The Seduction Ch. 02

?Here’s the second and final part to this story. Thanks to everyone who gave me such great feedback for the first part. I hope you all enjoy this.


Chapter 2

Dan Jensen turned the key in the lock, letting himself into his girlfriend’s house. He had just returned from dropping her off at the airport where she was flying out for a two day business trip. They weren’t living together yet but he was staying at her place while his newly decorated apartment dried out. The only other occupants were his girlfriend’s daughter, Katie, and her best friend, Melissa, who was staying over.

The first time he’d met Katie his cock had hardened instantly and the same thing had happened when he’d seen Melissa. They were both beautiful 18 year olds who had amazing bodies. He’d blatantly eyed them up and he knew they’d done the same thing to him. Both of them had brazenly licked their lips as their eyes had wandered up and down his body.

Hanging up his jacket in the hall closet, Dan walked into the kitchen and grabbed himself a beer from the fridge before making his way upstairs. He was just about to walk past Katie’s bedroom when he thought he heard a moan. Seeing that the door was slightly ajar, he quietly crept forward and peered in. His cock, which was already hard from thinking about the girls a moment ago, seemed to harden even more as he witnessed the sight in front of him. Katie was lying on her back with her arms wrapped around her upper thighs holding them open while Melissa lay on her front with her face buried in her friend’s pussy.

As Dan watched the two girls intently, his hand instinctively reached down to unbutton his jeans and he released his throbbing cock from its confines. His hand wrapped around it and stroked up and down as his eyes never left the scene in front of him. He didn’t think he’d ever seen anything as fucking hot as what he was seeing right now.

The view he was getting was a side-on one as the bed was situated sideways along the far wall so he could see exactly what Melissa’s mouth was doing to Katie’s pussy. Her tongue was licking a path from her asshole to her clit and she’d then suckle the little nubbin between her lips for a few moments before circling it with her tongue. She’d do that a couple of times before thrusting her tongue deep inside the other girl’s cunt. He could feel the cum boiling in his balls threatening to erupt at any moment and he gripped the base of his cock tightly trying to delay the inevitable. Right at that moment he felt like pinching himself to see if what he was witnessing was real or just a very vivid figment of his imagination. The sudden scream that Katie released was proof enough for him that this was real.

“YESSSS! Oh fuck…fuck…Lissa baby…” Katie released the tight hold she had on her thighs and stroked a hand over Melissa’s hair as the girl continued to suck on her pussy lips. “Baby, give me your pussy…I need to taste you.”

Without missing a beat, Melissa spun around while keeping her mouth on her best friend’s wet, pulsing sex and placed her own pussy over Katie’s mouth. She moaned loudly at the first contact of the tongue and lips eating away at her flesh. The vibration of her moan echoed through Katie and she found herself thrusting her hips up, driving her pussy even further into Melissa’s hungry mouth.

Raising her head up for a second, Melissa breathed in much needed air and as she did so, a shadow at the door caught her eye and she smiled to herself. This was exactly what she and Katie had wanted; for Dan to catch the two of them fucking wildly and it looked as if their wish had been granted. They’d come up with something earlier on that evening so they could let the other know if he was watching them and so she decided to put the plan into action.

Sitting up, she gyrated her hips wildly as her friend’s tongue danced over her lower lips, sucking up and drinking the pussy juice she could feel dripping out of her. “Katie, baby, where’s your vibrator? I need to be filled up by a big hard cock.” Melissa could feel Katie smiling against her pussy and she knew she’d got the real meaning of her request.

Katie paused in her ministrations and asked, “Which one do you want, the six inch or the ten inch?” She licked up and down her friend’s slit while she waited for her answer.

The brunette shivered at the teasing touch and sighed with pleasure. “Uh, you’d better make it the six inch…I don’t think I’m ready for anything bigger,” she lied.

“Oh, I think you are, baby. Your pussy’s so wet I bet you could get a twelve inch long cucumber up there.” She giggled.

“Shut up!”

“Make me.”

“Fine, I will.” A second later Melissa’s pussy ground down on Katie’s face and she wailed as her friend’s tongue thrust inside her.

