The Secretary(Road Trip)

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It was June and the weather was great, the boss comes into my office and tells me that in 2 weeks, him and I are going on a trip to Chicago for a seminar. I thought fuck the last thing I wanted was to be stuck with him in a seminar. I told the wife about having to go away in a couple of weeks with the boss to Chicago, just so she knew what was going on. A week later he stops back in and tells me he is not going, they are sending him to New York, for a meeting with the corporate bosses. He told that all the arrangements have been made for me to go to Chicago alone. I immediately though of Stacey, wonder if she could go with me, what a fun couple days that would be.

I called her at her office, and explained what was going on, and asked if she could join me on this road trip. She was excited, and said let me check some things out, and get back to you. I said ok, sure hope that you can go. Few hours later she called me back all bubbly saying that she could go, got the time off from work, and her husband will be gone that week up in Canada on a fishing trip. She also said that she has a cousin in Chicago that she could use as an excuse to go visit. We chatted some more on the planning of the trip, I told her next Tuesday morning be at the office at 7 am and she could park her car out back in a shed where it will safe, and we would head out to Chicago. It would take 6-7 hours to get there from here.

Tuesday morning right around 7 am in rolls Stacey. She gets out of the car and gives me a hug and a kiss. I grab her bags, and put them in my car. She gives me the keys to her car and I put it in the shed, and close the shed door and lock it. We jump into my car and away we go. She is all excited about this trip, and seeing her cousin. She described her cousin as in her early 40’s, with auburn hair, green eyes, very pretty. She is married with 2 kids, and works as an office manager for a small company. Her husband is a salesman, and he is gone a lot on calls. They have a nice house in one the Chicago suburbs. She ask what hotel we are staying at. I replied the seminar is held at the Silversmith, so we are staying there. She said I heard that was a real nice place. I have never been to Chicago, so I would not know.

She chatted all the way there, and wanted to know if I needed her to spell me on the driving. I said nope I was good. I enjoyed the trip with her, and she looked great. We arrived at the hotel around 3 pm, and got checked-in and the bellboy took us up to the room. It was a spacious room with a queen size bed in it. Stacey looked at me kind of quizzically, and I said that I changed the room from double beds to a queen, after the boss changed plans. We unpacked our clothes, and got things squared around. She came out of the bathroom and I was look out of the window at the view. She walked up behind me and put her arms around, and gave me a hug and put her head on the back of my shoulders. I turned around and wrapped my arms around her and gave her a big passionate kiss. I broke the kiss and we moved over to the bed and we stripped our clothes off, laid on the bed and made mad passionate love. We both fell asleep afterwards, and slept for a couple of hours. We were both pooped from the drive and the sex.

It was around 5 or so when we got up. We took a shower together, and had fun washing each others body. Her cousin told her of a couple of real good restaurant, to try that were first class.
We went to the Chicago Prime Steakhouse, and had a simple fabulous meal. The food and service were great, and well Stacey she looked simple ravishing, but then she was going to be dessert. Seeing how this was a business trip, and was paid for by the company, we took a cab to dinner, and then on the way back I had the cab driver show us some of the downtown sites. When we got back to the hotel, we went into the 14 karat lounge for a couple drinks and to unwind a bit. We discussed Wednesday agenda. She said that her cousin was picking her up at noon and they were going to have lunch and then go shopping, and to a beauty spa for the full treatment. She then had dinner reservation for us at 7, at a very up scale restaurant. Sounded like fun for her, as I would be stuck from 8 to 5 at the seminar.

We got back to the room around 11 or so, and got ready for bed. I was standing in front of the window in my boxers and tee shirt, while she was in the bathroom. She came out wearing a robe, and as she got near me she dropped it on the floor and stood in front of me naked giving me a kiss. She turned around and I ran my hands up and down her body, squeezing her tits and nipples. I bet we were giving all the window peepers a good show. She turned back into me and pulled my boxers to the floor and kneeled down and start to suck my cock. I said Stacey there could be watchers out there, and she replied let them look I don’t care, and she sucked away. Finally I pull her up to me for a passionate french kiss, with our tongues dancing around with each other.

