Sexy Sleepover

For the sake of this story, my name is Tori and her name is Leah. She was my best friend all throughout high school. We did everything together. We always kissed just because it never really meant anything. Leah and I were always just so open with each other that kissing was just normal for us. But one day during summer, that all changed.

We were 18, the day was hot and we were home alone. We decided to go for a dip in the pool and have a drink. Our innocent swim turned into skinny dipping during the day. We touched each others breasts a few times just out of curiosity. We continued to skinny dip until it started to rain and shortly after, Leah’s mom came home. The rest of the day went by like a normal day. But when night time hit that’s when the real fun began. Since it had stopped raining, we decided to go for another swim. Again, skinny dipping and sneaking beers. The whole time, I had been watching her, curious of how it was to be with another woman, but never making it obvious that i was looking.

By the time we went back inside, i was a little bit bursa escort bayanlar tipsy and really horny. Since we were all wet from swimming, we decided to just put on robes and panties. We laid in her bed for about an hour talking about all the sexual things that we liked to have done to us. We both revealed that we were very horny and then Leah kissed me. Before, we had just had simple kisses, no tongue. This time, her tongue was exploring my mouth and mine was exploring hers. I grabbed her perky breasts and she gasped in my mouth, without breaking the kiss. Her hand moved to my panties and i felt her fingers against my wet pussy.

Leah started to slowly rub my clit. And let out a quite moan, since her mom was in the room adjacent to us. As she rubbed my clit, my hand moved down her body and got to to her pussy. I started to rub her clit at first, then I felt how wet she was and I stuck two fingers in. It surprised her, but i could tell that she loved it. She slipped one, then two fingers inside of me and it felt amazing. bayan sarisin escort bursa

After fingering each other for a little while, Leah broke our kiss and said “I’m going down on you” and those words made me so wet that i moaned and smiled. She kissed her way down my neck, down my breasts making sure that she sucked on my nipples, then down my stomach, and finally she reached my pussy. I was aching to feel her tongue against my clit. She kissed up and down my pussy, then lightly ran her tongue up and down my slit, tasting my wetness. I started to grind my hips to feel her tongue more and it felt like nothing I’ve ever ever felt before. I started to moan into a pillow to keep quiet. She circled my clit with her tongue while she fingered me fast and hard. I didn’t get to finish before she stopped, but I would eventually finish.

She kissed back up my stomach, then my breasts, sucking and licking my nipples, then up my neck and kissed me on the lips and I could taste myself, which only made me want to taste bayan esmer escort bursa her. We locked lips for a few minutes while she started to grind on me, then I broke the kiss and I said, “Okay, now its your turn” and I got on top of her and I kissed her body like she had kissed mine, spending extra time sucking her nipples. I got to her pussy and pressed my tongue against her clit, and she let out a long moan. I licked from the bottom of her pussy to her clit and I began circling her little clit. Her moans kept building up, so I pushed two fingers in her wet pussy. I fingered her hard and fast, and I wiggled my fingers deep in her pussy. I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers so I licked her clit harder as her orgasm went through her. I continued to finger and lick her through her orgasm. Once she had finished, I licked up all of her sweet juices.

When I got back to her lips and kissed her so she could taste herself, she said, “Tori, you didn’t orgasm, I feel bad.”

I replied with, “oh, it’s okay, I’ll orgasm right now”.

I began to finger myself and rub my clit right in her face. I was so horny and wet that it was the best orgasm that I’ve ever had. When my body stopped shaking from my orgasm, she licked up all my wetness and then we kissed again for a long time. Once our kiss was broken, we laid there naked, and just felt up and down each other’s bodies until we fell asleep.

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