Dan was practically drooling as he continued watching the two girls go at it. God, what he wouldn’t give to fuck the pair of them and show them he was better than any plastic vibrator. As he watched Katie ankara escort bring Melissa to a shuddering orgasm, he wondered how he could arrange it so that he could get in on the action. The next words he heard made the thoughts freeze inside his head.

“I bet you could take Dan’s big cock,” Katie told her friend as she moved out from under her.

“Katie!” she cried out in mock surprise. “Anyway, how do you know he’s got a big cock?”

“Oh please. Have you seen the bulge in his jeans? He’s either got a massive fucking cock or he stuffs his underwear with socks.” She laughed and Melissa joined in.

“I’ll bet he doesn’t wear underwear. He looks like a commando guy to me.”

“Mmmm,” the blonde moaned at the thought as she rolled Melissa to her back and straddled her, their pussies pressed together. Leaning forward, she cupped the other girl’s large breasts and pressed them together. “Do you think he’d want to fuck our tits? God, I bet he’s a fucking animal in bed. Do you know what I’d do if he was here with us now?”

Melissa looked up at her friend and smirked knowing only too well that he was just outside the door. “What?” She moaned as Katie tugged and pinched her nipples sending a jolt of pure lust straight to her clit.

“I’d lay him on the bed and suck his cock to get it nice and hard and then I’d sit on it and ride him into oblivion. While I did that you’d sit on his face facing me so while he ate your pussy you could lean forward and lick my clit and his cock as it fucked me.”

“Yesss,” she moaned and reaching out a hand she began playing with Katie’s bare pussy.

The two girls writhed against each other as their fantasy played out in their minds and it wasn’t long before they both came.

Dan stood rooted to the spot after hearing their confession and without any further thought, he stripped out of his clothes and pushing the door open wider, he calmly entered the room.

The two girls, who were now laying side by side on the bed, stroking their hands over each other’s bodies, looked up at the intruder and quickly sat up, using their hands and bringing up their knees to try and cover up their bodies.

“Dan? What are you doing?” Katie feigned shock but she couldn’t help licking her lips at the sight of him in all his naked glory.

“You’re not going to tell Katie’s mom are you?” Melissa asked, also trying to act shocked and surprised. Neither of the girls wanted him to think this was a set up, although they didn’t think he’d mind in the slightest. She knew watching two girls together was most guys fantasy and she also knew that she and Katie looked hot when they fucked. They’d once done it in a mirrored changing room at a local clothing boutique where they had been trying on clothes and it had been so erotic watching themselves touching each other while trying to keep silent. Her clit was throbbing at the mere memory of that afternoon.

Dan stood there stroking his cock. “What’s it worth? I think Julia would be pretty interested to know what her darling daughter gets up to when her friend stays over, don’t you?”

Katie spread her legs and dropped her arms to her sides exposing her pussy and breasts to his intense gaze. Melissa did exactly the same before leaning in and closing her lips around one of her friend’s nipples, sucking it while keeping her eyes locked on him.

Drops of precum glistened on the tip of his cock and Katie once again licked her lips. She crawled on her hands and knees to the edge of the bed and beckoned for him to come closer. When he did so, she leaned forward and sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth. He groaned when she released him from her mouth and then sat back on her haunches. “I don’t think you’ll be telling Mom anything. If you do, you’ll have confess that you were watching us and that I then sucked your cock and I don’t think she’ll be happy to hear that, do you?”

He shook his head and watched in silence as Melissa came up behind Katie and began cupping and kneading her tits while humping her pussy on the blonde’s curvy ass. Not being able to hold out a second longer, the cum exploded out of his cock, spraying over Katie’s tits and stomach. Melissa scooped some off with her fingers and fed it to Katie who lapped it up before doing the same to her friend.

“Mmmm, that tastes really good.” Melissa told him as she smoothed the remaining cum into her best friend’s skin. “Why don’t you have a taste?” She crooked a finger and beckoned him closer before holding up one of Katie’s breasts. He came willingly, lowering his mouth to lick off his cum and then suckle her nipple.

Katie moaned at the delicious feeling and her head fell back to rest against Melissa’s shoulder. “Do it harder, Dan. I bet you could make me cum just by sucking on my tits, couldn’t you?”

