Mina’s Story Pt. 01


This is a naughty story just for you Babe.


Chapter One

It was a small wedding, as these things go. Many members could not be there including the father’s-in-laws.

Mina was able to see her son and finally meet her new daughter-in-law.

It was here that she also met her daughter-in-law’s mother, Dina.

Although both were happily married and had many things in common, the two women did not get along well.

Dina was very controlling. She was very high maintenance and seemed to believe that others existed only to serve her.

Even her husband, who she went to great lengths to tell everyone she kept at arms length, was still at home. He had not been ‘allowed’ to come.

Mina, on the other hand, was a self reliant beauty who had become successful the hard way. She was smart and tough but she needed no one to do anything for her.

Her husband had simply not been able to get away from work.

Dina thought to control Mina on their first meeting but it did not go at all the way she had planned.

Dina tried to tell Mina where she (Mina) would be sleeping. Mina simply smiled at the other woman before turning to her own son and asking where she would be sleeping.

When Dina tried to interrupt, Mina said, “Excuse me, I’m talking to my son. Kindly wait until I am done.”

Then Mina had turned her back on the woman and ignored her.

Later that day; every one but Mina and Dina left to go out shopping. Mina was suffering from jet lag and Dina complained of a head ache.

Chapter Two

After the others had left, Mina tried to sleep. Just when she was on the verge of dropping off, she heard something. Then, she heard it again. She wasn’t quite sure what she had heard but the noise was intriguing enough to wake her right up. A few minutes later, the sound came again. It sounded vaguely like someone struggling. There were bumps and low cries and Mina had to work hard to make them out.

At length, when sufficiently alarmed, Mina rose, dressed and carefully left her guest room in search of the sound.

It had not been possible to bring any weapons with her on the visit, airline security being what it was. None the less, she wasn’t afraid. She worked out hard and her husband had seen to it that she knew how to fight up close and personal. Mina was quite capable of defending herself.

As she crept down the hall on silent feet, she paused as she had been taught, every now and then, to listen and to make a threat assessment. Dina’s room was on the same floor as Mina’s guest room and as Mina approached the room Dina was in, the noises became louder.

Finally, Mina arrived at the partially open door to Dina’s room. Mina could now hear quite clearly what had sounded like a struggle.

Dina was obviously masturbating and she was really into what she was doing.

Mina smiled to herself and turned to make her way back to her own room. Being happily married, Mina had no inclinations toward other women.

Had Mina’s second (and current) husband been there, he undoubtedly would have made an off colour remark about seeing Mina ‘help’ Dina relieve Dina’s suffering while he bursa escort ‘observed’. Mina smiled again.

Chapter Three

Mina returned to her bed, stripped down and tried, in vain, to go back to sleep. It was impossible. Now that she was sufficiently awake, she wasn’t going back to sleep. She lay quietly and rested instead, trying not to listen to what was happening in the room at the end of the hall. A few minutes later, there came a soft tap on her door.

Mina…Mina?” A soft voice came through her door. Mina sighed quietly and rose, naked before going to the bedroom door.

“Hang on a minute.” She said before dressing. But when she tried to open her door, there was resistance. When Mina was about to apply more force, Dina squeaked, “Wait!”

Mina, now a little nonplussed asked, “What is the problem?”

“Promise you won’t laugh.” Dina said, sounding mortified and vulnerable.

Mina, ever the strong one said, “I promise I won’t laugh.”

Mina opened the door to a very unusual sight. There stood a nude Dina in black high heels. Dina’s hands were handcuffed behind her and she was wearing some sort of strap around her hips. A soft buzzing emanated from the woman’s hips and she was also wearing thick silver nipple clamps on her bare breasts. To top it all off, she was blushing profoundly and looking down in embarrassment.

Chapter Four

“I…I’ve dropped my key and I need your help.” Dina said as though she were asking for the return of her soul.

Mina had to work hard to keep from smiling. Kink was not anything new to her.

On her honeymoon, Mina’s current husband (and soul mate) had bound her nude and blindfold to their hotel bed. He had strapped a heavy duty wand to her bare and shaved cunt. He had turned it on high.

After he had watched her be forced to multiple orgasms, he had turned off the wand told her his diabolical plan.

“If you can hold off of your next orgasm until I say, I’ll release you. If you cannot and you come without permission; I’ll call the three maintenance guys in the hall to watch you be masturbated by the wand. If you come while they watch, I’ll issue them condoms and they can use you while I film it.” He had laughed quietly after he made the deal.

Then, despite her protests, he turned on the vibrator. She came almost immediately and she listened as her new husband stepped out into the hall.

Mina could hear him in the hall, “Excuse me gentlemen. I’ve just won a bet with my wife; I want you to watch her.”

Blindfolded, Mina could hear the men enter her room.

One of them muttered, “Son of a bitch!”

In spite of herself, Mina could feel the beginning of a powerful orgasm building. She fought it was best she could; willing herself to not come.

Her breathing came in ragged gasps and she found herself fighting against her restraints as the three men urged her to ‘let go’ and ‘come baby, come now’.

After what seemed like an eternity, her husband turned off the wand and said, “Thanks gentleman. Here is a couple of hundred…That’s to keep this on the Q.T….It’s also to ensure that only you three show up here tomorrow night at this time for a repeat bursa escort bayan performance.”

Mina heard the men leave. Her husband removed the wand before shoving his iron hard erection into her sopping wet pussy. She had arched to meet him. It had been an interesting honeymoon, Mina reflected as she gazed at the nude and bound Dina.

