Two Worlds Collide_(1)


Andrea Frost had waited for and dreamed of this day, her parents trusted her enough to go away for a weekend together, leaving her home alone. Of course they gave her the speeches about no parties, no friends over and about being a responsible young woman! They told her that this was her chance to prove to them she could be trusted and she wanted them to trust her. At eighteen she wanted their approval to start dating and to be able to use the car she’d been given for her birthday by herself. To go to football games alone and to drive herself to school, to drill team practice and home all by herself. Andrea body was in good shape.

Her breasts being firm and cone shaped that comes with her age and youth. She had 34C’s and medium sized nipples. She had dirty blond hair and stood 5″8 and was a little thicker than all the “Ally McBeal” thin girls that seems to be the rage today. Her ass was s little padded by the baby fat she still carried. She hated that she lived far out of town away from anything fun to do like the malls or the arena. She couldn’t even walk to anything closer than 2 miles.

After school on Friday her mom picked her up and drove her home reminding her of the rules. She told her mom she’d obey them all! Once she wished her parents well and reassured them that she would be good they took off for two days at a bed and breakfast on the Washington coast. They needed some quality time alone and Andrea was happy for them to have it! She decided to do homework and as a surprise to her parents to do some housework too! She’d show them she was responsible!

She went to the laundry room and went through the laundry hamper sorting cloths. The darks went into the washing machine and she then added soap while the whites waited their turn to be washed. While the cloths were washing she sweep the kitchen and dining room and mopped them, then ordered a pizza with the cash her parents had given her. After all this work she went back to the laundry room and moved the dark load to the dryer and put the lights in the wash. Feeling very productive so far she went to her room to do some homework and after reading several chapters and doing a few projects it was nearly 8 PM already.

WOW had this day gone by fast. She went downstairs and took the darks out of the dryer and placed the light load in and turned the dryer on after adding a dryer sheet and then began to fold the cloths making neat piles. Once she was done she decided to have a Pepsi. She went to the fridge and discovered that her mother must have forgotten to go to the store before the trip.

There was no Pepsi, no milk and very little to eat in the house. Andrea really wanted a Pepsi and she knew she’d need milk over the next three days and her parents would be tired when they got home late Sunday night and wouldn’t be able to go to the store till Monday morning. She didn’t want to walk to the store two miles away carrying heavy groceries back and it was night anyways on these dark country roads she’d probably get hit by a car. Everyone drove very fast out here. She knew she wasn’t suppose to drive her car even though she had a drivers license and had gone through drivers education classes. She thought she would drive there to be safe, get groceries and if asked by her parents she’d tell them she had walked to the store.

She knew they’d never know she had drive her car. She found the keys to the white Ford Probe and went to the garage. She turned the car on, put her seat belt on and hit the button on the garage door opener. The door opened and the darkness of the night was invaded slightly by the light on the garage door opener. She slowly backed the Probe out and once safely past the door she pushed the button to close the garage doors. She backed out onto the road slowly and started the car towards the store.

She was driving slowly and well and soon she saw another car was coming towards her and she was watching it when suddenly her headlights caught a deer in the road. She swerved to the left to avoid it and hit the on coming car but not to hard because she had been braking and so had the other driver. She wondered if she had hit the deer too and if the other driver was ok. She thought she had hit so hard, and she was sure she had to have really hurt either the deer or the other driver. She unhooked her seatbelt and got out to see the damage.

As she did so a man standing by her door scared her by asking if she was ok? She hadn’t seen him in the darkness. She said yes and asked if he was the driver of the other car. He said yes and again asked if she was alright. She said yes. Andrea asked if she had hit the deer and if the man was ok.

He said you missed the deer, I’m ok but my car is a mess. escort He pointed to the smashed in front end and driver’s side panel. It looks so bad with the hood pushed up and the glass from the car lights all broken on the ground and mixed with pieces of the front grill. The pointed nose of Andrea’s Probe was dented but not badly. But badly enough for her parents to never let her drive again or trust her to do anything.

Andrea started crying thinking how all she had wanted to do was go to the store and help her parents out. And now she had ruined her life! The man asked if she was ok and if she had her insurance papers and what her name was. She said her name was Andrea and she hadn’t gotten insurance yet because she was going to get a summer job and pay for it herself. The man introduced himself as Mathew and said that he would have to call the police so his insurance company would cover this. Andrea was really scared thinking she’d go to jail and begged the man not to call the police.

“Please don’t call them. I’ll get a job now and pay for all the repairs to your car. I’ll do anything you need me to do to pay off the debt. Please don’t call the police. My parents will kill me for sure then!”

Mathew thought for a moment and figured this was the one time in his life when he’d have a beautiful young girl in this situation. Mathew was in his late thirties and married but craved sex with a beautiful young girl in his dreams. He dreamed of doing nasty things to her and making her his sex slave and now was the chance. He knew he had to scare her more to make this work.

“Andrea I have to call the police, the damage to my car is in the thousands and it would take you six months to a year of working after school to pay for it and the real problem is that the repair shop won’t give me the car back once it’s repaired till they are paid in full. I’m sorry but I have to call the police. I’m Sure that you won’t spend too much time in jail.”

