They Are A-OK Ch. 35

The gentle ringing of a bedside alarm woke me at nine. I slipped on a pair of hiking shorts, sans underwear, a tee shirt and pair of cross trainers. The place I was to meet Nateal was a short hike through the garden and down one of the island’s many trails. I figured if I left at ten we should both arrive around the same time. I wanted to have something to eat before my liaison so I went to the kitchen. I was surprised to find Carmella there.

“John, hello, what can I get for you?” She asked as if nothing had changed.

“I was just going to make a sandwich or something. I didn’t expect anyone to be working this late.”

“I am not on duty. I needed to get out of my house and had hoped to see you.”

“Then you sit and tell me what you wanted to see me about while I make my sandwich.”

I was surprised that she agreed to sit while I prepared food.

“John, Duarte shared your thoughts about Alicia and Greg with me. For me I do not so much care about the reaction to the long held lie. But he is a very proud man. Admitting that he has raised a bastard as his own and that he dishonored his wife early in marriage may be too much of a burden for my husband. He is a good man and just coming to truly know himself. I don’t want to see him destroyed.”

It seemed that she knew about his new choices and lovers and was comfortable with the idea. Yet she was not comfortable with him admitting long past sins.

“What does he say?”

“He says if it would make the children happy he will gladly admit to the lies we told. But he also said that he does not believe that any good would be served by your plan”

“We talked of that and I think that I now agree that it was another ill-conceived idea on my part. I am certain that you want your children to have happiness as I do. Did Duarte share any more of our talk?”

“Some I think.”

“So what do you think should happen?”

“Alicia wants and deserves a real husband and family. Greg must honor our traditions or leave here. I do not want to lose my son. Why must all of us give up something because my son prefers sucking cocks to fucking a good woman?”

She was clearly not as accepting of Greg’s homosexuality as she was of her husband’s bisexuality.

“Carmella, you alluded to Duarte’s finding himself. Why is that different that Greg wanting to be true to himself?”

“Because Duarte’s choice does not cause anyone else to sacrifice. He is if anything a better husband to me. He had not fucked me with such passion in many years. We all have secret needs. But why has Greg decided that he can’t be like other island men?”

“He has made no such decision. His heart tells him things that can not be reconciled with the ways of the island. He doesn’t have a choice about what he feels or desires.”

I almost blurted out that Alicia and Greg were already lovers but somehow held my tongue. As it turned out I need not have worried about revealing the secret.

“John, I know the thing that you’re trying so hard not to tell me. I know that Alicia and Greg have already fucked. I also know about him and that outsider from the boat. If Hector is happy being a man to the world and perverted queer in private, why can’t Greg just be a man? If he so enjoys fucking my daughter than he can damn well find pleasure with another woman that is not his sister!”

“That is what Duarte and I want to see happen. I can see it won’t be perfect for you but it is the best thing. Didn’t he tell you that we plan to talk to your son? Please give this a chance.”

“I love them both and if Duarte is in favor of this idea I will support your actions. But what is it you are asking my husband to do now?”

“To show his respect and love for his son, by no longer hiding his true self. Greg feels that he has betrayed his parents and his people. He needs to know that he is not a pariah.”

“You ask too much of Duarte. I will not let him debase himself so that his son can feel good about being queer.”

“I am not asking Duarte to debase himself. He will reveal what he chooses in the way he chooses. But you should know something. I am fairly certain that Greg already knows at least part of your husband’s secret. They need to talk.”

“Then I must leave these things to my husband’s judgment. I believe that you’re a good man, trying to do right by my family. But please think carefully before you act. Alicia has suffered much over your first plan to help us.”

I agreed with that and offered any support that I could give. Before I left her she told me that both of her children would likely seek my counsel.

“They both love and respect you, John,” She said.

