captivated by the colorful tribal tattoo that stretched across the small of her back, something that she and a girlfriend in high school had done together on a lark during a beach trip when they graduated.

The professor had no tattoos or piercings herself but was amazed at how many of the young students decorated their bodies. Kristin was certainly no exception with the tat on her back and the colorful stars which adorned her right foot.

“You are really a very pretty girl,” Tracey commented as Kristin completed her turn. “Now we’re going to see how well you can follow instructions. I want you to close your eyes and under no circumstance are you to open them until I direct you to do so,: Tracey warned.

Kristin did as directed and closed her eyes. “Now I want you to kneel down on the floor, on your knees,” the professor commanded as Tracey submitted, sinking to her knees on the cool wooden floor.

“Good, very good,” Tracey praised her. Now, I want you to take both of your hands and play with your breasts, with your fingers. I want you to pull on your nipples, play with your nipples for me, show me what a naughty girl you can be,” Kristin did as she was told as she twisted her hard nipples between her fingers, holding the two globes, pinching the hard nubs between her thumb and finger.

Tracey enjoyed watching görükle escort the girl and then had her reach down with her right hand and play with her pussy. “I want you to stick your fingers in your cunt, play with yourself. Show me what you do when your alone and you’re so horny. Show me how you play with yourself,” she encouraged.

Kristin did as she was told as she ran her fingers up her slit, playing with her clit as she plunged a few fingers up her wet pussy. “That’s nice Kristin, now take your fingers out and suck on them. Lick your juices clean from your fingers,” she encouraged. “You ever tasted your own pussy baby?”

“Yes mam,” Kristin groaned as she placed her wet fingers to her mouth.

“Really? Tell me about it,” Tracey encouraged her.

“Sometimes when a guy fucks me, he wants me to suck on him before he cums. I’ve tasted my juices on his cock. Other times, I might just taste it when I’m playing with myself,” she confided.

“You like it baby. You like tasting your pussy,” Tracey asked.

“Yea,” Kristin moaned back.

Tracey watched as the girl plunged her fingers in and out of her own cunt, occasionally bringing the wet digits to her own mouth now without being asked. Cleaning off her fingers before redepositing them in her wet pussy.

“Now I want you to crawl to the sound of my voice. Come over here baby. Come to me but keep your eyes closed.”

Kristin walked over to the desk on her knees until she felt herself come into contact with her teacher.

“Now Kristin, I want you to reach under my skirt and feel my panties. Pull them down,” Tracey directed as she pulled her own skirt up to her hips allowing the coed access. Kristin did as directed and pulled the panties down and then she felt Tracey raise her legs so Kristin could slip them off.

“Can you smell how aroused you’ve made me sweets? Can you smell that pussy that you’ve been longing to taste?” Tracey teased.

“Yes mam. Please can I? Can I taste you? Can I lick your pussy?” Kristin begged.

“Yes sweetheart, you can, but first I want you to lean forward and kiss it. Place those pretty pink lips to my cunt,” she urged.

Kristin leaned forward and felt the close cropped hair of Tracey’s pussy come in contact with her soft lips. She smelled sweet and Kristin placed a kiss and then more on her lips. She felt the wetness from Tracey’s arousal and took in the sweet aroma that she would come to worship over the next few weeks and months.

“Very good, now I want you to stick out your tongue and lick it. Lick my pussy baby. Run your pretty pink tongue over my pussy,” she instructed. Kristin did as she was told and savored her first pussy. It was better than she possibly hoped it could be. She loved the taste and could not get enough as she buried her tongue deep into Tracey’s twat.

“Without opening your eyes, look up at me. I want to see your beautiful face as you lick me baby. I want to see that gorgeous tongue of yours as you feast on my pussy,” Tracy instructed.

Kristin’s face was pure ecstasy as she teased Tracey’s clit with her mouth and tongue, running it the length of her slit and plunging it as far in her hole as possible. Soon her face was covered in the secretions which oozed out of Tracey’s tasty twat.

“You like that pussy don’t you baby? Now you see why your girlfriends loved eating pussy so much. Men have fought wars, died for pussy but women… only another woman truly knows how to pleasure a woman. Once you’ve tasted a pussy you’ll never be the same. You’ll never look at a pretty girl on campus without wondering what it would be like to go down on her. How it would feel for her to plant her face between your thighs. There’s nothing like it. Nothing!” Tracey added as Kristin continued to attack the professor’s cunt with her mouth, savoring her juices like a fine wine.

“Lay back baby, lay on the floor,” Tracey instructed Kristin as she pushed her away from her cunt. Kristin was disappointed. She was still savoring the older woman’s pussy and didn’t want to stop but she also knew to do exactly as the professor said as she lay down, the cool wooden floor welcoming her prone body.

“Now open your eyes and look at me,” Tracey directed as the girl opened her eyes and saw the teacher half sitting on the desk looking down at her. “Now I want you to cum for me. Play with that pretty pussy of yours till you cum,” Tracey commanded as Kristin returned her fingers to her cunt and pulled at her own nipples.

Soon Kristin was squirming and moaning as she stroked her throbbing clit.

Tracey dropped a high heel off her foot and moved it to the coed’s crotch, dipping her toe until it gently grazed over Kristin’s folds. Tracey pushed just a little more until her big toe slipped between Kristin’s pussy lips causing the young coed to groan. Little by little Tracey pushed harder, more and more of her pretty foot disappeared in Kristin’s twat and she withdrew a little and toyed with the student’s clit before rubbing the toe again through her slippery wet folds.

“You’re such a nasty slut aren’t you? What would daddy say now if he saw his little girl lying on my floor, your face covered in my cunt juice, your dyke professor fucking your little twat with her foot? What would he think of his little angel now baby?” Tracey inquired.

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