The Surprise Weekend Ch. 03

Chapter 3: A Second Evening at the motel

As my husband walked back to the office to complete negotiations for another evening, I changed into my evening attire, a dress that opened with one button, thigh highs, delicious see through panties. As he walked out in his white pants, I knew what he wore underneath. The question was….who else would see?

Our neighbors hailed me. They were drinking and playing gin rummy on their front porch. Hank was wearing his shorts and a polo shirt, and Rose had a sleeveless tank top over a short denim shirt that showed her beautiful legs and round bottom. Not caring if I looked overdressed, I joined them for a nice glass of red wine and few hands of rummy while I waited for my husband. Soon we were chatting and laughing and a little tipsy, not just from the wine, but from anticipating what the night held, wanting something daring and feeling a little out of control. When my husband returned, he held two Guinness in one hand, and pulling out a chair with the other, sat his beautiful butt down on the last lawn chair and joined us as we played gin.

Two glasses of wine later, as the sun was throwing long shadows, and, as we lit candles on the table, we changed the game to strip poker. Hank lost his shirt first, and Rose lost her shirt next. Her large breasts spilling out of her bra looked delicious and her trim waist ended at the short jean skirt. One could only wonder what was underneath; at least that’s what I imagined my husband thinking, by the way his eyes glanced at her. I smiled but not for long as I lost the next round. I twirled around back to them and undid the one button that held the dress together and, as I twirled back the dress fell away and I stood before them in black bra, pearls above and below, the translucent thong, thigh highs and black heels

It became obvious that we were not stopping with nakedness, and we decided winner would choose the loss for the loser: clothes, task, whatever. Hank was the next winner and my husband the loser, so Hank told him to take his wife’s breasts out of her bra and make the nipples as hard and long as they had ever been.

He lifted them out one by one. He touched lightly around the areola and then laid light kisses all over each breasts. Rose threw her head back and breathed deeply. He continued to nibble and tease as she moaned and the nipples became harder and harder. His teeth pulled at them and then nipped the pale skin beside them. She moaned under his light and hard touches. When he pulled back, he dipped his fingers in my pussy and sucked them clean. We saw the dampness in Rose’s panties, and she watched us watching.

By then Hank’s hard on was evident in his white shorts. He lost and I won. I told him the shorts would go, so I could see his gorgeous cock. He had on mesh blues underneath and a blue hard on sprung forward. It danced as he noticed Rose and me watching him. My husband lost the next round, although I suspect it was his choice, and, as he wished, Rose insisted his pants go. His hard one popped out of his white pants, and it was to his relief and our pleasure to see his cock dripping with precum, begging to be licked and loved.

The next hand I had a pair of queens and Rose had the other pair. It was quite funny and we disappeared into the hot tub to decide their fate. We had the guys stand outside the hot tub, naked while we decided. It took us a while as we talked about how hot they look, how their cocks were dripping and suggesting many lewd and wonderfully delicious things for them to do.

Finally we decided to blindfold them with their hands behind them, while we each took turns licking and sucking their cocks.

I started with my husband and tickled his balls with my hands while my tongue moved up and down his cock. Rose watched while I played with him, licking and sucking until he bobbed with pleasure and throbbed with passion. She told her husband how hot my husband was, what his cock looked like and how much she wanted to suck it. I stopped right before he came.

Rose then began to take in her husband’s cock all the way down her ankara escort throat and my husband watched and I watched his cock throb. We switched with Rose moving to my husband and me to Hank. I tickled his balls and ran my tongue from his balls to the tip. As I ran my tongue around the tip, he moaned and in sync my husband groaned as Rose took his cock right down to her throat and slowly pulled him out, while keeping the sucking pressure on.

We left them there blindfolded we played another hand to see if we would make them cum. We both had nothing so we decided the cards spoke and we took the blindfolds off.

The guys won the next round, well they were close to one another and decided it was their turn to team up on us, fair play, they warned. We were, of course, delighted and wore our blindfolds, with of course nothing else.

I felt the cool breeze across my body, caressing me with gentle movement and I heard a number of people walk by for supper and felt their eyes upon us. I heard my husband say to the people walking by for supper, if anyone wants to join us, they can. Blindfolded and completely naked, my pussy was dripping wet. Pretty soon I felt a hand on my ass and another one riding up the front of my thigh. Then I felt a tongue licking around my nipples, and the hand on my thigh was moving up my leg. I felt someone spread my legs and felt unfamiliar fingers playing over my pussy lips. Meanwhile the hand on my ass was replaced by a cock rippling across my bottom. I wanted to grind back, but then I wanted to grind forward toward the fingers in my pussy. I felt a cock on my thigh. I don’t know whose it was, but I could tell by the way he was moving he wanted to come. He ground against my thigh and he pumped harder and harder until he mashed his cock into my thigh and came and came.

