Meet Ann

Ann explores girl-girl sex with a mature lesbian.

[This is a story of a young woman who is comfortable with herself and her female sexuality and explores girl-girl sex.]

Ann was different than many of her fellow students when she started Uni. She did not get ga-ga over guys or gals. She was raised in a family setting in which it was not a surprise to see one naked. She learned about sex from asking her Mother about things like: “What is that little white string hanging down from your pussy?” and “Why was her brother’s dick so stiff in the morning?” She understood what the sounds signified emanating from her parent’s bedroom at night and in the morning. Her parents were open and honest about what sex was all about. They not only explained the physical aspects of it but also the responsibilities associated with it. They impressed upon her that sex was fun; it felt good, it was therapeutic but should always be done honorably, respectfully and considerately. Ann learned to masturbate during puberty and did it as necessary. After she turned 18 she frequently spent her summer days at the nearby nude beach. There she learned that people were not created equally. Some had more whatevers than another. Some were more attractive than others.

Ann was curious about sex. She wanted to experience it. While she didn’t feel herself to be homosexual, she was curious about having sex with another woman. She wanted to explore her sexuality. Her parents had impressed upon her that her body was hers to do with as she wanted. She had free will. She was a confident young woman. She was comfortable with what she was and who she was becoming.

Ann was attractive. She was tall, thin, well proportioned. Her breasts were more than a handful. Her nipples were obvious, at some times more than others. She had dismissed wearing padding to hide them. “If you got it, why hide it?” she believed.

During the first semester at school she dated at will. She was popular. She tired of the boys attempts, though, to “get into her pants”. Their pursuits were clumsy. Many did not arouse her with their kissing and preliminary caresses. They had no kissing style. They groped. Few every got to play with her nipples and even fewer got to feel her pussy. Most nights upon returning from a date she would masturbate before falling off to sleep.

Ann worked part time in the school library. During the last shift one Friday night when the library had emptied out, she shared her experiences, frustration and disappointments with Mary, the librarian. Ann liked Mary. She always felt comfortable around her. Mary was an attractive, mature woman. She was single. She was a lesbian. After Ann finished her tirade, Mary asked, “Have you ever been with a woman?”

“No,” answered Ann, “but that is probably because I haven’t met one with whom the opportunity presented itself and with whom I felt comfortable.”

Mary, smiling asked, “Do you feel comfortable with me?”

Ann’s eyes opened wider, a wide smile filled her face. “Yes!” she responded.

After they closed the library Mary invited Ann to her home. Ann had no commitments for later that night or for Saturday. She sensed, no, knew, that an opportunity had arrived.

When they arrived at Mary’s home, Mary gave Ann a tour of the house so that Ann would feel comfortable. They adjourned to the family room sitting together on a long soft leather sofa. They sat close to one another, facing sideways to one another. Ann was wearing a typical coed fashion, a t-shirt and a mid-thigh skirt. She showed a lot of skin.

Mary began caressing Ann.’s bare skin. “How smooth, how nice, I enjoy so much touching a young woman’s skin,” she said. She continued chanting these words as she caressed Ann; her arms, her neck, her legs, her legs up under her skirt but not touching her pussy. She could see Ann warming to her touches, her anticipation, her “leaning” into them. She asked, “May I kiss you?”

Ann nodded yes. Ann yearned for more. She didn’t understand what yet but she knew she wanted more. She was feeling too good.

Mary leaned in and ever so gently kissed Ann’s lips. She played with them, gliding over them, slightly pressing into them, pressing into them more firmly for seconds longer. When she felt Ann press into her lips seeking a longer, more sustained kiss, Mary started moving her hand lightly over Ann’s clothes, letting Ann feel her hand on her breasts, stomach and pussy. Ann did not stop her. Instead she pushed in harder to the kiss. Ann felt her body electrified.

After a few minutes Mary leaned back and starting to lift the t-shirt up asked, “May I remove this?”

