Sandra’s New Neighbors Ch. 05

While Sandra showered the twins, Jac and Jill, put together a simple outfit from Sandra’s limited wardrobe. They chose a plain white t-shirt that looked a little older, so was thinner, and a pair of light blue jeans that the brunette hadn’t pulled from her closet. The pants were the same size as the one the tomboy wore on a regular basis they just had frayed cuffs and a hole in one knee, and an old pair of tennis shoes they had found in the closet. All things Sandra hadn’t worn in maybe two years and she hadn’t tossed yet.

When Sandra came out to see the outfit the twins had chosen, she blanched a little. “Those are old,” she said. “Where’s the underwear?”

“They should still fit,” said Jac.

“No underwear, not even socks. Need to let your chest breathe and your shorts are very unflattering,” said Jill. “We will replace your shoes first. Once you have shoes, not heels, we’ll toss those. For now they are the most feminine shoes you have.”

“We’ll get you some panties and eventually some bras,” added Jac, with a smile. With that Sandra pulled the shirt on, a little worry in her eyes. She had to fight the jeans over her hips and butt, but they were comfortable once they were up and fastened. The shoes fit comfortably, but were odd feeling because it had been years since she’d worn them and she was wearing them without socks.

“That’s nice, but we need to do a couple small changes,” said Jac looking at Jill. Jill nodded and stepped behind the slightly shorter girl, Jac stepped in front.

Jill grabbed the hem of the shirt and pulled it up then back. She tied the excess in her hands into a knot in the middle of Sandra’s back. This showed off the pale, flawless flat stomach of the young woman and gave a hint that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The thinness of the shirt also help hint at her being braless.

Jac placed her hands on Sandra’s hips and shifted the waistline of the jeans. She pulled the jeans up first, but didn’t like the way they sat on the girl, plus Sandra grimaced in mild pleasure. She then tried pushing them as low as she could without causing Sandra discomfort. This she liked and left the jeans that way. With the tightness of the jeans, the bared middle, the plain colored shirt, Sandra looked taller than her five foot six.

She looked at herself in the mirror in the bathroom. “Damn, I look hot. Now I understand what the guys at the shop are talking about when they see women dressed like this.” She had unintentionally cocked her hips forward with the right a little more forward than the left.

“You’ll look hotter this afternoon. The guys won’t know you when they look at you.” Jac was looking over her shoulder with a smile.

“I like the pose. You look like a model, Girl,” said Jill. “Now let’s go.”

“OK,” said the other two girls.

They exited the bedroom, when Jac said, “I need to use the toilet. Mind if I use yours?” She looked at Sandra. Sandra shrugged and shook her head to indicate that she didn’t care. Jac slipped back into the bedroom and straight to the bathroom.

“She’ll catch up in a minute. Let’s go get the car started,” said Jill. She led the way out of the house, making sure Sandra had her key before they left. They walked to the purple Honda Accord. Jill slipped behind the wheel and Sandra sat in the back on the passenger’s side. Jill started the car, backed out of the driveway and pulled in front of Sandra’s house. She stopped the car just as Jac came out.

“The knot in my shirt is uncomfortable while sitting,” complained Sandra as the twin with the braided hair got into the car.

“Then undo it. When we get out, don’t move until one of us redoes it,” said Jac. She threw a smile over her shoulder. “Thanks.”

Sandra undid the knot and smiled. “You’re welcome.”

“Now we’re off,” said Jill. She slipped her sunglasses on and accelerated down the street. Jac slipped her shades on too.

In no more than fifteen minutes they were pulling into the parking lot to the mall. During that they all stayed silent, thinking about the day.

Sandra was a little worried, because she didn’t want to be outed as not wearing underwear and that she wasn’t womanly enough for these two women. But then that was what today was about, making her more of a woman and less of a tomboy.

Jac and Jill were each thinking of ways to get their new friend into several different things. Each wanted to have her join them in their beds, but they also wanted her to be very happy with the new look they were going to help her with.

Jill parked and they climbed out. Jac pulled Sandra to her and knotted the shirt again, maybe a little tighter than what her sister had done, then made sure the jeans hadn’t ridden up to high, and maybe pushed them a little lower. Someone could almost see the very top of her crack, and they could definitely see she was in good shape from the ‘cut’ look on her hips. Two steps later the jeans slid to where Jac had set them at the house, still allowing people to see Sandra’s hips.

