The Titchester Chronicles – The Law Firm (4)

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Michelle’s Weekend

Michelle hurried upstairs when she returned from work on Friday. Her mother was in the kitchen so she yelled a quick greeting, stripped out of her smelly clothes and jumped in the shower. Scrubbing vigorously all over twice she wrapped a towel around herself and flopped onto her bed.

I’ll bin the outfits she decided. She put the bottles of Boost on the dresser and checked the time. Hours before her scheduled dose. Linda called up “Tea is ready!”

Michelle jumped off the bed, towelled her hair and covered herself in sweet-smelling talc before pulling on some old jeans and a t-shirt. She greeted her mum with a kiss “Tea smells nice”

“Veg casserole dear” Linda looked concerned “Are you okay?”

Michelle felt a little panicked. “Yes. Why?”

“Your eyes are very red.”

“Oh just tired mum, nothing to worry about” unless you count being fingered, pissed in the face, going down on my female boss and signing a servitude contract ‘a worry’ thought Michelle. Which reminded her.

“I’ve decided to go full time at McCraddock’s mum”

“Oh that’s wonderful news” a delighted Linda ladled out the stew “celebration time, I’ll get some wine”

Pleased at her Mum’s delighted reaction Michelle picked up her spoon. Her tummy still felt bloated from all the piss she had swallowed. The juxtaposition between earlier and the normality of sitting down to dinner with her mum was making everything that had suddenly happened to her difficult to process. Yet was it that sudden? In a moment of clarity, Michelle felt she had been leading up to the last two days since she had first arrived at the firm three weeks ago.

Doubts and worried flooded Michelle’s mind. She couldn’t hope to hide everything from her mum forever. Concern stabbed her. I’ll be on porn sites, thought Michelle. Images will be circulating online, word will get out and while it seemed normal at the office, now it seemed freaking bizarre. Mr Mead had pissed in her face! I loved it! She shook her head.

Linda returned with the wine “To my clever girl” she beamed and Michelle smiled weakly as they toasted her. She sank some of the wine to steady herself. Old Michelle was regaining her voice.

“What will you be doing dear,” asked Linda

Michelle frowned trying to remember what Miss Tolliver had said “Specialised Support Services” she replied.

Linda was impressed “Sounds important. You make sure you provide the best service you can dear.”

Michelle spluttered on the wine its acridity catching the back of her throat which triggered a flashback of spluttering on Mr Mead’s piss which in turn triggered a falling sensation in her tummy and aching dampness in her pussy. Holding on to that memory Michelle wanted nothing more right now than to be servicing Mr Mead. He loomed large in her mind and it comforted her. The new ‘normal’ dug in and reasserted itself.

“Are you sure you are okay hun?” asked Linda watching her daughter.

“Just a bit tired. Think I’ll have a lie down after tea. I have to read the firm’s manual and do some work online.

Linda clucked sympathy. “Of course it’s been a big day for you. You’re probably exhausted.

“Thanks, mum” they had always got on and Michelle didn’t want that to change.

They finished their meal, chatted for a bit and Michelle took another glass of wine up with her. She sat on her bed and fired up the tablet. The post on her new company blog about her sex shop adventures had attracted comments from site members. Some appreciative, many abusive, others demanding pics. The feeds of her getting pissed on by Karen and her time at the ‘D’ stalls were being trailered under the banner ‘Michelle’s first day’. There were 12 cock pictures which she dutifully commented on expressing her appreciation and thanks.

Michelle turned to her personalised porn feed. The theme was pissing, invariably on young slender girls, and included herself with the full scene of Karen gushing into her mouth, her pissing on Karen and then being coated in Mr Mead’s piss. Michelle wondered how they had managed to get that close up.

Pausing the feed as piss filled her mouth she wished she could see more of Mr Mead other than just the head of his cock. A part of her rational brain still puzzled over this intense attraction to him but her emotional side simply yearned to please him. Without realising, her hand had slipped under her t-shirt and was tweaking her left nipple. Placing the tablet on the bed she lent forward to kiss the screen, her lips encompassing his cock, his stream and her shiny, piss reamed face. It was an unconscious act of supplication. After a minute she rose and resumed the feed.

The other theme was anal. Young slender girls having their asshole plundered by cock, fists or objects. She logged the official 30 minutes but stayed longer to watch a young black girl have her bum hole stretched and then have it pissed in. Michelle swirled the wine round in her mouth and knew she needed ‘something’ stronger. The acrid bite in conjunction with the porn and the unseen messaging was anchoring her new reality.