Ann nodded yes. She was afraid that if she spoke, her voice would crack. She was excited. Mary removed her t-shirt. Ann was wearing a bra which closed in the front. Mary opened it. She moved bursa evi olan escort in and began again to kiss Ann. This time she began caressing Ann’s lips with her tongue and probe Ann’s mouth with her the tip of her tongue but not entering, all the while caressing Ann’s bare breasts and teasing her nipples, caressing her stomach extending her fingers to just below the waistband of her skirt. She enjoyed rolling Ann’s nipples between her fingers and pulling on each and letting them snap back. Their kissing became more intense, open mouthed, tongues probing, “dueling”. Mary broke the kiss and leaned down and took the nearest breast deeply into her mouth. She bathed Ann’s nipple with the flat of her tongue. She teased it with the tip. Ann held her head closely to her breast. She was whimpering. Oh, it felt so good. Her body felt alive, reaching out to be touched, to be caressed, to be teased. The thought came to her mind that those feelings would only get better.

Mary sat up and removed her dress and her bra. Ann watched transfixed. Mary’s breasts were large, much more than a handful. Mary watched asking, “Would you like to touch them?”

Ann nodded and reached her hand out tentatively. These were the first breasts other than her own that she ever touched. She was fascinated with them. Her hands roamed. First one hand then two. She held a breast in both hands. She traced her fingers around the areolas. She played with the nipples. Mary reached her hand behind Ann’s head and slowly brought Ann’s mouth to her nipple. Ann opened her mouth wide and took as much of the breast into her mouth. She started to suckle intuitively. Mary moved her from teat to teat. As Ann suckled and toyed with Mary’s nipples, Mary moved her hand underneath Ann’s’ skirt and began to slowly caress Ann’s pussy over her panties. Ann spread her legs further apart to give Mary greater access.

After a while, Mary pushed Ann back asking, “Should we remove your panties?”

Ann nodded. Mary removed her skirt and panties. Ann’s pubic hairs were trimmed with her labia clean shaven. Her labia were aroused. In the gap, it was obvious that she was wet. Mary began touching it, exploring it. She pulled the lips wide and explored the valley. It was glistening pink. She marveled at its beauty. She moved her hand to scissor Ann’s labia between her fingers and lowly messaged Ann’s pussy. She moved her fingers up to capture Ann’s clit nerve sheath between her fingers and slowly worked it. Ann fell backward onto the couch. Mary leaned in and began licking Ann’s pussy. Ann thrusted her pussy into Mary’s mouth. Mary inserted the first joint of a finger into Ann’s vagina teasing her and while still licking and sucking on Ann’s clit, sawed it in an out until Ann orgasmed.

Ann looked up and smiled. “That was awesome.” She reached up and brought Mary’s lips to hers and kissed her deeply and appreciatively. “Can we do more?” And in a little kid’s voice she whined with glee, “I want to do it again.” She smiled broadly.

Mary smiled. “First, what about I take off my panties and you can explore me?”

Ann smiled. She looked eager. Mary slipped off her panties, moved back, splayed her legs and with her fingers spread her labia wide. “Come explore,” she invited.

And Ann did just that. She explored with her fingers and eyes. She touched this, she touched that. She sought out Mary’s clit. It was as big as her aroused nipples. She began caressing it, massaging it, masturbating it. As she was doing it, she leaned into Mary’s breast and began suckling. Mary pulled her closer. She liked the feeling on Ann suckling her breast, pulling on her nipple.

Ann stopped, sat back on her haunches. Ann looked at her pussy. “I’d like to lick it, taste it. May I?” she asked. She had been curious about this for a long time. Now she was actually going to do it.

Mary smiled. “I’d really like you to do that.”Mary scooted with her back against the arm of the couch to give Ann easier access to her pussy. She brought one leg over the back of the couch and brought the knees over the other to rest on her chest. Her pussy was wide open to Ann.

Ann lied down on her stomach with her mouth over Mary’s pussy. She reached out her tongue and dragged the tip of it up through Mary’s labia. When she arrived at the top she brought her tongue back into her mouth to taste Mary. The taste was subtle. She liked it. She enjoyed it. It was like ambrosia to her. She wanted more.

She lapped Mary’s pussy several times; bottom to top with the flat of her tongue. She gathered as much nectar as she could find. She sucked on Mary’s labia lips. She kissed them. She probed with her tongue. She couldn’t get enough. She finally gave her attention to Mary’s clit. She used the flat of her tongue, the tip of her tongue. She suckled altıparmak escort it. As Mary body language became more expressive, Ann slipped one finger than two into her pussy, sawing them in and out, twisting them, and wriggling them until Mary orgasmed. Her pussy oozed nectar. Ann was there to collect it.