We made our way over to the bed, kissing passionately, and grouping each other, both of us full of booze influenced lust. She started to work her way down on me, kissing and sucking my nipples, as she stroked my cock. She then moved on down to my shaved penis, and plant kiss all over it and my balls. The effect was sending me into escalating pleasures. She looked at me and said I just can’t wait anymore I am so wet, that I need you in me right now. She got up and straddled me guiding my cock right into her steaming wet pussy. It felt like I just entered a furnace, she was so hot. She rode me like there was no tomorrow, just pounded on top of me as fast as she could. I thought for a minute we would wake up the whole hotel. She threw her head back and cried I am going to cum, and she had a very intense orgasm, bathing my cock, balls, and thighs with her cream. For some reason she did not crash into my arms or stop fucking me, she kept right on going. She had this wild crazy look on her face and in her eyes. She yelled I am coming again, and she let loose with another wet orgasm, and then she collapsed on my chest.

I let her calm down for a adıyaman escort few minutes and then rolled her over, never letting my cock out of her pussy. I started to stroke slow and deep, hoping that I could last all night. She started to wiggle and squirm, and I picked up the pace. Soon I could feel that tell tale sign of my nuts tightening up and my cum start to race up my shaft, and I shot a load that lifted us both right off the bed. We both laid there exhausted, our hearts were just pounding from all that sexual excitement. Finally with her in my arms we fell asleep. All of a sudden the fucking phone rang, and I though what the hell, who would be calling this late at night, till I realized it was morning and, that was my 7 am wake up call. She said who is that, and I replied it was your husband. She popped up in the bed wide eye looking at me, I was grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary. She said it is not, and threw the pillow at me. I laughed and answered no it was my wake up call, and I tossed the pillow back at her


I went into the bathroom and shit, shave, and showered, came out and got dressed for the seminar. I told her they were serving a continental breakfast at the seminar. When you get up and ready, just order room service and charge it to the room, for your breakfast. She replied ok, and said I am going back to sleep, and pulled the covers up over her head. I leaned over and pull the covers down a bit to give her a kiss goodbye, and told her I would call around noon. She just pulled the covers back up, and mumbled something from under the covers. I left her $400 to spend on her self today.

The seminar was very interesting, but it was hard to keep my mind on what was going on, when all that I could think about was Stacey. Finally noon came and it was break time for lunch. They had a buffet table setup with soup, salad, and sandwiches on it. It was ok, it did fill up a hollow spot for a while. When I finished, I stepped out of the room to give Stacey a call. She answer, and said the she and her cousin were sitting down to have their lunch. We chatted for a bit and then her food came so we said our goodbyes. I went back to the seminar and she to her lunch.

The girls had a great time together, they shopped till they dropped, and then went to the beauty spa. The owner was real good friend of her cousin. They both had a massage(I wish I could have done Stacey’s), mud facial, toe nails and finger nails painted. A relaxing soak in the spa, a shower to clean up. Finally their hair all fixed up, and make-up applied by the beautician.

She called and said that they were on their way back and should be there around 6 or so, I said see you then. I went into the bathroom and shaved and showered, and got dressed in my suit and tie. There was a knock on the door, so I open it up and there they were with their hands full of bags. Both of them looking simply gorgeous. I grabbed their bags for them as they both came into the room. She introduced me to her cousin Mandy. Mandy is very pretty, in her early 40’s, with auburn hair and sparkling jade green eyes. She is a slender gal with nice tits, may be 34 C, and a killer ass. If you forgot I will refresh you on what Stacey looks like. She is a doll, in her upper 40’s with a hour glass figure, blonde hair, soft brown eyes. Her assets were perfect 36 C breast, slim waist, perfect ass and legs.

They shooed me out of the room and told to go down to the bar and wait for them. It should not take them long to get ready. Yea right where have I heard that before. So down to the bar I merrily went to have a cocktail, and to wait.

