The Story of Ann Chapter 3: How I Ruined my Life Before it even Started


The Story of Ann Chapter 3: How I Ruined my Life Before it even Started

In my last chapter, I told you about receiving a 1963 Chevy pick-up truck when I got my drivers license. I also told you about meeting a ranch hand named Sonny who helped Frank put the truck together for me.

Sonny had asked me to the races next weekend and my grandma told me I could go with him. Sonny asked me to pick him up, as he wanted to show off my truck while we were at the races. I picked him up at his house, which was an apartment building almost in town.

We went to a dirt track stock car race. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself with Sonny as well. He was very polite and he only held my hand when we walked around or went to get something to eat. The races were over by ten so we drove back into town and pulled into the burger joint where kids from my school hung out back then. Janet was there and she came running over to my truck as I parked it.

“Ann, where did you get the truck?” Janet asked me through the window.

Sonny told me to talk to her and he would go get us a burger and something to drink. Janet stared at Sonny as he walked away. She turned back to me and I got out of my truck. I explained to her about the truck being a present from my grandma and Frank.

“Hell with that who was that?” Janet asked.

“That is Sonny my date tonight,” “We just got back from the races,” I said to her.

“ANN, he is a little old for you,” Janet replied.

“He is only 21,” I replied.

“21 and your only 17 plus you have two more years of school,” Janet said.

“Janet, it is not like I am going to marry him,” I replied with a little laugh.

“So you replaced me with him,” Janet said looking sadly at me.

“Janet, I did not replace anyone,” “I have been busy that has been all,” I replied.

“Sure Ann someday you will see this differently as I do,” Janet said as tears filled her eyes and she ran away.

I probably should have gone after her. However, I did not as Sonny returned to the truck. He asked me if everything was all right, as he had seen Janet run away from me. I told him it was nothing and I would work it out with her later. I never saw Janet again to work it out with her.

We talked some more as we ate then I told him it was almost eleven and I should be getting home. I drove him back to his place. Sonny got out and he walked over to my window.

He touched my arm with his hand as he said, “It would not be right to invite you in on the first date.” Nor would it be right to ask for a kiss.” Sonny smiled as he added, “I had fun tonight with you Ann and I hope you will allow me to see you again,” “Good night Ann,” as he patted my arm and walked away toward the building.

I drove away as I thought about him. For one he was very polite something I was not really used too. He also did not seem to stare at my tits like most men nor had he tried to feel my ass the whole night. Sonny did not seem the shy type so I wondered why he had not taken a kiss. I soon arrived back home where I put my truck back into the barn. I walked into the house to find grandma still up in the living room.

“Ann, your home early it is not even midnight yet,” Grandma said.

“Yeah I dropped Sonny off and came straight home,” I replied.

“So how was your night?” Grandma asked me.

“It was fun and Sonny was very sweet all night long,” “He did not even try to kiss me,” I said.

“Frank told me he was a nice man and I had nothing to worry about if you went out with him,” Grandma replied. “ However, he is older than you and I worried about that,” she added staring at me.

“Four years is not that much older grandma,” I replied.

“No but two more years of High School is,” Grandma said raising her eyebrow.

“Good night grandma,” I replied as I went up stairs to my bedroom.

I did not see anything wrong with me dating him. I had fun with him and he was polite. It was not as if I was going to runaway with him or anything. I should have eaten those words that night or at least remembered them.

I dated Sonny for the next two weeks. The only thing we ever did together was holding hands. He still had not kissed me or even tried anything with me. I had to pick him up as he told me his car was broke and he did not want to take me on his bike.

Sonny and I loved going to the races. One Saturday night after the races again I took him to his apartment building. He got out and came over to my window. I leaned out of my truck before he could react. I threw my arms around his neck as my face went to his. Our lips touched and I kissed him deeply. It was a very nice and long kiss as well.

Sonny broke our kiss as he looked at his watch and he said, “It is only a little after ten care to come in for a while.”

“I would love too,” I replied.

He showed me where to park and I followed him into the building. Sonny gave me a tour of his place. His apartment was not very big but it had two bedrooms, a main room, a bathroom and a small kitchen. I was a little surprised at how clean it was, as most men do not pick up after themselves or clean up their place.

I sat down with him on his sofa. He wrapped his arms around me and he kissed me deeply. I ran my tongue over his lips and he opened his mouth. My tongue danced in his mouth as we kissed. I think we spent close to an hour kissing. His kisses were intoxicating to me and I felt my pussy starting to twitch. I wanted him to fuck the shit out of me.

While we kissed, I ran my hand down to his lap. I moved my hand over to the front of his pants. My hand ran into something big and hard. I kissed him deeper as I wrapped my hand around his cock. Even through his pants, his cock felt huge.

I rubbed at his cock as Sonny started to lift the shirt I had worn over my head. He tossed it to the floor as he started to kiss across the tops of my tits. He then dragged his tongue over the tops as well. Sonny reached behind me and skillfully removed my bra. He pulled it from my body letting my tits fall upon my chest.

“You have lovely tits, Ann,” Sonny said softly as he cupped them gently in his hands.

Sonny started to play with my nipples making them grow hard with his fingers and thumbs. When he had my nipples rock hard he placed his tongue on one as he licked at it gently. Even back then, my nipples were very sensitive as they are today. Just the touch of his tongue on them got my juices flowing from my pussy.

Sonny went from tit to tit driving me wild with his tongue. He then took a tit into his hand as he brought it up to his mouth. Sonny suckled on my tit until I pushed him away as my hands went to his pants. I unbuckled his belt then unsnapped and unzipped his pants. He rose up a bit so I could pull his pants from him.

