Seduced: Susie’s Real First Time

This is one of my readers, Susie, real first time with a woman. So thanks and kisses to Susie for sharing her first lesbian experience with us. I’m still collecting my reader’s real first lesbian experiences and my reader’s favourite fantasies or wildest real life lesbian or bi experiences. So I’m happy to receive your mails, dear readers.

Susie’s Story:

I was 18 years old living in England doing all the things a 18 year old would do; with one huge exception to my friends: I really wasn’t overly bothered with guys. I had boyfriends for a short while but after a bit of kissing and unskilled exploring by them I found the whole process very boring. It did nothing for me.

I spent a lot of time around my best friends house, Becky, including staying over. Her mum was divorced and really cool, letting us stay up late, have the odd drink etc. So Becky and I used to discuss all sorts including boys. She told me the things she had done with boys and I sort of expanded on the truth as to what I had done. One day I was due to stay over at Becky’s house and I got a call from her mum (Carol) asking me if I could come over in the morning instead of the afternoon as she needed my help making sure she chose the right things for bursa otele gelen eskort Becky’s 18th birthday.

Becky worked until 5pm so would not be home till 5.30. I went over and Carol thanked me for coming over. She said she had some clothes she had bought for Becky and she wanted to make sure on the size, as we were both the same size. I thought this was a good idea. We went to her room where she got out a couple of tops and skirts and some other packages. The only thing I thought was weird was she took a bottle of wine with us, saying we may as well enjoy our time and have a ‘bit of a girly party’. Let me describe Carol. She was late 30’s very slim circa 5′ 3″ nice curvy figure and brunette. So I tried on some stuff and it all fitted fine. She was talking about current boyfriends and did I have one etc. She poured us wine and we sat on the bed talking and laughing, I know with the wine I had drunk I was feeling very light headed. Anyway I told her I didn’t have much success with boys or for that matter interest so we talked more (and drank more) when she suddenly said: “Show me how you kiss the boys”.I was so embarrassed but she insisted and I gave her a very inexperienced bursa eve gelen escort bayan kiss. She told me: “Not bad but just let her show me how I should kiss to get more reaction from them and myself.”

Without waiting for me to say she launched into a full blown French kiss which was the most erotic thing every to have happened to me. My stomach flipped, my nipples hardened and my body had this huge reaction that I had never had with a boy! She broke the kiss. She was a little embarrassed. I was totally flustered but she said for me to try the same to her. I did and I got the same reaction. I know now what happened, it turned me on so much!!!! Anyway we broke the kiss and I thanked her for her help. She then took a drink of wine and suddenly said that she had a couple of other things to try for Becky. She opened the packages and they were two bikinis.

I took off my shirt and Carol commented what a perfect figure I had and how gorgeous my breasts were. I was embarrassed but I took off my bra and before I knew it, she was helping me put on the bikini top. Well her hands started roaming all over my breasts and I felt like my body was on fire! She asked me if bayan eskort bursa I felt okay. I just nodded and with that she started to caress my nipples which were so hard by now. Again she asked if this was okay. I just nodded again. All I knew was I didn’t want her to stop. It felt right and that was okay!

She kissed the back of my neck and moved me over to the bed where she turned me to face her and she gave me a passionate kiss pushing me onto the bed. She started licking my nipples and I was in heaven. I felt her hand move down and pull up my skirt. I felt her begin to stroke my pussy (which was on fire) through my knickers and she again asked if I was okay. All I did was moan and ask her not to stop. She lifted my hips and pulled my panties away and for the first time someone’s hand, other than mine, stroke my soaking wet pussy. She found my clit and began to work on it. I came instantly and before I could really gather my senses I suddenly felt her tongue on my hot, wet pussy which sent me into orbit again!

When I had come back to earth we had a long talk about everything but I knew everything felt right. I was a lesbian full stop and happy with it! She showed me all sorts of things and hers was the first pussy I tasted and loved instantly! I still see her and she and I still make love when we do see each other (once or twice a year!) I know I was young but I have thanked her because she brought out my real self and made me realise why I had no real interest in boys!

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