The Tape [G2S]

Pete’s life is turned upside down when he is sent an unexpected email containing a video file, recorded by his best friend.

This story involves sexual orientation play, and a gay man cheating on his partner with a female. If you find themes of this nature offensive, you might want to skip this one.

All characters are over 18


Pete sat down at the small desk in his bedroom, by his laptop, and proceeded to check through his recent social media posts, and emails. Once he had checked through his Twitter and Instagram notifications, he turned his attention to his email inbox.

Upon opening up his email app, Justin found three emails waiting for him to read. Two of them were work related. The other was an email from his best friend, Becky.

‘Strange’, he thought. ‘Becky almost never emailed me.’ In fact, he couldn’t remember the last time she had. They kept in contact, online, via the various chat apps that they used like Messenger.

Pete clicked on her email, curious as to why she’d decided to contact him this way.

There was nothing in the subject line other than Pete’s name. And there was nothing inside the email except a rather large file to download.

Pete paused for a moment before clicking to download it.

The file took about twenty seconds to download, and once it had completed, Pete saw that it was a video file. He clicked ‘Play’ on the file, and the video began to play on his media player.

The first thing Pete saw was the attractive face of his best friend, Becky.

She looked a little anxious, but also determined to do whatever it was she intended to do or say. Then Becky began to speak directly to the camera.

“Hi Pete,” Becky smiled a little nervously. “I didn’t really know how to begin this message, let alone how to say everything I had to say to you. I thought I’d just wing it after going over everything in my head for the last week, and being unable to find the right way to tell you what needed to be said.” Becky paused for a moment before continuing.

“I want to start off by saying that you have been a really good friend to me over the years. You were there for me when I was at my worst. When my boyfriend left me. When my mother succumbed to her breast cancer. And you were there when I had financial difficulties, you didn’t think twice about helping me out with funds, when I was short for cash. You were there for me, by my side, during all of the up times too, we’ve made a lot of good memories together. That’s why it makes it all the more difficult to tell you what I have to say to you.”

“I can’t even tell you that I regret what I’ve done, because I don’t, not really. But a part of me does feel really bad for betraying you, because you’ve been such a great friend.”

“But the truth is, well, the truth is that you deserve to know what has been going on. None of us can really move with our lives while you’re still in the dark about what has been happening behind your back.

I know that he feels trapped. He feels guilty for lying to you all the time. For being unfaithful to you. And I think he’s a little scared too, to come right out and tell you what has been going on. He still worries about you despite everything.”

“And yet, he wants to move on, and I know he wants to be with me, he’s said so, but no matter how many times I’ve asked him to tell you the truth, he keeps making up excuses. Keeps on delaying the inevitable. So I decided to do it myself. I guess I have to be brave enough for the both of us.”

“I thought long and hard about how to tell you about us. I could have just come right out and told you. And maybe that would have been enough. But perhaps he would have lied to you and denied it. Or maybe he would have been guilted by you, after he’d been forgiven, and coerced into staying with you and leave me instead.

I couldn’t have that, Pete. God help me, but I can’t let that happen. I’m selfish, I know it. I’m so fucking selfish. I want Justin all to myself. And I know he feels the same way, but he was just too scared to tell you.”

“Eventually, I realized that the best way to tell you what has been going on between Justin and I, was just to show you. So that’s what I’ve done. What you’ll see next is a video clip that I recorded, between Justin and myself, a few days ago, without his knowledge.”

“Will he be angry with me for doing this? Yes, I believe he will. But I also believe he’ll be relieved, too. He’ll never have to grow a spine and do what I’m doing now.”

“I am so sorry that I have betrayed your trust and hurt you, Pete. But I don’t regret it when the reward is so great.”

Pete was left flabbergasted by what he had just heard Becky confess in the video. It was like he was stuck in some terrible nightmare. Of course he knew what Becky was suggesting here, that she and his boyfriend had been having an affair behind his back. But he just couldn’t believe that his best friend was capable of such a thing

And even more so, that his boyfriend, his gay boyfriend, would betray him so viciously, and not only sleep with his Hd Porno best friend, but want to cheat on him with a woman. Pete almost laughed at the absurdity of the thought, before the next part of the part began to play, and he turned his attention back to the scene unfolding in front of him.

