My Brother’s Fiance is Bi!

“I’ll lend you a bathing suit,” I told Krista. It was a scorching hot summer’s day. We just had a barbecue in honor of Krista and Tom (Tom is my older brother and he and Krista had just announced their engagement). We went upstairs to my room. Krista was wearing white cutoffs and her tanned legs flexed as she took the stairs before me. I pointed her to my room and we entered, shutting the door behind us.

I opened my dresser and grabbed three swimsuits: a one piece, a two piece, and a two piece thong. Krista grabbed the thong. “God, it’s hardly a swimsuit. I’ve seen wash cloths bigger than this.”

“That’s my head turner suit. I wear that when I wanna be looked at.”

“Think it’ll fit?”

“Try it, Tom will definitely appreciate it, that’s f’sure. But you have to be well trimmed to put it on, if ya know what I mean.”

“That’s no problem,” Krista answered, and pulled down her shorts and panties all in one motion. She stood there bottomless as she arranged the thong in her hands.

“Wow,” I marveled at her completely shaven pubic area.

“What?” She answered.

“You’re bare, down there.”

“Yep, they do it for free at the salon I work in.”

“I, I’ve, never seen one completely, you know, shaved.”

“Oh, it’s not shaved. It’s waxed. I hate those bumps and nibs ya get when ya shave. This is nice and smooth. Wanna feel?” She asked in all seriousness while running her hand down there.

“That’s okay,” I blushed.

“You’re not shaved?”

“No, I trim it, so the hair doesn’t come out the sides, but I’m pretty bushy.”

“All around your pussy?”

“Yes, ” I confessed.

“That’s not my style. And you’re a brunette, is the hair dark down there?”

“Well,” I smiled.

“C’mon, show me. You haven’t got anything I haven’t seen. I wax about ten pussies a week.”

“Really?” I said, and began unfastening my jeans. I pulled them off and Krista could immediately see my bush through my white undies. I stepped out of them.

“Hey, girl, you could use a trim. Turn around.” She said.

“Huh?” I paused.

“Turn around. I wanna see how it looks from behind.” escort I turned around. I looked over my shoulder as Krista, still bottomless, bent over and looked at my ass and twat. “Sweetie, I guess that some guys like that, that au natural look, but you’ve got a pretty pussy and you’re hiding it with all that hair. I can make it look much hotter. You don’t have to take it all off. You can leave a little landing strip, dot, or triangle. Shit, I can shape it into the state of Texas if ya want,” she laughed. I giggled as she tapped me playfully on the butt. “Come down to the salon, I’ll take care of ya. If ya don’t like it, guess what, it’ll grow back. “

“I dunno know,” I said, not realizing I was pulling at my bush.

“Listen, shave it all off and have a good look at it in the mirror. Shave everything. Squat down over a hand held mirror and check it out. You have a real pretty pussy under all that hair. Then, let it grow in for a week. If ya want me to wax it then we’ll do it. You’ll know by then if ya like the clean shaven look or not. I just love it. I love to watch Tom’s cock go in me. And, I dunno know, it’s more sensitive. I feel more sexy, the way it rubs against my panties. Sometimes I don’t panties at all. I wear tight white pants. I love when the guys check out my crotch. It makes me wet. I’m so naughty!” She beamed. Her hand was down between her legs, pressing her finger against her spot.

“Okay, I’ll give it a try,” I said as I put my bottoms on. My hole was beginning to moisten, and so was hers as I watched her nips pop out through her blouse. She stepped into my skimpy thong suit. “Let’s go take a dip. I’m hot,” she confessed. So was I.