Within 20 minutes in came the ladies, and WOW I almost spilled my drink as I gawked at them, and so did the rest of the guys in the bar. Stacey had on a low cut silver dress with a silver crown like thing in her hair. That dress fit her like a glove, leaving not much to your imagination, as all of her assets were on full display. Mandy had a emerald green dress on that sort of matched her eyes, and some sort of green decoration in her hair. Her dress also fit like a glove, with low cut at the top and long slits on the sides. They walked up to the table and Stacey giggled telling me that I could now close my mouth. I tried to work my mouth for what seemed like 30 seconds, but I could not get any words to come out. Finally I took a long pull at my drink to wet my whistle, and I was able to speak, and said, wow you two look fabulous. I quickly helped both ladies sit down and we order a round of drinks for us.

We went to the restaurant in the Trump Hotel, called Sixteen. They sat us by the window and we had a great view of downtown Chicago and the lake. This was a real fancy place with an expensive menu. Thank God for the expense account, but I was not real sure how I was going to get this by the bean counters back at the office. We had an excellent meal, and the companionship was great. Sitting here with two of the foxiest girls in the place, as all the men’s eyes seem to linger on both girls, filled me up with a sense of pride. I think both of my heads were starting to swell.

After dinner Mandy took us to a local night club, that had a really good band, that play 60’s and 70’s music. They were real good, and I danced with both girls, and we had a real good time. Mandy was hitting on me all night, rubbing her boobs into me on soft songs that we dance to. We left there and went back to the hotel and went into the lounge for a nightcap. The girls split a bottle of champagne, and I had Jim Beam and water. After having drinks at dinner, and at the night club, and now here in the lounge, the girls were starting to feeling no pain, me either. Also they were having a very different effect on me, as I was trying to figure out how to make this a threesome latter on tonight.

It was getting close to midnight, and I don’t know why in the fuck I say these things, has to be the alcohol I consumed, but I say to Mandy, don’t you have to get home to relieve your babysitter. She kind of smiles and says no the kids are at mom’s house for akkent escort the night, I have tomorrow off from work also. I kind of sat there with a blank look on my face, as I tried to get through the alcohol induced haze on my brain cells, then BINGO it hits me, she wants to join me and Stacey in a threesome. How fucking cool. I say to Stacey why don’t I get room service to send up a bottle of champagne to the room and we retire up there to consume it. She thought that was a splendid idea, and she turns to Mandy and says what do you think. Mandy just nodded her head yes. So we left the lounge and I stopped at a house phone and called room service and ask that they send up a bottle of champagne and 3 glasses to my room. So I gathered the girls up and headed for the elevator to get to my room, with visions of fucking all dancing in my head.

We just get into the room and there is a knock at the door, and it is room service with the champagne in a bucket of ice and 3 glasses. The young man puts it on the counter, and I give him a nice tip, he looks at the girls, and then smiles back at me and leaves, knowing what is going to happen later. I pop the cork and pour the girls a glass each and just a sip for me, I don’t want to get to fucked up, and not be able to perform. We made a toast and downed our drink’s, I excused myself and went to the bathroom, while there I relieved my self, and open my shaving kit, that has all my personal stuff in it, and I looked for a blue pill for additional support to my pecker. I did not know if I should take it with all the booze I drank, but fuck it, what a way to die if I go in the arms of 2 gorgeous ladies. So I swallowed the fucking pill and hoped it worked its magic on my pecker.

I left the bathroom, and I stop dead in my tracks. Her are the girls laying on the bed making out with each other. I all most felt like this whole thing was planned in advance. I walked in slowly as so not to disturb them and sat down in a chair to watch and listen. I heard Mandy sound like she was having second thoughts about this setup. She said that she has never been with another woman, or cheated on her husband. Stacey responded by say you’re the first for me, and he is the only man I ever cheated with on my husband.

They both turned and smiled at me, and Stacey said are you going to join us. I replied nope I going to watch for a while that way I last longer. They both giggled to that and started to kiss more passionately, using there tongues to explore each others mouth. It was not long before both dresses were down to their waist, and neither were wearing a bra, so bare tits were everywhere. This was having a pronounced affect on me, as my cock was straining to get out of my pants and be stroked. Guess the pill worked as I was stiff as a board. Just hope it last for 4 hours like they say.