His cock was poking the boxers he worn straight into the air. I hook my thumbs around then as I pulled them down off his body. His pants and boxers lie at his feet as his cock danced before my eyes. His cock was right about seven maybe eight inches. It was rock hard, stood up straight, and throbbed at me.

I wrapped my hand around it giving it a few pumps with my hand. I lowered my face as my tongue licked at just the head of his cock. I pumped on his cock as my tongue danced around the head of his cock. I finally took just the head of his cock into my mouth. I sucked at it gently as I did.

“Ahhhhh Ann,” Sonny moaned as I sucked at the head of his cock.

I started to take more of his cock into my mouth. I slowly worked my mouth all the way down his cock until my nose touched the hair around his cock. I started to bob my head up and down on his cock. I made sure I sucked at it on my up strokes. I sucked at his cock for a few minutes then pulled my mouth from his cock.

His pre-cum stringed from the head of his cock to my lips I twirled my tongue at it working it into my mouth. Sonny lifted my head when I had cleaned all of his pre-cum he kissed me deeply and shoved his tongue into my mouth.

Sonny broke our kiss as his hands went to my jeans. He unsnapped them then pulled them from my body. Sonny smiled at me when he saw I had worn no panties. He had me lie back onto the sofa as he placed his head between my thighs. Sonny licked and kissed at my pussy lips.

“AHhhhh,” I moaned out as his tongue shot up into my pussy.

Sonny worked his tongue in and out of my pussy. He moved a hand to my clit, which he toyed with as he used his tongue on my pussy. Sonny gave me my first orgasm within minutes. Pleasure raced through my body as his fingers pulled at my clit. My pussy was throbbing and dripping my juices onto his tongue as he ate me.

“Fuck me Sonny,” I moaned softly as I ran my hands through his hair.

Sonny climbed up onto top of me. He placed his cock between the lips of my pussy then slowly pushed it up into my pussy. Sonny used slow strokes of his cock until he started to work his cock faster and deeper into my pussy. His cock felt wonderful as he fucked me.

He fucked me slow and steady for some time before he started to fuck me harder and deeper. I was soon bucking my hips upward fucking him back. Sonny moved his mouth to one of my tits and he started to suck upon it.

“AHHhhhhh Sonny you are going too…” was all I got out as an orgasm came over me.

My pussy throbbed then gripped at his cock as pleasure raced through out my body. My clit swelled and my pussy juices started to leak out around his cock. I wrapped my hands around his butt pumping it faster and harder into my pussy. My floodgates opened up just as I felt his cock swell then jerk in my pussy.

“AHHhhhhhh ANNNNNnn,” Sonny yelled out as his cock blew off inside of me.

His mouth went to mine and we kissed as we both enjoyed the pleasure of our orgasm. He was still kissing me as his cock went soft and slipped from my pussy. I felt his load running out of me as he cock slipped from my hole.

I lie there still enjoying my own orgasm. Sonny went ito the kitchen and returned with a glass of water, which he shared with me. Sonny looked to my pussy with cum running out of it.

“I sure hope you are on the pill,” Sonny said giving me a smile.

My pleasure drained from my face as he said that. I jumped up and excused myself to his bathroom. I peed then wiped at my pussy hoping that he had not done what I thought he might have. I returned and dressed as he did. Sonny took me into his arms and he kissed me deeply as I kissed him back.

He broke our kiss as he said, “Ann that was great and I love you.”

“I love you too,” I replied not knowing exactly where that had come from.

I left and on my way home, I realized or at least thought that I loved him with all my heart. I was also worried about not using any protection. By the time I got home the only thing on my mind was the enjoyable fuck he had given me. I should have been more concerned about taking his load up my pussy.

Four weeks later, I found out, I was pregnant. I went to Sonny and I told him I was pregnant with his child. Sonny smiled at me and took me into his arms. He kissed me then broke his kiss.

“Then lets get married,” Sonny said.

I tried to explain to him that I could not as I had two more years of school. I also told him my grandma would probably kill me then come after him. I was not for sure just how she would take me being pregnant so I never told her. Sonny talked me into just going back home packing a bag and running off with him.

I was seventeen pregnant with his child and scared. I let him talk me into running away with him. Sonny and I jumped into my truck with a small trailer behind it containing all the stuff we owned. My grandma was out with Frank and I left them both a short note.

Grandma and Frank,
I have made a big mistake. I am pregnant with Sonny’s child. I must now live with my mistake. Sonny and I have ran away to be married. I am scared and I hope this is the right choice but I have no other choice. Thanks Grandma for all you have done for me and I am sorry if I have disappointed you as I did my mom. Please take care of my grandma Frank and do not blame yourself, as it was our choice to runaway.

Sonny and I went a few states over and with the money I had saved up and his own money we married and found ourselves a nice little trailer to live in that we called home. Sonny had a job within a week as a mechanic at some car dealership. Our life together seemed great and loving.

Nine months later our baby was born. We had a lovely girl who I called Michelle. Right off the bat, I saw the look in Sonny’s eyes as he saw our daughter for the first time. She had my blue green eyes and was just the sweetest baby. However, she had tons of blonde hair. Sonny’s hair was black while I was a brown-haired woman.

Sonny never asked or questioned me but I saw the look in his eyes. I had no idea why she had blonde hair maybe something in our genes caused it. I had not had sex with anyone during this time except for Sonny so I knew it was his baby. I did not think he thought it was his. However, he managed to get a loan for a small but charming little house and we lived as a family. He also saw to it that Michelle and I had every thing we needed other than a life outside of our home.