I got so caught up with the cock on my thigh, I forgot about the fingers in my pussy and the cock on my ass. I could hear Rose next to me moaning but I forgot her as I felt the cock on my ass press against me urgently and I was pulled forward and the juices of my pussy were rubbed into my asshole. I felt the penetration of his cock as the fingers moved more quickly In and out of my pussy. I felt his release as the fingers began to pinch my clit and I began to scream.

Next to me Rose was moaning I could tell by the way her moans were muffled there was a cock in her mouth. I lifted up my blindfold and took a peek over, she was down on all four with a stranger in front of her and she was sucking his cock. Another guy I didn’t recognize was behind her pounding into her pussy. No wonder she was moaning.

Our husbands were standing by the side watching, occasionally touching their cocks because it was so hot.

My husband noticed me watching and said, “No cheating, put your blindfold back on.” I felt and heard the man behind her moan and come deep in her pussy and she came hard. After a few minutes of heavy breathing, I pulled off my blindfold and she removed hers and we looked at our husbands whose cocks were dripping with precum and bobbing.

We picked up the cards and went back to the game. By sheer will I won. I blindfolded the guys and had them stand on the walkway and said “the next ten women are welcome to suck your cocks”.

The first women who walked by were delighted to facilitate our plan, and they bent down and ran their tongues up and down the two cocks. Rose and I watched as their cocks grew harder and harder. Another woman walked down and first she went to my husband and bending down blew gently over the tip of his cock. Her friend knelt behind him and nibbled at his ass while a third woman nibbled his neck and slipped her tongue into his ear. I thought his knees would buckle.

Meanwhile Hank was having his cock licked by two women and both of the guys were close to coming but, following our signals, the women stopped. Two twins came along next and I turned them around and put their hands on the ground and put their pussies right up to the guys whose hands quickly grabbed their asses and moved into the warm wet pussies, hard deep ankara escort bayan moving in and out with powerful thrusts.

The ladies were delighted and one said, “Give it to me baby….give it to me hard.”

“Oh man”, said the other “This is so hot.”

A crowd gathered and murmured as the guys slammed into the gals, coming hard. The twins being very grateful stood up and kissed them deeply in the mouth and removed their blindfolds.

The crowd then gathered around the table and began giving us advice. Soon we were playing out the scenarios they chose for us.

In the first scenario someone in the crowd suggested that the four top cards be the winners and the four lowest cards be the loser. The winners were to be blindfolded and the losers were to pick four people each to have their way with the winners. The winners were blindfolded and sat naked in chairs with their hands tied to their knees. One by one each loser walked into the crowd and chose a same gendered person. There was one guy Dan who was a winner and Rose went to the crowd and picked a voluptuous large breasted woman from the audience.

She went up to Dan and slipped his cock between her large breasts and she dripped wine from the table onto the tip and licked it off. She then disappeared into her cottage and returned quickly with some scented oil which she seductively rubbed on his cock and the proceeded to fuck him with her breasts. She moved her nipples from one hand to his cock to his other hand he could feel her nipple move across the palms of his hands and fingertips and then he could feel the breasts around him. She played with the tip of his cock blowing on it licking it and moving it up and down between her breasts. She brushed the top of his cock with her nipples and moved her nipples into his other hand and then stood back while giving the crowd a good look at his hard cock.

She leaned down and did it again and again each time slowly playing with his hands his cock, his other hand and back to his cock and then she would stand back and let the audience see his hard cock for the finale she sat on his lap and moved his cock into her pussy and rode him slowly moving up and down on his cock so the audience could see it. Brushing his mouth with her breasts, he tried to catch her nipples his mouth, grabbing her nipple with his teeth she became very still while he sucked and teased her nipple and then he released her and she sucked and teased his cock. Then she moved back, he sat on the stage with his cock throbbing listening to the five or six women in the audience hollering and demanding time with his cock.

My husband looked around and there were six couples around him. He saw the woman who had teased his cock. She was completely naked. Her husband still had his shirt on but his cock was on display and stood straight up. I saw the couples around us, and they wanted to join us.

