Jodi’s New Friend

Jodi was mid 40s, divorced, and ready to move on. It had been a while — a very long while — since she’d had the chance to meet anyone, let alone think about the possibility of sex. And boy, did she think about the possibility of sex. Through her work, she came into contact with people all day, sometimes thinking entirely inappropriate thoughts about those she met. She’d never let them know that, of course. But the occasional wry smile played on her lips.

Her friend, Jenny, called and said she had this guy for Jodi to meet. They had been friends for ages, so Jodi trusted her judgement. Paul was his name. Also mid 40s, divorced, a tradie and surfed as well. Sounded good on paper.

So a meet was set for a coffee date, late one Friday afternoon.

Jodi looked great. Shed taken the time to get her nails done, hair looked fabulous, long and shiny and dark, a long dark blue dress showing just the right amount of cleavage.

Paul walked in to the café and instantly she smiled. He was a bit over 6 feet tall, surfer build, sandy blonde hair, and wasn’t difficult to look at. He saw her and smiled as well. This was looking good.

They chatted for a bit, ordered coffee and cake, and spent a good couple of hours just talking about all sorts of stuff. Where they went to school, people they’ve known. In amongst all the small talk, Jodi mentioned she had a problem with her shower, needed fixing. Paul looked at her for a second, and asked if she’d like him to take a look. She thought for a minute and said yes, that would be great.

Paul offered to come over now, if that was OK, as he’d finished work for the day. Jodi was fine with that, and as she felt quite at ease in his company, had no dramas with him following her home. Besides, he was a friend of Jenny’s, so she felt reasonably safe.

They got to Jodi’s and went inside. “Right, where’s this shower and what’s it doing?” he asked.

“In though my bedroom, first door on the left” she said, thinking to herself it had been a while since she’d had a good looking bloke in her bedroom.

He went through to have a look. Dripping shower head, tap wouldn’t turn off properly. Easy fix. He came out of the bathroom, and asked where the main water valve was. Jodi explained, and he turned the water off. Then back out to the car and brought in a toolbox. Jodi smiled at this very manly image. He caught her smiling, and couldn’t help but show a grin himself, She was looking pretty hot, he thought.

A five minute job later, changing the washer out in the tap, and all was fixed. He had Jodi go turn the water back on, so he could test it out. Perfect. “Job done” he said.

“Thanks”, she murmured. “What do I owe you for that?”

He looked a little sheepish. “Nah, nothing. It’s ok, I had the washer and it only took five minutes. “

He plucked up a little courage… “But I wouldn’t mind a kiss….”

Jodi looked shocked for a second. But it was only because she’d been thinking the same thing. She knew she was attracted to him from the first minute. Now here he was, asking her for a kiss?

She smiled.. “Sure, I think I could do that.”

He stepped over to her, looking down at her upturned face. “There’s something about you I really like” he said, before holding her face in his hands, and kissing her, gently on the lips, brushing at first, and as she returned the kiss, harder and more forceful. His hands left her face, to move down her body, over her shoulders, down her arms to her waist. She sighed at this, thrilling at his touch. Her hands were now on him, touching him, roaming.

They broke the kiss, pausing to look at one another. Then returned, more passionately. It had been a long time between drinks for Porno both of them. She felt his hands down on her buttocks, squeezing and massaging, and she let out a moan, biting his lip at the same time. Her hands were now under his shirt, feeling their way around his well toned body. She liked what she felt.

She pulled his shirt off over his head, surprising him. And liked very much what she saw. Well defined, but through honest work and surfing, rather than a gym junkie. Oh yes, she liked this. She decided then and there, she was going to enjoy this as much as she could. She reached for his pants, but he pulled her hands away. “Not yet. I want to see more of you.”

She turned around, asking him to unzip her dress. She was committed to this now, and happy with that. He did, and she turned around, letting the dress fall to the floor. She stood there in her lovely dark blue satin bra and French knickers, cleavage all right there and inviting. He couldn’t help himself, and bent to kiss the fullness of her breasts, first one, then the other. “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, I’m sure” she replied. This time, when she reached for his pants, there was nothing stopping her. Down they came, and off, as she made him step out of them, after pulling off his shoes and socks. Nothing now, between them but his boxers, which were now showing a sizeable bulge. She smiled openly at this. She went to reach for it, and he said “How about I take a quick shower first? I didn’t quite expect things to go this well”.