Hurrying to the bathroom, glass and phone in hand she slipped off her jeans and switched to ‘selfie’ mode. She smiled at the screen and chatted “Me trying to pee in the glass and take this at the same time”.

At first, she tried over the toilet but decided the bath would be better. Michelle hopped into the tub, squatted slightly and angled the screen so that men would see her filling the glass. It didn’t take long to pee as she was still processing the liquid from earlier and the glass filled to the brim. Michelle let it overflow for a bit and then stopped. She pulled the phone up back to her face and flashed a big smile

“Cheers” she raised the glass to her lips savouring the pungency of her urine and took a long draught. It flowed down easily and the pleasurable sensations of the day returned in its wake.

Michelle polished off the glass, refilled it and decided to take it back to her bedroom. She hopped out of the bath and pulled on her jeans over her wet legs. The dampness showed through and Michelle added to it by wetting herself with what piss she had left. Satisfied she opened the bathroom door quietly and listened out for her mother. Watching TV. Michelle scuttled back to her room and secured the door by jamming a pink sock into the bottom.

Looking at herself in the full-length mirror and the wet streaks down her legs Michelle snapped a few images and then signed off with a brief wave and the hope the men watching this later would enjoy her little bathroom escapade.

She continued to examine her tight, shapely bum from several angles and a concern, seemingly unbidden, popped into her head. Was her asshole too tight? Anxiety gripped Michelle at the thought of disappointing Mr Mead.

Seizing the hairbrush Michelle propped her phone on the dresser and set the camera up to record herself. She pulled down her jeans to her knees and climbed onto the bed making sure the phone would see her as she raised her ass into the air. Smearing the hairbrush handle and her tight hole with hand cream she rubbed the tip over her back entrance, took a deep breath and pushed.

It penetrated surprisingly easily. She had tried anal sex once before with Andy but it hadn’t worked. She had been far too tense. Him, far too impatience. She was more relaxed and willing now she thought. Nevertheless, she was still tight and needed to ‘slacken’ her hole.

Determined she began to thrust the brush down and hard to the side to make sure it stretched. She imagined this was a cock, Mr Mead’s cock, and she felt her pussy tingle at the thought. “Fuck me, Mr bayan escort gaziantep Mead, rape my virgin arse, stuff your cock in my shithole and then piss in it” she gasped out loud

Four miles away as the crow flies an alert pinged on one of the screens in Mary Tolliver’s penthouse flat.

“You have been a busy girl” she murmured as she accessed Michelle’s uploads.

Mary had already seen the bathroom selfie and had been pleasantly surprised. Michelle grasped that it wasn’t just about showing or degrading yourself, it was also about showing yourself as a person, as an individual that can be related to and whose consequent descent into degradation, humiliation and even ruination was therefore much more enjoyable.

The other bonus was accessing a predilection which appealed to the girl. Unlocking a vice that worked early on was key. Toilet games were Michelle’s thing

The latest video flickered into life and showed Michelle on the bed with her jeans around her knees getting to work on preparing her asshole. The handle of her brush was roughly jerking back and forth but Michelle was associating the pain with pleasure. Turning up the volume she captured Michelle’s guttural moans

“Fuck me, Mr Mead, rape my virgin arse, stuff your cock in my shithole and then piss in it”

Grudgingly Mary conceded that Mead had a talent for spotting the right girl to groom. Banks had a poor batting average, she better than most but Mead had a natural outstanding talent for it. His reward was to have himself imprinted on Michelle as her alpha role model. The one person Michelle must please above all others.

Mary checked the health app which was monitoring Michelle’s stats via her wristband. Michelle’s endorphins were down from earlier but still very high, heart rate erratic and elevated, Boost level slowly subsiding. Hormonal levels remained optimal.

Mary typed some final notes as she watched the young girl smash the handle in and out of her asshole whilst fingering herself to a shuddering climax. “For the subliminal Dept. Keep the Mead imprinting at a high level for the next week. Reinforce the toilet fetish and blend in some scat play to test reaction. A constant underlying theme of how normal this new behavioural structure is and hammer home the main core message. She only has worth as walking piece of cunt. She is there to please, to service men and alpha women . Rape is normal. You can’t rape something that has no value except as something to be raped. Stress how happy this makes her. How right it is. Same message as per the last three weeks but now immersing her at home as well as work”

Michelle had let the hand brush slip from her asshole. Soft purring came through the speakers. The sleep fetish crowd will like that thought Mary. She closed down the screen. “Sweet dreams” she smiled. Her eyes were hard.

