The Wilde Side Ch. 04

There was utter silence in the room now, save the occasional purr from Eve as she exhaled. All three of them were completely spent, their initial hunger thoroughly sated. Wade was the first to stir; he blinked several times, working to adjust his eyes to the dim lighting. Without moving in any significant way, he reached up and pulled down on the braided satin cord which hung from the ceiling next to the bed.

A few minutes later the whoosh of the door opening was audible to all and Bella tiptoed quietly in the room carrying a tray. She placed it on the sideboard and made her way to their bedside. Her polished, lithe body was wrapped in a completely transparent silk sheath, the dark bottle green color a striking contrast to her long, wavy, copper colored tresses. Her pale skin radiated a fresh, clean energy, the vibrancy of which felt infectious.

Wade lifted his arm, held his index finger up in the air, bent it forward and beckoned Bella to come closer to the bed. She responded with haste, her cheeks flushed and lovely. “Show us your sweet pussy, Bella,” Wade whispered to her, his voice husky with longing.

Bella smiled at Wade then looked at Dallas and Eve, smiling warmly at them too. She nodded her consent, her hands slowly beginning to rise up the sides of her thighs, scrunching and pulling the silk fabric up with them.

Wade was on the inside of their triple spoon, the front of his body folded closest to the edge of the bed and Bella; Eve was in the middle, her strap-on nestled up to Wade’s ass and Dallas had the outside, his buttocks open to the air, his rod butted up against Eve’s ample ass.

Wade turned himself a little more on his back and slightly toward Eve so he had better access to his dick which was swelling and lengthening at the sight of Bella’s display. He wrapped his fist around his cock and began to slowly rub and pull. His ass was still partially exposed to Eve, the tempo of her grinding increasing as she too watched Bella who continued to smile at all of them, her face the portrait of beauty and enthusiasm. She was really beginning to get into it; her breathing was coming heavier, her nipples growing visibly hard under her sheath. She continued to pull the fabric up her thighs as she started to gyrate her hips. Dallas let out a low moan that sounded more like a growl. Eve could feel his cock twitch and swell against her ass.

Bella lifted a hand to her mouth, gradually licked each finger then placed a large dollop of saliva in her palm. She delicately lifted the dress and placed the dollop against her pussy which remained just hidden beneath the draped fabric. She rotated her fingers in a slow circular motion around the front of her mound, the saliva making a slick squishing sound. Dallas moaned again as he watched her, his cock now fully erect as he moved it in and out and around the crack of Eve’s ass. She ground her hips into Wade while Bella continued her slow tortuous motion. “She’s playing with us,” Dallas stated, slightly annoyed. “Let’s see what you’ve got. Wade said for you to show us.”

It didn’t seem possible that Bella’s smile could be any warmer or her expression more accommodating, yet somehow she managed to achieve both as she looked at Dallas. She raised her other arm to her long wavy hair and lifted it from her chest and shoulders revealing even more of her pale polished skin and her long slender neck. Again, in no hurry whatsoever, she continued to slowly gyrate her hips, rub her clit and smile at Dallas.

“Why don’t you look in the bottom drawer of that chest?” inquired Wade pointing to an antique chest up against the mirrored wall. Bella moved quickly to do his bidding and let out a soft chuckle as she removed the contents from the bottom drawer. What she held remained invisible to those on the bed; they could only see her lean over, giving them a quick peek at her glistening pussy, and step into something she was holding. They could hear a clanking sound as she moved rapidly to their bedside once again.

She deftly slid the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and çayyolu escort pulled her arms free, tugging at the fabric that gripped her breasts. In one swift motion, her pert, bouncy breasts sprang free exposing very dark brown areola and unusually large and hardened nipples. They sat atop each breast like swollen, taut raisins and looked good enough to eat. What was the most striking by far though was the diamond-studded barbell that was shot through each nipple; the ends flashed and shone in the candlelight in the most alluring and bewitching way, veritable sirens in the dimmed light.

Now it was Eve who moaned so loudly Bella giggled. She lifted her hair again and shook her tits from side to side. With her other hand she rubbed her palm vigorously against her crotch. Dallas couldn’t take his eyes off her hand; he thought he could see the glint of something glistening just under the scrunched up dress.

As if she read his mind, Bella slowly inched the fabric up, gradually revealing the shiny glans of her strapped-on cock. The head was slightly larger than a golf ball and was atop a lovely, thick 8″ dick that was now fully visible and bobbing in the incandescent light. Bella had reduced the dress to just a band of fabric that encircled her waist, accentuating her long torso, her pierced breasts and hard cock on tantalizing display.

