Coach Miller Ch. 05


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We all looked at each other to see who wanted to go first. Finally, Jason raised his hand and said, “I guess I’ll go first, I’m Jason Swift. Hey Ashley, good to see you.”

I blushed a little but waved over at him. Lacy thought he was gay but maybe not. I went next. “Well, as Jason said, I am Ashley Haze.”

Next was the Chinese woman in a surprisingly low voice so soft I am not sure how anyone heard her other than me, “I’m Ami Cooper.”

Then came the African American woman, “I’m Linda Steward.”

Which left only the two older women, “I’m Elizabeth Peirce and this is my sister Sarah Kent.”

Sarah curtsied but said nothing.

“Well once again welcome.” Mo began again. “We have the pleasure of working with a very lovely and dedicated model tonight, Miss Catherine.” At the mention of her name my mother emerged from behind a Chinese screen wearing a teal kimono. Gone were her glasses as well as the school teacher’s bun. She had curled her hair in a good copy of a fifties pin up girl. She had put on make-up, but it was complete so expertly that everything blended to remove any hint of her age. The paradox was that her make-up was done in a way so subtle that anyone who didn’t know her would think she wasn’t wearing any at all. The lone exception was her lipstick which was the same shade of burgundy as the chaise. It screamed, “Hello boys! Why don’t you come up and see me some time?”

Mo’s voice brought me back from my mom ogling. “I will pose her on the chaise and you will begin your work. You may take breaks as necessary and we will officially break every half an hour or so to give Miss Catherine time to rest. If you would like a different pose, please make the request and I will see what I can do. Miss Catherine is very easy to work with. She is a professional and I expect you to treat her with the respect she deserves.” Mo’s expression said to everyone, Or else.

With that my mom dropped the kimono and laid down on the chaise just like Kate Winslet in Titanic. Mo moved mom’s left arm so it draped over the back of the chaise and used one of the pillows to prop up her left hand so it looked like it was a candid shot of her just waking up and about to finger comb her hair. “Are you good Catherine?” Mo asked.

“Yes, Professor,” my mom answered.

“Very well, begin,” Mo, instructed.

The air was filled with the sounds of bushes, chalk and pencils. My mother was not looking at me or anyone. From what I could tell she was looking at one of the sprinkler heads on the ceiling behind all of us. Mo started to walk among the students and observe. She stayed on the other side of the room.

After I got over my initial shock, I realized that my mom was a beautiful woman. She had a slight tan that was uniform across her body suggesting that she had tanned liked she modeled, nude. Her areola and nipples were bigger than mine which made sense as her breasts were three times as big as mine. Her nipples were only slightly browner than the rest of her and very perky. She was either cold or turned on by modeling or both. There were no lines on her body which also suggested she had been going commando (no undergarments) lately. That explained why I was only finding my bras and undies in the laundry lately. I could see, a very faint white mark on her right side and wondered if she still had her appendix. She had painted her toe nails to match her lipstick.

She had shaved everywhere, face, arm pits, butt and legs. She had left a nice triangle of hair maybe a half inch thick just above her vagina that started several inches below her waist and pointed to the hood of her clit. The rest of her kitty was hairless and tan like the rest of her outer skin with just a hint of rosebud pink where her inner labia protruded slightly because of two silver captive bead rings with opal stone beads on each side of her girl parts. I was speechless, my mother was a member of the pierced pussy club.

I also couldn’t believe what a good model she was. She hardly moved or blinked. I had to stare very hard to detect that her chest was moving at all. I started with her shape and then began to add details. I had finished the main drawing of everything and was starting to shade in muscle tone and her hair. I asked Ami to borrow a brown and a gold pencil. I usually prefer black and white only, but wanted to accent a few things like her lips and toenails. The petite girl said I could borrow whatever I needed. I peeked at her drawing and saw she had focused on my mother’s face and wow was it detailed.

By the time Mo called first break I was rus escort done and was just adding a line here and erasing one or two there. I prepared a new piece of paper for the next sketch. I also asked for and received one or two of Mrs. Peirce’s cucumber finger sandwiches which were delicious. Mom sat up and stretched. She smiled at me, and took a drink from a small water bottle that Mo brought to her. The two said something to each other I didn’t hear and then Mo asked the group at large, “Is there a different pose any one would like?”

