Mistress Sarah Submits to Slave Kat

“I love you Mistress Sarah”, said Kathryn, as she stared at me with her bright green eyes.

Her eyes always had a slightly liquid look to them, as though she were about to cry, either with joy or from sadness. I didn’t respond, which was nothing new. The first time she said she loved me was several weeks ago. Since then, she had said it at least once during each of our sessions. Being a lifestyle mistress, I hear proclamations of love on a regular basis. Usually I just ignore it. Unfortunately, Kathryn was as different from my normal slaves as a Mercedes was from a Toyota. As I said, I didn’t respond. Not because I didn’t have anything to say, but because I was on the verge of yet another orgasm from her skillful fingers.

Kathryn’s fingers parted the lips of my slippery sex. She used her thumb to manipulate my clit, while her index and middle fingers probed my vaginal walls. Her fingers moved in and out of me slowly as she brought me to a boil. A few moments ago, her middle finger had crept lightly towards my rear, teasing my asshole with gentle circles of pressure. Somehow Kathryn had figured out how much I enjoy ass play. I moaned as her finger left my hole and returned to my pussy. I almost begged her to slip just the tip into my ass before making me cum. Can you believe it, me a mistress with 5 ½ years of experience, on the verge of begging my newest slave to finger my asshole? Instead I gave a throaty moan.

I continued to look at her face and eyes. I had seen Kathryn with this look before. She had a kind of determined look on her flushed face. Her normally creamy skin had pricks of color on her cheeks as though she had just put on makeup. Her long dark curly hair, usually coiffed in the most stylish manner, was in disarray. The curls at her temples were sticking to her face with sweat and other bursa eskort forms of bodily moisture. All in all she looked sexy as hell.

I inched closer to Kathryn on my knees to give her greater access to my sopping mound. I could feel her long slim digits digging deeper into me. I hadn’t actually started humping her fingers yet, but my control was slipping quickly. I cupped her large, heavy breasts and began kneading them in time to her thrusts. Kathryn closed her eyes for a second, but reopened them almost immediately. Kathryn has the most amazing control of any slave I’ve known. I brought her right breast and its turgid nipple to my mouth. I teased it with the tip of my tongue, laving the areole and nipple from side to side. I felt Kathryn change the rhythm of her thumb on my clit to match my movements. Then she added a tap.

Side to side her thumb ran across my erect clit. Side to side. Side to side then, TAP! all the while maintaining the thrusting of her fingers into my pussy. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the nipple in front of me. I caught the pink nubbin between my teeth. Steadily I increased the pressure of my teeth. I was rewarded by a sharp, quick intake of Kathryn’s breath.

Good! No way was I coming before her. I began to alternate between her breasts, biting at times and at other times sucking. I dropped my left hand between her legs, rubbing all over her mound. I caught her clit between my thumb and forefinger. I gently squeezed her clit and began pulling on it. Squeeze, pull, squeeze, pull, almost like I was jacking off a miniature cock.

“Unghh! so good mistress!”

Kathryn’s fingers lost some of their rhythm as they continued to pleasure my pussy. Her right hand grabbed my buttocks frantically. Long fingernails left vivid red scratches on my soft bursa bayan escort cheeks. Kathryn stopped playing with my butt for a brief moment to bring her fingers to her mouth. When they returned, Kathryn’s moistened fingers dove into the cleft of my cheeks.

“Squeeze my clitty Mistress. Make my pussy feel good”

I stopped playing with her clit to remind her, I owned that pussy. Only through me would she receive pleasure. Only I could grant her the relief for which she was yearning.

“Sorry Mistress. Please let your slave show how sorry she is.”

Saying that, Kathryn inserted her moistened fingertip into my anus. Her long, manicured nail and fingertip penetrated my ass about an inch. I clenched by hole in delight and released a throaty groan. Meanwhile, my hips which until now had been under control, began to hump the thrusting digits in my ass and pussy. Kathryn changed the pace of her assault so I was thrusting forward as the fingers of her left hand burrowed into my slick cunt. As I moved my hips backward, Kathryn’s fingers would slip another ¾ of an inch into my tightest hole. The muscles in my ass and pussy would involuntarily tighten on Kathryn’s fingers as I fucked myself on her hands. The sounds of my arousal were loud in my ears as I wetly squelched back and forth.

I raised my head to look at Kathryn. She had the same look of determination and concentration, but now she also had a twinkle of amusement in her green eyes. Kathryn saw me looking and licked her lips in a sensual manner. I would have rebuked her, but I was so close to cumming! I arched my back and leaned forward so that my breasts were touching hers. I turned my head and began to lick the hollow of her neck. I could taste the saltiness of her perspiration and smell the bursa ucuz escort scent her Glow perfume.

I wrapped my arms around Kathryn and began squeezing the globes of her ass. The pleasure had become intoxicating. My muscles felt tight from the impending release of sexual tension. I could feel the muscles in my thighs quivering from holding my current position. The tendons in my hips were taut from the spread of my thighs and my knees felt stiff, but the pleasure in my pussy and ass continued to grow.

“Oh fuckkk…., you are going to make your Mistress cum. Unghh, yea… deeper! That’s right, FUCK your Mistress’s ass. Make my pussy GUSH!”

Kathryn’s hands sped up at both my entrances. Her fingers were pistoning in and out of me like a blur. I felt a flutter in my belly and knew that this was going to be a huge orgasm. My breathing became ragged and I sucked on Kathryn’s neck greedily. I was very close now! I was at the point where the need to explode is almost physically painful.

“Mistress Sarah?”

“Y-Yes Kathryn.”

“I love you, Mistress Sarah!”

My orgasm burst through me in a flash. I felt tingles in my toes and nipples which felt as though they traveled through my body and ended in my pussy and ass. Both holes clenched and unclenched spasmodically and I jerked my hips back and forth on Kathryn’s fingers like I was convulsing.

“Oh FUCKKK! Unghh… SHIT! Oh my god! Oh yeah baby, so fuckin’ good!”

I continued to lap at Kathryn’s neck and tried to control my hips which were still slowly humping at her fingers. I slowly raised my head and stared into Kathryn’s wet, green eyes. I rubbed her nose with my own and kissed her soft, slightly parted lips.

“I do love you, Mistress Sarah”, she said.

“And I love you too”, I replied, “but don’t tell anyone.” “It will ruin my reputation.”

Kathryn laughed and slowly almost teasingly removed her hands from my pussy and ass.

I gently shoved her down so that she was lying on her back. It was my turn to please her and punish her for making me fall in love.

But that is story….

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