They walked into the mall and bursa eskort bayan Jac led them to Wet Seal. Just before they entered the store, Sandra’s stomach rumbled. She covered it by crossing her arms over her bared skin, hunching slightly. Her ears reddened as she joined in the laughter from the twins.

“Hungry again? Already?” asked Jac, grinning.

“Well you know doing a lot of physical work does cause you to become hungry faster,” Sandra said, shaking her head, feeling warm.

“OK,” said Jill. “Let’s stop in the food court before we get to shopping.” The others nodded and they turned away from the store heading back the way they came.

Just past the door they used to enter the mall, they entered the food court. Sandra led them to McDonalds. Sandra figured what she wanted to eat. As she was getting in line she felt the need to use the restroom. She handed a twenty to Jill, told her want she wanted, and then hustled away to the facilities.

It took her a couple minutes to relieve herself. She stepped out of the stall and in front of a sink. While washing her hands she looked at herself in the mirror. What she saw shocked her. At the house when Jill tied the shirt, there was the barest hint she wasn’t wearing a bra. Now her nipples were standing proud and tenting the fabric, because Jac had tied it tighter to her body and Sandra was aroused from thinking about what she did earlier with the twins.

She was scared that people were going to start thinking of her wrongly, yet she was also getting much more aroused at how the shirt clung to her chest. She even felt the urge to go back into the stall and masturbate, but shook it off as she thought of the twins waiting for her. “They teach me something that I really enjoyed and I’ve only done it once,” she mumbled to herself as she dried her hands and exited the room. Another woman entering the room looked at her funny, but Sandra didn’t notice.

Jac and Jill had found a table in the middle of the food court. There were a large bag, three cups and a water bottle on the table. Sandra sat across from Jill since the twins had taken the seats on one side. She pulled her food out of the bag and started opening the boxes.

“You know the shirt was tied tighter when we got here?” she asked lifting her Big Mac to her lips. She took a big bite as the twins shared a smirk.

“I wondered if you felt a difference when I tied it, but you didn’t. Found out in the mirror?” said Jac leaning forward. Sandra, whose mouth was full, only nodded. “Want it fixed?”

Taking another bite she shook her head. After she swallowed, she said, “Knowing you, I’d probably flash the mall while you were playing with the shirt.” She grinned at them. She was thinking that she would probably like the feeling and if she started she would probably want to do it again.

“I wouldn’t do that to you,” said Jill. She would have liked to see the brunette flash the mall though. Jac just gave a sheepish grin. “Would you like me to fix it?”

“Nah,” said the brunette, shaking her head. “It’s alright. Besides it’ll be coming off soon.” She took another bite as the twins looked at her in lust filled surprise. Neither had expected Sandra to say that. Sandra looked at the twins in confusion for a short moment then quickly added, “I mean when I try on clothes.”

“Right,” said the twins together.

“We were discussing it while you were in the restroom. We think that it would be a good idea that you go braless for a week,” said Jill, seriously. Sandra had just taken a sip of water, which was promptly sucked into the wrong pipe, because of her surprise. She immediately started coughing. Jill’s statement about her chest needing to breathe at the house finally sank in while she was trying to stop coughing

“I can’t go to work without a bra on,” she blurted, catching her breath.

“Then take time off,” suggested Jac. “I’m guessing you haven’t taken much time off since you started working at your dad’s garage, right?” Sandra nodded in agreement. “He has a large liability on the books because of that. I don’t think he’d mind you taking time off.”

“But what will I do with my time?”

“Hang with us,” chirped Jill. “We’ll make you into a fine woman in a week. Plus you could meet our friends, won’t smell of engine smells, and won’t have to get dressed if you don’t want.”

“If you’re worried about your dad, you could stay with us for the week,” said Jac. “That way your dad won’t have a problem with you being on vacation, ’cause you won’t be home.” By now the twins were leaning on the table.

Sandra sat back to contemplate what she should do, pressing the knot into the chair unintentionally. The knot caused her to arch her back, which pushed her chest forward and made the shirt almost form-fitting.

With a firm nod, she said, “I’ll do it. Either of you have a phone?”

The twins grabbed their bags at the same time; Jac pulled hers out first and handed it to Sandra. Sandra dialed the garage and waited for someone to pick bursa otele gelen eskort bayan up the phone.

“Hello?” came the gruff voice of Miller, one of the mechanics.

“Is that the way you’re supposed to answer the phone, Miller?”