Waking from her slumber Michelle checked the time. Still early for the Boost but she would kill for a cup of tea. She winced as she moved. Her bum was sore. She felt herself carefully and then used some hand cream on her hole.

Stepping out of her wet jeans she bundled them in with the other soiled clothes. The pungent aroma hit her when she opened the bag. Michelle buried her face in them and inhaled deeply. It would be a shame to bin them. Perhaps vacuum seal and label them? Take them out and enjoy when she wanted? Michelle liked the idea.

She wiped the hairbrush handle and then licked it clean. Lube. I need lube. And toys to keep her holes useable so that men could enjoy them at any time.

Pulling on a robe she freed the sock jamming the door and traipsed downstairs carrying the Boost for the kettle.

Linda was watching a movie and waved as Michelle went by.

“Fancy a cuppa mum? asked Michelle.

“Thanks, hun that would be great”

Michelle filled the kettle with the Boost and made two cups. She had forgotten about the Boost only being for her, still what harm could it do. It was only fortified vitamin water she thought when handing the cup to her mother.

“Thanks, dear” Linda smiled sipping her tea.


It was a lovely morning. Michelle woke feeling light and refreshed. Her cup of tea, then a dose of Boost and the murmurings from her work tablet through her headphones had lulled her into a deep sleep. She felt sure about herself and what lay ahead in her new future. Michelle was happy and confident. More than she ever had been in her young life.

A leisurely shower, bagel and cream cheese to follow for breakfast with cups of Boost tea. She could feel her bladder filling nicely. Her mother kissed the top of her head. “You’re up bright and early. Big plans?” she asked Michelle

“Kind of” replied Michelle. A trip to the sex shop and try and get hold of Keith.

“Seeing Anaisha?” this was Michelle’s best friend

“Still not back from her holidays with her parents. Think its Wednesday.”

Her mother nodded absently. “That cup of tea was gorgeous last night. Slept like a baby. Did you put anything in it?”

Michelle almost lied but she was a truthful soul “Its a vitamin supplement water from the firm. They encourage us to use it. There is still some in the kettle” she added.

Michelle finished off her cup of tea and picked up her best glasses. “Off to get ready,” she said.

For her outfit, she had gone with tight jeans shorts, a white cotton shirt top tied to expose her midriff and white pumps. She took a little rucksack in favour of a handbag to put her purchases in. Having misplaced her other glasses she was unsure what to do with her best pair. She could see okay without them and wasn’t going to drive so she opted to put them in her rucksack along with a small flask of Boost.

Yelling goodbye to her mum Michelle headed for the bus stop and on into town. Her phone pinged as she climbed aboard and found a seat. It was Keith who seemed confused about a suggestion to meet up today with Michelle. He didn’t know ‘a Michelle’.

“Oops” texted back Michelle “it’s me ‘Jane’. Don’t say you have forgotten? (sad face)”

A few minutes went by and Michelle began to worry he may have forgotten or given her a wrong number but it turned out to be no more than stunned shock.

Yes, he would love to meet up, no it was not a problem, only plans he had today was to see a local soccer match with his mate Bill, happy to put it off, just let me know when and where. Keith all but included a panting emoji.

They agreed on noon giving Michelle a couple of hours shopping and named a popular Pizza restaurant in town as a meeting point.

Satisfied Michelle slipped out her headphones and logged 10 minutes of inspirational goals she should be achieving. ‘Embrace your new life, its new challenges … our unique perspective on what governs society… it’s not about you but how you can please men’…

Michelle nodded happily.

The sex shop was empty. “Men out with their families. Not a lot of trade for us Saturday morning. Gets a bit busier in the afternoon. This shop isn’t really a couples shop either” added Becky unnecessarily. “nice to see you again though”

Michelle smiled “need to buy a few things”

“Love to help. Nothing else better to do” offered Becky

“That will be great. So dildos, what you got?”

A lot as it turned out. A smorgasbord of ribbed, fleshy, straight, curved, delights.

“You have your wands, your dragons, horse cocks, dog cocks” went on Becky

Michelle’s eyes lit up at the size of some of them. “A horse cock” she whispered to herself

Becky grinned “They are good” she eyed Michelle “So do you want cim cif gaziantep escort to be stretched and filled rather than stimulated or both?”