Jason raised his hand. “Miss Catherine, would you sit instead of laying down?”

My mother smiled. Then sat with her legs underneath her, bringing the right shoulder back from us and the left shoulder forward towards us and then she smiled. “Like this Jason?”

Jason started drawing again. “Yes, that’s perfect.”

Mo intervened, “No, no, no. That is too much. We can’t expect Miss Catherine to hold a pose like that for long.”

“It’s fine Mo.” My mom smiled at Jason, “But don’t let Vanity Fair see your drawing or they may ask for a royalty.”

Everyone laughed especially Linda.

I finished my sketch faster this time as I didn’t need to spend as much time getting over my shock. It also helped that like Ami, I focused on just her shoulders and upper body. When I was done, I laid the page on the table and went back to my previous drawing, adding ink to make some blurry lines more defined. I also needed to use the bathroom. Imagine my surprise when I got to restroom and pulled my pants down only to discovered that a small amount of moisture had soiled my panties. “OMG. Mom is making me wet!” I said to the empty bathroom and realized it was true.

By the time I returned to class mom was standing again taking another break. She was walking around looking at everyone’s work. Both she and Mo were talking to people and giving suggestions. She leaned over Linda’s drawing of the Titanic pose and smiled. “This is really good” she said.

“Thank you.” I heard Linda say, “The model did most of the work.”

“Speaking of work.” She moved back towards the dais. I watched her ass the whole way and felt the wet spot in my panties grow.

“OK,” Mo said looking at her watch, “We have time for just one more pose. Any suggestions?”

“Could you sit on the chaise like at the booth of a drive-in and put your arms across the back,” asked Elizabeth.

My mother complied and the effect was that her breasts were lifted up slightly.

“That’s great love, but would you mind uncrossing your legs?” asked Elizabeth with Sarah nodding her head in agreement.

My mother uncrossed her legs as Elizabeth asked and the two painters began to paint feverishly. I drew a quick sketch but was finding it harder and harder to be objective. My imagination wondered and before long my mom was wearing a poodle skirt, pink blouse and looked like she was wait for her date. I was adding myself into the picture as a 50’s Car Hop waitress on roller skates when Mo tapped me on the shoulder, “very good Ashley.” Mo said then moved away quickly so I didn’t have time to respond. She had been avoiding me the entire class.

Mo clapped her hands again and announced it was time to clean up. A few people kept working but most complied. Mo spoke to those with bigger pieces of paper or canvases and showed them where they could store their work until next time. I caught a glimpse of Jason’s picture. He had focused on Mom’s Vanity Fair pose and from what I could see his work was coming along nicely. Elizabeth’s and Sarah’s had painted everything but my mother. Maybe they would fill her in next week. It made me wonder why they had asked her to open her legs for the last set.

I returned the colored pencils I had borrowed from Ami and thanked her. I promised next time I would come more prepared. She simple smiled and said, “no problem.” We appraised each other’s work. She liked my black and white drawings but had some really good suggestions on how I could add small amounts of color to make the pictures pop. She had turned my mother into a dryad for her last sketch and it was amazing.

“That’s lovely Ami.” my mother said causing me to jump. She had come up behind us and was looking over our shoulders.

“Thank you, Miss Catherine,” Ami responded, “You are a very good model?”

“Thank you, Ami,” my mother beamed.

“If you every want to model for more than just class,” Ami began, writing down a name and number on the back of a piece of scratch paper and handed it to my mom, “call this number, ask for Mia Lee and tell her Ami Cooper sent you.” (To learn more about Ami Cooper, please read Becoming Miss Cooper)

“I’m no professional,” My mother said a little too self-deprecatingly for my tasted.

“Neither was I, until I was.” Ami pulled out her phone and showed my mom a picture of her dressed up like Golden Sparrow, from the Forbidden Kingdom. The picture had the MCC watermark of Mythical Clothes and costume’s all over it.

I had an ah-ha moment. I knew I had istanbul bayan eskort seen her online somewhere.

Mom thanked, Ami and walked over to her kimono and put the piece of paper in its inner pocket. With that Ami put her pencil box back in her large portfolio case. Then with all of her stuff packed up she left the room. Elizabeth and Sarah left carrying their large picnic basket between them and Jason offered to buy Linda a drink at a nearby coffee shop so they could talk chalk. Mo, seeing that my mother wanted to talk to me, gave me a head nod that I assumed meant she would wait for me in her office.

