The Virtue Auction Ch. 16

I left Sophia in her awkward position as I stepped over to the huge floor to ceiling window to think. I needed to clear my head for a moment so that I could decide what I wanted to do with my unruly pet, and gazing out at the cityscape always helped me with that. It was getting quite late, I guessed after midnight already, and the lights below were beginning to fade as the city was going to sleep. Standing there naked at the window was always a bit of a rush even though I knew nobody could see me, and that’s what always cleared my mind.

There was a game I’d played with a few of my other pets before that I thought would be a perfect way to help Sophia learn the importance of self control. It was a very difficult game, and one I was sure Sophia would probably fail, but it would be fun nonetheless to see how far she would get.

“Miss Rose?” I heard Sophia ask from the bed.

“Yes kitten?” I replied, still looking out the window.

“Are you mad at me?” She asked in a shaky voice.

I turned to look at her, still bound to the bedpost in the splits, and smiled warmly.

“No kitten,” I said reassuringly. “Am I disappointed? Yes, but I’m not mad. You have much to learn, and I can not get mad at someone who is still trying to learn.”

I padded softly back over to the bed, and began to release Sophia from her bonds, unbuckling the strap that held her ankle, and untying her wrists.

“In fact, I have a game for you to play that will help you learn,” I said as I untied her.

“W-what do I have to do?” Sophia asked, rubbing her wrists, which had developed stark red lines from her struggling to pull free from the tight ropes.

“I’ll explain the rules here shortly,” I answered, beckoning her off the bed. “Come with me.”

Sophia scooted off the bed and followed me over to an area of my bedroom that until now had been cast in shadow. The moon had drifted to the right angle to shine its dim light on the myriad of contraptions I had set up. Had Sophia imagined she was stepping into a sex dungeon that first time she entered my bedroom, this was it. I had everything from a simple sex swing hanging from the ceiling, to a St. Andrew’s Cross and various arrangements of pipes, bars, chains, hooks, shackles, and pretty much anything else you could think of to immobilize my pets in any awkward and uncomfortable position I wanted.

I noticed Sophia pause as she realized what all of this equipment was for. I went over to what looked like a padded massage table with a strange hump-like device on it, and numerous straps connected to padeyes. I laid my hand on it and gestured for Sophia to come over.

“Come here and get on this table, kitten,” I instructed. “Don’t worry about any of that other stuff. I know it looks intimidating, but this right here is what we’ll be playing with.”

Sophia hesitantly shuffled over to the table and climbed onto it.

“This device here is called a Sybian, ever heard of it?” I asked, touching my hand to the leather hump in the middle of the table. It had a silicone ridge along the top that vibrated at varying degrees of intensity which I could control.

Sophia shook her head and stared at it.

“You ride it, like you would a cock, which I know you’ve never done, but I hope you’ve seen enough porn to know what I’m talking about,” I explained. “Go ahead and straddle it.”

Sophia obeyed and shuffled on her knees until she was centered on the Sybian, resting her crotch right on the silicone ridge. Once she was in position, I took one of the straps and tied it around her waist like a belt. I looped the strap through two padeyes, one on either side of the table and pulled tight.

“Try to lift yourself off,” I commanded.

I saw Sophia’s strong thighs flex, but she gained no height. Her pussy remained firmly in contact with the Sybian. She tried one more time, harder, but still could not lift herself off the device.

“Good. Now are you right handed or left?” I asked.

“Right…” Sophia replied warily, wondering what kind of game she was in for that required more bondage.

I took one of the ropes I’d used earlier, grabbed her right arm, bent it behind her back so that her hand was between her shoulder blades, and wrapped the rope around her wrist, then tightly around her chest so that her dominant arm was immobilized. I then took another rope and tied her ankles together behind her.

I left her there for a moment and went over to my dresser, reaching into a jar of coins and fishing out five. I also grabbed a pair of clamps with a small chain connecting them together, and a handful of small one ounce weights with hooks.

“Hold out your left hand, palm up,” I instructed.

Sophia obeyed and I placed one coin on each of her fingertips.

“Do not drop these,” I said. “So here is the game. I’m going to turn this on, and it’s going to vibrate just like those wands I have. I want you count backwards from one hundred. Your goal is to reach zero without cumming and without dropping kazak escort these coins. Sounds simple enough, right?”