Becky was sat on her bed dressed in a short, blue silk slip dress, that showed off all her defining features. Becky was already a very attractive woman, however, being dressed this way, enhanced her best features even more so. Her hair was tied back, sleek, raven black, and her eyes were the color pale smoke, like cloudy skies, grey as quarry rock. Or, as Pete would come to think of them after today, grey like cold iron. Grey like hard, uncaring cement, the color of heartbreak and betrayal, that Pete would want to smash into a fine dust with his bare knuckles.

Her dress was short, showing off most of her long, lean legs, they looked so fit and toned from her daily morning runs. The dress was cut low below her neck, exposing most of her chest, except the most intimate stuff.

A voice could be heard coming from somewhere off-screen. It was a man’s voice. Becky hastily turned to look at the camera, once again, as if to double check everything was set up as she wanted it, and then purposefully turned away to face the direction the man was approaching.

The man spoke again, and his voice was perfectly clear to Pete this time. “I’m sorry I’m a little late. It wasn’t easy to get away.”

He knew that voice. Pete’s stomach sank and his heart rate quickened. It was his boyfriend’s.

Justin’s figure came into view as he walked inside Becky’s bedroom. Becky stood up to greet him, and they kissed briefly on the lips, before Justin pulled Becky’s body into his own and they hugged, intimately, like two well acquainted lovers.

“Did you say you had trouble slipping away?” Becky asked. “What happened? Was he making a fuss?”

“Oh you know him,” Justin said, “Pete always kicks up a fuss when I have to leave. I told him some emergency at work had cropped up, and they’d called me in.”

“Did he buy it?” Becky asked.

“Yeah, he has no reason not to,” Justin replied, as he took off his jacket and propped it up on the arm of the chair beside the bedroom window.

“I really wish you’d just tell him about us,” said Becky. “He should know. And then we can be together without us sneaking around behind his back.”

Justin removed his shoes, one after the other, before pulling off his socks and sticking them inside. One of Justin’s little quirks that Pete had become so familiar with, during their time together as a couple.

Justin said nothing for a long moment, in response to Becky’s words. And then he told her, “I just don’t think now’s the right time. It would destroy him, Becky. And I feel really bad. We both know how long it took him to get over John cheating on him with Steve.” John was Pete’s ex-boyfriend. Like Justin, John had betrayed Pete’s trust in the worst possible way.

Justin pulled his T shirt up over his head as he continued the conversation. “He never really moved on from John until he met me, and you were the rock he clung to during all that time. This time he’d have no one there to support him. You’re his anchor, babe. His best friend, and I’m his boyfriend, he doesn’t have anyone else that he can depend on for something like this. I might not be in love with Pete anymore, but I still care about his well being.”

“I know that. But don’t you think he deserves the truth, so he can move on and find someone else? Somebody who loves him back? And don’t you think we deserve to be happy too? I want us to be together, like a real couple.”

“We are a real couple, Becky.”

“No, we’re not. Not yet.” She paused, “I’m just tired of having to share you with him all the time. It breaks my heart every time I see you and him together, whenever he’s kissing you, whenever you’re holding his hand. It should be you and me, all the time, Justin,” she whined.

“You know it’s just for his benefit, hon,” it doesn’t mean anything to me and you. You know my heart’s with you. Always.” Justin reassured Becky before pulling her into him, and Pete felt like he was going to throw up as the two began kissing again. It was a deep and passionate kiss this time.

The hunger on display in their kissing was just so intense, too intense for Pete to watch anymore. He stopped the video, and began to cry at what he was realizing was going on between his best friend and lover.

His mind ran through everything. All the possibilities. The opportunities, the lies, the times Justin was later home than he should have been. Times he was quiet or evasive. The times when he had changed his plans at the last minute, or he had been called into work. How many of those occasions were just to get away so he could be with HER?

Justin had been good at sneaking around. He had to be. Pete had been cheated on before, a small part of him would always been searching for signs of betrayal, for hints of his lover being unfaithful to Türkçe Altyazılı Porno him.

And yet, Justin had done exactly that. The same thing John had done before him. Why did this keep happening to Pete?

