The Silver-Haired Sex Gang Ch. 04

It became apparent during the next group grope, that others were having sex outside the biweekly meetings. I left town to attend a seminar and I found out that Penny entertained Jim and Rick one evening. Apparently it was another DP session. Penny was in a good mood when I got home and that night we had a fantastic time. She actually wanted me to ass fuck her and I blew my load in her ass. I was fine with it because She was becoming more at ease with our carnal delights and she was much much nicer to me in general.

I was working in our small yard one morning and Renee was driving by. She stopped to talk.

“Hey Jack, What’s going on.” She asked with a big smile.

“Not much except Penny is visiting family in Charlotte.”

“Really?” She replied and without a further word she parked her car and got out.

She walked up to me and took my hand and took me into the house. With the door open she unzipped my pants. She started sucking my cock as she closed the door. As I said earlier Renee was tall and slender with small tits. She had a flat belly with long beautiful legs and a great ass. Her hair was long and grey. She kept it in a pony tail most of the time. She had a drop dead gorgeous pussy with pronounced pussy lips.

This day she wore a yellow sundress with spaghetti straps and wedge sandals. After sucking on my cock for a minute she unbuttoned my pants and simultaneously pulled my shorts and pants to the ground. I lifted my legs out of them and took off my shirt. She dropped her sundress to the floor revealing her perky tits and panties. She immediately dropped her panties to the floor in the hall and kicked off her shoes. All of our clothes were in the hall.

We walked over to the big sofa in the living room and we sat down as I began sucking her titties.

I stopped for a moment and we kissed. Our mouths were locked and our tongues were caressing each other’s mouth.

“I’ve wanted to get you alone for a good while,” She said.

“You have got me now. Gawd, you are the most erotic woman.” I replied

I went back to feasting on her tits and I started fingering her pussy which was getting wetter by the second.

“MMMmmmmmmm, that feels soon good,” She moaned.

She laid back and spread her legs. I got on my knees and started nibbling on her pussy lips and licking her clit with my tongue. I intermittently tongue fucked her too. She was really enjoying the sensation but she gently lifted my head,

“Baby, let’s go to bedroom, We need to get comfortable, I think we’re going to be busy for a good while.”

We laid down on the bed and she went back to work on my cock. She sucked and deep throated the shaft while licking my balls and all around my balls. She asked if I had any lube (which miraculously was right on the bed stand). She lubed her finger and gently pushed it into my ass as she was blowing me. I almost shot my load then.

She stopped and came up to kiss me again.

“This is great, we shouldn’t have waited so long.”

I put some lube on my fingers and while I sucked on her tits, I slowly put my fingers in her pussy and began to move them in and out. Faster and faster, she was so wet by this point and pussy juice was splashing all over the bed. She almost came twice.

I rolled over on my back and she mounted my cock cowboy style. She started moving up and down tip to balls on my shaft. I pinched her nipples while sucking on them. She was getting ready to blow.

“AAAHHH, AAAAHHH, AAAAAAHHHHH!!” She said progressively louder and louder.

She was really bouncing on my cock now and I grabbed her ass cheeks with my hands. I started working my fingers over to her asshole. She knew what I was going to do and she was anticipating it at the edge. I put my finger in her ass at just the right time. She started bucking and came hard.

“YYYYYYYEEEEEEE,” she shrieked

She collapsed and rolled onto her back. I immediately put her legs against my chest and leaned forward to leverage her pussy off the bed at an angle where I could really drive my cock in deep.

She was gasping for air and moaning very loudly when I started pounding her pussy with muscle power and gravity. I loved this sensation because my cock was straight in. When I came, it was like a fire hose, a massive gush of cum.

I was pumping hard and the bed was rhythmically squeaking in protest.

“Renee, I need to fuck you, I have to fuck YOU. Take all my cum,”

“”MMmmmmm, AAAAHHHH, Drain your balls, Drain your cock, drain it drain it,”

At that moment, this huge hot rush hit me and the ecstasy of the flood of hot cum swept us away.

We started calming down and my cock softened and slid out of her pussy. I went down on her yet again to clean her pussy with my tongue.

“Jack, What are you doing? You don’t have to dooo thhhatt! SSStttoooppp!! You filthy booooyyy, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH, OOOOOOHHHHHH!

She moaned and groaned while I brought her into another orgasm.

