Scarlett , Skye

Scarlett’s cheeks flushed the color of her name as the red-headed girl reached in the direction of her lap and suggestively yet discreetly trailed her fingertips up her thigh, beginning at the knee and slowly stopping as they reached the hem of her short black skirt. She quickly turned her head away from the girl, feigning interest in the television propped on the brick wall across the bar, with intentions to hide her remarkably red-colored face. The audacious girl proceeded to inch her hand further up Scarlett’s skirt, and the flustered girl’s body stiffened in response. The other girl chuckled quietly and withdrew her hand, then tapped Scarlett’s shoulder.

“Hmm?” grunted Scarlett, barely tilting her head in the girl’s direction. Her shoulder-length ebony hair still concealed most of her face. She heard the stool next to her creak as the girl closely seated beside her stepped down. Her brow furrowed with concern and she swiveled her body towards her. Was she leaving?

“I’ll be right back—just gonna use the restroom,” the girl said, not bothering to hide the obvious smirk that swept across her pale, freckled complexion.

The girl’s vibrant red hair had an orange hue to it, Scarlett noticed. She would typically be the type to roll her eyes and shake her head at anything remotely resembling an abnormal hair color—she viewed it as an obnoxious cry for attention—but she couldn’t take her eyes off of how this girl’s hair graciously framed her small features, somehow blending perfectly with the tone of her porcelain skin. And the length of the girl’s hair was quite impressive as well. It splashed down her shoulders, over her breasts, and neared the shiny neon purple belt the girl was sporting. She wanted to reach out and glide her fingers between the strands of this girl’s extraordinary, wavy hair. It looked so soft…

Scarlett froze and her eyes widened as she realized she had been staring for an awfully long time, and not at the girl’s face.

“Oh, okay. See ya in a bit.” she muttered, hurriedly turning away again and scrunching her face in embarrassment. She spied out of the corner of her eye as the redhead meandered around the tables towards the bathroom.

The girl’s name was Skye. For the past 3 hours, she and Skye had conversed nonstop, sharing thoughts and swapping stories. Scarlett felt taken aback by this… striking girl. But even more so, she was stunned by how well she was getting along with her. The two couldn’t be more different. Skye appeared to be more of a free-spirited, open-minded girl, while Scarlett fell more into the rigidly conservative and less-evolved bursa otele gelen escort category. And then there was the most significant difference of all: Skye was gay.

Scarlett recalled how earlier that evening she had nearly choked on her drink as Skye had regaled her on a humorous tale involving her “ex-girlfriend.” Skye didn’t look gay at all. So why am I so intrigued by this girl? Scarlett speculated. Maybe it’s the booze… she glanced at her martini, as if to search for a tangible reason. But the glass was only half-empty.

Disconcerted by her unanswered question, Scarlett looked down at her phone to check the time. Skye had been in the bathroom for a while. What’s taking her so long? Ten minutes passed, and Scarlett watched as the large white numbers on her phone changed minute-by-minute from 10:48 to 10:58.

Irritably pursing her lips, she grabbed her purse off the bar counter and made her way towards the bathroom to check in on Skye.

Because of the small size of the bar, the women’s restroom was only a single stall. Scarlett knocked on the dark, broad wooden door.

“Skye? Are you okay?”

“It’s unlocked.” Skye’s voice casually replied, seeping through the crack of the entrance.

Scarlett stared at the door, perplexed. Shrugging, she grasped the door knob and pushed. She was immediately met by Skye’s thin figure, draped against the brick bathroom wall. The beaming bathroom lights made more apparent Skye’s vibrantly-colored hair.

Had she been waiting for me? Scarlett’s thoughts stopped in their tracks after their eyes met. Her purse dropped to the floor. A poised smile was etched on Skye’s face. Scarlett felt her cheeks begin to blush once more, and her heart soared up into her throat, beating wildly. A foreign, yet encouraging energy coursed between the two as their eyes bore into each other—sea green into chestnut brown. The intensity created a form of magnetism, and Scarlett found herself slowly stepping towards the redhead.

Skye swiftly reciprocated. She closed the distance between them, firmly cupping Scarlett’s warm cheeks with both hands and brushing her lips against hers.

Skye pulled back after a few seconds to gauge Scarlett’s reaction. She was greeted with an expression of unsuspected shock and sheer amazement.

“How was that?” Skye inquired, dropping her hands to her sides. Her intense gaze contrasted with the easy-going temperament Scarlett had witnessed all evening.

Scarlett tried to recover. She breathed in slowly and parted her lips bursa eve gelen eskort to respond, but words failed her. She couldn’t even formulate coherent thoughts. Skye leaned in, and Scarlett’s eyes fluttered closed, thinking she would be kissed again.