Pete sobbed, and then felt himself about to throw up, so he rushed towards the bathroom to empty the contents of his stomach, which was mostly just coffee, into the toilet bowl.

After Pete had finally finished being sick and he had rinsed out his mouth, he sat on the edge of the bath, and cried into his hands. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him all over again.

After a while, Pete had more questions. The cheating and the lying from John was bad enough, but how on Earth could Justin cheat on him with a woman?

Justin showed no hints of even being bisexual. Never suggested he had any interest in the opposite sex. To Pete’s knowledge, he had always identified as a gay man.

Justin began to feel angry now. Angry at the cruel betrayal of his best friend, and the infidelity of his boyfriend. At all the lies and the deceit to fool him and continue their affair behind his back.

How many times had Justin lied to him just so he could go and fuck that stupid bitch? How many times had he fucked her? How long had this… thing, been going on between them?

And most of all, how could he be so fucking stupid? How could he not have seen what had been happening right under his nose? Why had he allowed himself to be put through this yet again?

Pete stormed back into the bedroom wanting to hit something. He punched the bedroom door, over and over and over again, screaming at it, until he felt better. But his hand was left bleeding and feeling numb. ‘Fuck! Probably broke it’, he thought. But he didn’t really care at the moment.

Pete paced back and forth in the bedroom. Then he stormed into the kitchen to take some painkillers for his hand, it would only be a matter of time before it began to hurt a lot. He washed away the blood. After he had gently wrapped his hand in a bandage, Pete carefully poured himself a neat, tall glass of vodka, before going back to the bedroom to watch the rest of the video.

Hoping to… what? he didn’t know. Find some answers, see the betrayal with his own eyes? He was most likely fooling himself here, but it’s all Pete had left, hope, that this was all some kind of a sick and twisted joke. He had to know for certain, that this was actually real.

So Pete sat back down on his bed. With his weakened hand he hit play on the video. His good hand now cradled the glass of vodka, which, for the moment, was his sole means of emotional support.

The scene began to play out again. While his boyfriend and best friend continued to kiss, Justin ran his fingers gently over Becky’s neck and shoulders before sliding down the straps that held up Becky’s dress, over her shoulders. Her dress fell away from her body and onto the floor, leaving Becky standing completely naked before Justin.

Justin continued to place gentle kisses all around Becky’s throat, neck and shoulders. All the while, Becky was now tugging on the belt that secured Justin’s pants, her neck positioned to one side, so Justin could continue placing soft seductive kisses there.

Becky tossed Justin’s belt next to his jacket and t-shirt that were folded together neatly on the chair, and unbuttoned the top of his jeans. Becky crouched down and tugged on his jeans until they fell down down over his knees and rested by his feet.

Justin lifted one foot, and then the other, as Becky removed the pants from his feet, which left him in covered in only his black and white Calvin Klein boxer-briefs.

Standing face to face in front of each other, Becky’s gaze hungrily took in all of Justin’s almost naked form, clearly excited to have him alone with her again.

Justin was a very attractive man. Much more so than he was, in Pete’s opinion. He had always thought so, and he considered himself extremely lucky that a man as handsome as Justin would be interested in someone like him.

Justin was never vain or arrogant about his good looks or physique. But he did always make sure to look his best.

His chest, like his back, shoulders and arms, was broad and well defined, from the countless hours he had spent working out in the gym. Together with his curly blond hair, blue eyes and square jaw, he reminded Pete of the Roman Hero, Hercules.

Justin was an Adonis. Watching Becky’s eyes feasting so shamelessly, on something that is only supposed belong to Pete, was heartbreaking all on its own.

Pete took a deep breath to steady himself as the scene continued to play out.

“You’re so gorgeous,” Becky told him. I can’t wait to lick, touch and suck every inch of you. I’ve been so moist all day just thinking about you, and us being together again, this evening.”

“I’ve been thinking about you too,” Justin told her. He brought up his hands to stroke her perky breasts, and rubbed his thumbs across both of her nipples at the same time, playfully. Then he gently squeezed Brazzers both mounds of flesh, marveling at the way they felt in his hands.

“Hmmm, I’ve been thinking about these puppies all day at work,” he told her. “And when I was kissing Pete, what I was really thinking about was me taking these beautiful soft breasts into my mouth and teasing your nipples with my tongue.”