I kissed her on the cheek and wished her family well. Making that wish was an odd thing considering what I was heading off to do. My plan was to fuck the last of the Ortiz children and make it a set. I wondered if I had not had a date with Nateal if I would have tried to seduce her and made my fantasy a reality. As I walked through the garden I began to reconsider my plans for the evening. My motive had been to get Nateal to make love to me and acknowledge the truth about his relationships with çukurambar escort other males. I still do not know why guys who enjoyed sex with other guys while insisting they were fervently heterosexual bothered me so much in those days. But it was one of the few sins that rankled me. However, I was no longer convinced that coaxing Nateal to make such an admission was the right thing to do. He was apparently satisfied with the life he was expected to lead and knew how to enjoy all things in their proper place in his society.

My memory of the island trails was surprisingly good. With Nateal’s directions I easily found the meeting spot. The place seemed to be some sort of gardener’s work area. There was a greenhouse and several sheds of various sizes. There was a prefab Quonset hut type of metal building that I could see through the windows held tractors and other power equipment. Past that was a small building that resembled the cottages in Alicia’s village. For a moment I was concerned that a caretaker or other worker must live there. When Nateal emerged from the small cottage and waved me over, I realized that the building was our planned meeting spot.

“Welcome to the Ortiz family secret hideaway,” He said as I walked up.

I guess the puzzled look on my face led him to explain.

“My father fixed up this shed as a cottage. Greg led me here not long ago and explained that he and father use it for their private needs.”

I was immediately concerned about the possibility of being caught fucking by Nateal’s father. I was only a little less concerned about Greg finding me with my cock in his little brother’s ass.

“Father never goes out this late and Greg, well he has very few secret meetings lately”

“Oh, do you come here for private meetings a lot?” I asked as he led me into the one room cottage.

It was clearly set up as a place for sex. There was a small sofa on one wall and a large mattress-like thing on the floor. An electric lantern provided a soft almost romantic flickering light.

“I sometimes come here to fuck, if that is what you are asking, John?”

“I am sorry, I forgot about the plain speaking simple honesty of your people. Do you bring men or women here?”

“I have brought both, but more males. This much privacy is not required when young men and women fuck.”

My curiosity about island ways temporarily derailed my plan to seduce Nateal into love making.

“Do you fuck your girlfriends in their parent’s homes?” I asked fascinated by the idea.

“I have fucked two girls in their beds. Only one when the parents were in the house.”

I am sure that I did not hide my surprise well.

“That doesn’t feel odd?”

“It is a common thing, particularly if there is some thought of marriage in the future.”

“The girl that took you to her bed with her parents home, is she the one you plan to marry?”

“She is more of a backup. Vidonya and I have only fucked here and at my parent’s house.”

“When others in your family were home?” I asked still not understanding the openness of the islanders.

“Alicia and Greg have been there, but not my parents; though it would be ok if they had been.”

“And the other one you fucked in her bed?” I asked quickly feeling even more curious.

“We are just friends, playmates. So she would not likely fuck me with her parents in the house. She is planning to marry an older boy that seems interested.”

I smiled at him and told him that I wanted to be his playmate too. He smiled back, which I took as a signal to ramp things up. I pulled him into my arms and held him close to my body as I captured his lips with my mouth. He seemed to melt for a moment almost as if he had become a rag doll. I pressed my position by sliding my tongue into his mouth. He accepted the kiss, letting his tongue greet mine. In my head something felt wrong. Things were going too easy. Since he seemed completely devoid of guile I knew there was no way that he had lied to me about his sexuality. Yet he was letting me kiss him as if making love to men was his a regular occurrence if not his preference. I continued the sensual kiss for several minutes before letting him come up for air.

“John, did you misunderstand…” He started to say in a nearly breathless tone.

“I do not think that I have misunderstood anything,” I said still holding his body close to mine.

“I told you that I am not like my brother,” He insisted but made no effort to free himself from my embrace.

“We are all different, Nateal. But I can not believe you will lie to me now and tell me that you did not enjoy the kiss.”

“I did not want to,” He insisted in a tone barely above a whisper.

“It isn’t the first time that you have kissed a man like that is it?”

“No, there are two others who kiss me that way. One is my mentor, but that is just to teach me…”

His voice trailed off. It was clear that he knew that what the old man told him was a lie.

“Who is the other?”

“He is a friend. We are very close and share many secret things.”

“Do you want to share secret demetevler escort things with me?”

“Yes, I have desires, but you are not of the island and these feelings are wrong.”

