Breaking In Tessa – Part 1


Tessa was hitchhiking. It was something she never thought she would do but her car had run out of gas a mile down the road and she hadn’t seen a gas station yet and was getting desperate. There were barely any other cars on the road and so far they had all passed Tessa. That was until an old pickup came screeching to a halt in front of her. An arm stuck out the window and waved her forward. With no other options she walked up to the truck and got inside. The man driving was disheveled with stubble and a wild mustache. His button up was faded from being worn so much and he wore aviator sunglasses that hid his eyes. Tessa was nervous. He looked like a man she would avoid otherwise.

“You lost or somethin’?”

“Yes, sort of. My car ran out of gas a mile down the road. I need to get to a gas station.” She said nervously.

“Hm. Ain’t no gas stations nearby, Darlin’ but I tell you what, I’m headed to meet some friends at a bar, one of ‘em has a tractor and he keeps extra gas on him. We’ll go see if he has any.” Said the man. Tessa couldn’t tell but she got the feeling that the man was looking her over. What else was she supposed to do, she needed gas.

“Thank you. My name is Tessa by the way.”

“Hmph. Nice to meet you, Tessa.” He said with a leer as he sped off down the road. Why isn’t he telling me his name?

Tessa fidgeted with the fringe on her jean shorts. They had ridden up a bit and showed off most of her legs.

“You have a boyfriend, darlin’? You’re pretty enough to have one.”

“Um…well…no.” She answered awkwardly.

“Huh, well I’m sure you have no shortage of men to pick from.”

“Ha ha, yeah…” Laughed Tessa through clenched teeth, unsure if the man was joking or not. They spent the rest of the ride in silence. She was sure that the man kept glancing over at her to leer. They had now been driving for a good fifteen minutes. A sign for a truck stop appeared and very shortly after the man pulled up to an old bar with a broken neon ‘open’ sign. He pointed to a red pickup truck.

“See, that’s Ike’s truck. You and I will just go inside and see if he has gas to spare.”

The two of them exited the car and went inside. It was dark in here. Most of the blinds were drawn. Low light came from hanging lamps. A light flicker above one corner of the bar. There were plenty of booths though only one was occupied. A man with grey hair and an empty glass was slumped over the table. At the bar was a lone drinker and two men together plus a bartender. The only other thing of interest was a pool table that still had pool balls scattered about on it’s green top.

“Come this way, darlin’. Ike is right here.”

The group of men at the bar turned. They were all a little red faced. One of them whistled at her. Tessa shrank back but she bumped into the man and he pushed her forward. It was now that she realized she was boxed in. The man was behind her with each hand resting on the back of a chair that sat his two friends. They turned and looked her up and down.

“I found this beauty wandering down the road all by herself. Says her car ran outta gas.”

“Oh shit. Ain’t you lucky Roy.” Said one of the men.

The other man, he was heavy set with blue eyes, reached a hand out and grabbed one breast in his hand and squeezed. Tessa gasped and tried to back away but only pressed up against Roy.

“S-stop…please,” begged Tessa but the men ignored her.

“Ike, grab her other one. It’s like grabbing a melon! A soft one.” Laughed the heavy man. The man called Ike reached forward with calloused hands and grabbed her other breast hard.

Tessa whimpered and shut her eyes.

“These would be great for a titty fuck!” Mused the heavy man. Their two hands kept kneading her breasts like they were dough. She heard Roy groan behind her.

“I think her nipple’s getting hard! You like this baby, huh? You like it?” Said Ike, half crazed. Tessa only whimpered and shook her head.

Meanwhile Roy took his hands off the bursa üniversiteli escort back of the chair and put them on Tessa. One hand wrapped around her throat from behind and the other went down to the button on her shorts.

She squealed and squirmed but all three men had a tight hold on her. Tears were welling in her eyes.

“Please don’t…please.”

Roy stuck his hand down to her crotch.

“Oh she’s nice and shaved. So smooth and soft.” Said Roy.

“She wants dick, that’s what a shaved cunt means.” Said the heavy man who had found Tessa’s nipple and kept squeezing it.

Roy’s rough hands pushed between her lips and found her opening. She felt every moment like a jolt. Unfortunately for Tessa her nipples were sensitive in the best way, second to her clit, and even though she was humiliated by her assault her pussy still reacted to Ike and the other man playing with her nipples.

“She’s gettin’ wet. Boys her pussy is fuckin’ leakin’.” Announced Roy.

“No!” Cried Tessa. Both the other men stuck their hands down between her legs, her breasts forgotten. Three hands fought to touch her pussy.