My mom made no move to get dressed or even put her kimono back on. She looked at me with a wide grin. “I’m guessing from your original look of shock when class started that you didn’t know I would be nude?”

“No,” I answered.

“But is it also safe to assume that since you didn’t leave the room screaming ‘my eyes, my eyes it burns,’ that you got over it?” she half asked half told.

“That is a pretty good assessment.” I sat on the table, “I was shocked. I mean you are my mom but then I saw all the others drawing you and thought, what’s my problem. I have seen nude art before and this is no different. Just shut up and draw. Besides mom, you’re hot.”

“You have no idea how worried I was about tonight.” My mom let out a huge sign and sat next to me. “I was sure that you were going to freak out.”

“Hey, give me a little more credit than that,” I complained.

She hugged me, which was a little awkward with one of us being naked and all. “You are (emphases on the are) the best daughter ever.”

It was also kind of nice. Mom started to rub my back. I felt a little pull in my gut and a tingly sensation between my legs. Very similar to what I feel when either Lacy or Mo rub my back. I had to break the hug. “So, you seem to be a natural at this modeling thing.”

“I am now, but when I started…” she stopped herself. “I never told you this but I used to model a lot in college. It was good money and I liked being naked.” She took another breath, “truth is I still do.”

“OK,” I drew the word out to give me time to think about my next question. “So would you call yourself a nudist or exhibitionist?” I asked completely serious.

“I can’t believe we are having this conversation.” She said starting to rock back and forth on the table nervously like she had to pee.

“Hey. I didn’t open this can of worms.” I commented back.

“I like being naked,” Mom admitted, “I mean, I really like it. Clothes make me feel trapped a little.”

“Cool.” I pondered before going on, “I can understand that. I feel the same way about big heavy coats and blankets,” I tried to empathize.

“Right, but imagine feeling that way with all clothes. Even just panties and bras,” she explained.

“Oh, Mom I’m so sorry.” I hugged her again instinctively. That warm feeling filled me again. I had to stop hugging her.

“It’s fine. I have lived with this for years. I have learned to bow to social norms.” She said sitting up straight.

“Would it help if you didn’t have to wear clothes at home?” What the heck was I saying.

“You would be OK, with that?” she asked hope twinkling in her eye.

“Yeah, no problem,” I said reassuring myself more than her, “I mean, I have just spent the last two hours looking at you naked. I can’t see why doing it at home would be any different.”

“Well,” she looked left and right conspiratorially, “having an audience does make it a little different.”

“How so?” I asked innocently. I need to stop asking these questions.

“Being naked removes the weight off my shoulders. But being naked, knowing someone is watching gives me a little bit of a boost, like drinking a double expresso.”

I was really getting into this, “and being naked in public?”

“It’s euphoric. I am so wet and horny right now.” My mother confessed, then covered her mouth like she couldn’t believe she had just said.

“Good to know.” I said robotically, giving her a thumbs up.

She winced. “Sorry. TMI (Too Much Information)?”

“No.” I said waving my hand in front of myself like it was no big deal. Half of me wanted her to stop but the other half of me was intrigued. It was becoming a big deal to me at that moment however, as it was making me horny to know she was horny. In fact, I kind was thinking about and really wanting to, kiss her.

“You sure?” she confirmed. Then she closed her eyes, and swung her legs a few more times. “Because it really does.”

“Well then I guess that makes you a nudist and an exhibitionist.” I made two check marks in the air.

“I would say that’s fair,” Mom admitted. We laughed together. “It’s nice to talk to you like this.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like we’re girlfriends.” She said then moved closer to me. “You are so mature and easy to talk to I almost forget you’re my daughter.”

Thank goodness mom hopped off the table or I am not sure what would have happened. She walked over to the chaise and picked ukraynalı escort up her kimono and put it back on. I don’t know why but I was a little disappointed that she was covering up. “You going to get dressed?” I asked. For some reason the idea of riding home with mom, her still naked popped into my head.

“I wish I didn’t have to but yes.” She looked slightly depressed herself. I wondered if the same idea was occurring to her. “First however, I need to get a quick shower in the locker room.” She finished her bottle of water, “Believe or not modeling is hard work. These lights are hotter than hades.”