I pressed on even though I was having more doubts about the soundness of my plan. As I asked my next question, I heard Carmella’s voice asking me to consider my actions carefully.

“Why? Do they stop you from wanting to fuck women? Do you have doubts about marrying and having a family?”

“No, of course not.”

“Then there is no problem. You can make love to men and not have it mean anything about your desire for cunt.”

I had purposely contrasted making love to a man and the filthiest way I could think to describe sex with a woman. Even though I knew I might be going too far, I was determined that Nateal accept his true self and learn to be comfortable with his desires.

“I have been confused about these feelings for a long time. I had hoped mentoring would help, but that has only added to the confusion.”

“Do you like kissing your mentor the same as your friend or me?”

“No, it is not unplesent, but not exciting like with you or Bento.”

“Did your mentor tell you things to convince you to allow the kissing?”

“He said that young men must learn to shed their inhibitions and open up to things that are out of our area of comfort.”

“Do you think you could have refused him?”

“I don’t know. I do not think any of my friends refuse their mentors anything. But I also think his kissing me like that is unusual unless my friends are too ashamed to speak of it.”

“Have you spoken of it with anyone?”

“Only Bento, whose mentor does not kiss him but is already fucking him.”

“How does he feel about that?”

“He says that it feels wrong because they did not choose each other. To make it ok he pretends that it is me fucking him.”

“Have you fucked other guys besides Bento?”

“Of course and he has fucked others too. That is just play though. When I am with Bento things feel special. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I really do understand. I hope someday you and Bento will learn to be happy with the feelings you share.”

“We are privately and it feels nice to tell you about him.”

“What about the girl you want to marry or the backup, do you have special feelings for them?”

“When I am talking to Vidonya, the one I hope to marry, sometimes I feel as if I can not breathe. When we are fucking it is as if there is no one else on earth but the two of us. Fucking Aelah is amazing. She has given me great pleasure. But I do not have the same reaction to her presence.”

“What do you want to happen between us?” I asked suddenly feeling very horny.

“Like I told you on the boat, I want to see your cock hard. I also want us to play. But I do not think that we should be like Bento and me.”

His simple honest words convinced me not to push him further. What we did from that point forward would have to be his idea.

“Does that mean that you do not want to kiss me?”

He whispered no and closed his eyes. By the time that kiss broke we were in the bed and half naked. We groped each other as we rolled around in bed. As the rest of our clothes disappeared, I felt more like we were two young men that were discovering the joys of gay sex for the first time than a veteran lover. Though I had no idea how much experience Nateal had before that day, I was certain he was well practiced at pleasuring another man. When we slipped into a sixty-nine position he sucked my cock like a pro. I was surprised that he so easily managed to deep throat me considering his admission that he had never seen a cock anywhere near as large as mine. My being able to swallow both his beautiful little cock and balls at the same time was no surprise.

He came in my mouth as I sucked him with two fingers buried deep inside his body. I rolled onto my back and waited while he lay panting enjoying the afterglow of orgasm. A minute later he pounced upon me like an excited puppy and began to lick my cock. His tongue moved over my cock and balls like a whirling dervish. Sex to him was play and his innocence made his slutty abandoned amazingly stimulating. By the time he started sucking me again I was already on the verge of climax. After cumming, I pulled his smooth sexy ass to my face. I spread his ass cheeks and lustfully lapped at his taut rosebud. From his reaction it seemed it was a new experience for him. Considering the resistance I found when I tried to push my tongue into his anal rim, I was certain that forgoing fucking his ass was the right choice.

As I licked his sensitive hole, his moans filled the hut. I felt like the erotic sounds had mesmerized me. I continued licking and tongue fucking his ass for a long while before slipping two fingers into his body. He gasped and then sat back. He began riding my fingers like a seasoned veteran at being butt fucked. I managed to slide down so that I could lick and suck his smooth balls while I finger fucked his tight ass. Before long he came hard. He yelped like a bitch in heat as his untouched dikimevi escort cock erupted onto my belly. When his orgasm subsided he lifted off of me and lay down atop me. His heaving chest pressed into mine when I gathered him into my arms. I held him, caressing his body and softly kissing his neck until he came down from his high.