“Yes, Miss Rose,” Sophia said, already tense from anxiety.

I reached out and lightly brushed my fingertips in a circle around one of her nipples until it became rock hard. Then I placed a clamp on it. Sophia hissed as she drew in a sharp breath and jerked her upturned hand, causing one of the coins to fall already.

“You’re lucky we haven’t started yet, kitten,” I said picking up the fallen coin and placing it back on her finger. “You’re gonna want to be more careful not to drop these once we start.”

I gave her other nipple the same treatment as the first, lightly rubbing it to make it hard, then placing the other clamp on it. With both clamps attached I gave the chain a gentle tug to make sure they were securely fastened to her nipples, eliciting a grunt from Sophia.

“This game is simple until you factor in the other rules,” I continued, setting the weights down on the table and grabbing the small control box attached to the Sybian. “At 80, 60, 40, and 20 I will dial up the speed a little bit, making it that much harder for you to concentrate on your counting. If you drop one of the coins, you must add 50 to your countdown, and I will add one of these weights to the chain strung between your nipples. So it would behoove you to hold your hand as steady as you can. Also, if you miscount, or lose your place, you must start over from 100 again. So concentration will also be key. Are you following so far?”

“Yes Miss Rose,” Sophia nodded, trying to calm her nerves to keep her hand from trembling.

“The number of coins left on your fingers by the time you reach zero will determine the reward I give you,” I explained. “If you can manage to keep all five coins from falling, I will take your virginity in the manner of my choosing, and fulfill the terms of the contract. You will receive your money immediately and be free to go home if you wish. Drop all of the coins, and we start all over but with one less coin, so the prospect of getting that ultimate reward will be gone.”

It was a risky move to offer fulfillment if the contract as a reward, but I was confident that she wouldn’t have any chance of keeping all five coins on her fingers. In all my time playing this game, none had ever succeeded in doing that, and I had my doubts that Sophia would even finish with more than one. I intentionally devised the game to be extremely difficult.

“Keep at least one coin and I will let you cum on the Sybian. Keep two and I will untie you and let you give yourself an orgasm with your fingers. Three, and I will give you an orgasm myself. Four and I will let you eat me out again while I make you cum.”

“I will remind you again, you are not allowed to cum before you reach zero,” I warned. “If you reach the edge and feel like you can’t hold your orgasm back, you must tell me. If that happens, you will be denied any further orgasms for the rest of the night. However, I will give you an out. I’ll let you choose a code word to use if you feel yourself getting close. Using the code word will give you a one minute break to cool down, but I get to take away one of your coins and add a weight. Do you have a code word in mind?”

“Umm… pineapple?” Sophia shrugged.

“Yes, that’s a good word,” I laughed at her choice. A typical safe word used by many beginners to the world of BDSM. “Do you have any questions before we start?”

Sophia thought for a moment, probably going over the rules in her head one more time. It was a bit complex, I’ll admit, but really all she had to do was focus on counting backwards, keeping her hand steady, and not cumming. I would help her with the rest.

“No Miss Rose,” she said finally.

“Very well then, kitten, you may begin counting when you’re ready,” I said with the tone of a teacher giving an exam.

Sophia took a deep breath through her nose, letting it out slowly through pursed lips.

“One hundre-he-he-d!” She began, yelping as I turned the Sybian on at the exact moment she started counting. “Ninety-nine, ninety-eight, ninety-seven…”

I watched Sophia’s leg muscles and tight, defined abs tense up as the machine hummed to life, much more loudly than the wand from before. She stared intensely at the coins on her fingertips, as if keeping her eyes glued to the coins would keep them glued to her fingers. With her other hand tied securely behind her back, there would be nothing she could do to re-balance any of the coins if they began to slide off center. She would just have to watch helplessly as they dropped from her fingers. But so far she was doing surprisingly well. Her hand trembled ever so slightly from time to time, but she managed to keep still for the most part.

“Eighty-three, mmmm-eighty-two, eighty-one, eigh-eeeiii-ty!” Sophia yelped as I dialed up the Sybian a little. The coins wobbled as her body jerked to the higher istanbul bayan escort intensity, but none fell yet.

“Seventy-nine seventy-eight seventy-seven,” her counting pace picked up.

“Stop!” I said loudly. “Go back to eighty and slow down. You’re counting too fast for my liking.”