“Stretched,” said Michelle “Everywhere”

“Right well let’s start with your mouth. For working the jaw muscles and getting some deep throat I would go for your fleshy black cock at 8, 10 or 12 inches. 10 is a good bet. 12 is just overkill plus the 10 is slightly fatter. Also works elsewhere but to practice your throat fucking that’s your beast”

“Done” agreed Michelle.

“For your pussy well, I can see you have your eye on that realistic horse cock. Again good for all areas and it is so awesomely dirty”

Both girls giggled.

“For that cute little arse of yours, I ‘d go for a set of butt plugs to train you even when at work” Michelle smiled to herself “I like metal and ideal for keeping clean” continued Becky “I’d also go for an anal probe just for the pleasure of it”

They chatted for a further 20 minutes or so about beads, balls, speculums with and without electro attachments, looked at some porn and gossiped away with Becky trying to find out why she had let the men cum on her the other day.

“Because they asked me too I guess” shrugged Michelle

“Fair enough” laughed Becky “I’m not fussed and I made an extra £40 off you so I guess that makes me your pimp”

They both laughed at this, partly because it was true.

Michelle ended up with the black fleshy 10 incher, a 14-inch horse cock, a set of three anal plugs, anal probe, a one-litre pump dispenser of lube, and a smaller ‘travel’ tube. She kissed the shorter, dark-haired girl, admiring her tongue piercings when Becky responded by pushing her tongue into Michelle’s mouth. They swapped numbers. “I’ll send you pics,” said Michelle only half-joking “I’ll hold you to that” Becky squeezed Michelle’s hand and not joking.

Michelle just loved the way she was making new friends that a couple of weeks ago would have seemed impossible. She wondered if Keith would be a new friend?


At that moment Keith was having a mini heart attack. His cologne was around 10 years out of date, and that was being generous and he just wasn’t capable of pulling off the casual jeans, shirt and jacket look, or any look for that matter.

He groaned at the growing moisture under his arms. Finally, he parked and headed for the men’s restroom in the dept store and stripped down to his waist in the cubicle. He sat down on the pan after using some wet wipes to wash himself down for the third time that day.

His mate Bill hadn’t believed him when he first told the story. “Fuck off,” he said laughing. Bill still wasn’t a believer even when Keith showed him his treasured video “You took that? Fuck off” Keith rarely argued with his more aggressive friend but this time he lost it. “Okay, okay,” said Bill. “You did pay her though”

“It was a gift and I left her my number”

“Yeah well that slut ain’t getting in touch,” said Bill emphatically, resting a beer can on his impressive paunch. That shit only happens in pornos” Bill was a connoisseur of pornos. He heaved his bulk out of the chair and pushed back his thin, greasy hair. “You want to watch one?” he asked. Keith did.

The text arrived Saturday morning and shattered a lifetime of firmly held assumptions by Bill.

“Fuck off,” he said. “Jane texted you?”

“Yes. No. I mean yes. Except her name is Michelle not Jane.

“Fuck off” Bill didn’t have an expansive vocabulary.

“She has. She wants to meet up. What do I do?”

Bill stared at his phone “You fucking say yes you fucking moron. Jesus H Christ what the fuck where you thinking of saying…?” words failed Bill.

“Okay, I will. You coming over?” asked Keith.

“Mate I’m halfway there.”

Keith paced his tiny one bed flat “So what do I do Bill?” he said for the fifth time since Bill had arrived.

“You meet up as arranged and get her over here and well…fingers crossed” Bill was trying to remain encouraging.

“Yes. But what do I say?”

Bill was beginning to entertain thoughts of murdering Keith. Only the fact that a corpse would seriously hamper getting the girl back to the flat deterred him.

“Just be yourself. It worked last time” fuck knows how thought Bill

“Yes. Perhaps she likes me”

Bill considered this to be implausible but then everything so far was fucking implausible.

“I guess,” he said “Just get the bitch here. Please” he added fervently.

Michelle spotted Keith before he saw her, smiled and waved “Thought we could grab a few slices of pizza” he said, wiping his damp hands on his jeans. His eyes were bulging again.

“Okay if that what you would like,” said Michelle.

Keith grabbed some random slices of pizza from an outside vendor and brought them over to Michelle who had found a bench under a tree

“Forgot to ask what you liked,” he said lamely

“That’s okay I’ll have whatever you got”

Gratefully he handed over two slices and a coke. Biting into his slice he sat next to Michelle. God, she looks so fucking hot. His cock was straining at the leash and he crossed his legs. It was painful.

“So,” Keith said after sorting out his groin problem. “So,” he said again.