Stacey slowly started to work her way down Mandy, stopping at her breast and licking her nipples. I got up slowly and grabbed Mandy’s dress and pulled it right off her, all she had left on was her bikini underwear. I then pulled them off her, so she was naked. I did the same to Stacey. Stacey soon had her hand down in Mandy’s smooth snatch. Her fingers buried themselves deep into her pussy. Soon she had a rhythm going where she would go deep and then up to rub her clit. All of a sudden Mandy became a dirty sex talker.

O my God Stacey that feels soooo good. Right there rub faster, rub my clit, O MY GOD, harder
Yessss!!!!!! That feels that feels OHHHHH yes hard rub hard, You got me close OOOOOO yes
deeper rub deeper. O fuck I going to cum, Ahhhhhh yes almost there. Stacey then removes her hand and drops down and starts to lick that bald pussy, putting Mandy in orbit. Mandy grabs the pillow and screams into as she blows her orgasm all over Stacey face. I could not take I grab Stacey and give her a big french kiss and lick up as much of Mandy’s orgasm as possible. I look deep into Stacey’s brown eyes, and all I see is lust dripping from them.

Stacey pushes me aside and climbs up on the bed and pulls the pillow away from Mandy and gives her a deep passionate kiss, so Mandy can taste her orgasm. She looks at Mandy and says that it is your turn now. Mandy slides down and starts to rub and massage Stacey’s breast, as she licks her nipples. Stacey says I am so wet, and she grabs Mandy’s hand and puts down on top of her pussy. Mandy inserts 2 fingers in her soaking wet pussy, and starts to massage her clit. It is not long and Stacey’s hips start to squirm and buck, as Mandy works on her pussy. Then I hear her tell Mandy to go down and eat her pussy.

Right then I decide if she licks her pussy , and her ass is up in the air, I am going to ram my cock into Mandy’s cunt. So I strip off my clothes in record time. My cock is so hard that my nuts are starting to hurt. As I bend over to pull down my underwear, my cock springs out and hits me on the chin, it almost knocked me out. I stroke it a few times as I watched Mandy slide down and start to lick Stacey’s pussy. I can hear Stacey groan and moan in pleasure as her pussy gets eaten out. I watch Mandy’s ass bounce up and down as she sucks on Stacey’s clit and pussy lips. Finally I spring into action, as I say to myself enough is enough, I can’t take it anymore.

I move up behind Mandy, and take my cock and rub it against her pussy lips, getting the head oiled up with her juices. As soon as she feels me she stops eating and looks back at me and smiles, and nods her head in approval, and push her ass back into me. I bury my cock into her as far as I could go, and then slowly draw it back out. I did that for about a couple of minutes, and then the girls started to move and my cock slips out of her. Next thing I know they are in the 69 position, where they can eat each others pussy, and I am standing there with my cock flopping in the breeze. Mandy looks back at me and says fuck my ass.

It kind of stuns me for a second and then I look around for some lube, seeing none I take a glass of champagne and pour it on my cock and climb up on the bed and position the head of my cock with gaziantep anal yapan escort her anal hole and I push in. She must have been so relaxed because I slide right in with no problem. I started to stroke away fucking her ass in earnest. All of a sudden I can feel Stacey start to lick my nut sack, I think she is trying to lick the champagne off my sack. It was not long and my sack tightened up and my load started up my shaft, and I fill her ass up with my hot cum. It leaked out and down my shaft and sack right into Stacey’s mouth. I could here her saying yum yum yum. I pulled my cock out and Stacey grabbed it and cleans it off so that it shines.

Then both girls started to work on me, taking turns sucking my cock and sack. I was in seventh heaven. I could see Stacey sucking on my cock and Mandy was fingering my anal hole. Pretty quick she had her finger buried in there rubbing on what seemed like my prostate gland. Anyway it was a very intensive feeling, like my nuts were going to blow through my shaft and out my jap eye. O My God if that happen, then Stacey might swallow them. Finally they stopped and both wanted to be fucked, so Stacey got on top first and rode my cock to an orgasm. Then Mandy got aboard and she rode me also, till I cum deep inside of her. She blew her nuts too and then collapsed on top of me. We all laid there for a while, and then the girls got up and polished off the champagne, and went in the bathroom to clean up. Me I just laid there unable to move, as I was completely spent. I felt pretty proud of my pecker, it was able to cum twice in a short span of time. The blue pill worked just fine.