“Ooohh,” Sophia whined. “Eighty… seventy-nine…”

“Much better,” I smiled as Sophia slowed her countdown.

As she continued to count, I began to touch myself, wondering if I could divert her gaze away from the coins on her hand. She seemed so concentrated, which would help keep her mind off the vibrations from the Sybian, but I didn’t want that. A wanted to make it harder, give her a tease to help put her mind in a better place for an orgasm. So I reached up and began to fondle my own breasts, giving them a firm squeeze. I plucked at my nipples, making them hard for her and finally I saw her glance in my direction, but it was only for a fleeting moment.

“Sixty-two… sixty-one… siiiiixty…” she slowed her countdown, preparing for the next increase in intensity, which she handled much better than the first.

“You’re doing well, kitten, I’m impressed,” I said warmly, reaching down to rub my mound.

I saw her eyes wander over to me again and she paused briefly at fifty-two, and I wondered if she was beginning to find it harder to keep track of what the next number should be. But she continued and regained her composure.

“Forty-three… forty-two… forty-one… forty-eeeiiii-noooo!” Her whole body shook as I dialed it up again, and the coin fell from her pinky finger, bouncing off the padded table and clattering to the floor.

“Stop! Go back to ninety,” I ordered, lowering the intensity all the way back down.

I grabbed one of the small weights and hooked it onto the chain dangling between her breasts. She closed her eyes briefly, moaning softly at the mix of pain and pleasure, and took a moment to breathe deep before continuing again.

“Ninety… eighty-nine… eighty-eight,” she counted deliberately.

“Well, that’s it then, you’ve lost your chance to end the contract early,” I said plainly as she kept counting. “The best you can hope to end with now is four.”

I began to slowly rub my clit as she opened her eyes again. This time her eyes lingered a bit longer, distracted by what my own hand was doing. But as she hit eighty, and I dialed the Sybian up again, the coin on her thumb fell and clinked as it hit the floor.

“Stop! Up to one hundred thirty,” I instructed. “You are not making this easy for yourself are you? Concentrate, kitten.”

I added one more weight to the chain and took the toy back down to the lowest level again.

“Nnngg… one hundred thirty… one hundred twenty-nine…” Sophia counted in a whiny voice. Her gaze returned to the three coins left on her fingers, trying to concentrate again.

She did markedly better this time as she kept her eyes locked on her hand, making it through eighty, and sixty. Her eyes flitted a few times in my direction as I continued to play with my pussy in front her. But at fifty-five she glanced over again and her eyes lingered too long. She paused longer than before, and when she started counting again she skipped ahead to fifty-two.

“Stop! Back to one hundred,” I said with disappointment. “You’re going to have to do better than that, Sophia. The more mistakes you make, the longer this is going to take, and the longer you sit on that Sybian, the harder it will be for you to resist cumming.”

Sophia whined again, whimpering as she started over back at one hundred. I could see her cheeks and chest beginning to flush a shade of pink and knew it was going to be a struggle for her to hold it together with as long as she’d been riding the Sybian. Her strong thighs tensed as she tried to shift her position a little, possibly trying to reposition herself to dampen the vibrations on her clit, but the strap around her waist was too tight for her to get much movement. I doubted she would make it past twenty without using her code word.

Sophia redoubled her efforts to concentrate, but her voice was wavering, and I could tell that she would soon be fighting to hold back an impending orgasm. She counted fewer and fewer numbers between her moans. But she did better than I expected, getting all the way through forty this time, with her eyes locked firmly on the last few coins.

“Thirty-four… thirty-three… mmmm… thirty-two…” the pitch of her voice getting higher as she counted down further, signaling she was getting closer to orgasm. “Twenty-seven… nnnnggg… twenty-six… mmm-Miss Rose… p-pineapple! I can’t…”

“Stop counting!” I commanded, immediately turning the toy off and beginning my own countdown from sixty in my head.

“Oh fuck, oh my god, oh…” Sophia panted, trying to catch her breath.

I reached over and plucked the coin off her index finger, dropping it onto the floor with the others. I added a azeri escort third weight to her chain and she squeezed her eyes shut, grunting as the clamps pulled heavily at her nipples. The last two coins balanced precariously on the tips of her middle and ring fingers.

“You’re almost there, kitten, and you still have two left,” I said, reaching up to gently stroke her cheek. “Ready or not, it’s time to continue where you left off. You’re at twenty-five.”