Eventually Mary reached down and pulled Ann up. She kissed Ann appreciatively. She held her. “Thanks, that was wonderful,” she whispered in Ann’s ear. She licked Ann’s face like a mother cat cleans her kittens. Ann purred like a contented kitten.

A little later Ann looked at the clock. It was after midnight. “Oh, it’s late. I better leave,” she said.

“Would you like to stay the night?” asked Mary, “I would like you to.”

Ann pushed away and smiled broadly. “I would like to, too.”

Mary took her hand and led her into her bedroom. They crawled into bed. When Mary turned off the light, Ann snuggled into her, lying on her side and cupped one of Mary’s breasts. “Is this OK?” she asked.

“Yes” Mary responded, turning onto her side and backing her back into Ann, feeling Ann’s nipples poking her. She pulled Ann’s hand onto her breast and held it there.

They fell off to sleep.

In the morning Mary was awoken by a strange feeling within her. Her pussy was being teased. She raised her head and saw Ann between her legs licking her pussy. She smiled. Ann had been watching, her eyes slightly above Mary’s mons. She lifted her head. “Good morning. I’m happy you’re finally awake.” She lowered her mouth and continued licking Mary’s pussy but more aggressively.

As Mary headed to her first orgasm of the day, she said to herself “What a wonderful way to start the day.”

During breakfast, Mary would reach into Ann’s robe whenever she was close to her and fondle her breasts. Ann would rest her head against Mary while she did. When Ann sat down at the table and Mary came along side her and fondle her breast, Ann would reach up under Mary’s robe and fondle her pussy. Mary was wet. Ann knew she herself was.

As they cleaned up after breakfast their antics became more brazen. The frolicked. There robes where off.

Mary left the kitchen and when she came back, she was wearing a feeldoe. Ann’s’ eyes widened. Mary walked up to her, turned her around and bent her over the kitchen table. She positioned herself behind her and slowly worked the feeldoe into Ann’s pussy. She felt Ann’s body tense as she was doing it. When it could not go any further, she stopped and slowly stroked Ann’s back. “Are you OK?” she asked Ann.

“Oh, it feels so good. Don’t take it out. “Please let me enjoy it,” she pleaded.

Mary waited until Ann pushed back. Then she slowly pulled out and pushed back in, moving in such a way to enable the point of the feeldoe to caress Ann’s g-spot. When Ann begun moving her bottom to make more contact, Mary told her to rub her clit. As Ann did, Mary picked up the tempo and fucked her. Ann yelled out when she orgasmed and slumped onto the table. Mary withdrew the feeldoe and kneeled behind Ann, pushed open her checks and licked Ann’s pussy to bring her to another orgasm.

Mary rose and went out to the patio and sat in an armless chair. She did not remove the feeldoe. When Ann sufficiently recovered she went out to the patio, straddled Mary’s legs and slowly sat down impaling herself on the feeldoe. She wrapped her arms around Mary and kissed her long and hard. She enjoyed the feeling of the feeldoe in her. She flexed her vaginal muscles and played with the feelings that she felt. She did not have to worry about the feeldoe ejaculating and become flaccid.

Their kisses turned passionate. Mary needed release. Ann dismounted: “Can I fuck you with it?” she asked.

Mary opened her legs and withdrew the feeldoe handling it to Ann. Ann sucked both ends cleaned. She relished the tastes individually and together. She placed it into her pussy and taking Mary’s hand, led her into her bedroom. She lied down on her back and moved Mary to ride her. Ann wanted to watch Mary’s face and fondle her breasts as she rode the feeldoe and orgasmed.

When Mary was satiated she dismounted Ann. She lay alongside her took her into her arms, kissing her and holding Ann tightly to her. They looked into one another’s eyes for the longest of time.

The afternoon would be a sexual romp.

Ann had a difficult time climbing the steps to her dorm. Every time she raised her foot she felt it in her pussy. It brought a smile to her face.

Ann found that she was at Mary’s apartment more and more. There was a certain “lightness of being” with her. The age difference was enough that their relationship was based upon their sexual enjoyment of one another though they enjoyed just being around one another.

