The muscles in her arm are stronger than they look. Then again, so are the muscles in my thighs. And our tongues. You only find those things out by working them. And we did…a lot. Our lungs, our throats, our lips, eyes, backs, fingers (especially our fingers)…they all got quite the workout. And that was just the first night!

I hadn’t really wanted to seduce her this early on, but fuck…it’d been a while and well…when you get two accents together…it’s dangerous. I could have been more romantic or picked a soft surface but…fuck it!

In my defense, she pulled me into that corner. I think she believed it’d throw me off a little. Maybe shake me up. It didn’t. I stared at her a moment and whispered, “Whatchu thinkin’, baby?”

The smile she gave me was slow and sexy as all hell, “I’m thinking you need to shut up and do something else with those lips.”

“Oh,” I nodded, smiling, “is that right?” I leaned into her a bit and let my lips hover over the naked skin of her chest…she probably shouldn’t have worn that tank top. My tongue, pointed and feather-light, made a sweep along her collarbone, “What do you think I need to do with my tongue?”

Her hands clamped tight on my hips and pulled me hard into her, “Give it here.” She kissed me then, fully and without reservation. And she did alright until I moaned. Then her mouth opened and my tongue went inside. She groaned against my lips and I knew that meant “more”.

I whispered hotly against her throat, “How much more do you want?”

“Everything,” she mumbled against my shoulder. “Every escort bayan fucking thing.” I gasped when her hands slid against my ribs, skin on skin. She growled, “Fuck,” just before flicking a thumb over my nipple. She sucked my tongue and I moaned.

I pressed my left hand and her against the wall, “I’m going to, baby.” My other hand slid into her shorts and she arched hard against me, making me smile, “Mmm damn girl, you’re hot.”

She looked at me then, right in the eyes. Brave bitch, she is…and she whispered, “You feel good here. But,” she kept my attention as her hand slid down my own shorts and mimicked my movements, “you feel so much better here.”

“Ohh,” I sighed, “fuck.” I slid my middle finger into her and studied her face as I slid in and out of her slowly. She was wet and smooth. Her body sucked on my finger and held me tightly. With each push in, she seemed to quiver from the inside out.

Not to be out done, she did the same and bit her bottom lip, “Jesus, you’re so-” She didn’t finish because my thumb flicked her clit, making her head drop back and her eyes close for just a moment.

I took that moment to kiss and lick her neck, tasting her skin fully for the first time. The vein in her neck was pulsing hard and fast, matching the pace and thunder of our breathing, “God, baby, you’re wet.”

Her head came back to face me again and she had a fire in her eyes, “So are you.” She grabbed my leg and pulled it up over her hip, opening me for her fingers and making me weak in the knees, “Fuck yes.” She kissed my neck bursa vip escort and I shivered with a groan.

Grunting with the effort to keep my hand going while my hips ground against hers, I looked her in the eye with a smirk, and then she added her thumb, mocking me. I gasped and smiled at her, “Oh, you bitch.”

Between grunts, she chuckled low, “What’s wrong?” She pressed her forehead to mine and closed her eyes with a deep sigh, “God damn I want this so bad.”

“Me too. Oh fuck, me too.” When she looked back up at me, I growled, “Fuck me, baby.” A little shiver overtook her and that’s when shit got serious.

She pressed her shoulders fully against the wall, arching hard against me with her hips. Pulling me into her, she rode my fingers and pulled my head back by grabbing my hair. When she bit my neck, I didn’t even feel it. Then she licked that spot and bit me again and I almost lost it. I gasped and she all but spit in my ear, low and deep, “I want you to cum hard.”

“Oh,” I whispered, “I am. But after you.” I twisted my hand around, added a finger inside her and tongue fucked her mouth. Her body clamped down on my twisting fingers and she breathed “no” repeatedly hard and fast against my lips. “Come on, gorgeous. Someone’s got to go first. Might as well be you, baby.”

“No,” she almost whimpered, “fuck.” She clamped her eyes closed and dropped her head back as her body opened and my fingers went even deeper. She was holding out for something. She was deliberately holding off for some reason.

Smiling, bursa elit escort I leaned into her ear and growled, “You better cum for me, baby. I want it so fucking bad. Mmmmm please.” I groaned in her ear, breathed heavy and then moaned, “Baby, please.”

“Oh, god damn you,” gasping hard, her fingers stopped moving in me as she ground herself on my hand. “Mmmmmmmhhh.”

I felt her tighten and then pulse around my fingers, “That’s it, babygirl. That’s it.”

She shivered just a moment and then began to move against me again, “Your turn.” She smiled at me and seemed delighted when I pressed both hands against the wall, pinning her against the wall. “Come on, then.” Her smile got bigger when I took my hands and grabbed her hips. When I leaned back and really started fucking her fingers, she slowed down, her mouth open and eyes glistening with devilishness.

I gasped, looking in her eyes, “If you fucking stop, I’ll kill you dead.”

“Why, sweetheart,” she groaned, “I wouldn’t do that to you.” She watched me as I got closer and closer to giving her what she wanted.

A few strokes away, I leaned into her and growled, “Yes, baby. Shit, oh my god. I’m gonna cum for you.” I heard her whisper “yes” just before I slammed into her hand for the last time and bit into the softness of her shoulder to keep from yelling. I shuddered hard against her and she held me with a wicked smile.

Chuckling, she whispered, “Damn, I feel better.”

I sighed and smiled against her neck, “Mmm me too.”

“You have some serious muscles in some rather great places.” She kissed me lightly and smiled.

“Oh yeah?” I laughed, “You do too. You got some handy ones in some rather fantastic places, too.” I turned away from her and started walking away with a smile.

She laughed loudly, “Did you really just say ‘handy’?”

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