For the next six months, I was stuck at home with Michelle ateşli gaziantep escort while Sonny stayed out late. I cannot count how many times he came home drunk. His lovemaking was now wham bam thank you mam. I never had another orgasm after our baby was born. Sonny was not a mean drunk nor did I ever smell another woman on him. He also saw to it that Michelle and I had every thing we needed other than a life outside of our home.

Other than his drinking and bad sex, he was the man I chose to marry. I was hoping thing would improve between us. The only other problem I had was with the friends he kept. His friends would bring him home drunk and hand him off to me. Every one of them hit on me each time they dropped him back off at home. I never did anything with any of them until one night.

He had one friend that worked with him whose name was Bobby. He never really hit on me however; he was always telling me that I could do better than Sonny. When my birthday rolled around Sonny decided to throw a birthday party for me. The party was great and I had some fun finally. I also had a little too much to drink.

The party was wrapping up as our guests were leaving. Sonny had been telling me and the others he was ready to give me my birthday present. Sonny had been touching me and rubbing his cock up against me during the party. He told everyone he was going to fuck me silly when everyone left. That was going to be somewhat hard to do as he lie passed out across our bed. I was going to be alone for sex on my birthday.

I was seeing everyone out the door as Sonny lie passed out on our bed. Bobby was still there and he told me he would help me clean up. We picked up and straightened the house then I sat down onto the sofa crying.

Bobby sat down next to me as he asked, “What is wrong Ann?”

Between my sobs I replied, “My life is all fucked up.” I got pregnant to young and I married a man who does not love me.” “I wish I had someone to turn too but I have no one.”

Bobby wrapped me in his arms as he said, “You can turn to me Ann,” as his hand rubbed at my back.

I cried into his shoulder as he held me. I am not for sure rather it was the booze in me or just the warmth of him holding me again. When my crying stopped, I lifted my head and moved it toward his. Our lips met as we locked in a deep passionate kiss.

The next thing I knew Bobby was removing his clothes as I removed mine. As we stood beside the sofa, he took me into his arms. He kissed me deeply as his tongue probed my mouth as mine probed his. I felt his cock bumping into my hairy pussy as we kissed. The next thing I knew Bobby picked me up as my arms went around his neck.

His hand went to my butt as he lifted me into the air. He moved me around until my pussy lined up with his hard throbbing cock. Bobby lowered me down onto his cock. I started to bounce on his cock as I kissed him, his hand digging into my ass as he pulled me up and down hard and fast over his cock.

I broke our kiss as I said, “Yes FUCK ME.”

Bobby turned with me still holding onto his neck and his cock buried into my pussy. He placed me onto the sofa then placed my legs high up onto his shoulders. Bobby started to fuck me deeply. My pussy grabbed at his cock each time he buried it deep into me. His mouth clamped over one of my tits as he started to suck upon it.

“AHHhhhhhh,” I moaned as my first orgasm came over me.

Bobby just kept hammering away at my pussy as my juices flowed from my hole. The living room filled with wet sucking sounds as his cock pounded my wet pussy. I had two or three more orgasm as he fucked me. I felt his cock swell then throb before he pulled it from my pussy. Bobby wrapped his hand around his cock and pumped at it wildly. His cock twitched as cum started to shoot from the head of his cock. The first shot hit me in my face then the next three splashed onto my big tits.

Bobby fell on top of me as his lips met mine. We kissed as I wrapped my arms around him. I felt his cock rubbing against my pussy as he lies there on me. My pussy wanted more of his cock so I wrapped my legs around him as I squirmed until the head of his still hard cock was between my pussy lips.

Bobby got off me as he took his cock into his hand beating it at my pussy as he said, “Get on your hands and knees so I can take you from behind.”

I did as he asked and he got behind me. He rubbed his hard cock at my wet pussy then shoved it all in burying it deep into my pussy. I had my hands on the arm of the sofa as my tits swung back and forth, as he took me deep and hard from behind.

I was pumping my ass back toward him as he fucked me. I felt his thumb playing around my ass. He pressed his thumb up into my asshole. It hurt for a second but soon turned to pleasure. Bobby started to take his thumb in and out of my asshole as he drove his cock harder in and out of my pussy.

I had a big wet orgasm as I felt his balls smacking into my clit. My pussy was throbbing, my asshole was opening, and closing as my pussy muscles forced his cock from my pussy. My pussy squirted its juices back on him as he worked just his thumb in and out of my asshole.

I looked to him over my shoulder as I said, “Fuck my ass.”

I leaned down until my tits rested onto the arm of the sofa. I heard Bobby spit at my asshole. Then I felt him press the head of his cock into my asshole. I moaned softly as he worked his cock up into my ass. Bobby slowly pushed his cock up my ass until I felt his balls pressed against my pussy. Bobby pulled his cock back then pushed it forward. It hurt for a few seconds then it felt good. He was soon fucking my asshole just as he had been my pussy.

“AHHhhhhhh Bobby,” I screamed out as a powerful orgasm came over me.

My pussy squirted, as it never had before. Bobby moaned and shoved his cock deep up into my asshole. I felt it throb as his cock spewed cum deeply into my asshole.

“AHhhhhh ANN,” Bobby yelled out as he filled my asshole full of cum from his cock.

His cock grew soft and slipped from my asshole. I fell completely down onto the sofa as cum farted from my asshole. I lie there breathing fast and hard as I came back down to earth. I finally managed to get up and go into the bathroom, as I had to pee. While in there, I cleaned cum from my ass and my body.