“Oh, I believe it,” I answered heading for the door. “Mo said she would give me a ride. But next week maybe I can start riding with you.”

“I’d like that.” My mother said her eyes slightly moistening as she picked up her gym bag.

“I’ll see you at home, OK?” I had to get out of the room. The image of my mom showering was now making me wetter than ever. Lord help me if she asked me to join her. Hopefully seeing her naked at home was going to help desensitize me or I was going to have to move I with Lacy and Mo.

“OK. Love you,” she said to my back.

I waved without risking a looking back. “Love you too.”

I got to Mo’s office. She was sitting behind her desk. I locked the door. She stood up and started to move away. “Ashley, this is not my fault. She came to me, she had previous modeling experience and as you saw tonight, she is amazing…” Mo said trying to placate me. I silenced her by wrapping my arms around her neck and kissing her passionately on the lips. I shoved my tongue into her mouth and counted her teeth. I moved my left hand to her crotch and I began rub her pussy through her slacks. It might have been my imagination but the material was already a little rough like someone else’s hand had gotten here before mine. I was doing a great impression of a horny teenage boy but I didn’t care.

“Shut up and take your pants off.” I ordered once we stopped kissing.

Mo was confused but happy to comply. She did as I instructed and I lifted her onto her desk. Normally I would have spent a half hour or so kissing every inch of her fine Asian face but we simply didn’t have the time. I spread her legs and I dove in with my tongue. I wondered if Mo had been petting her kitty before I arrived as her clit was enlarged and she was already very wet. I stopped licking her pussy only long enough to lubricate my middle finger and index finger. Then I shoved my fingers into Mo’s pussy a little harder than I usually do, but it served her right for playing with herself before I got here. I then began to play with the silver rings in her labia with my tongue and rubbed my nose against her clit. After nine months of practice, I was way better at this than French. “Ooooooohhhhh, FFFFuuuuCccKKKK. Aaaasssshleeeey.” Mo said between breaths.

“Did looking at mommy make Ashley horning?” Mo asked.

I nodded yes, vigorously.

“Oh, gods of the Greeks that feels so good.” Mo moaned. “Do you think we could talk your mom into wearing a blonde wig?”

“Got a thing for Marylin Monroe do you Mo?” I asked, taking a quick break.

“Who doesn’t?” Mo asked.

She put one hand on the back of my head and took over play with her clit with the other. This was our, Lacy, Mo and I’s, private way to tell the licker that the lickee, is loving what you’re doing to her pussy but don’t forget about my ass, please. I spit on the fingers of my other hand and started to slowly insert them up Mo’s ass. I still wasn’t as good at synchronizing my pussy hand and my ass hand like Lacy or Mo but they say I am getting better and they are more than happy to let me practice on them.

“You’re already pretty damp down here Mo. You got a thing for my mom?” I asked seriously.

I am not sure if she was having an orgasm, if she was really enjoying what I was doing to her or she was hesitant to admit her desire for my mom, but she was silent for quite a while. Finally, she asked, “will you hate me if I say, yes?”

“No.” I answered adding another finger to her pussy and moved her hand out of the way so my tongue could get back to licking her clit.

“Then, Yesssssss.” Mo admitted, “she is so nice and so beautiful.”

I figured I would have to press Mo a little more for the truth. I was not expecting a complete confession. I pulled on one of her pussy rings with my teeth, and she yelped. She started to massage my scalp with both hands. I love it when she does that. It makes the whole top of my head tingle. Mo started to moan and her pussy was tasting amazing. She started to tremble a little as the door knob turned and Lacy walked in saying, “Hey Mo, why is your door locked? Oh.”

Lacy, not locking the door behind her walked over and started kissing Mo’s right ear. “You two do this without me a lot?” Lacy asked in her smart-ass way.

I am not sure if it was my mouth to pussy resuscitation or Lacy’s more reserved oral pleasuring of her ears but Mo came all over my face. She collapsed back on her desk. Good thing I hadn’t given her the personalized name plate I was planning to give her for her birthday next month or she would have been impaled. I stood up and stretched taping Mo on the left hip, telling her to move over. “Next.” I said like a barber that had just finished a shave and a haircut.

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