“Bitch is soft…” muttered the heavy man. Roy moved his hand up to massage Tessa’s right breast while the other two peeled back her pussy lips. Ike came up first with a string of wetness on his pointer finger. He looked at Tessa with a mischievous smile before he raised his finger to her mouth and said, “Lick me clean, slut.” Tessa did not open her mouth. Ike slapped her left breast and she gasped as a flash of stinging pain erupted through her. In that moment Ike shoved his pussy stained finger into Tessa’s mouth. She tasted her sharp flavor as Ike massaged her tongue with his finger. Roy clenched his hand hard on her throat and massaged while Ike fingered her mouth, now with two fingers. She refused to swallow anything and so Ike’s fingers became slick with drool. He laughed and wiped his fingers on her face so her cheeks and lips became wet. Roy kept massaging her throat until finally she couldn’t help it and she swallowed her own juices.

“How’s her pussy, Lonnie?”

“It’s good. She’s got a big clit and her lips are nice and pliable. I wonder if her pussy can stretch too.” Said Lonnie, the heavy one. While Tessa had been mouth fucked by Ike, Lonnie had been pulling her pussy lips apart and teasing her entrance, even dipping a pinky down to circle her asshole.

In all her desperation Tessa looked at the bartender for help. He gave her a bored stare. No one would help her here. These men were going to do whatever they wanted.

“I have an idea about what to stuff her cunt with, and her ass.” Announced Ike who jumped up from the barstool, a bulge in his pants, and went to the pool table where he grabbed a few pool balls and a pool cue. He handed the pool cue to Lonnie and kept the balls in his hands. Lonnie disassembled the cue into two pieces.

“Please let me go. Please just stop…please.”

“We’re gonna fuck you, slut. Get used to it.” Said Roy into her ear.

Tessa cried.

Lonnie spat on the end of the cue and maneuvered it to Tessa’s pussy.

He pushed the handle of the cue up inside Tessa’s pussy. She yelped and squirmed but it only helped Lonnie move the cue deeper into her pussy.

“Oh boys you should see her pussy lips. They’ve got a death grip on this pool cue. Feel good baby?”

“No!” Tessa shouted.

“Fuck you, bitch,” Said Lonnie as he slapped Tessa’s breast. She twisted in shock and panted while the end of the cue rubbed against her cervix. It was in so deep. It was deeper than anything had ever been inside her.

Roy’s hand tightened hard on her throat.

“Say it feels good or I’ll choke you out right here and fuck your cunt before it gets cold.” Tessa felt him ease up on her throat just enough for her to speak.


“That’s a good girl. Good bitch.” Said Roy. Lonnie looked amused.

escort bayan “Gotta break her in right,” mused Roy as he patted Tessa’s ass. She whimpered and hung her head.

“I think I can fit the other end in too.” Said Lonnie.

“No,” said Tessa. In a fit of desperation she said, “I like how this feels! I like how it stretches me just right. Please, no more.”

Lonnie didn’t take his eyes off her as he started to stuff the skinny end of the pool cue up Tessa’s pussy. It was a very tight fit. Lonnie had to twist and shove to get even an inch inside. When he let go both pieces of the pool cue were stuffed inside Tessa’s pussy so tight that they stayed inside her pussy. Tessa whimpered and panted as she was stretched wider than she had ever been before. She panicked when she realized the stretching made her pussy tingle with faint ecstasy.

“Oh fuck, I wanna shove this eight ball up her ass.” Said Ike. Roy moved and pulled apart one ass cheek to give Ike better access.

“You want an eight ball up your ass?” Asked Roy, his face pressed against Tessa’s ear. When she said nothing he swatted her ass.

“Say it.”

“I want…I want an eight ball up…up my ass.”

Roy kneaded her ass as a cold object pressed against her asshole.

She gasped and jolted.

“That’a girl,” moaned Ike as he forced Tessa’s ass to expand. It stretched painfully. Tessa felt the diameter of the eight ball pop past her sphincter.

“Oh yeah. You like that don’t you?”

“Yes,” agreed Tessa, unprompted. She felt her ass trying to swallow the eight ball. Her pussy thrummed as the object in her ass made her pussy even tighter.

“Good girl,” said Lonnie as he reached a hand down into his pants.

Ike pressed hard on the eight ball and it disappeared inside her. She screamed as she swallowed the ball. She screamed again when she felt Ike line up another ball.

“Beg Ike to put another ball up your ass. Don’t stop beggin’ until I tell you.”

“Please put another ball…up my ass. Please put another ball up my ass. I need another ball up my ass. It feels…feels good.” Ike started pushing another ball inside her. Tessa felt it clack against the first ball. The vibration shot into her pussy. Her lips tingled as a wetness began to slowly sneak out of her pussy. “It makes my pussy feel even more stuffed. I want balls so far up my ass. Please, Ike, please. Please I need it!” The ball again stretched her ass open painfully. She felt the eight ball traveling farther inside her. Her begging was interrupted by a moan. “I need you to pu—”

“That’s enough,” said Roy.

Ike popped the ball fully inside her. This time she didn’t close, she felt her asshole gape open, just a little.

“OH!” Tessa moaned into the bar. Not only that but, humiliatingly, her hips humped the air, just once. Her pussy tingling with good sensations as it continued to be stuffed full of the pool cue. Roy spanked her ass again. She panted.