Eve’s restlessness could no longer be contained and she climbed over Wade, landing delicately on her feet standing upright still adorned with her foot-long dong. Bella smiled and almost floated across the floor to her. “At last,” she whispered in Eve’s ear, “So good things do come to those who wait.” She sank to her knees and without another word, reached into the large copper bowl on the table beside her. The sound of splashing water filled the room as Bella soaked and soaped a sponge and cleaned Eve’s cock for her. She continued the ritual until she was satisfied, then gingerly placed her full lips and open mouth around the head if it. Eve gasped as she watched Bella work her way up her enormous shaft, their moans a quiet chorus of mutual pleasure.

Dallas had moved in closer to Wade to get a better view of the women, his cock a sentinel before him. Wade was pulling much faster on his cock now, his other hand twisting and squeezing his big sack of balls. Dallas spit into his hand and smacked it over Wade’s asshole. Watching Bella give Eve such an awesome blow job was making him want to find a port for his aching boner. Wade spread his thighs slightly and arched higher to give Dallas the full pleasure of his hard, tight ass.

Eve heard the rustling sounds on the bed and looked over at Wade and Dallas. Two pair of eyes were burning a hole straight through Bella and her. Their faces were flushed, their throats rumbling and their cocks were rock hard and twitching. “I want to fuck his ass baby,” Dallas said, the tone of his voice sounding more like a question than a statement. As eager and horny as Dallas appeared to be, there continued to be a reluctance, a shyness about him that turned Eve on. His face screamed unbridled desire, yet his mind was always working and calculating the probable outcome and possible downside. He’d not yet learned to surrender himself to his lascivious cravings and there was a part of Eve that enjoyed watching him struggle.

“How bad do you want his ass, Dallas?” she asked a pouty expression on her face.

“Oh shit, man. Watching Bella deep throat your fat cock has got me going pretty good. You both look so damn hot!” Wade nodded his head in full agreement; the slapping sound of his hand flogging his dick filled the room.

“Maybe you two need to simmer down just a bit,” Eve stated matter-of-factly. “Bella and I are just getting going here. We’re barely out of the starting gate and you two act like you’re coming down the home stretch. Who’s hungry anyway?”

Both Dallas and Wade acknowledged that indeed they were famished and looked at the tray Bella had brought in earlier expectantly. Wade climbed off the bed and found the cebeci escort red wine and filled the wine goblets making sure to pour a new one for Bella. Dallas grabbed the tray of sushi off the table and headed back over to the bed with it.

“Why don’t you put it right there?” Eve asked, her cock still buried in Bella’s gaping mouth. “I have some ideas about the presentation of our feast that I think you guys will enjoy.” Eve chuckled and bent forward running her hands through Bella’s thick, copper ringlets. She gradually pulled her fat dick out of Bella’s mouth while staring at Wade and Dallas. She extended her hand to help Bella rise from her knees. Eve leaned in and whispered something in Bella’s ear and they both giggled. Wade passed everyone their wine and took up his place on the bed again, an expectant look on his face. Dallas joined him looking both intrigued and desirous.

Bella and Eve turned and faced both men and lazily shuffled their way over to the bedside. Bella stopped just short and stooped to open a chest on the floor. She gingerly pulled out a harness top made from black satin and lace. She handed it to Eve and raising both arms to her tresses, deftly swirled her hair into a bun and fastened a clasp to the copper crown atop her head. Leaving her arms extended, Eve raised the top and let it slide down Bella’s arms and over her head. She then began to fit each triangle opening around Bella’s breasts and cinch the ties tighter. As her breasts became more constricted, Bella winced and moaned under her breath. Eve tugged and pulled harder, the pressure now causing Bella’s tits to swell and protrude from the openings, the aureole blushing an even deeper color. Eve tied off the satin sashes in the back and came around front to see her handiwork.

“Lovely,” she murmured as she leaned forward and placed her teeth on the barbell of Bella’s left nipple. She tugged on the stainless stud, her tongue flicking fast and hard across the engorged nipple. Her breath was hot against Bella’s skin and Bella unconsciously stroked her cock while Eve’s tongue lapped at her tits.

Eve sensed Bella’s mounting excitement and quickly shot her hand under Bella’s cock searching for her cunt. She laughed as she said, “Oh you are a clever one, Wade! This harness certainly has it all, now doesn’t it?” As she reached even further back to Bella’s puckered hole, she laughed even harder. “She’s stuffed at both ends, isn’t she? Her cunt and her ass are full of cock.”

On the bed, watching with enthusiasm, Wade nodded with brio; he was immensely pleased with his design but ecstatic at the others’ reception of it. Dallas’ breathing was choked and hard again; he was trying to throttle back another orgasm, a feat that was proving more difficult with each passing moment.

Eve yanked and pulled Bella’s nipples some more with her mouth, exerting a suction that made her cheeks ache. Bella was responding with gusto, her calls filling the room which worked to urge Eve further on. “I’m gonna come in your mouth!” she shrieked, “Oh God! Here I come! Suck me harder, harder, don’t stop!”