After this round of festivities, we fell into an embrace, kissed, covered ankara escort up and slept for a hour or so. She woke me up by gently caressing my cock and nibbling my neck. I was getting hard again. Renee sat up in the bed and with pillows propped behind her, I stood up and placed my hard cock inside her mouth. I started pumping slowly from tip to balls. She was deep throating me and she loved it. I felt a load swelling up and I held her head while I repeatedly pumped my dick deep into her throat. She later told me that she had developed experience over the years controlling the gag reflex.

“AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!” I yelled as I shot my hot load in her mouth. She swallowed every drop of cum even licking her lips. After she had swallowed her love seed, I planted my mouth on hers and stuck my tongue in her mouth. She embraced me with love death grip.

We fucked some more after some rest and refreshment. She also really liked doggy style fucking especially when I gently pulled her long grey hair. Viagra is a helluva drug.

Sometime down the road, Penny was on an out of town Alumni trip for several days. Early Monday morning, Carol’s car shows up at the front on my house. The door bell rings and I open it. Carol and Renee were standing there giggling and naked except for spike heels and thigh high hose.

“Excuse me sir, We’re here to fuck your brains out.” Renee pronounced.

“Good Gawd, Get in here. The neighbors don’t need to see this.” I snapped.

They strutted in and I closed the door.

“OOHHH, poor baby,” Carol cooed as she embraced me around the neck and kissed me.

Renee was already removing my clothes. The next thing I know we were in bed and they were indeed fucking my brains out.

After I shot my first load of cum into Carol. we were all hot and sweaty and tangled together with legs wrapped everywhere. We were gently kissing each other and erotically stroking our genitalia.

Carol lifts her head off my chest and says with a giggle,

“Jack, Renee and I have decided that you have got to be the biggest slut of all time. You are certainly the biggest one in our group.”

“Say what? I’m a man”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Renee said, “You’ll do anything to get your woman off, anything.”

“Don’t get excited, Sweetheart,” Carol consoled, “You’re the best fuck Renee and I have ever had. It’s because you have no agenda, power issues. Your sex is just pure pleasure for us. We don’t want you to ever change.”

“Thanks, I think, but it takes two or three or whatever to tango. You two have allowed me to throw away my inhibitions without fear of rejection.”

Renee was now sucking my cock and Carol said with a smile,

“You know we have a lot of single mature women around here, Jack, you need to be careful.”

Carol and Renee swapped off on licking my hardening dick.

“Why is that?”

“Jack, Carol and I have noticed that since your sexual reawakening, your self-defensive nature has completely subsided. Those walls of self protection have collapsed. You’re much more approachable and your basic sweet nature is quite evident.”

Carol continued while gently rubbing my cock, “Putting it bluntly, mature women can smell a male slut a mile away. If a mature woman is wanting sex and she comes across a male slut, like you. the two of you will be a human pretzel in a New York second.”

“Come on, that’s nonsense.” I replied.

Renee chimed in, “It’s true, Jack. We just walked in out of the blue and within 30 seconds, Your clothes are off and Carol’s got her mouth around your cock and you’ve got your tongue in my pussy. Your clothes are in the foyer, for God’s sake.”

“Granted,: She continued, “You have to have an emotional attachment to those women you have sex with which is what makes things dangerous for you. Carol and I love you but some women out there just want sex and don’t really care about you.”

“I’m pretty good at protecting myself,” I said.

“We’re not so sure,” Carol said, “We’ll talk about it later but it’s time for you to go back being OUR slut.”

As she said that, she slid on my hard cock cowboy style and, facing Carol, Renee positioned her pussy over my face. I had already forgotten the conversation. I was slurping on Renee’s pussy and Carol was riding my cock as they kissed each other, sucked and fondled their tits. All I really remember was sending my white hot cum into Renee’s moist pussy with her legs wrapped around me. Carol was licking my nut sack and ass as my spasming balls excreted their ropes of love. Viagra is a helluva drug.

All of what Carol and Renee said came true a bit later. There was this woman in the neighborhood named Jenna. She was divorced and about 63. She had a nice body with long flowing red hair with some grey. Her face reflected her age but she still was a handsome woman. She had a boyfriend but she never hid the fact that she was still looking. She and Penny did not get along but she always gave me a big smile.