Knowing full well that she’d only get a ticket if he did call the police. “PLEASEEEEE don’t call them, I’ll do anything just pleaseeee don’t call them.” Andrea wailed and begged.

Mathew said “ok but you have to do what I say tonight or I’ll call them, deal? Do you promise to do exactly what I say?”

Andrea said “Yes I will” very happily. “ok Andrea then I will be blunt and to the point. I want you, I want to have sex with you.” Mathew said. Andrea froze, her happiness gone. She couldn’t believe this old man wanted her to have sex with him. She was a virgin and had never had sex. She dreamed of saving herself for marriage or at least for a cute college guy once she graduated from high school.

Mathew could tell she was wavering so he said “It’s ok Andrea I will just call the police and you can deal with them and your parents.” Those words froze Andrea and she decided to do as he asked. I mean it isn’t that bad. Everyone says sex is great and she’d heard her parents have sex a lot and knew they loved it.

Ok I will do it” Andrea said thinking it’d be over in a little while and she could forget about all this. Mathew wanted to make sure he had her before he moved the cars so he told her to get naked and into the back seat of his car and to leave her cloths in her car. Andrea looked shocked and said “I can’t do that here! Someone might see me and it’s cold here.”

Mathew said “I told you that you had to do exactly what I wanted, since you don’t want to do as I say I’ll just call the police now.”

Mathew started to dial the cell phone but then he saw Andrea turn her back to Mathew and begin to pull her t-shirt over her head. “NO! Turn towards me so I can see you” Mathew said. Andrea turned and finished removing her t-shirt then her bra. The night air was cold and her nipples stood out on her firm small breasts. She then took off her sneakers, socks, jeans and finally her panties revealing her neatly trimmed brown bush. Andrea put all her cloths in the front seat of her car and wrapping her arms around her breasts she went to Mathew’s car and got inside expecting him to follow. Instead he got in her Probe and backed it up and onto the shoulder of the road locking the car and bringing her keys with him.

He got into the drivers side door and started his car and drove down the road to his own house. Andrea figured he lived within a mile or so of her house. “Ok, follow me Andrea” Mathew said as he parked and got out and lead her to house and inside but he didn’t turn on any lights. He told Andrea to be quiet and follow him and he opened a door and turned on a light which showed stairs going down. Mathew indicated Andrea should go first and as went down the stair heading to the basement. escort bayan Mathew loved seeing her nude body ahead of him.

Mathew’s wife was visiting her mother back east but you never knew what might happen he thought. The basement was the best place for this, plus that’s where my camcorder is. Once there Mathew turned on the light for the room and moved to the entertainment center and placed his keys there and took off his watch. Mathew told her to go to the middle of the room and drop her arms.

Andrea did as instructed and watched as Mathew circled her body looking very please. He then leaned close to her and kissed her while one of his hands cupped and kneaded her breast and then pulled on her hard nipple sending waves of sensations thru her. He continued this for about ten minutes, moving from breast to breast and then told her to undress him. Andrea slowly unbuttoned his shirt and then pulled it off his shoulders. Mathew was getting a small potbelly from too much desk work and not enough exercise but his arm and chest muscles were firm and he had a beautiful tattoo on his arm. Next she untied his shoes laces and pulled his shoes off followed by his socks. Then still kneeling she unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his pants and pulled down his zipper revealing a very large bulge in his shorts.

She took his pants down his legs and pulled each leg off his feet as Mathew lifted each leg. Then she pulled his jockeys down and his thick cock sprang free. It looked to be about 6-8 inches long and thick. It curved upwards and was very warm. She finished removing them and them Mathew told her too take his cock in her hand and suck on it. She took a hold of the cock in her right hand and there was about half of it still sticking out. She knew he wanted her to take it into her mouth so she licked the head and tasted a salty taste and then put it inside her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. That seemed to make Mathew very happy.

Next Mathew told her to move her fingers up and down the shaft of his cock a little and to take as much of the cock into her mouth as possible. When Andrea did this she heard moans of pleasure from Mathew. She did this for about five minutes and then Mathew grabbed her head and tried to force the cock into her throat for several minutes but her small throat couldn’t go in there and she gagged and he stopped and pulled it out of her mouth. He said he was sorry. He directed her to lay on the couch and then he knelt between her legs and kissed her lips and then her neck and finally worked his way to her breasts. Andrea was getting excited as he kissed her and as his hands played with her breasts and nipples.

Once he placed his warm wet mouth her breasts and then her nipples the pleasure increased. But then his head moved towards her pussy and this scared her. No one had looked at her pussy and here was this older balding man who was and then he licked her pussy and she wanted to run but he held her and licked her pussy and her clit and soon it felt so good she forgot about the weirdness of it. Soon she was moving towards a climax and she pushed his head into her pussy and came hard. Harder then she had ever came. As she was relaxing Andrea felt Mathew get up and then felt his weight on top of her, this scared her but before she could do anything Mathew had his hard cock head at her pussy and was pushing into her. She fought him a little but soon he was at her hymen and then he reared back and pushed himself hard into her ripping her maiden head and sending a huge wave of pain through Andrea.