“No, but it’s ok this time, cause it’s you Sand.”

“That’s true. Is my dad around?”


“Can I talk to him?”

“OK.” The phone was muffled, but she still heard Miller call to her dad. “He’s coming.”

A moment later, “Sandra, what’s up?”

“Dad, I want to take the next week off,” she said firmly. The twins nodded their encouragement.

“That’s no problem, honey.” Then after a pause, “What do you mean take off a week? What are you planning on doing?”

“I just want to take a vacation, Dad. I’m going to stay with my friends. I don’t want any problems,” she said.

“Let me check.” She heard some paper moving, then he came back, “You can have the week off. Just make sure the house is set for you being gone.”

“The clothes will be washed before Friday. There’s food in fridge. You buy the beer.”

“OK, honey. Have fun. You will be paid as usual. I should actually thank your new friends, they talked you into doing something I was getting close to doing. I’ve got a backlog of accrued vacation because of you.” She could here the smile in his voice and couldn’t help grinning. She gave the twins a thumbs-up.

“Thanks, dad. I love you. Be safe.”

“Love you too, honey.” He hung up and she handed the phone back to Jac.

“That was sweet,” said Jac as she took the phone.

“Ready to shop?” asked Sandra. She gathered the trash and stood. She headed to the trash and noticed a guy was checking her out. She blushed and returned to the table.

“We also discussed this. Since you have the week off, why don’t we wait until later in the week? We can start with a few easier things,” said Jill as she stood.

“But all I have to wear is stuff like what I’m wearing,” pouted Sandra. She crossed her arms under her chest and lifted her breasts without thinking.

“True, but you still look hot in it,” said Jac stepping behind the shorter girl. “We want you to feel comfortable with guys checking you out. After seeing how you reacted to that guy, we think we have to start a little slower. We don’t want you to become beet red from head to toe. That could happen if you’re wearing sexy clothes.”

“What about underwear?” asked Sandra.

“What about it?” asked Jill, not fully understanding what Sandra was meaning.

“We could buy me some womanly underwear, panties,” replied Sandra.

“That’s true. Ok, we’ll get you three pairs and one pair of shoes this time. We’ll come back later this week to diversify your wardrobe,” said Jill with a smile. She and her sister had planned that discussion before going to Sandra’s house. They wanted to see exactly how dedicated the tomboy was in changing.

“OK,” sighed Sandra. She relaxed her posture and dropped her arms. “Where are you going?”

“Victoria’s Secret,” said Jac. “Let’s go.” And they did. They exited the food court and continued away from Wet Seal. Five stores out of the court and on the left was the lingerie store. As they approached Sandra hesitated.

“We don’t have to do this right now,” reassured Jill, noticing Sandra’s hesitation.

“No, we’re here and we’re doing this,” said Sandra firmly. She stomped into the store. The twins shrugged and grinned to each other and followed the girl.

They steered Sandra to the tables of panties. As Sandra took in the multitude of styles, her eyes grew as large as CD’s. Jac and Jill started sorting through the piles, pulling a few out and setting them to the side. “Where do I start?” she mumbled.

“First, what style do you want?” asked a sales clerk as she came up behind the trio. “The styles are bikini, briefs, boyshorts, Brazilian, hip-huggers, low-rise, thongs, V-strings, and No-show.” With each style she named, she held up or pointed out the style.

The sales clerk was very striking because of how short and cute she was. This woman looked like a little girl. Sandra had to look down to look her in her dark brown eyes. Her light brown hair was shoulder length and hooked back from her pixie like face. She wore a straight gray skirt and a white dress shirt. The woman didn’t have much of a chest so she was quite clearly not wearing a bra. Her dark nipples were standing proud against the white fabric.

“Hey, Martha. How ya doin’, honey?” asked Jac, sliding up next to the sales clerk.

“Hi, Martha,” said Jill with a smile.

“Jac, Jill,” Martha said, keeping her face straight. She was being formal since it had been close to six months since she had heard from the twins. “Who’s your new friend?”

“Sandra, this is Martha. Martha, this is Sandra,” said Jill doing the introductions. Sandra’s eyebrows shot up in recognition of the sales clerk being one of the girls Jac and Jill told her about the night before.

“Sandra’s bursa eve gelen escort our new neighbor. She helped us move in yesterday,” explained Jac.

“Hello, Sandra,” said Martha, offering her hand. Sandra took it and shook once. “So you two now have your own house? Why wasn’t I invited to the house warming party?”