I was walking past her house on the way ankara escort bayan to the health club and she stuck her head out the door and asked if I could help her with something. Now mind you, this is after our group sex sessions were a frequent occurrence and I was feeling pretty mellow. She asked me if I could help her hang a painting which I did. She asked me if I would like something to drink, she was already drinking wine. I said sure and asked for a glass of water. I sat down for a little small talk and then said, “I need to get to the gym, thanks for the water.” I stood up to leave.

She stood up too and blocked my path. She slung her arms around my neck and sunk her tongue into my throat.

“Need to leave so soon?” she hissed. And then she started massaging my cock.

I was gone. I started squeezing her tits and nibbling on her neck. She was barefoot but wearing a skirt with a tank top. She dropped her skirt on the kitchen floor and in one motion took off her tank top. There was no bra only bikini panties. She had the real red head pigmentation in her areolae and that was a huge turn on for me. I started feasting on her hard hard nipples. She took off my t-shirt and pulled down my gym shorts and underwear together.

She took my hand and led me into the adjoining room while dropping her panties on the way. I sat her on the sofa and spread her legs. The red and grey haired snatch was already sopped but I dove in with my mouth anyway. I nibbled on her nether areas and sucked and licked her clit like there was no tomorrow. I even got into heavy tongue fucking with her.

“Oooooooh, God, Oh my god, fuck fuck fuck fuck.” She yelled.

Then I started finger fucking her while sucking on her clit. She started bucking and arching her back.

“UUUUUHHHHH, UUUUUUHHHHH, UUUUUUHHHHHH,” She cried while her body shuddered.

I backed off and stood up. Her hair was all messed up draped around her breasts with her nipples poking out. Her face and chest were flushed and she was panting. I took her hand and took her into the bedroom. She sat down and slid back a bit on the bed then I mounted her pushing my rock hard cock past her pussy lips and deep into her. She gasped momentarily but wrapped her legs around me and we began fucking each other. She was meeting me perfectly with every thrust.

“You like my tight pussy, Jack. You’ve got to admit I’m a better fuck than that tight-assed wife of yours.”

She was pretty good, alright but her mouth was starting to piss me off.

“Gimme that dick, Jack, you know you want to fuck me, hard.”

“Where do you want my spunk?”

“Where else, darling, deep in my pussy.”

“Unhhhhh, Unnnnhhhhh, Unnnnhhhhh.” I stammered while thrashing her snatch.

“Cum in my pussy, baby, I want to feel your living seeds in me.”

I was feeling the swelling of my hot nectar building up and building up. It was moving slowly towards the knob. I tried holding it but it exploded inside Jenna’s womb, white hot ropes of cum soaked her pussy. She twitched with each cock spasm.

After We rested a bit, she laughed,

” I knew I could get you to fuck me.”

I was still in the throes of lust and hard so I flipped her on her knees and rammed my cock into her from behind. I must have been relentless because she came again and she emitted pussy farts for about five minutes. and she refrained from any additional smart-assed remarks.

She quietly stroked my cock and then I cleaned her pussy with my tongue. She wasn’t expecting that. She orgasmed again. We rested for awhile while I recharged my sperm bank.

After a period of time, I positioned her on her back, spread her legs wide open and pressed her thighs into the bed and proceeded to fuck her senseless. I was looking into her face when I shot another load inside her and her eyes were closed, mouth open and grimacing from tortured ecstasy.

I got up to take a shower, she was laying there, the bed spread soaked with my cum dripping from her pussy. I got dressed and was leaving the bedroom.

“Jack, when will you fuck me again? That was wonderful, Don’t dump me, now.”

“Just relax, Jenna, I’ll come by time to time.”

“How about Friday,” She asked.

“OK, Friday,” I said “What time.”

She had a beaming smile, “How bout 9:00 am. I would love to spend more time in bed with you.”

“It’s a date” but I wasn’t happy with what transpired, it looked like Carol and Renee were right about me and I just made a big mistake. I had to get out of this mess that I made for myself. For the time being I decided that I would cancel the Friday date and politely postpone any further meetings.

From discussions that I had heard around the village was that this woman was mercurial and a bit of a ditz. I was hoping that she would get bored chasing after an old man and look for younger and fresher prey. Fortunately, that is what happened and I was relieved that I had dodged a bullet.