“You tryin’ to fuck the pool cue?”

Tessa’s cheeks burned red hot. Lonnie started stroking his cock. It was growing fast.

“I didn’t mean to.”

“You are a true slut. It’s a good thing I found you. You need a firm hand.” Roy slapped her ass again. She let out a groan.

Lonnie gripped his cock in his hand. Tessa saw a clear dribble start to come out of his cock.

Roy forced her to bend over, pool cue still sticking out of her. Lonnie grabbed her hair and slapped his cock against her cheek.

“Is my cock the best you’ve ever seen?”

Roy slapped her ass so hard it burned.

“Yes! Yes! It’s the best cock I’ve ever seen!”

“Do you want to suck the cum out of me? Because you’re a cum eating slut.”

“I want to suck all the cum out of you because I’m a cum eating slut.”

Lonnie slapped his hard cock against her face again. Precum smeared her face.

“Will you say anything I want?”


escort bursa “Say you’re worthless. A worthless cum eating pig.”

“I…” Tessa’s face burned with humiliation. Roy slapped her ass. So did Ike. Then he toyed with the cue and she moaned. He slapped her again.

“I’m a worthless…cum eating…pig.”

Lonnie forced her mouth down on his dick and thrust once, twice, her lips kissing the base of his cock while his tip brushed the back of her throat. Ike or Roy grabbed both cue pieces and moved them back and forth, her lips gripping them desperately as her g-spot was stimulated. Her hips thrust backwards onto the pool cue pieces while her face was forced up and down on Lonnie’s fat cock. Warmth exploded into her mouth. Lonnie groaned loud and held Tessa’s head down on his cock while it spurted cum down her throat.

“Swallow, pig.” Grunted Lonnie. Hands slapped her red ass cheeks. She gulped down cum.

“She’s a good fuck.” Announced Lonnie.

Tessa kept bouncing back and forth on the pool cue as she moaned into Lonnie’s softening cock.

The cue pieces left her pussy. She cried out. Lonnie lifted her head off his cock. Her ass was still stretched full.

Something teased the entrance to her pussy. Hands kneaded her ass as a dick pressed into her pussy. It felt good. It felt so good that she moaned and thrust backward.

“Good girl. You like my cock in your pretty pussy?”

“Yes,” she moan, “yes.”

Suddenly there was another dick in front of her. It was smaller than Lonnie’s but the tip was huge. Ike grabbed either side of her head and started to fuck her mouth fast while Roy fucked her pussy. She heard her pussy making sloppy, wet sounds as Roy’s cock slammed in and out of her, his balls slapping her. Each time Roy slammed into her her pussy jolted. He was pulling almost all the way out before thrusting back inside. His pace began to pick up. Meanwhile Ike was going slow and grinding against Tessa’s young face. His balls massaged against her chin. She even started to use her tongue. She lapped at Ike’s shaft as much as she could while Roy pounded her pussy. It was Roy who came first. He shot cum into her pussy and fucked in and out of her with a few last pumps. Cum ran down her legs.

Ike ran his hands through Tessa’s hair as he emptied his balls down her waiting throat.

“Fuck yeah slut! Fuck! Swallow it.” Moaned Ike as his hips bucked against her face. She did swallow his cum. When she pulled off his dick she was gasping for air. She was still bent over with Roy dripping down her legs. Her shorts and underwear were polled at her feet. Her tank top was somehow still on.

She just got gang raped and loved it. Her clit was still stiff with lust, she hadn’t cum. She doubted anyone would care.

“What are you going to do with her now?” Asked Lonnie.

“Take her home. Slut’s mine.”

Still bent over Tessa turned her head to look at Roy. What did he mean take her home? He was kidnapping her.

“No, my car—”

Roy spanked her.

“Don’t disobey me, whore. I don’t give a shit about your car. I do want this sloppy cunt though. Ike, can I barrow your belt? I wanna tie this bitch’s hands behind her back.” Roy grabbed her arms before she could squirm away. Ike took off his belt and bound Tessa’s arms together at the elbows.

“Now empty your pretty ass.” Commanded Roy. Tessa flushed and push hard. After a few minutes of struggling there was a thunk as the second ball fell out. It was another few minutes before the eight ball fell out of her ass and rolled across the floor. Her asshole felt huge, like a wide gaping tunnel.

Roy took her by the arm.

“C’mon girl, back in the truck. You can leave your shorts, you won’t need them anymore.”

With her hands bound and pussy exposed Roy dragged her to his car and forced her into the front seat before he buckled her in. She got pussy juice and cum on the seat.

“Warm my cock,” said Roy as he pulled his dick out.

“I don’t—”

“Hold my dick in your warm mouth to keep it warm. I want you warming my cock until we get to your new home.”

With no other options Tessa leaned down and gathered Roy’s cock in her mouth and kept it warm.

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