Chapter Five

Intuitively, Mina knew that Dina had not ‘accidentally’ dropped the key anywhere. Dina wanted something from Mina and Mina had a pretty could idea what it was.

Mina deliberately stepped close to the nude and bound woman.

Dina’s breathing increased and Mina could feel the lust coming off the other woman like a force field.

“Move!” Mina ordered the nude woman.

As Dina turned to walk back to her room, Mina reached up and grabbed a fist full of Dina’s hair. Mina frog marched the nude woman back to her own room.

On the bed were an assortment of sexual toys and bondage gear.

Mina nodded, almost to herself and in spite of herself; she could feel a heat between her sturdy thighs.

“Where is the key?” Mina asked imperiously.

Dina, even more thoroughly aroused, gasped before saying, “It’s under the bed…I dropped it and it fell under the bed.”

“You are a liar!” Snarled Mina, “What is it you really want? Speak truthfully now or I’ll be forced to punish you!”

Dina, still blushing and in a small voice said, “I want you to use me sexually. I don’t really know what I like or want. I have bought all these toys and gadgets but I have never really used them until today.”

Mina finished her thought for her, “And when you saw me, you wanted me…”

Dina nodded her eyes still downcast.

“Well, well.” Mina thought to herself.

Forcing the nude and bound woman over to the bed, Mina said, “All right, but there are some conditions.”

Mina paused as she eyed the other woman.

Undoubtedly her husband would have been both aroused and appalled at the situation. He desired his wife and he wanted others to want her too but he seemed very unwilling to share.

While the maintenance guys had gotten an eye full on her honeymoon; that was all they had gotten.

“We will play today and you will be my sex slave. You will do everything I command without hesitation. When we are done; you will never do this with anyone other than your husband and him I expect you to service enthusiastically every night.” Mina said softly.

“One other thing; you will speak of this to no one…EVER! Are we agreed?” Mina said although she wasn’t actually asking.

Dina didn’t even hesitate. She nodded once, clearly.

Chapter Six

Mina sat on the bed and looked carefully at the nude and bound woman before her. She could see that the vibrator Dina had attached to herself wasn’t very strong. It wasn’t even in the right place.

Mina undid it and dropped it to the floor. Dina gasped before daintily stepping out of it.

Mina’s heat was now well on the way to becoming a raging inferno of lust. But she held off on letting the other woman see it.

Mina forced Dina down on her knees and bent her bursa merkez escort over the bed.

Mina could feel her desire increase as she picked up a riding crop and lightly caress the nude and bound woman’s posterior.

“Is this what you seek?” Mina purred quietly. Dina gasped and inadvertently wiggled her bare butt under the crop’s light touch.

Mina raised the crop up and lashed Dina lightly. She was a bit surprised when Dina cried out, arched up and seemed to climax on Mina’s initial stroke.

“Oh, that was much too easy!” Mina said softly, “I haven’t even gotten started.”

Dina looked away but Mina knew the nude and bound woman was waiting for the next stroke with breathless anticipation.

Mina lashed Dina again and then again. At each stroke, Dina cried out and came.

Mina, in spite of her iron will, could feel Dina’s lust trying to tear down her (Mina’s) resolve and give into those very naught feelings.

Mina responded by lashing the nude and bound Mina over and over. At length, when Mina ceased to come at every stroke, Mina stopped.

Mina grabbed the woman by her hair and forced her up onto the bed when she lay sprawled on her back. Her hands were still manacled behind her back and she laid will legs apart among the sex toys.

Mina grabbed a large electric wand that lay on the bed and knelt between Mina’s thighs.

“Time to get down to it!” Mina announced to the wide eyed woman who lay at her mercy.

Chapter Seven

Dina gasped as Mina menaced her by holding up the wand threateningly and deliberately turning it on. Mina was much stronger than Dina and she found it easy to hold the nude and bound woman down as she applied the wand to Dina’s sensitive nether regions.

This was a favourite sport of her husband’s, Mina knew from frequent experience. It gave Mina the expertise she needed to torment the other woman. Dina was quickly moaning and struggling as she fast approached her climax on the wand.

Mina smiled cruelly as she watched the nude and bound woman come hard, pulling and crying out; her face a mask of passion and wanton desire. It surprised Mina that her own erotic passions were so stimulated by this encounter. She did not normally feel such passion for other woman. Hell, normally, she felt no passion for other women.

Mina didn’t know what to make of this feeling until a ghostly voice whispered in her ear. “I trust you babe. I know you love me and if this thing you are doing give s you pleasure; then it gives me pleasure too.” Her husband’s voice seemed to resonate in her ears.

Odd how that went; he was actually thousands of miles away.

Mina bent forward to her task, yet again. Dina shrieked as she felt the wand continue to press against her mons.

Then she was coming again. There was no escape from the firm grip Mina had on her and when she had come again, she began to struggle even harder. It was so good, it felt bad and she (Dina) was very confused.

Never having been in ‘subspace’, she didn’t recognize it.

Mina had been there and she did.

Mina stopped and rose from the bed.

She undid Dina’s restraints and took a moment to put the toys back in Dina’s suitcase. Mina took a blanket from the closet, covered the exhausted Mina and said, “Sleep now. We’ll talk later.”

Then she left the room.

“I’m going to have a very interesting story to tell my husband when I return.” Mina thought to herself as she returned to her room.

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