Pretty soon they came out of the bathroom and crawled into bed with me one on each side of me, and we hardly said a word, as we fell asleep in each others arms. I’ll be fucked if that dam phone did not ring again. What the fuck, I open my eyes and the sun was coming in thru the window. Fuck I forgot to cancel my 7 am wake up call. I answered the phone and thank them and hung up. I went and took a piss, and came back into the room and Mandy sleepily asked who that was. I said your husband he is down stairs waiting for you. She jumped out of the bed looking wild eyed at me, and both Stacey and I busted a gut laughing. Stacey said he did the same thing to me yesterday, it was just his wake up call. Mandy said a few choice words to me as she went to the bathroom swaying that cute ass of hers. Stacey and I both chuckled at her. We all went back to sleep for a couple of hours, guess I was going to blow off the morning seminar for some much need rest, and to recharge my batteries for more sex.

We got up a couple hours later and we all showered together, it was a tight squeeze, but we managed, and I gave each a quick fuck in the shower. Mandy wanted me to fuck her in the ass which I did. We went down for breakfast, and said our goodbyes to Mandy. Stacey told her next time she comes our way for our next encounter. She replied that she would be looking forward to it and would get with Stacey on planning our next adventure.

After Mandy left and we went up to the room where I made long and passionate love to Stacey.
I started on her tits and nipples, slowly sucking and licking them. Her nipples were rock hard, and begging to be sucked and nibbled on. She was moaning and groaning and talking to me saying just how wet my sucking her tits was making her. I moved my hand down to her pussy, and immersed it in her juices. I work her pussy with both my fingers and then my tongue, getting her off a couple of times. Then she said OOO please fuck me, I need to feel your cock deep in side me. I got on top of her and my cock fit right in her pussy, like a key into a lock. I pounded away for while. She whispered in my ear how good that felt, and how she needs me to just fuck her.

Then she said that she wants it in her ass like I did to Mandy, that she has never had anal sex before and it looked so hot when I did it to Mandy’s ass. So I got off her and she rolls over and humps that lovely ass up in the air for me to penetrate. I put my cock in her pussy to coat it real good with her juices, and then push against her anal hole. Slowly I slide it in till my whole cock is in her ass. I move in and out of her ass slowly to let her get use to the invasion of her anal hole. I pick up the pace, finally I say to her, honey I am going to cum real soon, and the words are hardly out of my mouth and she is screaming into the pillow, in the mist of a large orgasm, that sent me over the hill and I blew my nuts into her lovely anal hole. We topple together in a heap on the bed.

She smiles at me and gives a big sloppy kiss. She moves down to my cock and starts to clean it off, sucking it real hard, till the bloods invades my member making it stiff again. She mounts my cock like a cowgirl riding a horse. She rides me to another orgasm, and then collapses into my arms. We are both spent and fall asleep. We wake up around 1, and we take a shower washing each others body clean. I just love to wash her body, I do it very erotic and it gets me hard again. So I give her a quick fuck in the shower. We dry off, and packed our bags, head down to checked out, and get into the car to head back home.

Our trip back is very quiet, as we both are lost in our thoughts of the previous 2 days. We stop for gas and a quick bit to eat and continue on our way home. Finally Stacey comes alive and starts talking. She tells that she had real great time, and thanks for the money to spend on herself. She said our love make was a very special, satisfying and passionate experience. Then she wanted to know what I thought about Mandy and our threesome sex adventure. I told her watching you 2 have sex together was one of the most erotic things I ever watched, and I was so turned on that I almost jacked off. We chatted some more about our road trip, till we got to my office. I got Stacey’s car out of the shed, and put her bags in the trunk for her. She gave a very passionate french kiss goodbye. I think her tongue tried to reach my nuts from down my throat. We broke that kiss and I gave her a couple of short softer kisses goodbye, and we got in our cars and left.

I told the wife I would be home Friday sometime. It was 10:30 Thursday night, maybe I would get lucky and catch that cold blooded bitch with a guy in our bed. Then I would be able to divorce her and play with Stacey.

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