I was getting all the sex I could possibly want. Among Penny, Carol escort ankara and Renee, I could pretty much fuck everyday of the week. Tina was a bit different as she lived outside the village and she was a bit younger. We just assumed she came to our little parties as a favor to Jim. As a matter of fact, all of the Silver-Haired Sex Gang was getting 99 % of their action outside the group activity and it was fine with everyone. Everyone except Tina, as I soon found out.

I ran into Tina one day at a local barbecue joint. She was on her lunch hour and I offered to buy her lunch. After some friendly banter, we sat down, just the two of us in a booth. One thing led to another and she just sort of blurted out.

“Ya know, Jack, I’m feeling isolated from our swinger group.”

“I can understand that, you and Jim are younger than we are and are a bit more “energetic”. Besides the rest of us are all within a 5 minute walk in the old folk’s village”

She went on, “Jim tells me that the rest of you make love all of the time outside of the group, Is that true?”

I blushed and said, “Well, I guess you can say that there is some extracurricular activity. But remember some of us are retired.”

“Come on Jack, I heard it’s pretty common for you to spend several hours in Carol’s company on a given day.”

“Tina, I’m not sure what’s bothering you but we all love having you with us. We all think you’re gorgeous but we have some difficulty understanding why you would find us sexy. We are all in our sixties. I guess we more or less think of you as Jim’s lover.”

“I don’t what sort of bullshit that is but the fact of the matter is l like older men for a myriad of reasons including that they know how to make a woman feel loved and desirable. I need to be included.”

“Why did you come to me?”

“Jim said you were really a cream puff especially after getting laid on a regular basis and would be the most approachable. He really appreciates the fact that you didn’t break his nose after his initial escapade with Penny.” She was smiling now, “Besides, Our first time sex was wonderful.”

“Well, dear, how do you want to pursue more inclusion?”

“You could take me back to my place and fuck my brains out but I’ve got to get back to…”

“I have all afternoon open, you could call in and say your cat died…” I was laughing when I said it but the look on her face said that she was seriously considering calling in.

“My boss is taking a couple of days off and I don’t have any meetings…”

She kissed me on the forehead and she took my hand and we were out the door in a nanosecond. She gave me directions but I simply followed her home. We walked in the front door and she said, “Excuse the mess.” She dropped her keys in a bowl by the door and turned around put her arms around my neck and gave me one of the sweetest and sloppiest kisses ever. It was gorgeous. She had that magnificent mane of hair and she was wearing a low cut silk blouse highlighting her beautiful breasts and a short skirt with high heels.

We stood in the entrance way kissing for a long time, but started to gently massage her derrière and she started to nibble on my neck. I took her hand and was going to take her to the sofa but she stopped me and pulled me towards the bedroom.

“Jack, there’s no point in being uncomfortable, since we are going to fuck ourselves senseless, the bed is where I want to be.”

Tina started to take off her clothes. Her bra barely contained her breasts and she was wearing panty hose with no panties. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with pronounced pussy lips. She took off everything.

She wasted no time in getting me undressed either. I was standing there with a raging hardon and she put her lips around my shaft and began giving me head.

“It’s about time” She said between pumps.

I stood her up and took her to the bed. We laid down and I started kissing and sucking on her tits while stroking her pussy. She was very wet.

“Don’t be timid,” She reassured, “You can put your fingers all the way inside me, just be gentle.”

I listened to her instructions and slid my fingers in but I also started licking and sucking on her clit.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” She hissed.

I could feel her body tensing up and I started tongue fucking her. She was grinding her hips into my mouth and moaning louder and louder.

“Oooooohhhhhhh! I could really get angry at missing out on all of this. I want cock, gimme your cock.”

She rolled on her hands and knees with her “fuck me” tattoo in full view and I pushed my cock past her pussy lips deep into her vagina. Unlike the my other lovers, this pussy had not had babies pass through so it was tight.

“Your pussy is so warm and tight” I whispered, “Mmph, Mmph, Mmph,” I muttered as I pumped. I had spread her ass cheeks for maximum penetration.

“Tina, baby, Unnhhh, Unnhhh, you forgot to call the office,” I just kept on fucking her.

“Oooohhh, Oooohhh, Oooohhhh,” She was really moaning now. She managed to pick up the phone and hit speed dial.

“Oooohhh, Oooohhh, Oooohhh, Janet? Oh GAWD! This is Tina, Right THERE, Yesssss, YEEESSS, I’m calling, Gimmee that cock, out, Reason? I’m getting really and royally FUCKED.” She dropped the phone without hitting the off key.

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