While in there it hit me what I had just done. I had cheated on my husband with another man. I looked at myself in the mirror. I did not like the person I saw. It was as if it was not me any longer. I returned to the living room where I grabbed my clothes and covered my body. I looked to see Bobby standing there fully dressed. He started toward me and I stopped him.

“Please don’t Bobby, just leave,” I said to him.

Bobby turned and he walked out of our house as I closed the door behind him. I would never see him again. I walked into our bedroom to find Sonny in the same spot he had been. I went in to check on Michelle and found her fast asleep. I went back into the bathroom and filled the bathtub with hot water.

I soaked in the water hoping to wash away my sins. I cried as I soaked in the bathtub. I thought about how I had ruined my life at such a young age. I looked to the razor blade on the tub. I shook my head no, for I did not have the guts to cut my wrists and end it all.

As I looked at the razor Michelle’s cries filled the night. I got out of the tub slipped on my robe and went into her room. I picked her from the crib and cradled her in my arms. I walked to the living room and sat down in our rocking chair. I placed her against my chest and rocked her gently as I sang to her.

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word
Momma’s gonna buy you a mocking bird
And if that mocking bird don’t sing
Momma’s gonna buy you a diamond ring
And if that diamond ring gets broke
Momma’s gonna buy you a billy goat
And if that billy goat don’t pull
Momma’s gonna buy you a cart and bull
And if that cart and bull turn over
Momma’s gonna buy you a dog named Rover
If that dog named Rover don’t bark
Momma’s gonna buy you a horse and cart
Hush little baby don’t say a word
Momma’s gonna buy you a mockingbird.”

Michelle drifted back to sleep in my arms as tears rolled from my eyes down my face. Janet’s voice filled my head as she said, “Sure Ann someday you will see this differently as I do,” kept repeating in my mind until I too drifted off to sleep. I wished she had me in her arms right then.

A couple of days later Sonny came home early from work. I saw him pull into our driveway. He was in a different truck towing another car behind it. I raced outside to him as he got out of the truck. He walked around to the car behind the truck as I followed him

“Where is my fucking truck?” I asked him.

“I traded it for this car and truck plus two other ones,” Sonny replied. He tossed me a set of keys as he added, “That Chevy Nova there is your car now fucking slut.”

I looked at him as I asked, “WHY Sonny, why did you get rid of my truck?”

“WHY DID YOU FUCK BOBBY?” Sonny asked angrily in return.

“Because you don’t give me pleasure anymore,” I replied running back into our house crying locking myself in our bedroom with Michelle.

The next day Sonny went to work and I grabbed Michelle’s stuff as well as my own stuff. I loaded everything I could into the piece of shit Nova. I left him a note telling him I was leaving him that it was over, I told him not to try to find me. I got into that car and I drove out of state to the nearest hotel.

I got a room and once inside I sat down thinking what to do next. I did not know how Sonny found out about Bobby nor did I care for our marriage was over when Michelle was born. My dreams of having a happy home and family would not be happening now I thought as I reached for the phone. I dialed the operator and asked to make a collect call. I only hoped Grandma would accept it, which she did.

“Dear child where have you been?” Grandma asked into the phone.

“I have been lost with nowhere to turn,” I replied.

Grandma said, “Come home Ann and find your way here once more.”

I drove straight home only stopping for gas. Grandma and Frank came outside when I pulled up to the house. I removed Michelle from her car seat and walked over to them with my head down and tears flowing from my eyes.

Grandma lifted my head with her hand as she said, “We all make mistakes Ann and we all learn from them.”

Frank looked to me as he added, “Forgive me for the one I made.”

I knew Frank was talking about introducing me to Sonny in the first place. I went inside with them where I explained to them what had happened in my life. I explained how when Michelle was born and Sonny saw her long blonde hair he thought the baby was not his.

“Ann, your great grandfather had the loveliest blonde hair I have ever seen.” “It is rare but still a gene we carry in our family,” Grandma said to me.

I told them our love life had ended and how I ended up in the arms of his best friend. I explained when he got rid of my truck it was the last straw. I had enough of him so I left him and called home.

“Let me see my great granddaughter,” grandma said as she took Michelle from my arms.

“She looks just like you Ann,” Frank said as he looked to Michelle.

Michelle smiled and giggled as Grandma held her and Frank made a fuss over her. It felt good to be back at home where I belonged. I helped Frank get what little stuff I had managed to stuff into my shitty car into the house.

I told Frank I felt bad because I had lost grandfathers truck that he worked so hard to restore. The truck can be replaced what is important is that you are safe he told me.

“Your grandma worried every day that you were gone,” Frank said to me.

“Did you give her comfort while I was gone?” I asked him.

Frank smiled as he raised his hand and replied, “I did more than that I married her,” as he showed me the ring he now worn on his finger.

We all sat around that night talking as they caught me up to date with what was going on around here. George was off to college and they had sold Frank’s ranch. They both now raised horses together here at our farm. They showed me a photo of a horse that they had called Ann just to have me around them both. They told me that horse had taken third in the derby last year.

I did a whole lot of crying that night as I told them how I have ruined my life and theirs by running away and getting married. Frank picked up the phone and he called his lawyer. He hung up the phone and smiled to grandma and me.

“Tomorrow we will go file to get your divorce going,” Frank said to us.

Grandma got up and walked over to the phone where she picked up a piece of paper. She handed it to me as she said, “Janet calls for you every day to see if we had heard from you,” as she handed me the paper with her number on it. “Call her Ann let her know you are home,” Grandma added.