“John, oh god, what happened, what did you do to me?” He asked breathlessly.

Before I could answer he added, “Nothing has ever made me feel like that. I can’t wait to show Bento this new way to fuck.”

“You have never been licked there before?”

Even though I was sure I already knew the answer, I wanted to keep him talking about sex.

“No, do you want me to lick yours now?” He asked in his natural innocent way.

“You can if you want, but you don’t have to. Maybe, you would like Bento to be the first one you do it to. It could be a special thing between the two of you,” I suggested.

Nateal liked the idea of doing something special with Bento. I also suggested that he consider doing it with Vidonya. He didn’t seem as enthusiastic about that idea. I was very pleased with myself for not pushing Nateal too far. I was even happier that he initiated a hug when our paths separated on the walk back.

I was not as happy when I found Greg waiting for me in the garden. He was sitting on a bench near the place where the path gave way to the rear lawn of the main house. In the moonless night some might have taken his motionless body for a piece of statuary. I am sure I would have recognized him even if I didn’t know that there was no statue like that in Adam’s garden. The surprising thing to me was that he was all but naked. He wore only the briefest pair of shorts. His torso and feet were both bare. Even on the warmest nights I had not known the islanders to walk around barefooted with their chests exposed.

“Hello, Greg, why are you here?” I asked as nonchalantly as I could manage.

“I was hoping to see you,” He answered in soft very sad sounding tone.

I sat beside him and asked why he wanted to see me.

“Because I must know why you’re fucking my brother and father. Is it not enough that you can have me or my sister any time you wish?”

The question stunned me. I did not think that he knew anything about me being with Nateal. But even more surprising was his willingness to confront me about Duarte. In addition, the idea that he would be hurt that I would fuck others seemed contrary to the way the islanders lived.

“Who I do or do not fuck is between me and those people. I am not in the habit of explaining myself on that subject. As for you being enough for me, you already know that I fuck lots of different people and have no reason to expect such a thing!” I insisted rather more angrily than I felt.

“John, please, you will ruin Nateal if you make him feel for you the way Alicia and I feel for you. He is happy with his secret lover and the knowledge that he must marry and fuck his wife.”

“Are you saying that I am responsible for you not being satisfied with that kind of life?”

“No, of course not. I am queer. You did not do that to me. But I think you want to make my whole family queer now.”

“That is ridicules! Your brother was curious about sex with a non-islander and I indulged him.”

“Then you will not try to have a relationship with him?”

“No, he has both a female and male lover. Even if I wanted such a thing with him, there is no room in his life. He is happy and I will never do anything to hurt him.”

“What of my father?”

“What did or did not happen with your father is for him to discuss with you.”

“I can not discuss such things with him. I have lost his love. I have to know why he hates me for doing as he does. You are not the first man to fuck him on that beach.”

I wondered how long Greg had known and suffered with the thought that his father scorned him while secretly enjoying other men. I wanted to comfort him, but I could not. It was Duarte’s place to explain himself, not mine.

“All I can say is that you have not lost his love. He loves you more than you can imagine. You must seek him out and speak openly with him. But when you do be willing to truly listen to what he has to say. He wants what will make you happy and I now think he may know better what that is than I previously thought possible.”

“John, I am sorry that I surprised you. I fear that my accusing you of wronging me may have hurt our friendship again.”

“Our friendship will survive assuming you still want to be my friend. I understand that you are hurting and acting out of need and concern for your brother. I promise I will not do anything to hurt anyone in your family ever again.”

“Thank you for understanding. I love you, John and I will always want your friendship.”

We embraced and then he got up and walked away. I sat there for a time wondering if I had made things worse for the family again. Greg’s concern for Nateal rekindled my own fears about setting in motion things that could ultimately lead the youngest Ortiz to be unhappy living the expected life of an island man. I knew that Duarte was happy with his life and I hoped that a frank conversation with his son would not change that. The worse thing to me was Greg’s obvious jealousy about me having sex with others. I was concerned that I might have to stay off the island a very long time to give them all a chance to forget about me.

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