“Did you enjoy cumming on me the other day?” said Michelle earnestly “And if you did could you say a few words about how good it was and how well I did?”

“Well – umm – yes I suppose”

“That would be great” she dug her phone out of the rucksack.

“Now?” said Keith

“If you could I would appreciate that.” Michelle rested her hand on his thigh.

“It’s just a bit public. Could we -er- do it somewhere more private?”

“No problem,” said Michelle.

“We could do it in my car”

“Okay. Is it all right if I bring my pizza?”

Keith thought she could bring the vendor’s fucking cart if she wanted.

They walked to the car park and Keith was congratulating himself on his cunning. He texted Bill “On way to the car”

“Fuckk!” was the reply

“Who was that?” asked Michelle.

“Oh, just my friend Bill. I told him about you and showed him the video of you”

“Did he like my pussy?”

“Yes he did very much”

Keith unlocked the small Toyota and Michelle climbed in.

“Hey if you like we could drive to my place and Bill can say great things about you as well”

Michelle paused and then nodded “Sounds like a good idea” she smiled fastening the seat belt

Keith started the engine and realised there was a Porn God after all.

Michelle knew that Keith was trying to manoeuvre her into a situation where she may have to have sex with him if he wished. She didn’t mind as she thought Keith was sweet and it would be a good way to practise pleasing men. The addition of Bill was a twist but that was not her call. Everything was now up to Keith and Bill.

Keith’s flat was on a quiet road and he was starting to shake as he pulled into the parking space.

“Look,” he said. “Look,” he said again

“Shall we go up. I do need your testimonials and if we can get your friend Bill to do one that would be wonderful” said Michelle.

Keith looked at her and Michelle saw his eyes harden a fraction and Michelle knew they were going to fuck her.

“Yes, let’s go up. Bill will be there” said Keith.

They got out and walked to the flat door, Keith unlatched it and led her through.


Hardly believing his eyes Bill watched this slim, pretty young thing get out of the car. He knew that he would fuck her whether she wanted it or not. As long as cinsel bilgiler Keith didn’t pussy out they should be fine. She had made the running. They had a video of her being a slut. No one would believe her if she tried to make trouble and Bill was too wired to care anyway.

Michelle eyed Bill as she entered the living room. Heavyset, mean eyes and large gut. She breathed deep and took solace in her new rules. He was a man. She went over and hugged him. It felt right. Surprised Bill dropped his hands to her arse and began pawing it

He had a stale, raw odour which added to the naked lust she felt coming from him. It took her breath away and she looked up into his hard eyes as he continued to grope her.

“I’m going to fuck your stupid brains out” Bill announced.

Bill wasn’t big on foreplay.

Michelle felt her self being spun around and then bent over. Bill tugged at her shorts, popped them open and jerked them down exposing her naked ass. Smacking her rear hard, he pushed her into the sofa. Michelle knew she had to get on her knees. Kicking off her shorts she settled into position on the sofa, presented himself to him and waited for the assault.

Keith was whining “I want to fuck her first. I found her. I got her here”

A small spat broke out which then became a discussion about which of her holes to rape first. Michelle felt detached from the discussion She was indifferent to the choice. It was not her choice to make. She was simply there to provide the holes for the men to fuck.

Bill settled the matter by rubbing his bulbous cock against her exposed pussy and then ramming it home. It hit Michelle in the pit of her stomach, winding her. She blinked back the sudden tears as he pushed down on her, driving her face deeper into the sofa cushion. Tiny little whimpers only fed his aggression.

This was fucking without thought, care or consideration. She tried to block the pain in her stomach. His hands grabbed, twisted and pulled at her, squeezing her so hard she couldn’t help but gasp in pain. Keith’s delighted shouts of “Rape her, rape HER!’ sounded in her head like an assault in itself. Their brutality shocked her yet the evident delight and pleasure they got from her rape excited her more than any past fucking. Inwardly she celebrated their unabashed cruelty and her desire responded in kind.

Hot juice splashed over her arse and the back of her legs. Bill staggered back a few paces “Fuck, that was sweet!” Michelle felt suddenly empty and hollow without that fat cock stuffed inside her. It had aroused her, completed her and then abandoned her. All that was left was the pain.

“Fuck me look at all that cum on her arse,” said Keith. “I ain’t fucking her with all that jizz over her.

