Marcie and Leo Ch. 19

I must apologize, Gentle Readers. In the last chapter, I kind of ended abruptly before it became hot. I would love to say it was calculated or designed to make you keep reading. In honesty, I thought the idea of what I was going to do to Marcie could be formulated in your minds. Here’s what really happened.

There she was standing before me just wearing her jean shorts. Her hair was tied back. A huge smile crossed her face. I was stunned for just a moment before she moved closer. There was a pause before my arms surrounded her and we deeply kissed each other. We stood there kissing for what felt like forever before I felt my arms sliding down so they slipped inside her shorts. I was surprised to find no underwear.

“Did you expect something different, Romeo?” she asked.

My hands slid around and undid the button holding the shorts onto her tight body before allowing them to fall. I then grabbed her ass hard with both hands as I pushed her against the wall and started to kiss hungrily. I brought one hand to her front and started to rub her mound forcibly as she moaned for me. Her hands were already working on the buttons to my dress shirt before I stood back and just slipped it off me along with the t-shirt, shoes, socks and slacks. I pressed my body against hers before she whispered in my ear.

“Bedroom, please?”

I led her by the hand into the bedroom where I pushed her onto the bed and started to spank her ass while she squirmed.

“What’s that for?”

“Because I missed you so much last night. I want you to feel how much I missed you.”

She grabbed my already fully engorged cock with her left Hd Porno hand.

“This tells me all I need to know, Leo. Fuck me, please? Fuck your naughty girl!”

I pressed my cock against her box and slid balls deep before grabbing her hips. She was pushing against me like I was pushing against her. It was a hot, heavy, deep, loud, and animalistic fuck. We ended up with her on her back and me on top of her before both of us moaned in climax. It was definitely a very hot night. As we lay there basking in the afterglow, we started making out a bit more romantically as I held her. The world felt right again as we drifted off to sleep.

To my surprise the next morning, she tagged along to the office with me. She wore her red sundress so she would still be comfortable even if she knew what that sundress meant to me. We walked into the lobby and was greeted by Mike our Security Lead. We had a chance to catch up before he asked if he and his dad could come over the next day to pick up the couch. Marcie told him they could and even volunteered to buy them lunch if that was alright. We reached the elevator afterwards and was making out as it went to my floor. It opened and Aubrey sat at her desk smiling at both of us. We both smiled before slipping into my office.

Marcie started to play a game on her tablet while I worked through the emails and such. It was a little while before one of the techs barged in. I recognized her from when Wes and his crew was setting up the sound system at our wedding. She was the one who was scared because I popped in out of nowhere. She was about to speak when she saw Marcie.

“I’m Türkçe Altyazılı Porno sorry. I didn’t know you had a meeting.”

Marcie looked at her and smiled.

“Not at all. I am Leo’s wife, Marcie. And you are?”

“Brittany. Brittany Sanders. I work with Wesley downstairs in the tech lab.”

That’s when Aubrey walked in.

“Brittany, what are you doing here?”

“Wait, you work on this floor also?”

“Yes, I’m Leo’s assistant. What are you doing here?”

“Well, remember your ex?”

“Yeah, hard not to. Why?”

“He’s put in a fail-safe on one of our drivers and we can’t crack it. Probably because he knew he was getting canned.”

“Why did it take so long to find out about it?” I asked.

Brittany noticed my voice was different. She was visibly shaken.

“Because it was on a program we rarely use. It’s a diagnostic tool from one of our older projects. So we haven’t needed it until now. It’s probably nothing…”

“Except it gives him a way to slide into our operating system,” Wesley said from the door.

I looked at him and Brittany.

“Who’s our expert hacker?”

“July isn’t back from her vacation until next week,” Brittany answered.

I looked at Wesley.

“I guess it’s time to come clean. Matt and I used to have hacking contests when we were teenagers. Maybe I should give it a shot.”

Marcie looked at me.

“Translate please, Leo.”

“Aubrey’s ex put his password on a part of our operating system that we need. We need to crack the password.”

“Don’t you have an IT department Brazzers that controls that stuff?” she asked.

Have I mentioned how my wife is smarter than me lately? Within a few minutes, Aubrey was on the phone with IT while I was on the phone with Mike. Within a few hours, we found his password in a log and was able to enter the system. It was then we noticed that lots of Aubrey’s ex’s documents were in Russian. It didn’t take a detective to deduce what was going on. I was on the phone with Matt while Marcie called June. Matt was surprised to hear my voice, but a little more surprised that Mikhail had a mole in our organization. Marcie found out from June that Mikhail was still in jail up in Canada. It was then that Janet came in from the elevator.

“Leo, can you talk?”

“I think so. We just found out that Aubrey’s ex had a way into our servers. What do you have?”

“He’s putting you up with a civil lawsuit for the New Year’s party. He’s doing it from jail.”

“What do you need from me?”

“Dispositions from you, Marcie, Aubrey, Wesley and Mike on what happened. Can we schedule it for Monday?”

“Sure, whatever you need Janet.”

She looked Marcie up and down.

“Damn, girl. You’re gorgeous in that sundress.”

“Thank you!”

She walked away and the office began to get back to normal. As we packed up for the day, Marcie sat on my lap on my couch, and we shared a kiss. Then we heard a knock at the door. Aubrey opened the door and smiled.

“I love seeing you lovebirds like that. I’m gonna get home and attack Wesley. See you Monday?”

“Count on it.”

The door closed and we kissed a bit more before Marcie’s arms were around my neck and mine were on her hips. We shared a few more kisses before we got up and started towards the elevator.

“I should do this more often,” Marcie said.

I smiled. Having her around was wonderful even if it was a stressful day.

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