Releasing the nipple with a pop, he looked up at her and smirked. “Yeah, I reckon I could. But how ‘bout we work on that fantasy you girls were talking about? The one with ankara escort bayan you riding my cock and Lissa riding my face while licking your clit and my cock as it plunges in and out of you.”

Katie took his face between her hands and stared him in the eyes. “What about my Mom? Once we do this things are gonna change and while I don’t want to hurt her, I know Lissa and I won’t be able to give you up.”

Dan leaned forward and kissed her hard, sucking on her lips and tongue. Breaking the kiss a few moments later, he leaned further forward and kissed Melissa in the same way. “Look, Julia’s a great person but she’s older than me and is looking to settle down. I’m not ready for that and I’ll have to tell her that when she gets back. I’ve fantasised about you two for a while now and I’m not about to give up this opportunity for anything.”

The two girls looked at each other before breaking out into a big smile. Katie moved forward and kissed her before once again kissing him and shen then started stroking her hands up and down his muscled chest and abs.

“Get on the bed, Dan.” Melissa commanded and a second later he was lying flat on the bed, his head resting on the pillows.

He watched as both girls scooted either side of him and slowly began kissing and licking his hard nine inch cock. He’d always been proud of the fact that he was bigger than average and he knew that some of his friends were jealous. When showering at the gym, he loved spending extra time ‘washing’ it especially when new guys were around. He’d had one of the best blowjobs of his life when a new gym member had approached him telling him he was desperate to suck his gorgeous cock. Feeling especially horny that day, he’d agreed and while he’d never considered himself to be gay or bisexual previously, after that experience he had found himself eager to repeat the experience and he had. Several times with different guys.

Dan was brought of his reverie when Katie sucked each of his balls into her mouth in turn and Melissa grazed her teeth up his shaft from the root to the tip. These girls were giving his first guy at the gym a run for his money with this blowjob.

Katie continued the blowjob while Melissa raised up on her knees and moved up to where his head lay. She maneuvered herself so she was straddling his head facing Katie and a second later she lowered herself down to his mouth. The first touch of his tongue on her swollen, wet flesh took her breath away and she gasped. She knew Dan must have eaten a lot of pussy to be that good and she ground herself down against his face. She felt his mouth open wide covering her entire sex and she screamed loudly when his tongue flicked over her sensitive clit before thrusting inside her over and over again.

Hearing her friend’s scream, Katie looked up at her, her mouth full of thick cock and she smiled around it. Using one hand, she caressed his balls while with the other she stroked up and down his lower stomach before curling her fingers around the base of his cock and pumping it in time with her sucking.

In response to Katie’s oral assault, Dan was practically screaming and the reverberations ran through Melissa’s body making her cry out in total abandonment as she came in his mouth.

Dan wanted to warn Katie he was about to cum but he couldn’t, having a hot, wet cunt riding his face so he let himself go. He could literally feel the cum being sucked out of him by her talented little mouth and a moment later he felt another mouth join Katie’s. Melissa helped clean up the cum that Katie hadn’t managed to swallow and he could sense that they were feeding it to each other by kissing. Just that thought alone had him stiffening immediately.

“Wow! Lissa, look at that! He’s ready for more already. Not like that fucker you used to go out with, huh?”

“You can say that again, baby. One good fuck would have been something but he couldn’t even manage that. So, you want to ride his cock first or can I? Whatever happens, you seriously need to ride his tongue. He’s almost as good a pussy eater as you are,” she told Katie before kissing her hard and deep. Their mouths tasted of a mixture of their pussy juice and Dan’s cum and the taste was awesome.

While they kissed, Dan made himself useful and cleaned Melissa’s cunt with his entire mouth; lips, tongue and teeth. The conversation they’d just had about him made him throb all over and he couldn’t wait to be inside one of the girls. He knew he’d be having them both before the night was out.

“Maybe we should let Dan choose,” Katie replied as she held her friend’s hand and helped her dismount his face.

“Good idea.”

Both girls leaned forward and licked the smeared pussy juice off his face before taking it in turns to kiss him. His hands came up on either side of him and he stroked over their backs. They seemed to have divided his body between them as they each took a side of him and kissed downwards. They suckled at his throat and escort ankara then moved down to his neck and instinctively he spread his legs. Each girl straddled a thigh and brought themselves to orgasm by rubbing their pussies against him, the coarse hair adding a nice friction to their shaved lips.