Sophia nodded and resumed her countdown, and I turned the Sybian back on straight to level 4.

“Twenty-two… twenty-one… twenty-fuck meeee…” she moaned loudly as I raised the intensity up one more notch. “Fuck fuck fuck…”

“Don’t cum now, kitten, not when you’re this close,” I warned. “Believe it or not, I don’t want to deny you for the rest of the night. So don’t force my hand.”

“Nineteen eighteen seventeen,” Sophia continued quickly.

“Slow down! Back to twenty!” I ordered sternly.

Sophia cussed, but reluctantly obeyed and started again at twenty. Her eyes were laser focused on those last two coins, so close to slipping off her fingertips. But as she neared zero I could see she was starting to lose it. Her stomach clenched tightly, revealing the chiseled definition in her six pack abs as she began to hunch forward. Her legs started to quiver as she reached single digits.

“Six… five… oh god oh god… four…nnnnggg-three… two-ooooohhh… fuck… one… zero… zero! Zero!!!” Sophia nearly shouted.

As soon as she said zero I slowly dialed the Sybian back down and turned it off. She dropped her hand, grabbing the front of the device for support as the last two coins clattered to the floor. She shuddered for a moment as the vibrations wound down, letting out a long, low moan.

“Good girl, I’m impressed,” I cooed, smiling wide as I reached out to cup her face in my hands and give her a soft kiss.

Sophia looked as if she’d just run a marathon, panting, staring blankly down at the table in front of her, cheeks rosy and sticky with sweat. Finally she looked me in the eye and smiled happily.

“I did it!” She said proudly. “I didn’t think I would, but I did! And I didn’t cum even though I wanted to so bad! Can I cum now please? Please Miss Rose?”

“Let me untie you first, and then you may cum,” I said, letting go of her cheeks and starting to untie the ropes binding her arm and ankles. “But you may only use your fingers. No toys.”

“But I thought one of your rules was that I wasn’t allowed to touch myself,” Sophia asked.

“Yes, but this is a special exception,” I explained, releasing the strap around her waist and carefully taking the clamps off her nipples. “I am explicitly giving you permission to touch yourself, and to make yourself cum for me as a reward for being such a good girl.”

“Ok, um, right here?” She asked sheepishly, rubbing her raw nipples to soothe them.

“If you want,” I answered. “Or on the bed, it doesn’t matter. Wherever you feel you can get comfortable.”

Sophia dismounted the Sybian and slid off the table. She scampered excitedly back over to my bed as if she didn’t want her arousal to wane too much. She crawled on, and laid herself flat on her back with her knees bent and legs spread. She looked over at me, slowly making my way across the soft, plush carpet towards the bed.

“Can I start?” She asked eagerly.

“Yes kitten, go ahead,” I said warmly.

She quickly thrust her hand between her legs and began to furiously rub her clit with her fingers.

“Slow down, kitten, it’s not a race,” I said, crawling up onto the bed with her.

Sophia obeyed and slowed the pace of her fingers as I positioned myself between her legs to watch her play with herself. She closed her eyes, tilting her head back and began to moan softly. After all the teasing and edging she’d just been through, I knew it wouldn’t take long for her to make herself cum. I had intended on masturbating with her so we could watch each other, but I began to get a different idea as I watched her perky breasts rise and fall as she breathed and moaned. I got onto my hands and knees, and crawled over her, leaning my head down to take one of her perfect, pink nipples into my mouth.

“Oh my god,” Sophia gasped, opening her eyes to look at me.

“Keep your eyes closed, kitten,” I said softly.

I licked circles around her nipple, feeling it stiffen against my tongue, and once it was nice and hard, I kissed a trail across her chest to her other nipple, repeating the process. This one I took into my mouth, biting gently on it. Sophia gasped louder this time, still rubbing away at her sensitive clit.

“You may cum when you’re ready,” I told her. “You don’t need to ask this time.”

My mouth left her nipple and I kissed a trail around the curve of her breast back to the middle of her chest. From there I work downward over her flat, toned belly, kissing her soft, silky skin. Her breathing picked up and her moans increased in pitch and frequency as she brought herself closer to orgasm and my mouth made its way closer to her sex. I veered off to one side as i got lower so she wouldn’t accidentally hit my face as she rubbed her clit. But by the time I reached the crook of her hip, she was already there.

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