“I will but right now I need some sleep it was a long drive to here,” I replied.

Grandma smiled at Frank then to me as she replied, “Your room is almost as you left it however we added a few things in the last couple of days.”

They walked me with Michelle in my arms upstairs to my room. It was the same as I remember leaving it. There were some things added such as a crib and plenty of baby’s toys and other stuff. bakımlı gaziantep escort I lay Michelle in her new crib as I told them both thanks. They each gave me a kiss then told me to get some rest, as tomorrow was the start of not only a new day but a new life as well.

I lie down on my bed still thinking how my life sucked. I was eighteen with a child soon to be a year old, no job, no father for Michelle to love and no man for me to love as well. At least Grandma had not turned her back on me. I got up from my bed and started to walk down the steps to them. I paused at the bottom step as I heard them talking in the living room. They were talking about me.

“Frank that child looks like hell,” “She is only eighteen and looks to be in her thirties,” Grandma said.

“Life has a way of catching up on you when one is unhappy,” Frank replied.

“Is that why you are so young looking?” Grandma asked Frank as she cuddled up to him.

“Yes my love it is all thanks to you,” “Ann will recover with your help,” Frank replied.

“No with our help she will,” Grandma said.

I walked back up the steps and into the bathroom. I closed the door behind myself as I stared into the mirror. Grandma was right I did look like hell. I stood there remembering at one time I was a young sexy woman and now I was a worn beaten woman. I stared at myself in the mirror wondering how everything would have been if I had not had sex with Uncle Bill.

I returned to my bedroom and removed Michelle from her crib. I lay her beside me as I promised her that her life would never me as mine was. I cried myself to sleep as I held the only precious gift I had left. That being Michelle my sweet daughter.

A knock came at my door and I opened my eyes to see it was still dark outside. I heard Frank’s voice as he said, “Time to go to work.”

I was dressed and checked on Michelle before I went down stairs. Grandma was at the bottom of the stairs. She told me she would watch over Michelle as she kissed me then went upstairs. I walked into the kitchen where Frank handed me a cup of coffee.

Frank smiled at me as he said, “Lets see if you remember what hard work is like,” as he leaned against the counter drinking his coffee.

Frank told me we had 20 horses to look after and that just he and I were to see to them. He finished his coffee and I finished mine then I followed him out the back door. After feeding and grooming the first three horses, I was sweating and tired. I looked to Frank a man over 35 years older than me and he had not even worked up a sweat.

Frank smiled at me as he said, “You’re doing just fine Ann.”

I went back to work thinking how that boring life of sitting at home with Michelle looked good as I wiped the sweat from my forehead. We finally finished feeding and grooming the horse and Frank walked over to me. He wrapped his arm around me as he walked me back to the house with the sun just beginning to rise.

“Good job Ann, breakfast then time to give the horses their workouts,” Frank said to me.

I had forgotten just how good breakfast tasted especially when it was one of grandma’s. The three of us had breakfast and I checked on Michelle. Grandma told me she was just fine and not for me to worry about her. I did worry about her because she was all I had.

Frank and I gave the horses their workouts. Some went swimming in a special designed swimming pool, others we saddled up and put them through their paces. The first horse I jumped up on bucked me off throwing me to the ground.

I wiped the dirt from myself as I got up from the ground. I walked over to the horse and twisted his ear to show him who was boss. Frank smiled at me as I climbed back upon his back. The horse bucked some more but then he calmed down. Frank rode his horse over to me.

“I had not been able to break him of that Ann,” Frank said.

“He just needed someone with patience and love to give,” I replied as I rubbed at the horse’s neck.

I saw Frank smiling as I rode away on the horse. A little after one in the afternoon we finished their workout. Frank told me that was it until after supper. I walked inside the house just as the phone rang.

Grandma looked at me as she said, “That is probably Janet as it is time for her daily phone call asking about you.”

I picked up the phone as I said, “Hello Janet.”

Janet was full of questions some, which I had no answers to give. She asked me if it would be Ok if she came over after work to see me. I asked grandma and she told me that would be OK. I told Janet I would see her later and hung up the phone. I went to grandma and took Michelle from her arms.

“That child is very special and some day she is going to play an important role in your life,” Grandma said looking to me.

“What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Your grandfather tells me so,” grandma replied as she picked his picture up from the mantle of the fireplace. “He tells me she will be your strength as well as your weakness,” she added as she walked away.

I sat down in her rocking chair as I thought about what she had told me. I rocked Michelle gently as I looked down upon her. I wondered just what was so special about her. Michelle looked up at me with her little hands moving about.

A smile came to her face as she spoke her first words, “Mama.”

Her smile and first words put a smile onto my face something I had not worn in a while. I hugged her tightly as I promised her that her life would not be as mine is. Frank and grandma came walking into the room.

Grandma came over and took Michelle from me as Frank said, “Let’s go see if we can’t fix that car of yours up a little.”

I went outside to my car with Frank. He walked around it pointing and telling me it needed this and that. He lifted the hood as he told me at least she is a 350 easy to work on even for someone like me. Frank closed the hood and started to walk to his truck. He stopped and looked back at me as I stood beside my car.

“Well, are you coming along to get what we need?” Frank asked.

I got into his truck with him and I told him he did not have to do this. Frank told me he wanted to do this and I was going to help him. He explained it would give him a chance to get know his granddaughter. I wiped tears from my eyes knowing he accepted me as one of his own. Frank filled his truck with parts at the parts house and at the local junk yard.

On the way home, I said to him, “You spent way too much money.”