“Yes, we have our own house,” answered Jill. “No one’s been invited to a party there yet, because we just moved in yesterday. If Sandra hadn’t helped, we would’ve had boxes all over the place.”

“We haven’t set a date for the party, but you’ll know soon enough,” said Jac. She handed the little woman a sheet of paper and said, “Here’s the address and directions to the house from this mall.”

“You knew I’d be here, didn’t you?” asked the pixie faced girl with a wide smile. “Mind if I drop by later today? I get off at three.” The twins and Martha sniggered at the double entendre. Sandra didn’t understand what was so funny.

“I don’t have a problem with you stopping by and I don’t think my sister has one, but we need to hear from Sandra,” said Jac with a giggle.

“Why?” asked Martha screwing her face up in confusion.

“She’s taking a week’s vacation at our house. We met yesterday and found that she’s been deprived of a woman’s guidance most of her life. Her dad is an auto mechanic, so he didn’t know how to raise a girl. She’s a tomboy and is willing to learn from us how to become a woman,” said Jill.

“I shouldn’t make you ignore your friends for my sake,” said Sandra shyly. Her face was burning red.

“We wouldn’t be ignoring our friends. We just want you to feel comfortable,” reassured Jill as she hugged the tomboy to her.

“I can always come later,” suggested Martha. “Your phone number’s on here.” She was indicating the paper in her hands.

“No, you can come. The more the merrier,” blurted Sandra. She was thinking of what the twins had told her about this woman’s nipples. She wanted to see what exactly they meant. “I don’t mind if you come to their house,” she said with a sheepish grin, then busted up laughing. A moment later the others joined her.

“OK. I should be there around three thirty,” said Martha after the laughing died down. “Now back to why the three of you are here.” She pulled them back to the table they had been at. “These are for Sandra, correct?”

“Yes,” said the twins while Sandra nodded.

“I’d love to see you in a thong, but if you’ve never worn panties before then we’ll stay away from those for now.” She grinned and pulled a pair of sky blue boyshorts and a pink pair of briefs in front of her. “These would look good on you.”

“Good choices,” mumbled Jill as Sandra looked at the selections.

“Can I try them on?”

“By law you can’t have these touch you directly. Do you have anything on under the jeans?” Martha’s eyes were glued to the waistband of the jeans and the pale flesh just above.

“No, Martha, she isn’t wearing anything under those,” said Jac quietly.

“Then she can’t try them on. Something to do with health codes and such.”

“I just wanted to get a feel of how they fit. I will buy any I try on,” said Sandra, hope in her eyes. Martha considered it for a moment then nodded. Sandra jumped and squealed like a little girl. Her companions looked at her and smiled. She was letting go of the tomboy and accepting the girly things without thinking.

“What size do you wear?” asked the short woman. The other brunette gave her a blank stare. “You don’t even know your sizes? What a shame. We need those to determine the size of the underwear.”

“Can you do that here?”

“Yes. We can go into the dressing room and get those measurements.”

“Then let’s,” said Sandra, surprising all three older women.

Martha was the first to shake it off and grabbed Sandra’s arm gently. She led the taller brunette to the dressing rooms by way of the register. At the registers she grabbed a measuring tape. The twins grabbed a half dozen pairs of panties each, all about the same size as what they wore, and headed to the dressing rooms too.

Martha smiled to the twins as she took Sandra into the room and closed the door. With a huff, she said, “It’s nice to enter one of these rooms sometimes. In here I can relax a little.” Her hands had gone to her blouse’s buttons and opened the blouse to the waistband. “That’s much better.”

She smiled at Sandra, who was standing there stunned. “There’s only a half dozen people that I do this with here. Jac and Jill started me in this about a week after I started here.” She waved at the door to indicate the blondes. “Now let us get your measurements. Please strip.”

Sandra slowly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She was nervous because she was way outside her comfort zone. Considering her comfort zone had grown by leaps and bounds in the past twenty-four hours, this was still uncomfortable. She barely knew this woman, yet she was stripping in front of her.

Sandra finished opening her pants and slowly pushed them down. All the while she was watching Martha. As soon as the pants were open, Martha’s eyes lit up, but when she got to see the fully bared and hairless pussy in front of her she was almost vibrating from her excitement.

With a visibly effort Martha reigned herself in and tried to act professional. “Do you know what your bra size is?”

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