“So lets clean her up like they do in the pornos” grinned Bill

Michelle was carried into the small bathroom and dropped on the floor, cracking her left knee. Bill lifted her up by the hips, pushing her face down to the floor, ass in the air. After a few moments, Michelle felt more hot liquid pour over her bum. Lots of it too. It ran down her back, into her hair and started to pool around her face. Piss she realised with a start. She made an involuntary movement and received a hard thwack on her ass. “Stay” both men growled with real menace. Michelle’s stomach gripped in a knot and then relaxed as she repeated the mantra she fell asleep too last night. She was a fuck hole to be raped. To be used like this was her only purpose. This acceptance freed her from any judgement. This is where she belonged and what she deserved.

Firm hands gripped her hips and she felt cock pushing against her tight asshole. She burbled softly in the acrid pool and waited.

In Keith’s excitement at seeing this hot girl getting fucked in his FUCKING flat, and then pissing over her with Bill he didn’t use any lube. He didn’t notice she looked a bit sore and just jabbed his cock into her tight hole. Michelle cried out and he beat a quick rhythm on her arse “SHUT the fuck up” he shouted and began stabbing away and tearing into her.

Michelle subsided into the pool of piss and waited for it to be over. It was her fault for not preparing her holes properly. She would learn next time and be prepared. She was a stupid fucking cunt. Her mental chastisement distracted from the physical distress in her asshole. Keith rammed into Michelle again and propelled her forward. She cracked her head against the toilet pan.

“God I’m fucking cumming” groaned Keith. He unloaded deep in Michelle’s ass.

Bill was watching, his cock getting hard again. Both men had just taken the edge off their appetite.

“Fucking good eh?” grinned Bill

Keith staggered to his feet. “We should have videoed that”

“Yeah, great idea. Video us raping a girl. Think we should put it on YouTube?”

Abashed Keith shook his head. They wandered into the small front room momentarily forgetting about the abused and dazed girl on the bathroom floor. Pulling open a celebratory can of beer Bill tossed one to Keith and took a deep swig.

“To us mate” he grinned.

Keith opened his can and said “Aye. To us” he grinned back.

Michelle groaned, tried to clear her head and got to all fours. The pain in her raped asshole was only matched by the throbbing of her head. Gingerly she felt her rear, winced and looked at her hand. It was streaked red. Michelle grabbed a hand towel and pressed it against herself. Slowly she started to crawl out of the bathroom.

“Shit,” said Keith “Cunt’s bleeding all over my carpet. He went to her quickly and pushed Michelle back into the bathroom. “Damn. Get some paper towel out of the kitchen”

Keith took the paper towel off Bill, tossed the hand towel Michelle had used into the bathtub and started to clean her up. “Stick some in her arse that’ll stop the bleeding” Keith nodded, finished wiping inside her thighs and did as Bill advised.

“What now?” he said worriedly

“We do what you suggested and video her. This her phone?” Bill picked up the discarded phone and then Michelle’s limp hand to use her thumbprint.

“You said it was a bad idea,” said Keith

“Yeah but do it right and it’s our get out of jail card”

Bill activated the camera and video mode. He perched on the bathtub and lifted Michelle’s head by her hair.

“You asked us to rate you fuck skills and they were pretty good. Now smile for the camera.”

Fuzzily Michelle smiled.

“Do you want to us to rate your cock sucking skills babe?” he went on in a friendly tone.

Michelle automatically nodded.

“Can’t hear you, babe”

“Yes please” croaked Michelle

“You like it when we fucked your hard” interjected Keith

“Yes. Thank you for fucking me hard” woozily.

“Always happy to make a girl happy” laughed Bill “Now suck my dick, I’m going to cum in your mouth just as you like it”

Michelle opened her mouth as he guided her onto his cock “That’s great babe, really good. Ready for a face fuck?” Bill took her inarticulate mumble as a yes. He pulled her head up and then jammed his cock hard down her throat. Struggling to accommodate him and breathe Michelle’s head lolled loosely in his grasp, his entwined fingers in her hair and the increasing violence with which he fucked her face was making the pain in her head worse.

“Choke on my dick you whore cunt” he yelled with Keith doing his best bulge eyed stare.“Rape her fucking face Bill, go on mate”

Bill fully intended too and Michelle gagged and heaved as he finally entered her throat, saliva and tears streaming down her face. The sound of loud pounding on the door dimly penetrated her fogged brain and then sticky, thick cum made her half snort, half cough as Bill’s semen came out of her nose. She felt herself drowning, falling deeper into a black vortex, a voice yelling “who the fuck are you?” and then a merciful nothing.

Michelle passed out.

(to be continued)

Next: Michelle’s Weekend – Reborn

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