“What price can one ever place on love?” Frank asked. Then he added, “Besides it will come out of your pay from the ranch,” as he smiled at me.

We returned home and Frank told me to pull my car into the empty barn. I did then we both unloaded his truck and placed the parts we had brought in there with the car. We walked back outside and Frank closed the barn’s door.

“We will start on it tomorrow,” Frank said as he walked me back to the house. “Looks like we have company,” he added as we got to the house.

I stopped in my tracks as I saw the car near the house as Frank asked, “What is wrong Ann?”

“That is probably Janet and what do I say to her,” I replied.

Frank took my hand as he said, “You owe no one an explanation except for yourself,” as he walked me inside.

I knew what he meant and I knew one day that I would own Michelle an explanation for why she did not have a father like Frank to raise her. We walked inside and I saw Janet sitting next to grandma.

Janet had long semi curly blonde hair down to almost her waist. She sat there with her long tanned legs crossed. She stood up as I entered the room to reveal she was wearing a short mini skirt with a scooped out top. Her breasts over flowed the top of her skirt. They were as big and round as I remembered them. Her eyes stared at me as I stared at hers. I stood there not knowing to do. Janet smiled as she ran to me and took me into her arms.

Janet hugged me tightly as she whispered into my ear, “Welcome home Ann I have missed you.”

“I have missed you too Janet,” I replied as I cried openly onto her shoulder as she held me.

Grandma walked by with Michelle in her arms and Frank beside her as she said, “We will leave you two along.”

I sat Janet down onto the sofa next to me. I held her hand as I told her about the events in my life. I explained to her where I had made my mistakes. I told her the full story of falling in love then out of love with Sonny. I explained the only thing he ever gave to me was Michelle and sometimes I wondered if he was her father. I squeezed he hand tightly when I explained her voice had come to me one night as it filled my head with “Sure Ann someday you will see this differently as I do.”

“I am seeing that now Janet, forgive me,” I said to her.

“There is nothing to forgive Ann.” “The important thing is that you are home,” Janet replied as she wrapped her arms around me.

Her lips met mine as she kissed me deeply. I had missed those lips of hers I thought as she did. My pussy started to twitch as our kiss went on as our tongues explored our mouths. I finally broke our kiss as I looked to her.

“We have better stop before I can not stop myself,” I said as I smiled at her.

“Your back and we have all the time in the world now,” Janet replied smiling back to me.

“So what is new in your life?” I asked.

“I am engaged,” Janet replied showing me the ring upon her finger.

My heart sank as she told me about the man she was to marry. His name was Hank. As Janet told me about him I realized there was not a chance of her and I getting together again. You will like him as he will like you Janet told me with a smile on her face.

Janet joined us for dinner then told us she had to be getting home. She asked me if I would like to go to dinner with her and Hank this weekend. I told her I would love too as long as my work here got finished. I walked her to the door and outside closing the door behind us.

Janet took me into her arms and kissed me deeply as I kissed her back with passion. Her hands felt my tits and my ass as she pulled me tighter against herself. I could not help myself as my hand went under her skirt to find she had worn no panties.

With two fingers, I parted her pussy lips as they sought out her hole. I wiggled them as I pushed them up inside of her. My fingers met her g-spot. Janet moaned into my mouth as I rubbed at her spot.

“AHhhhhhh Ann,” Janet moaned out as she removed her mouth from mine.

Janet’s thighs closed around my hand as my fingers brought her to a wet orgasm. Her pussy juices squirted out over my hands and dripped to the porch below. Janet kissed me deeply as I removed my fingers.

Janet broke our kiss as she said, “It is nice to have you back Ann.”

Janet walked to her car as I stood there licking her juices from my fingers. I watched her drive away as I smiled to myself. It felt good to be home once again. I walked inside to find grandma and Frank sitting in the living room. Grandma smiled at me as I took Michelle from her. I sat down in a chair with Michelle in my arms.

Grandma said, “Janet is such a sweet girl and she loves you very much.”

I was shocked to hear her say that and it must have shown on my face for she added, “Ann, your lifestyle is none of our business and you may love who you want too.”

“We are just friends, grandma that is all, besides she is engaged to be married,” I replied.

Frank smiled at me then he said, “So you’re both bisexual just like your grandma.”

Grandma smacked Frank‘s arm as she yelled, “FRANK,”

“What, I was just saying,” Frank said with a little laugh.

We all had a little laugh even Michelle giggled and laughed with us. The rest of the week, I helped Frank with the ranch. We also went to the lawyers and filed for my divorce, which I got in a few months. When our work was finished, we both worked on my car together. We pretty much stripped the car down to just a frame with an engine on it. Frank was surprised that I knew so much about cars.

“Sonny did have a few good points,” I said to him.

“I am sorry I ever introduced the two of you,” Frank replied.

“Don’t be we all make mistakes,” I said smiling at him. “Like you crossing those plug wires,” I added putting them on in the right order.

“So we do Ann so we do,” Frank replied smiling at me.

On Friday night, Janet called me to tell me she would pick me up at around seven Saturday night. I asked her what I should wear and she told me to make it something sexy. I hung up the phone with a worried look on my face.

Frank and grandma looked at me as she asked, “Is something wrong Ann?”

“No not really it is just I have nothing to wear Saturday night,” I replied.

Frank got up and left the room as I sat down beside grandma. He returned with a check in his hands. Frank handed me the check to me.

“Here is your week’s wages, you earn them,” Frank said to me.

The amount writing on the check was more than a weeks wages and I replied, “Frank that is too much and I can not accept this,” as I handed it back to him.

