Happy Camper Ch. 01

If you asked me to describe her, all I would say is that she is a puzzle within a conundrum. Xiao Wei was slender and slight, she only came up to just past my shoulder, and looked much younger than the others in the camp… but she was easily the bravest of everyone there… naughty boys included. Her face was angelic — she had delicate features, a snub nose, and eyes that are a little too large for her face– but she is anything but an angel, going by the shenanigans she got herself into. She wore her hair cropped close to her head, so the unknowing observer might think she was a tomboy or at least, boyish… but she was anything but. Mind you, it’s not as if she was a ribbons-and-bows girl… she wasn’t decked up in girly stuff, but it was clear that she enjoyed being a girl.

She liked the pants-less look and was always seen in a large tee-shirt with really short shorts which were not visible under the tee. And she seemed to enjoy using her feminine wiles to get the boys to do her chores. She was very smart– this was abundantly clear with her antics and all of the fixes she got herself into– yet this was the fourth year she was attending this end of year camp with the graduating batch of students from her school. Yet, it didn’t seem to faze her at all, and she quickly became the de facto queen of the camp for each batch.

Such was her reputation that I was briefed on her when she came to the camp. It was my first time being the camp commandant, and the staff thought it important enough for me to be brought up to speed on the little imp. So it was not too much of a surprise to me to wake up to find her leaning over me, makeup brush in hand.

I grabbed her arm, switched on the lights and dragged her out. I’d decided to make an example of her so the rest of the camp did not Porno get any funny ideas about what they could get away with. We got all the campers out of their bunks and I proceeded to give her a good dressing down about the need for discipline etc. As I said, it was my first time as camp commandant, so I wasn’t clear what I was getting myself into.

At the end of my 5 minute rant, I dismissed the group but quickly noticed that instead of going back to her bunk, she headed off towards the beach. This certainly would not do… I didn’t want to lose a camper on the first night, so I headed off after her.

On hindsight, this was perhaps not the wisest thing to do — I did say it was my first time being camp commandant, didn’t I? — and I should probably have gotten one of the women to go after her, but I think I was still a little angry that she had had the audacity to come into my office like that in the middle of the night.

Anyway, she was pretty quick on her feet, and had disappeared down the path before I could catch up with her. I was a little puzzled when I got to the small, private beach that was part of the camp and saw that she was nowhere in sight. Then I remembered a small, barely noticeable path that branched off the main one on the way down… I had noticed it on my first reconnaissance of the place and made a mental note to check on that nightly, just in case any of the campers decided to let their hormones get the better of them and try to find some quiet time alone.

I made my way back there and set off down that branch… and found myself in a little clearing. The light from the moon was just enough for me to see her sitting on a root of a large tree, that was high enough so that she was able to sit comfortably as if she was on a chair.

“Hey,” Altyazılı Porno I said nonchalantly. “What’s up?”

She shrugged and said nothing, her head turned away from me.

“Are you pissed off?”

She nodded slightly and sighed.

“Did you think that was undeserved?”

She shrugged again, so I proceeded to explain my reasons for reading her the riot act in front of the camp.

“Look, I’m sorry I did that to you. I shouldn’t have done that.”

She shrugged again. “‘S okay.”

“Better get back to camp,” I said, hoping that she was past her little huff.

“Think I’ll stay here a bit,”she finally turned to look at me. I forgot to describe her eyes earlier — she has a small face, in proportion to her small frame, and this made her eyes look large. In the dim light of the moon, her eyes looked huge. I thought I could see tears glistening at the corners of those eyes.

“OK then,” I shrugged in resignation. “Just be sure to watch out for the snakes and rats.”

“Snakes?” She squealed. “Oh crap!”

As I said, she moves pretty fast. Before I knew it, she had run over to me and scrunched herself up against me. I found myself inhaling the sweet fragrance of her hair as she buried her head into my chest. I stepped backwards to stop myself from falling backwards and instinctively wrapped my arms around her as well.

“Mmmm…” she murmured into my chest. I wasn’t sure what she said, so I asked her.

“Why don’t you kiss me?” She murmured.

“What? What was that?”

She clucked in exasperation, then took matters into her hands, reached up and kissed me hard on the mouth. I was shocked, so shocked that I didn’t know what to do. Instinct took over and I reached round to support the back of her neck Brazzers with my right hand while my left slid down to the small of her back.

Now, I tend to lick my lips when I’m nervous or unsure, so my tongue pushed out and swept across her lips. She responded in kind, but more forcefully. This made me lick my lips again, my tongue pushing into her mouth as she mashed her lips harder against mine. She moaned softly as she draped herself, no, tried to melt into me. I could feel her press her body up hard against me, her crotch bearing down on my right thigh which I realised she had straddled when I stepped back with my left foot.

At that point, I’m not sure what was going through my mind… I think I was still trying to process what was going on, and my reactions were purely instinctive. The fingers of my right hand began running up and down the nape of her neck, occasionally reaching out to play with her right ear. She shivered and moaned softly in response, pushing herself up even harder against my body while exclaiming: “Oooh… that’s so nice…”.

I think because it was dark and dreamlike, I forgot who I was and who was kissing me, thrust my tongue into her mouth to let her suck hungrily at it for a bit more before coming to my senses. My sudden coming to made me suddenly jerk and try to pull my thigh away from between her legs… bumping up against her crotch as I tried to do so.

Her reaction was immediate. She shuddered violently for a few seconds, exclaiming quite loudly “OH!”, before sagging onto my thigh again. My damned shoe had gotten caught in the root just behind me, so I was quite unable to move it out of the way.

Despite the dim light, I could see her eyes suddenly fly open wide. “Oh! I… umm… bye!” she whispered urgently, before turning and running off as quickly as she had when she ran to this secluded spot.

What the..? I was very puzzled at her reaction, then I realised that my thigh (upon which she had rested) felt slightly damp. I chuckled. Oh well. I hope she found her way back to camp alright.

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