She beat him and cried but Mathew keep his thick cock buried in her tight pussy. The pain burned and Andrea cried as Mathew slowly began to fuck her moving his cock in and out of her pussy again and again. After five minutes the pain seemed to diminish to a dull ache surrounded by some pleasurable feelings too. Mathew told Andrea to rub her clit as he moved in and out of her torn bleeding pussy and he leaned down and kissed her neck. After another five minutes the pain was gone except for a slight burning feeling and her clit felt great and Andrea was almost ready to cum again.

The she keep building and building and finally she came and came hard flooding Mathew’s cock with her virgin cunt cream. She was very happy and relaxed till Mathew came too flooding her pussy with cum. Then Andrea screamed saying “OH MY GOD NO! I’m not on birth control! Mathew said “don’t worry you will be on Monday.” Andrea asked what he meant?

“Well I meant that I video taped you doing all this and I will give that tape to your parents and to guys at your school unless you come to my house twice a week for sex for the next 2 years. escort bayan gaziantep On Monday I will take you to get birth control!” Mathew pointed to a cacorder that faced them and that had a flashing red light on. Andrea cried because she knew she had to do it. “Now I want more of you so get up and get on your hands and knees on the floor.” Mathew said.

Andrea moved to the floor feeling some slight pain and saw a lot of blood and some white streaks of cum on Mathews still hard cock and on her thighs and pussy lips. She couldn’t believe that with all the pain and blood she had also felt pleasure, great pleasure. Mathew moved in front of Andrea and told her to suck his cock clean. She said no but he grabbed her hair and when she screamed he drove his cock into her mouth and held it there. She had to suck it clean.

Her tongue swirled the cum and blood off and at first it was gross because her mind was repulsed but it actually wasn’t bad. Soon Mathew’s cock was hard and once Mathew was happy he removed it and moved behind Andrea and pushed her solders and head towards the floor and then placed the head of his cock between her ass cheeks and pushed into her while holding her shoulders down so she had no where to go. She had to take his cock. If she thought the pain in her pussy was bad the raping of her asshole was worse. She only prayed that it would go away like the pain in her pussy had. Mathew fucked this dream fuck hard in the ass, raping it, taking it, making it his.

He fucked and raped Andrea’s ass filled with hate and memories of all the girls who had turned him down on dates, who had laughed at him and who had used him over all these years. Mathew raped her ass till she went limp and then he came and fell on her breathing so hard he couldn’t move. Finally he caught his breath and removed his cock from her ass. It was covered in shit and blood. Andrea laid there quietly crying as Mathew first wiped his cock and then pulled her up and helped her to the spare bathroom here setting her on the toilet as he turned on the shower. He then helped her into the shower and washed all of her. He took the shower head and washed inside her pussy and shot a lot of water up there washing out his cum and then cleaned her ass too. Once he was done he too Andrea to the spare bedroom and covered her up and then let her go to sleep. He knew he had a lot to do.

irst he took the videotape and made a copy of it and put the original up above a ceiling tile in the kitchen. Then he walked back to Andrea’s car and drove it to his house and then he decided he plans. In the morning he’d call a friend and offer him double to fix Andrea’s car by Sunday night. He grabbed a Polarod camera and took some pictures of his car and went inside. He set his alarm for 6 am and went to sleep. He awoke and went to the spare room to find Andrea still sleeping. He placed her cloths from the car on a chair and went to the kitchen and made Andrea some orange juice and toast. He took the tray and a small vase with a fake rose in it back to the spare room and woke Andrea up. It was now 7 AM. “

Andrea how are you? Did you Sleep well?” Mathew asked. Andrea awoke from a deep sleep and felt sore and very tired and then see remembered the night before and all the sex. She started crying and Mathew told her to shush and to drink her juice and eat some toast and she’d feel better. She did and she did feel better. “Mathew I have to go home. I have to tell my parents about all of this.” Andrea said.

“Andrea why do you want to ruin your life?” Mathew said. He showed her the pictures of his smashed car and then a videotape. “Do you really want to face the police and your angry parents and all the people at your school?” Andrea knew she was ruined and screwed. If she went home she’d go to jail, have to face her mad parents and have her sex video all over the school. On the other hand she really didn’t want to have to have sex with this man twice a week for two years. “Is there anything I can do to change your mind about the sex? I mean you’ve had me now. You have a video of me. Isn’t that enough? Let me work to pay of the damage and I promise not to tell anyone.”

Andrea pleaded. Mathew considered all this and then said “First I want to have sex with you all day today. And I will make you a deal. I will let you out of one year of sex for everyone girlfriend of yours you help me seduce and trap. Isn’t there a girl at your school that you hate or despise that you could help me set-up and fuck?” Andrea thought about this as Mathew lowered his head to her breasts and suckled her nipples and then lowered his head to her clit and sucked and licked it. Uummm maybe Lisa Gearing, she’s been a bitch to me ever since Brad said he liked me better than her to our friend Courtney. Maybe I could help Mathew fuck her. Umm that feels so good Andrea thought as Mathew’s mouth suckled her clit and she moved towards a climax. This isn’t so bad.

To Be Continued…

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