Then someone in the crowd said, “There are a lot of people who’d like to join. There are video games in all the rooms. Here’s what any woman who wants to play will do….go into your room, turn on the video and your husband’s going to tie you to the bed with your arms and legs tied to the bedpost. He is then going to look up at the camera and say the room number and tell them everyone is invited. He will leave the room with the door wide open.

“Oh my,” I thought as my husband led me to the bed and tied me. I lay there for a while, looking around. I could see myself in a mirror above the bed. I could see the video screen above my head. Soon I saw a blond woman rub her tits over my husband’s cock. It seemed like forever until someone walked in to my room. To my surprise, four guys walked in together and stood in line at the foot of the bed.

They were all completely naked I wanted to reach out touch their cocks but I was immobile tied to the bed the first guy came and stood over me his cock was about two feet above me he bent down and I opened my mouth wide to accept his balls into my mouth I stuck my tongue out reaching out to the tip of his cock as I did this I felt a escort ankara wet tongue on my pussy rubbing around my clit he was sucking in a way I have never felt before I looked up in the mirror and saw a man lying on the edge of the bed completely naked I saw his ass as he was licking my pussy I saw the guy on top with his cock in my mouth it was incredible hot pretty soon the guy licking my pussy stopped he was kneeling in front of me with his cock near my pussy I started to buck trying to reach his cock he reached up and touched the top of my pussy lips.

Pretty soon as though he read my mind he entered me I could tell that the guy with his cock in my mouth was ready to come he was ramming harder in my mouth as I licked around the tip of his cock I felt the guy in my pussy pump fast and furious and cum he then withdrew and my pussy felt empty but soon another guy entered my pussy he rammed hard and came in a few minutes I was in a state of continual cum, cumming and cumming, while guys moved in and out of my pussy, cumming and then another cumming, while other guys came in my mouth.

When finally I looked up the room was full of couples, who came in to watch. Cocks were getting sucked, pussies were being fucked. And I was ready to see how long I could cum, and how long I could make men cum.

Someone yelled, “Hey time to get back to the game”. I was still tied to the bed. I wanted more, my pussy was wanting more and more. My husband came in to untie me and we returned to the game.

We went back to the main room. It felt funny to walk back into the main room, naked with cum dripping. No one wanted to play cards anymore, that was for sure. Everyone wanted to fuck and cum. There was heat in the air, like wild drunken abandon, I’ve never felt anything like it. All anyone could feel was lust, how close they were and how hot it was.

Someone took a sheet and tied it up, added another sheet and took a pair of scissors out holes and pulled the men behind the sheets and told them to each pick a hole. Soon I saw ten holes and ten cocks sticking through. The women lined up to suck. Cocks poked though the holes, some were soft and some were hard and waiting. A mouth came and maybe they know the mouth and maybe it’s new. Sometimes the balls slipped through the hole and they were sucked and sucked lovingly and soft kisses on the tips.

My husband felt one set of lips on the top of his cock and a sucking all the way to the bottom the curtain ripped a little as he slipped his balls to be taken in and sucked he felt cold draft across his cock and balls and he knew another mouth was coming a tongue slowly rode his shaft sucking and licking until the whole cock was wet after licking the top again down she moved then it was quiet for a moment and then he felt cold and hot wind over his cock as a women blew gently and then licked and then sucked hard and harder pulling him deep into her mouth him feeling the back of her throat and out again and then rubbed up and down and then let go unto the next mouth which was all tongue moving up and down the shaft licking a lollipop up and down and he thought he was going to cum and he felt his balls clench and the licking stopped but he couldn’t stop and spasms started and he started to yell his voice joining others until it quieted slowly and the other women took the cue faces wet with come dripping down their cheeks.

Rose looked over at me and we felt both spent but not yet finished we were tired and rosy but our pussies were still tingling warm hands picked us up Hank and my husband have come for us. They laid us on the picnic tables and they licked our pussies as we came to the music of cocks being sucked. We joined our high voices in ecstasy to theirs in their pleasure.

A quiet breeze blew over me as my husband gently kissed me, his come and my pussy juices mingling on our lips and I smiled into his gentle loving gaze. I slid over and he joined me. We laid as we rested, hearing the sounds of desire and ecstasy around us, the stars out again and I reached my hand toward the velvet sky. We rose and walked slowly back to the room, and fell into bed. The next morning we made love quietly in the hot tub and then packed our suitcases.

As I got in the car, I knew we may or may not come back, but something within us has changed. I felt at peace and full, I saw on his face the same feeling.

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