Melissa collapsed into his side as Katie did the same to the other side. “Wow! I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve cum tonight,” she admitted.

Katie laughed as she snuggled into Dan. “God, me too.”

He wrapped an arm around each of them, not believing what was happening tonight. A small part of him felt guilty about Julia but there was no way on earth he would have refused being with Katie and Melissa. He knew the two girls were close and had been for years but he would never in a million years have thought they were lovers. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him.

“Hey, when Julia and I arrived home unexpectedly, had you two been fucking?”

Katie nodded, a saucy expression on her face. “Yeah, Lissa had just cum in the pool when we heard a car door and so came inside to investigate.”

Turning to look at Melissa, Dan asked, “How’d she make you cum?”

Moving closer, she licked his bottom lip before replying. “She finger fucked me and if we hadn’t of been interrupted, we probably would have sixty-nined each other on the side of the pool. It’s just so naughty knowing that people might be watching…that they might be able to catch a glimpse of our naked bodies through the trees and bushes. God, I’m dripping wet at just the thought.”

He leaned in and covered her mouth with his, kissing her passionately. “How about you put that wet pussy to good use then and ride my cock?”

“Okay,” she panted before getting up and moving into position. With the tip of his cock brushing against her entrance, she crawled forward and kissed him again and then turned to Katie who was watching the exchange between them. The blonde moved towards her and they French kissed. As Melissa sank down on Dan’s cock, her mouth dropped open and Katie thrust her tongue inside, exploring her best friend’s mouth. When the need for air became an issue, they broke the kiss and Melissa straighened up and started to ride his cock with gusto.

Katie moved and climbed onto Dan’s face to experience his oral techniques for the first time and as he started working on her, she brought her hands up to play with her own breasts. Melissa hadn’t been lying when she told her he was a great pussy eater; he was simply the best–after her friend of course.

Before she and Melissa had moved onto a more intimate relationship, the only other guy who’d eaten her out had been her maths tutor when she’d been sixteen years old. She had been failing math and so her Mom had gotten her a tutor to give her extra help after school. Scott Phillips had had an office at home and she used to go there twice a week for six months. He was in his thirties and single and there had been an almost instant attraction when they’d first met. It wasn’t until midway through the second month of his tutoring that he’d started to ask her personal questions. The questions were innocent enough to begin with like did she have a boyfriend and how old was she when she’d had her first kiss. The questions had started to get her hot and subsquently she’d started wearing tighter shirts and shorter skirts when going to see him until one day she’d gone there without wearing any underwear at all. Her nipples had been hard and were poking through her thin shirt and her pussy was wet. As soon as she’d walked into his house, she knew he could smell her arousal and picking her up, he’d laid her on the couch and lifted her skirt to her waist, exposing her pussy. The first touch of his tongue down there had set off fireworks throughout her body and she’d exploded in her first orgasm which wasn’t self-inflicted. After that, they’d spent the lessons having sex and her mom had been furious when she’d failed the subject anyway. The affair had only ended when he’d told her he was moving away.

Katie had thought the way Scott had made her feel was amazing until the first time she and Melissa had made love. After that she realised that he had been a pretty selfish lover, only caring that she got him off. It had seriously put her off guys but Dan was doing his best to change her mind.

The feel of him chewing on her pussy and clit was out of this world and she was practically bouncing on his face, her tits jiggling enticingly. Her eyes locked with Melissa who was riding his cock like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco and they simultaneously reached out and played with each others breasts.

Dan gripped Katie’s hips as he ate her out and his own hips were thrusting wildly as Melissa bounced on his cock. He plunged his tongue as far as it would go into Katie’s cunt and her shriek of pleasure was music to his ears. Her feminine muscles clenched around his tongue and he knew she was close. He flicked her clit a few times before going back to suck on each of her lower lips in turn. He brought a hand up to her pussy and wetting his thumb with her juices, he circled her asshole with it before inserting it gently. A couple of seconds later, her cum poured into his mouth as she screamed out her orgasm.

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