That night I did as she suggested. I took a warm bath and went into my room and locked the door. I spread a towel on the bed. First I snipped as much of my bush as I could with a scissors. Then, with my legs spread on the bed and holding a mirror, I lathered up my pubic area with some of Tom’s shaving cream. He has a contraption that warms the foam. Mmm, it felt so nice as I worked it into my black bush. Then I took one of my razors, the one I use to shave my bursa eve gelen escort legs, and began shaving around my hole. There was a little scratching noise and I had to dip the blade into a pot of warm water beside me. Soon my pussy lips were becoming more and more evident. I spread my legs even further and took all the hair off on either side of my pink lips. I looked into the mirror at my pretty pussy. Krista was right, it looked so hot, like, I dunno, the girls in those porno movies. Suddenly my pink clit popped its head out and this drove me nuts. It was hard like a little dick I don’t remember seeing it so aroused, ever. I quickly wiped all the shaving cream off my pubes, brushing the towel against my spot. I felt so hot, it was like looking at some other girl’s cunt.

Soon I was on my back, masturbating with my right hand while still holding the mirror in my left. I worked my clit hotly, lifting my ass off the bed, putting my t-shirt in my mouth, stifling my moans. My hips shuddered and I gasped as I induced three lovely orgasms from my newly shaved and puffy pussy. When I was done, I was exhausted. I hadn’t worked my cunt like that in a long time.

Two weeks later the stubble was coming in and I decided to give waxing a try. I made an appointment with Krista over the phone and she enthusiastically booked me. When I arrived she bubbled and invited me into a private room where she asked if I wanted wine or champagne. Soon we were both sipping the bubbly as I changed into a fluffy white robe the salon provided.

“Okay, sweetie, let’s get to work,” she said, and told me to lie on the table. The wax was heating up as I laid on my back. Krista undid the belt on the robe and revealed my nude form from the waist down. “I knew it,” she remarked. “What a pretty pussy. Why did you hide it with all that hair?”

“I dunno,” I answered dumbly.

Krista began rubbing my thighs, spreading my legs ever so gently. Her hands were soft, yet strong. I felt the wine going to my head as I began spreading my legs on my own after awhile. She was between my legs now, rubbing görükle escort my thighs. “Bring your knees up,” she instructed. I’ve never been in this position before another woman ever; only men have seen me spread like this. Even my gyno is a male.

Krista began massaging underneath my thighs, working the tension from my hamstrings. Every once in a while the tips of her fingers flayed at my pouty cunt lips. “What a pretty pussy you have,” she repeated, and I could feel her breath on my now moist snatch. Suddenly my clit popped out and she commented. “Nice.” The next thing I know she dived head first into my pulsating pink pool, slathering her hungry tongue all over my sex switch.

I started moaning, my heart racing. Krista urged me to be quiet and resumed her muff munch on my throbbing clit. She had to be a seasoned cunt lapper because she ate my hole like no one ever has. Her fingers circled my pussy, then darted inside as her tongue continued its attack on my clit. A wet pinky probed my asshole, causing me to bite down on my lower lip. She was singing sweet sighs into my cunt, her tongue expertly bringing me closer and closer to a mind blowing climax. “Yesss,” I hissed like a sex starved serpent, coming all over her beautiful face. When she was done, I laid their panting, spent as if I just ran ten miles.

Krista pulled down her pants, climbed onto the table, and straddled my face with her bald box. “Let’s see if you eat pussy as good as your brother,” she said, and lowered herself onto my hungry mouth. The only other pussy I’ve ever tasted was my own, licking my fingers after a whack off session, but I must admit, Krista’s cunt was delectable. She was squeezing her perky titties through her blouse as she rode my lascivious tongue, grinding her hole all over my thirsty mouth. “Oh, fuck,” Krista groaned and came, shimmying her dripping snatch all over my face.

She leaned back to catch her breath. “Tom has nothing on you, sweetie. Ya know, when I saw that pussy of yours in your room, the thought of licking my fiancé’s sister became too hot! I wanted you right then and there.”

“I was wet too,” I confessed.

After that, Krista did the waxing and I’ve been going back to her once a month for maintenance. Tom and her soon will be married, and we’ll have a huge decision to make, Krista and I, to see if our lesbian affair should continue or not, but until then, we’re enjoying every lick.

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