Frank pushed my hand back as he said, “You don’t have a choice as you either take it or you find another job.”

I pulled the check back as I thought for a few seconds then replied, “I will take it on one condition.”

“What is that?” bayan escort Frank asked me.

“Only if I can call you dad as you are more like a father to me than being Frank,” I replied.

Frank stood me up and hugged as he said, “That would be just fine, Ann.”

I felt like I belonged here as he hugged me. I hoped my life was about to become normal again or at least to where I felt happy. I had that happy feeling as we hugged.

Saturday morning came and I went to work helping with the horses. We went inside and had our breakfast. Frank reached into his pockets and tossed his truck keys to me. I asked him why I needed his keys.

“Your work is done for today, you go into town and get yourself something nice to wear for tonight,” Frank said.

“Thanks dad,” I replied as I walked over and gave him a big hug.

“Take your grandma too she has not been into town for a while,” He said as he went back outside.

I helped grandma with the dishes then we got dressed to go into town. Grandma, Michelle and I drove into town where we went shopping and we both got our hair done. Grandma told me to take her to the local sporting store, as she wanted to get Frank a few things while in town.

As we walked around the store, Michelle got a little fussy in her stroller. Grandma and I both were trying to calm her down. We tried every thing and nothing worked. A very handsome young man in an army uniform came walking over to us.

He smiled to us as he asked me, “May I pick her up?”

I nodded my head OK and he bent his tall large frame over and picked Michelle from her stroller. The man held her high above his head and talked to her telling her what a lovely baby she was. Michelle stopped crying and he brought her down cradling her in his arms. The man brushed her long blonde hair with his hand as he started to sing.

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word
Momma’s gonna buy you a mocking bird
And if that mocking bird don’t sing.” .

Michelle cooed and giggled as she smiled at him. The man handed her back to me. I placed her back into her stroller and the whole time Michelle never took her eyes off him.

“Thanks Jack,” grandma said to the man. “How is your mom doing?” She then asked him.

I stood back up and noticed Michelle was still staring at him. Her little arms were moving in many directions and she was just giggling away. I turned to the man and I saw he was in the army and he must have flown helicopter or something for there were wings with a helicopter on them upon his chest.

I took in all of his body as I checked him from head to toe. He was about 6’2” tall of very muscular build. His hair was blonde short probably because of being in the service. I also noticed that he had a cute butt on him as well. I was checking out his butt when he turned to me. My eyes went to his and my eyes fell upon the loveliest blue green eyes I had ever seen.

His eyes sparkled and shined, as they seemed to turn to this deep blue color. I felt lost looking into his eyes as he looked into mine. I felt something but did not know what. However, I had seen these types of eyes before I thought. I heard Michelle say “Mamma,” and I looked down to her. She was smiling at me and I saw her eyes when I realized they were the same as this man’s eyes.

“Tell your mom I will call her soon,” grandma said to this man.

The man bent over down to Michelle as he said, “You behave for your lovely mother,” as he took his finger and touched her nose.

Michelle busted up laughing and cooing. She turned her head to the side as she watched the man walk away. She took her finger and she pointed to the man as he walked away. Her little mouth moved as if she was trying to form a word then from her mouth came, “Dada,” she laughed and squirmed in her stroller.

I turned to grandma as I asked, “Who was that man?”

Grandma explained that was Jack she told me he was in the Army and had been away for some time but was home on leave to be with his mom as his father had just passed away. She told me he was a fine boy and that his mother and father were so very proud of him.

“How old is he?” I asked her.

“Let me see he left about the same time you did,” “He has been gone for two years so he should be about 19 or twenty,” Grandma replied. “Why so many questions dear?” Grandma asked me giving me one of her looks.

“Nothing, just curious I guess,” I replied not knowing why I had this feeling about him.

I soon forgot about this man named Jack as we returned home and I got ready to go out with Janet. I had picked up a brand new push up bra, a low cut nice shirt and the tightest pair of jeans I could get into. I had also brought a new pair of dress cowgirl boots as well. The boots even made me about two inches taller I saw as I dressed and looked into the mirror.

Hank and Janet came and picked me up at home. They came inside and Janet introduced him to us all. Hank was just an average looking man in fact there was nothing that caught my eye about him. However, his eyes had caught my pushed up tits that hung over my shirt. Every time I looked at him, his eyes were on my tits.

We soon left and we went for dinner. Janet and I did most of the talking. Hank just stared and drooled over my tits, which shook each time I laughed at something Janet said to me. After dinner, we went to the local bar and sat down at the table.

The place was full and as I looked around the room, I saw that man Jack. He was now dressed in his dress green uniform. He looked very handsome in it and I saw a few medals hanging from his chest. He sat alone at the end of the bar. I turned to Janet and Hank.

“Do either of you know that man?” I asked as I pointed to him.

They looked to Jack and Janet shook her head no as Hank replied, “That is Jack a man you don’t want to know.”

“Why is that?” I asked Hank.

Hank told us Jack hates everyone, some girl had done him wrong and he just never recovered from it. He is a loner now and one would be careful not to get on his bad side. Hank told us he had seen him whoop three men asses the other night at the bar sending them all to the hospital.

“If he did that then why isn’t he in jail?” Janet asked him.

“He told them to leave him alone; in fact he begged them too.” “However the other men did not listen and he damn near killed them all when they took to fighting,” Hank replied to her.

I looked to Jack to see him just staring in front of himself sipping on his beer every now and then. I turned back to Janet and Hank as I explained about Michelle fussing and Jack picking her up calming her down. I told them he seemed to be a very sweet man.

“Beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Hank replied.