Justin lifted Becky briskly into his arms, and she giggled as he threw her playfully onto her bed, before falling down at the side of her and lowering his face down her chest to take her tits into his mouth, one at a time.

A part of Pete was desperate to look away from the real life horror show playing out in front of him, as his best friend and the love of his life threw whatever loyalty they had for him, to the wind, once again, as they embraced each other on the bed.

Becky ran her fingers through Justin’s soft blond locks as he continued grasp and pinch her breasts, and tease her nipples with his tongue between his lips.

Becky crawled out from beneath Justin’s hold of her, and rested herself by his waist, then she tugged down his well-tented boxer-briefs.

Justin’s briefs came off to the sound of a ‘snap’ as his large stiff cock was pulled away from his body before smacking back with a thud against his belly. The head of his thick cock now rested an inch or so above his belly button.

Justin, unlike Pete, had always kept his body hair as it was. It had always looked so sexy to Pete, he loved that Justin never shaved off his body hair. It worked to enhance the rest of Justin’s rugged masculinity and made him look so delicious.

That remained the case for the hair surrounding Justin’s large cock. Smaller, less equipped men might decide to trim or shave their pubes to make themselves appear a little bigger, but Justin suffered no such deficiency. As with the hair covering his chest, abs and legs, Justin kept his pubic hair au naturel.

Grabbing as much of his length as she could inside her small fist, Becky lifted Justin’s penis and started firmly squeezing the shaft, which curved slightly inward, forcing the veins across his cock to darken and thicken.

She moved her body surreptitiously to one side, and threw a casual glance behind her, to look directly at the camera, which must have been hidden from Justin’s view, as if to say to Pete, ‘this is all my doing, look at how he responds at just my touch’.

Justin’s head was against the pillow, his eyes were tightly closed as Becky leaned down and took his hard tool into her mouth, and inch by inch, down into her throat.

Pete gawked at the screen as he watched Becky taking almost the entire length of his boyfriend’s cock inside of her mouth, before slowly withdrawing so she could do the same thing all over again.

Pete could hear his boyfriend, his apparently not-so-gay fucking boyfriend, moan in response to her ministrations, encouraging her on, telling her how good he felt inside her throat. Pete felt sick, and took a large gulp of his neat vodka to try calm himself.

“Am I making you feel good, baby?” Becky asked Justin.

Justin sighed. “So good, babe. So goood!” He told her in almost a whisper.

Becky began to lick all around the swollen pink glans and underneath the length of his shaft, before taking the sensitive tip back into her mouth and sucking fast and vigorously on it between her tightly sealed lips.

“Did you miss me today?” She asked in a mawkish tone, as if she was desperate to know, but terrified of the answer.

“You know I did, baby. I miss you all the time when I’m not here with you.”

“What about when you’re with Pete, do you miss me then, too?” Becky asked before taking his full length back into her mouth.

“Ohh!” Justin groaned as Becky’s lips brushed against the pubic bush at the base of his cock. “All the time! “It’s only you, baby. It’s only ever you.”

Pete wanted to cry again. Wanted to stop the video. He wanted to punch the door again. To smash his laptop. He wanted to throttle the two evil bastards on the video, right to fucking death. Instead, he settled for grinding his teeth, and squeezing the grip he held of the glass in his left hand, wondering how hard he would have to squeeze it before the glass shattered in his hand.

A few moments later and it was Justin this time that was positioned between Becky’s thighs. His head eagerly bobbing back and forth, and side to side as he tongued her kitty hard and fast.

Becky pulled his head harder into her as she twisted and squirmed to the skillful attention he was applying to her very sensitive sex organ.

it was obvious that Justin had done this enough times to know exactly what he was doing to her. Pete couldn’t remember the last time Justin had paid this much attention to him.

Pete had previously put the lack of sexual excitement they had these days, down to the monotony that most long term relationships eventually went through. the excitement and novelty of what took place between the sheets, had now worn off a little, but Pete’s feelings for Justin had felt just as strong as they had ever been, if not even more so. Pete had thought that they were partners for life. soulmates, even. While the excitement was inevitably replaced with experience and familiarity, he found himself growing even closer to Justin in other, more serious ways.

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