Eve swung her head from side to side, latching on to each bound breast, greedily sucking on Bella’s tits, her moans mixing with Bella’s whimpers. She could taste the sweet fluid as it sprang from Bella’s breasts and she shivered with delight. “Keep coming,” she pleaded as she slurped her juices down. “Fill me up.” Bella’s body convulsed repeatedly in orgasmic bliss.

Wade and Dallas watched the women from the bed, their faces a study of amorous rapture as Eve and Bella’s passion ignited them both. Wade was tugging hard on his nipple clamps, pounding furiously on his rock-hard cock. Dallas had a far-away look in his eyes; he seemed to be utterly transported by the fervor of their lovemaking. One hand constantly pumped his dick while his other hand alternated between pinching his nipples and brushing against his throbbing asshole.

Eve guided Bella to the bed and helped her lie down. Wade and Dallas scooted to the side giving Bella çubuk escort plenty of room to splay wide upon the bed. She was panting and her face was covered with a fine film of perspiration which made her pale skin even more luminous in the soft light. She was radiant and the men were hungry for their piece of her now. Wade placed his hands upon her thighs and opened them slowly. He quickly unsnapped something between her legs and pulled the two plugs from her ass and cunt. He then lifted her knees and buried his face inside her pussy, moaning loudly as he lapped at her creamy folds.

Dallas and Eve watched for a moment then dove forward and each latched on to Bella’s hard, swollen nipples. They were sore from Eve’s earlier attention causing Bella to flinch as they sucked and bit at them again. “More,” Bella begged as the three of them tongue fucked her tits and cunt.

Eve wanted to fuck Bella’s bound tits with her cock, so she swung her leg across Bella’s chest and began thrusting her giant dick between them. She grabbed her breasts and squeezed them close together, making a tight, slick groove through which she pumped her cock back and forth. Her strap-on was so long that as she thrust her hips forward and felt her cock have to stop at her balls; Bella was forced to swallow at least 6″ or 7′ of her hard rod.

Dallas watched Eve tit fuck her, his cock now about to explode with desire, and he too quickly swung his leg across Bella’s waist. Wade watched as Dallas’ ass hung in the air just above the head of Bella’s cock. He dropped a large wad of spit in his hand and smeared it across Dallas’ asshole just as Dallas did the same to Eve. Careful to get the timing just right, Dallas spread Eve’s cheeks and slowly pressed his dick inside her glistening asshole as he lowered himself down onto the thick, hardened strap-on that Bella wore so well.

“Ahhh, God baby,” he moaned as he sank his cock deeper inside Eve. “Bella’s filling my ass as I fill yours.”

“Oh yeah, baby,” Eve purred as she closed her eyes, envisioning the beautiful sight just behind her. “Fuck me harder now and drive my cock deeper down her throat.” Panting, Dallas closed his eyes as he too envisioned the picture just in front of him and drove his cock inside her.

Wade had backed away from Bella’s pussy when Dallas had lowered his lovely ass on her cock; he watched the train before him and continued to stroke. He then stood and placed his feet on either side of Bella’s head and, crouching, faced Eve, his hot, swollen cock dripping with pre-cum bobbed before her lips.

Eve opened her mouth and devoured his dick like a hungry savage. She sucked and licked and pulled, craving his hot load. Dallas stared at Wade fucking her mouth, and yelled, “Yeah, yeah,” out to her as she swallowed him whole.

“I’m gonna blow, baby,” Dallas called out as he felt his orgasm surging forward, eager to coat the inside of Eve’s fine ass.

“Me too,” Wade barked as Eve deep throated his cock into her wet mouth.

“Mmm,” moaned Bella whose swollen clit rubbed hard against the base of her strap-on as Dallas constantly bounced his tight, hard ass upon it.

Wade pulls out and held his hose with both hands as he shot a stream of hot sauce onto Eve’s face. Dallas leaned in and opened his mouth, his tongue out for his shot which came not far behind.

“Down here,” begged Bella. Wade pointed his cock downward, popping out another load into her open throat.

“Oh shit!” Dallas screamed as he lost his wad deep up Eve’s ass, her cheeks quivering with passion as she received the full measure of his load.

“Fuck me harder, baby,” pleaded Eve as Dallas drove his cock inside her, causing her to slide her rod down Bella’s now hot and creamy throat. “Just like that; just exactly like that!”

Wade collapsed, completely spent after his hose-down of the trio. Eve and Dallas, as if in slow motion, slide off of Bella and crumble exhausted onto the bed. Bella curled up against them, sighed and quietly asked, “Anybody want to eat fresh sushi from my wet pussy?”

Not a sound from anyone, except the rustling of the sheets as Wade raised his hand in the still air.

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