I turned back to see that Jack was no longer sitting at the bar. I looked around the room but I did not find him. I sat there thinking about this man and why it seemed like I should know him or why I was even thinking about him. My mind returned to the present when I heard.

“How you doing Hank?” a man asked Hank.

“Glad you could make it Rick, this is Ann,” Hank said to him.

Rick looked at me as he replied, “Damn buddy I figured you had set me up with a dog.” “Nice to meet you Ann,” he added as he held out his hand to me.

I shook his hand and then gave Janet a look. She had not told me this was going to be a double date. The boys went up to get us some drinks.

“Just what is going on Janet?” I asked her.

“Nothing just thought you needed some company tonight that was all,” She replied smiling at me.

I should have gotten up and walked home that night. If I had known, what was about to happen to me I sure the hell would have. The night continued and I felt more relaxed after getting to know Rick. He seemed like a nice person but who was I to judge that.

Rick was about 6 ft tall with a semi muscular build on him. He had long brown hair that flowed to his shoulders. He had a heart tattoo on his forearm that had mother written in side the heart. He was polite and he asked all the right questions as well as having all the right answers. He had even danced with me and I had felt a nice cock pressing up against my midsection.

The more I drank the looser I got. I was out dancing with him and kissing him on the dance floor. Rick was feeling my ass as we danced and telling me how lovely I was. As the night, ended Rick asked me if it was OK if he drove me home.

I saw nothing wrong with it as I said, “That would be fine.”

I could barely walk by the time we left the bar. Rick helped me into his car and he started to drive me home. Halfway home Rick pulled down a back road then pulled over, he leaned across the seat taking me into his arms. He kissed me deeply and his tongue shot into my mouth.

I tongued him back as his hand went to my tits. Rick pulled my shirt over my head then lifted my bra up over my tits. He wrapped his hands around my tits pulling them up to his mouth. He kissed, licked and sucked at them for some time.

I finally pushed his head away from my tits as my hands went to his pants. I unsnapped his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear as well. His hard cock sprung from his shorts when I did. Rick had a nice big fat cock. It was about nine inches and two inches around.

I took it into my hand and pumped at it as I stared at it. I enclosed my mouth around his cock and started to suck on just the head of his cock. I soon was moving my head up and down his cock working more of it into my mouth. I took all of his cock deep into my mouth and I started to suck.

I suddenly did not feel good and I removed my mouth from his cock. I gagged once before I threw up all over his lap. I jumped from the car falling to the ground where I threw up the rest of the nights worth of drinks I had. I felt Rick picking me up from the ground as I told him how sorry I was for throwing up in his lap. Rick placed me back into the car telling me it was OK.

Rick got back into the car and he looked to me as he said, “Hell it will give us something to remember our first date,” as he laughed a little.

I laughed a little too but I also felt very bad about it. I told Rick I was not used to drinking and that I should have known better. He kept telling me to forget it. Rick took me home and he walked me to the porch.

Rick took my hand and he kissed it as he said, “It was an unforgettable night and I would kiss you but maybe the next time,” as he gave a little laugh.

“I am sorry for that and I will make it up to you,” I replied.

“I am counting on that Ann,” Rick said as he went back to his car and drove away.

Thank god, no one was up as I went upstairs. I checked on Michelle who was sound asleep in her crib. I jumped into the shower and washed the night from me. I was rather shocked that Rick had not make a big deal out of me throwing up on him. I climbed into bed thinking about making it up to him some time soon.

I slept in the next morning and awoke with a hangover the next day. I went down stairs to find grandma in the kitchen. She told me I must have made an impression on some young man last night. I asked her what she meant.

“A person named Rick has been calling to check up on you,” Grandma replied.

“I had a little too much to drink last night and my head hurts,” I replied.

“I have just the thing for you,” Grandma said as she went to her cupboards.

She returned with a glass full of something that she handed to me. She told me to drink it all and I would feel great in a few minutes. The stuff in the glass smelled like hell but I raised it and drank it all down. It rather burnt on the way down as I made a face.

“A little something from the hair of the dog that bit you last night,” she said taking the glass from me.

I sat there with my head in my hands. I replayed the night in my mind however; all I could think about was throwing up into Rick’s lap. The phone rang and I noticed it did not cause my head to bang. Grandma’s drink must be working I thought.

“The phone is for you Ann someone named Rick,” Frank said to me from the living room.

I went inside to find him holding Michelle. I picked the phone up as Michelle started to cry and fuss. I started to go to her when Frank told me grandma would handle her as he left the living room.

“Hello Rick,” I said into the phone.

He asked me if I was feeling better. I told him I was and I was so sorry about last night. Rick told me I could make it up if I had dinner with him tonight. I told him I could not as we always have Sunday dinner here as a family. Frank was walking back in when I told Rick that.

“Have the boy come here,” Frank said to me.

Rick must have heard him as he asked, “So what time is dinner?”

I told him and that I would see him around 4 pm. Rick told me that would be just fine with him. I once again told him how sorry I was for last night. I hung up the phone and saw Frank staring at me.

“Just what happened last night?” Frank asked.

“Nothing dad other than I threw up in his lap,” I replied smiling.

“Now that is the way to make a first impression,” Frank replied with a little laugh.

Was that a good impression? What horror if any was I to face with Rick? Was Michelle Sonny’s or not? Who was this man named Jack? Find the answers to these and more in my next chapter.

That will end this chapter. Please let me know if are enjoying my story. If you read my other chapters you can find out how to see what I look like and if I have photos for that part of my story I will share them with you or at least something close to it.

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