“Ok, but only if you let me join you.”

He laughed. “I suppose I can live with that” and went back into the bathroom. Turned on the shower, and waited for the water to warm up. Jodi followed him in a few seconds later, now naked, and he loved the sight of her. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her. And he could see the mischief in her eyes, knowing she felt the same.

Once the water was warm, he dropped his boxers, away from her view and stepped in. She followed him in, liking what she saw from behind. It wasn’t the biggest shower, but they’d make do. He allowed the water to cascade over him to start with, enjoying the flow. Then felt her body press up against him, her soft breasts against his back, her arms around his waist, just holding him. He turned around in her embrace, and faced her, kissing her again.

By now, his cock had become fully erect, and was pressing into her stomach. She couldn’t help but look down, and was most pleased with what she saw. He was very hard, and at least 8 inches, standing well to attention. Her hand strayed to it, gently stroking it with one finger. He groaned, and she felt him twitch under her touch. She smiled again. This was going to be fun. But there was some washing of bodies to do…

She reached for the shower gel, and put a generous amount in her hands, and began massaging it into him, his chest, shoulders, stomach. Made him turn around to do his back. She was loving just touching this man, who clearly enjoyed it. More gel, and time to run her hands over his buttocks. She thought they felt wonderful, savouring the firmness. Down his legs, and turned him around again. More gel, and looking him in the eye, gently stroking his lovely cock, fully along the shaft to the head, and back again, making sure she lathered his balls as well. His eyes were closed, a big smile on his face. He was loving every second. And why not?

He stopped her after a minute or so, not because he didn’t like it, but because he did, a lot, and didn’t want things to end just yet. “My turn now” he muttered, and squeezed the gel into his hand. Turning her around, he did her back and shoulders first. Thankfully Altyazılı Porno she’d tied her hair up before getting in with him. Moving his hands down, over her bum, which he thought looked just lovely. Bending down, doing her legs as well. Now turning her around, he started with her legs, working his way up, but going over her shapely hips, up her sides and arms. More gel, and focusing on her magnificent breasts, gently squeezing them, rubbing them, catching the nipples between soapy fingers. She put her head back at this and moaned, delighting in being touched this way. He moved down her stomach, over her hips again to her deliciously naked pussy, Very slowly and carefully did he slide fingers over the smooth and tender area, feeling her lips, ever so gently parting them. A gasp at this came from her lips. She fucking loved this!!!

Time now to rinse off, a bit difficult with two in a small space, but they managed. Out of the shower and he looked for a towel. “Don’t worry about it” she said, and grabbed his still hard cock, kissing him hard.

She dropped to her knees, there in the bathroom, and looked closely at his cock, examining it. Holding it in one hand, she looked up at him, smiled, and extended her tongue, bringing it gently to the head, lightly licking it, then touching it with her soft lips. He was loving how this felt, and enjoyed the sight of this gorgeous woman, with her face right next to his cock. She opened her mouth, and engulfed the head, swirling her tongue around it, making it wet with her saliva. More she pushed, taking as much into her mouth as she could. She stopped when she could feel the head in the back of her throat. And let out a moan. It was good to have this man’s dick in her mouth. Gently, she started moving herself back and forth on him, her lips sliding along the shaft, nearly all the way out, then back down as far as she could. She could hear him moaning in pleasure at what she was doing to him. Gradually, she built up speed, and knew this was working. He held her head with his hands, so that as he started moving as well in time with her, was fucking her mouth. She could taste the precum in her mouth, knowing he was close.

She took him out of her mouth, and stood, kissing him very hard, then walking to the bed. He followed like a puppy.

“What would you like to do now?” she asked.