“Do you want more?” Skye whispered into her ear, and then pulled back a second time.

The warm breath near her ear sent goosebumps across Scarlett’s skin. Her eyes steadily opened to reveal a yearning, dazed expression which told Skye everything she needed to know.

Abruptly, the redhead grasped Scarlett’s wrists and pinned them to the door behind her, pushing her up against the wooden surface. She positioned her knee between her thighs, which forced them to part slightly. Then without missing a beat, she pressed her lips firmly upon Scarlett’s.

A soft shriek of surprise sounded in the back of Scarlett’s throat at the sudden movements, and yet she kissed Skye back just as roughly, parting her lips slightly to welcome the other girl’s tongue. Skye responded enthusiastically, deepening the kiss and eagerly exploring Scarlett’s open mouth, pausing only to enticingly nibble her bottom lip. She then began trailing quick, gentle kisses down Scarlett’s jaw to her throat and then to her collar bone.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Skye mumbled against Scarlett’s skin, tracing her parted lips against the contours of the dark-haired girl’s neck, stopping every now and then to softly suck the pliable skin.

Scarlett uttered a quiet moan in response, her breathing unsteady. Skye smiled against the crook in the girl’s neck and released a wrist to slide her middle finger into her own mouth, generously wetting it. She reached under Scarlett’s short skirt to pull the crotch of her panties to the side and press the tip of her wet finger against the girl’s exposed pussy lips. Scarlett’s body tensed and quivered to the sudden, intimate touch.

Skye went on to slip her finger between the lips, finding the clit and tapping it gently. It swelled and hardened with arousal, and Scarlett whimpered, her free hand knotting itself in the redhead’s hair. Skye teased the girl’s clit with her finger, tenderly tracing circles and varying the pressure as Scarlett’s body responded with small tremors, this all while slowly working her lips back up her neck to her ear.

“You like that, baby?” Skye murmured, breathing into her ear.

Scarlett moaned loudly at Skye’s voice, nodding her head vigorously and then turning it to give the redhead a hard, passionate kiss.

Skye’s bayan escort bursa hand wandered downward and was met with Scarlett’s slick, hot wetness. She traced two fingers around her opening, teasing her. Scarlett groaned into Skye’s mouth and she arched her back forward, trying to catch Skye’s fingers inside of her.

Skye withdrew from the kiss to whisper once more. “What do you want me to do?” she asked, smiling as she did so.

“You know…” Scarlett responded, the frustration palpable in her voice. She continued to twist her hips against Skye’s fingers. All shyness had been dispelled by the sexual harmony between the two.

“I don’t think I do,” Skye mumbled playfully, persisting the tantalizing with her fingertips.

Scarlett sighed with exasperation. “Please finger me,” she pleaded. “Please.”

Skye’s grip around Scarlett’s wrist tightened as she promptly slipped two fingers deeply inside Scarlett’s warm, soaked cunt.

Scarlett’s head fell back against the cold bathroom door and her entire frame trembled in response.

Skye looked up to the soft thud of Scarlett’s head thumping the door, and she reached over towards the door lock. “Might wanna lock this.”

Scarlett paid no attention to Skye’s momentary lapse of attention to her. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her hips were grinding against the fingers still inside of her. Her hand still tangled in the girl’s hair, she pushed her face downward towards her chest. Skye took the hint and pulled down Scarlett’s blouse and bra to reveal one of her breasts. The nipple already stood at attention, and Skye fervently flicked her tongue across the tip, now rhythmically working her fingers in and out of Scarlett’s pussy, which was now drenched in her own wetness.

Scarlett groaned loudly, pressing Skye’s face harder against her chest, her eyes peeking open to watch. Skye returned attention to Scarlett’s throbbing clit, softly rubbing her thumb up and down over it. Skye’s fingers jerked faster inside of Scarlett, increasing their pace, finger-fucking her.

“Don’t stop,” Scarlett moaned breathlessly “I-I think I’m gonna cum,” she stuttered, her voice rising at the last word.

Her head dropped back again and her entire body stiffened towards a climax. Skye fingered Scarlett rapidly, covering her mouth with her free hand. The girl screamed into her palm, her body sporadically quaking as she came.

Skye raised her head to press her forehead against Scarlett’s, watching as the girl’s face eased after a few moments. She slipped her fingers out as Scarlett’s body nearly went limp. Skye pressed her body against Scarlett’s to hold her up against the door and moved her hand away from the girl’s mouth to plant a gentle kiss on her lips.

A startling knock at the door caused both girls to jump and Skye nearly lost her footing. The two quietly giggled and began to tidy themselves up, beaming and glimpsing at each other as they did so.

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