White Knickers

We climb into bed and give each other the prolonged obligatory goodnight kiss both knowing there is sexual tension brewing.

It’s simply a matter of time after we settle into out usual comfortable half spooning position where you have 1 bum cheek pressed against my thigh and we have almost complete skin to skin contact as all your wearing is a small pair of white knickers that I can feel on my naked hip….

My arms are around you one under your neck and across your bear chest and the other draped over your hip so that my hand is resting with one finger just under the waist line of your knickers….

After a few minutes I feel you push back gently with a subtle amount of pressure to show me you want me to guide you into a orgasm…..

With My hand on your hip I slide it further down onto your knickers whilst I whisper to you in a soft but firm voice to open your legs, at first you hesitate so I move my hand into your inner thigh and push you leg open open exposing your Hd Porno knickers, my hand slides back up where I feel from the outside that your knickers are already wet and warm, I place my hand into the waist line and slide them down just enough so that they become loose but still in place as I want you to keep them on throughout our little thing…

With my other hand I take hold of your left wrist and pin your arm to the Bed up by your pillow I’m firm but I cause you pain.

We start to kiss softly but it soon intensifies into chaos as I slide my hand down and can feel your warm and wet beauty, I feel you wince and you let out a small gasp as I find your clit and start to slowly tease you in a rhythmic firm pattern…..

Your now really wet and your hips are rocking in time with my stride, I feel your on the cusp of orgasm so I slow down with purpose and take my hand away and grab onto your hand at this point I force your hand into your knickers and it’s Türkçe Altyazılı Porno obvious that I want you to finish your self you refuse and pull your hand away but I persist and soon your slowly pleasuring yourself….

I now have a free hand so I can concentrate on squeezing your breasts and with a slow pinch I can find the perfect pressure to play with your nipples as I kiss your neck and move towards sucking them and ever so gently I begin to bite and nibble them……

Your now at that point of no going back and your orgasm is building and throbbing deep inside you I can feel your legs stiffen and the small of your back begin to arch.

You pull your other hand free and hold my head tight to your chest as you ascend into a state of complete and utter satisfaction this is where you finish by placing your hot wet fingers into my mouth for me taste you and you beautiful pleasures, I know know I need to carry on for a little Brazzers bit longer with my mouth, I kiss your body and pull your knickers to one side so I can begin to kiss and lick you it takes seconds for your moans to be heard and I slip 2 fingers up inside you to make sure you reach the maximum pleasure…

You cum instantly and I can taste you and I get on my knees and force you to take me in your mouth whilst I use my hands to create a pony tale that I wrap around my fist so I can dictate the speed of your stroke on me. I pray I can last but the taste of you in my mouth is too much and I cum inside your mouth and my legs are shaking and I’m now very weak. This is where you force me onto the bed on my back and you straddle me….

We are both exhausted but I can feel your breasts on my chest as we kiss for what feels like an eternity until you climb off and turn yourself so we are back to our usual going to sleep position again.

Just before we say goodnight you reach down and slide the white knickers that are soaked and throw them onto the floor and push your naked skin into my hips as I feel you relax into your well deserved exhausted slumber..

The last thing You hear me say as your drifting is “when I wake you up you better be ready to fuck me hard”.

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