They gemlik escort found that wearing some clothes was more fun than being naked. The clothes though enabled ready access to boobs and pussy. They would wear unbutton blouses with short tennis skirts. They wore no underwear.

One night they were sitting watching television. Ann was sitting crosswise on Mary’s lap. Both had worked the other’s top open such that they had easy access to one another’s boobs. They were idly fondling one another. It just felt nice.

Mary moved Ann off, rose and went into her bedroom. When she returned she pulled Ann up, sat down and brought Ann back onto her lap. Something was different. Mary had inserted the feeldoe. The tip was poking Ann in her bottom. Ann moved around until the feeldoe was lying between her labia with the tip poking her clit. Because of the way she was sitting the feeldoe was pushing against Mary’s clit. Their normal breathing provided enough movement to give them additional pleasure. It became routine. Sometimes, though, the lap sitting would grow to be something more depending upon their needs.

Ann found in Mary someone who would help her explore.

She had found that she liked the feel of having her face buried in a wet pussy. She would spread Mary’s nectar around Mary’s pussy such that when she, Ann, would lap between Mary’s labia, her cheeks would feel the wetness. Often times Mary would read sitting in an arm chair. Ann would go to her, kneel in front of her, take her knees and prop them over the arm rests and scoot her forward so that her pussy was as close to the edge of the cushion as possible. Ann would just idly lap her pussy. Sometimes Mary would place a hand on her head and idly scratch it. Sometimes Mary would close her book, sink back into the chair and enjoy it, even nodding off for a bit. Sometimes Ann would reach down and fondle her pussy. One could call it idyllic intimacy. It was not about orgasms. It was doing what felt good for both. They had found a way to address a mutual need.

Ann found that she didn’t like her face sat upon but she did like it when Mary would “feed” her pussy. Mary would kneel above her face and would “taunt” and tease Ann with her pussy. She would hold her labia wide apart so that Ann could see the wetness. At times, Ann could see it running from her vagina. She would raise her head to lap it up but Mary would raise herself just enough so that it would be out of reach of the tip of Ann’s tongue. “Bitch!” Ann would exclaim.

Mary would smile and sashay her hips and tease again. With each tease she’d let Ann get a little more of her tongue into it. Now, Ann had her arms free and could pull Mary down put that was not part of the game. The game was for Ann to play along until her needs were so great that she would hold tightly to Mary’s hips and pull herself up until her mouth encompassed Mary’s vagina opening where she could “drink directly from the source”.

More times than not, when Ann was satiated with Mary’s nectar she would flip Mary onto her back, crawl between her legs and latch onto Mary’s clit with her mouth teasing it with the tip of her longue, lapping it with the flat of her tongue and sucking on it while gently teasing her g-spot with the end of her index finger. Mary would always hook her arms under her knees and bring them up and apart to give Ann greater access.

Afterwards they would always come together for hugs and kisses and appreciative words, one to the other.

They would constantly tease one another. When one would sit on the couch, they would often raise their inside leg and rest their foot on the seat. This would open up their pussy to the other. They might even fondle their pussy. One might place her hand in her robe and noticeably fondle their breast.

Ann liked the feeldoe. It was a little firmer than a real cock but it felt the same inside of her as did a real cock encased in a condom. It was better though in that it was always hard and Ann did not have to worry about her partner orgasming. In fact, with the feeldoe it allowed her partner to have multiple orgasms. How good is that?

Although she had only seen pictures so far of strap-on dildoes, there was something about all those straps that turned her off. She liked the skin-to-skin contact when Mary was fucking her with the feeldoe.

It was fun. They enjoyed themselves and one another. Ann always left feeling very at ease, relaxed. She would often visit Mary the night before a big exam after she had finished studying for it. For Ann, she found sex therapeutic.

Ann found herself in a quandary. She liked guys. She wanted to have a family. She always thought of being a mom and raising children.

She had not yet, though, found a guy who could satisfy her sexually. Mary could. Mary did. She decided that she would continue to pursue her relationship with Mary and maybe girls closer to her age until such time as she found a guy. She would not, though, deny herself sexual pleasures with others. Maybe if she found the right guy she would have to educate him. Maybe it was just a matter of time. She’d just have to be patient.

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