The Villa in Spain Ch. 01

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Immogen didn’t want to stare, but she couldn’t help herself. Judit was completely naked in their cabana as they changed into their next bikinis for another round of photos.

“Did it hurt when you got your piercings?” Immogen finally asked.

“A little at first,” Judit said as she sat down to change into another tiny bikini. “It took me a while to build up the courage. Two glasses of wine before and a lot of pain pills afterward helped too!” she laughed.

It was the first of five days Immogen and Rob shared a villa with Judit and her husband Joseph. The trip had been six months in the planning. What started as a lot of mutual comments and compliments on their galleries and many personal messages on the bikini web site was now consummated with each bringing a bag full of tiny bikinis to model for their partners on the sunny Spanish coast. There was an undeniable sexual tension and flirtiness among everyone. So far, though, no one had done much more than look and comment. That was about to change.

“I love the way the men look at us in these bikinis when we are out on the beach, don’t you?” Judit asked. “It’s kind of a turn on. I know they are looking at me and they want to see more of me.”

“I know what you mean,” Immogen said. “I mean, I don’t do anything nude for posting, but I like to do some just for my boyfriend.”

They finished dressing and checked their hair and makeup in the mirror, standing side by side.

“How do I look?” Judit asked as she adjusted the sheer, tiny red bikini.

Immogen moved behind her and studied Judit in the mirror in front of them.

“You look fabulous,” Immogen said, putting her hands on Judit’s shoulder and adjusting a strap a bit. She looked up and saw Judit looking at her in the mirror. Immogen couldn’t help herself and stepped a little closer and gave Judit a little hug from behind. Judit moved her head around and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Judit said. “You look beautiful too. Black is so nice on you. Now we better get out there before the men start wondering what we are doing in here.”

They giggled and ran outside for more photographs. They noticed a dozen other men were waiting a few feet behind their photographer husband and boyfriend to watch them model.

“Ooh look, Immogen. We have more eyes on us now!” Judit said.

It was getting very warm outside as it was now early afternoon. They posed together and alone, listening to advice from their partners and suggesting different beypazarı escort poses to each other. The men in the audience really seemed to admire the shots of the two of them together.

“Come on, let’s really give them a show!” Judit said and pulled Immogen closer to her. As the cameras clicked, she reached around and put her hand on Immogen’s butt. One photographer moved around the back to capture the image. Judit’s hands continue to explore Immogen, running up and down her back, squeezing her butt, and rubbing her stomach between her tiny bikini top and bottom. Immogen couldn’t help but respond a little, raising her arms, rubbing Judit’s shoulders and arms a bit, and gently brushing against her back and butt. Still, it was clear that Judit was the more daring and aggressive of the two.

When Judit moved behind her and Immogen raised her arms again, Judit brought her hands around and cupped her breasts. Immogen gasped a bit and then giggled. “Judit, you are naughty! There are people are watching us!” Immogen said.

“Yes, I know,” Judit whispered in her ear. “Isn’t it exciting?”

Judit leaned in closer then reached inside Immogen’s black bikini top to pinch her nipples.

“I think our men are very excited by this, no?” Judit asked.

Immogen, who had forgot about the photographers, looked over at her boyfriend and Judit’s husband. She couldn’t help but notice both of them were very hard inside their swim trunks while they took dozens of pictures. The men watching behind them were staring and some had their mouths open.

“I think we better stop for today,” Immogen said. “It’s getting a little hot out here!” Everyone laughed at her joke as the ladies turned and went inside the cabana. Soon, Joseph and Rob knocked on the outside.

“Ladies, we’re going to go to the café for lunch. Change into something decent and join us in a bit,” Rob said.

Judit and Immogen stood inside the cabana, alone, a trickle of sweat running down their bodies and their pulse still elevated from the heat and the show they just put on.

“OK, we’ll be there in a while. Go ahead and order and don’t wait for us,” Judit said. “It will take us a while to get all these suits organized!”

Immogen watched as Judit walked over to her inside the cabana.

“That was fun, Immogen, don’t you think?” Judit asked as she gave Immogen a hug.

“Yes, I am still very hot and sweating!” Immogen said, hugging her back.

Instead of breaking the hug, though, Judit still head on. Immogen knew what was going on but she couldn’t help herself. It felt good to hold Judit. She was the same height, her skin was soft, her hair smelled nice, and, even though they were both sweating, her büyükesat escort body felt wonderful. The only sound was their breath, rising and falling at a steady pace.