“I want you to sit on my face” he all but growled at her. He lay on the bed, and she crawled over him to grant him his wish. Straddling him, she gently lowered her now very wet pussy onto his mouth. He responded by using his tongue to feel out every bit of her he could reach, gently licking her lips, her clit, and sinking his tongue as deep as he could. This boy knew what he was doing. She rode his face like this, wondering how he was managing to breathe. But at the same time not caring. His tongue was doing things for her like never before, and she was loving it. She could hardly believe it when all of a sudden, she felt an orgasm building, and she came, right there, straddling his face, shuddering and shaking until it was done.

Her knees were a bit week by now, so she rolled off him, onto her side, just to look at him. She could see her juices all over his face, and he was licking madly to taste as much as he could. On impulse, she leaned over and kissed him, tasting her wetness directly from his lips. She loved this sharing. It was amazing. Whilst kissing him, she reached out to touch his cock, which had softened somewhat whilst he was busy licking her.

Now, she intended to bring it back to life. Gently stroking it, touching his balls, cupping them, she could feel it begin. She moved her mouth to his cock, wanting to feel Brazzers him harden in her mouth. She loved doing that. When he was nice and hard again, she got up on her knees, and simply said “Fuck me”.

He moved to be behind her, and nudged the head carefully against her very wet and swollen pussy. Slowly, carefully, he pushed the head in and back out again, going that little bit further each time, until after half a minute or so, he was completely in and balls deep. They both let out moans of pleasure at exactly the same time, and laughed a little at that. He began moving in and out, building a little speed, until finally he was almost fully withdrawing, then sliding his entire 8 inches in every time, She could feel the head of his cock sliding inside her, and knew another orgasm wasn’t far away. As he slid in and out, he slapped her arse playfully, and she liked it, asking him to do it again. He did, then reached forward, grabbed her hair and pulled on it, pulling her onto him each time he pushed forward. His thrusts were getting harder and harder too, and this pushed her over the edge, another orgasm crashing over her whist being hammered by this cock.

He felt her cum, her pussy pulsing around him as he slid in and out, and felt her shaking. He stopped, and pulled out of her, laying her down on her back. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard, sweating. He loved the look, knowing she was well satisfied and feeling very good right about now. But he wasn’t done yet. He started playing with her pussy, using fingers to rub, and slide and tease. Again, she moaned, and smiled. He slid one finger in, all the way, and was amazed at how wet she was. He instantly tried another finger, then another. Three fingers inside her, sliding nice and deep, curling around to find the G spot. He could tell when he found it, she shivered and grunted. Good.

He spoke to her “Suck me while I do this for you baby”.

She didn’t reply, but reached for him, moving so she could get her mouth to him. He obliged by moving, placing himself over her. He kept using his fingers, as she worked on him with her mouth, sometimes touching her G spot, sometimes not. He could feel her building again, loving that he could do this for her. All the while. Her mouth was on him, licking, sucking, taking him as deep as she could. At one point, she slid a finger into his ass, a new and different thing for him, and he decided he liked it, especially if she continued doing the delicious things to him she had started. He could feel his own orgasm building now, and worked her faster and harder. Finally, she came again, with his cock buried deep in her mouth, and whilst she was still feeling her own pleasure explosion, the action of her finger, and her mouth did their magic, and he started cumming. He could feel her greedily licking at his cock, taking his juices, allowing him to cum in her mouth, sucking, licking him, tasting and drinking him, draining him, until his own pleasure was complete.

He rolled off her, and lay next to her, only then seeing that as he was cumming, some of his juices had leaked out of her mouth and down her cheeks. She looked wonderful! He moved to her, to hold her, and surprised her, and himself, by kissing her. He tasted himself on her lips, and decided he didn’t mind, it. “You like?” she asked.

“I’ll share it with you any time” he said.

For a while, they just lay there, holding onto each other and enjoying what they had just done together.

“Was that OK?” he asked.

“OK?” she exclaimed. “That was so far beyond OK that you can’t see OK from here.”

“Good” he said and smiled. “Me too.”

“I might have to think about making a move now” he said after a while.

“Why, do you have to be somewhere?” she asked.

“No” he said, “this is your pace, and I have my own to go to.”

“You’re not going anywhere” she said, reaching out and touching his cock, which twitched. “until you do that to me at least twice more”……

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