Immogen felt Judit’s hands run up and down her back as the embrace continued. She flinched just a bit as Judit untied her top around her neck and the second tie around her back. Judit had seen her naked as they changed, but this was different. Now Judit was holding her, undressing her. Immogen didn’t know what to do so she just continued to hold Judit softly.

Without her top straps across her back, Judit ran her hands up and down more. Then she moved her hands lower, cupping her ass in each hand and running her fingers over her thong strap.

“Judit… I don’t know,” Immogen whispered into her ear. “I…I don’t know what to do.”

“Do nothing if you don’t want,” Judit said. “I will do everything.”

Immogen closed her eyes and just let Judit take control. She felt Judit pull away and felt her top drop to the floor. She felt Judit move around behind her and felt her small, soft, delicate hands come up and slowly squeeze her breasts. Immogen had never been with a woman like this. Sure, there were a couple of sloppy kisses when she and old girlfriends had too much to drink. But this was different. There was no alcohol. There was no party atmosphere. There was only two women, both very turned on, in a private cabana on a hot beach. One was topless. The other was massaging her nipples and whispering into her ear.

“Immogen, I think you are very beautiful. I have always enjoyed your photographs,” Judit whispered in her ear as she teased Immogen’s nipples to complete hardness. “Joseph always liked you the best of any other model, besides me, of course,” she giggled.

Immogen was lost. She didn’t know what she was doing. What she did know is she loved Judit’s tiny fingers on her nipples. They felt so different than Rob’s. She twisted her head around to the left and brought her lips to Judit’s. Judit responded with a very wet, very sensual kiss. Like her hands on Immogen’s breasts, Judit’s kiss was both soft and hard; sensuous and more than a little bit naughty.

She felt Judit’s hands slowly run down her stomach, past her belly button, and run across the outside of her suit bottom. She felt Judit explore the top band of her suit. She breathed deeply and kissed Judit harder as she felt her fingers slip inside her suit and find her clit.

“Immogen, you are very, very wet,” Judit said. “I think you like this don’t you?”

Immogen said nothing, just heard her breath pick up as Judit slid her finger up and down her clit and pussy lips. Her touch was experienced, like a woman who touches her own pussy çankaya escort lips often.

“I have to sit down,” Immogen said as she broke away and slumped back on the couch. As she leaned back, she closed her eyes again. She heard Judit move on her knees in front of the couch then felt her hook her fingers into her bottom and slowly begin to pull it down. Immogen had to make a decision. Does she stop it now or does she lift up her ass and let Judit pull her bottoms all the way to the ground? She put her hands on Judit’s to stop her while she thought more about it. With her eyes still closed, she released her grip on Judit’s hands and lifted up her hips.

The next few minutes were unlike anything she had ever felt. Judit explored her clit with such a delicate tongue, such soft lifts, and such gentleness that Immogen could feel herself building up inside. Judit’s face was so much smaller between her legs and her tongue seemed to lick and suck her in new and different ways. She gave into the pleasure knowing that this beautify Hungarian woman was doing everything she could to make her cum. She rested her hands on top of Judit’s head, gently pulling her hair, until she could stand it no longer.

Immogen started shaking as her orgasm exploded. Judit just kept her lips on top of Immogen’s pussy and sucked in her clit, riding with her wave. Those delicate lips. Those soft hands caressing her still-hard nipples. Immogen continued to push herself into Judit’s face as her hips rose off the couch and her orgasm continued.

Finally, still trembling a bit, she pulled Judit up off the floor and embraced her in a very long and very wet kiss.

“I don’t know what to say,” Immogen finally whispered. “I have never been with a woman like that before.”

“Don’t say anything,” Judit said as they cuddled on the couch. “It was wonderful to please you.”

Immogen stroked Judit’s hair for another minute as she caught her breath.

“Joseph would have loved to watch this,” Judit finally said, breaking the silence.

“Wow, really?” Immogen asked. “I don’t know. I mean, Rob and I have talked about something like this, but we never really did anything about it.”

“Well, don’t worry about it,” Judit said. “We have many more days to just do what we want and to see what my husband and your boyfriend want as well.”

“I can tell you what my boyfriend wants,” Immogen said, giggling a little. “I know he’ll want to fuck you.”

“Oh my god, really?” Judit gasped. “How do you know such things?”

“Well, I have caught him looking at your galleries very closely,” she laughed. “And I think he may have been very turned on by your pictures, if you know what I mean!”

“That is good!” Judit said. “Isn’t that why we take them? Now, let’s get cleaned up and go to lunch. I’m starving!”

Immogen knew this was going to be an interesting week no matter what happened. Now she really had no idea what was next. But as she stood up and started to collect her things, she knew it was going to be a lot of fun.

End Chapter One

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