From the rod and reel aisle to the silver Silverado


It was bright Sunday morning with a chill in the early morning dawn. The sun was about to peek its head over the horizon and announce to the world that another day had begun. There was a slight breeze blowing which refreshed my soul as I walked through it and entered into the neighborhood Walmart. I liked shopping on Sunday mornings because there were very few customers, and the shelves were always stocked the night before.

I gathered the few things I needed and then decided to head over to the sports section and check out what kind of new fishing gear they might have. I turned and began walking down the fishing lure aisle and saw that I was not alone. About halfway down the aisle there was a man looking at the rods and reels.

Now this guy was well into the top ten of the hottest guys I had seen in town. You could tell he worked out by his chiseled physique which showed off his six pack beneath his tight-fitting muscle shirt. He had short sandy brown hair and a trimmed short mustache and beard. I got a glimpse of his eyes, and they were a steel grey blueish color.

He was wearing sandals and a pair of loose-fitting gym shorts. His leg muscles bulged and flexed with every step the man took. The man turned towards me, and I got a full shot of his face. He must have just flown down from Mount Olympus to be with us mortal men. His jaw was square and perfectly defined. His face was darkly tanned, and his lips were the perfect shade of red. I wanted to walk right up to him and kiss his sweet lips before he could do anything about it, but I simply got a little closer and said, “Hey good morning to you?”

The man stepped toward me with a Paul Newman smile and said, “Good morning. I’m not from around here and I’m going fishing. What would be the best pole for around here and what is the best bait to use?” His steep Sean Connery, English accent was enough to put me over the top and my cock started to grow on its own. It wouldn’t be long before the bulge would be unmistakable and extremely embarrassing.

I looked at him and answered, “Depends on what you’re fishing for. I like cat fishing in which case I go for a long thick pole. One you can get a good grip around. Those lures you were looking at are ok, but around here you can catch almost anything if you have a nice firm worm. Not the bursa eskort little red ones but a nice wriggly night crawler.”

The man chuckled and said, “Is that so?” He then nonchalantly slid his hand over his crotch where the outline of his slowly growing cock could be seen. “That sounds great! My worms are on the larger size and are a little hard for the fish to swallow. But I’m in a catch and release kind of guy so I can hope to catch the same fish on more than one occasion.”

By now I could see his cock was getting hard. The imprint of his erecting tool was now obvious, and the shopper wasn’t trying to hide it.

I walked over toward him, no longer trying to hide my own hard on, and asked if he had a special place he wanted to fish at and he looked me in the eyes and answered, “I try to stay in my truck and enjoy myself on the front seat. It has dark tinted windows, so it stays cool, and I don’t have to worry about game wardens watching me from a distance.

I smiled and said as I rubbed my own hard on, “I’d like to fish with you sometime. It sounds like fun.”

The man looked up and down the aisle to make sure we were the only ones on it then reached into his gym shorts and pulled out the most beautiful circumcised eight-inch cock I have ever seen. “I stared for a moment and said, “Now if I was a fish, I’d swallow that worm balls deep!”

I was mesmerized and knew I had to have that rod of flesh and blood and work it until I was able to swallow its creamy white treasure. Before I could reach out and touch his cock he pulled his shorts back up, adjusted his cock inside his shorts and turned away from me. I thought I had done something wrong when I heard a couple of ladies talking as they turned the corner and began walking down the aisle.

The man looked at me and a said. “I’m in the silver Silverado Pick up at the back of the parking lot; I’ll wait for you there.” He then snapped the waistband of his jogging shorts against his skin, chuckled and walked off the aisle in the opposite direction the women were coming. I quickly went to the cash register and paid for the items I had ***********ed and walked to my car. I looked about and sure enough I could see a silver Silverado parked at the end of the parking lot where no other vehicles were parked.

I bursa merkez escort place my things in the car and locked it then walked toward the Silverado. My heart was pumping at the idea of giving this guy head in public. My mind was reeling with thoughts of what if someone parks next to us and what if the security guard checks on the truck because of where it’s parked.

I kept walking toward the truck and tried to push the ideas out of my mind. I reached the back of the Silverado and the passenger door clicked open. I walked up to the door and looked in. My mouth almost hit the pavement, for there sat the man I had talked with in the store, laying back with his seat reclined, totally naked with a screaming large hard on.

I climbed into the truck and closed the door. The gentleman flexed his hips upward as he folded his hands behind his head. I looked out the window and saw that there was no one around us so I scooted closer and lowered my head down to his lap. I opened my mouth and slowly slid the head of his massive cock past my lips. His cock was warm, and its skin was soft. I could smell the scent of musk as I drew more and more of his tool into my mouth until his head hit the back of my throat.

His erection was so rock hard firm that I had to adjust myself at an angle to get the head of his cock past the curve of my throat and all the way in. I began working his shaft in and out all the way up then all the way down, slow and easy. I wanted to enjoy this for as long as I could. I reached with one hand and began to fondle his scrotum. The driver whispered “don’t stop” then moaned. So intent was I on worshipping his tool that I didn’t notice the other man walking up to the truck behind me.

He opened the door and jumped into the truck pushing my legs over onto the floor. The driver said, “It’s OK he’s with me.” I stopped in a panic and looked at the other man. He was smaller than the first but just as ripped. He too was wearing only a T-shirt and jogging shorts which he quickly removed exposing a cock that was uncircumcised and much smaller than the drivers, only about six and a half inches long.

The second man pulled my legs up into a kneeing position on the seat while he knelt behind me. He was forced to lean forward on my back bursa sınırsız escort because of the small space in the cab of the truck. The driver urged me to keep doing him as he took forever to cum, and he didn’t have all day. I went back to work as the second man reached around me and unbuttoned, then unzipped my pants and pulled them and my boxers down to my knees. I somehow managed to lift my knees enough for the man behind me to pull them to my ankles and spread my legs a little.

Somehow, he had lubed his finger and the next thing I knew he was pushing against my sphincter and slid his finger inside. I continued sucking the cock of my dreams while the man behind me, removed his finger, positioned his prick head against my hole and began to push. I instinctively began to clinch my teeth when the driver said, “Hey watch the teeth will Ya?” I tried to relax as I felt the man behind me penetrate my hole and drive his cock deep inside.

I was in heaven as the man behind me began to grind his cock and slowly move into a steady rhythm. The feel of his hard flesh filling the cavity of my ass sent me into a state of ecstasy. My own cock had become erect and was pulsing with the beat of my heart. I matched his thrusts with my mouth sliding up and down on the driver’s massive tool. Before long we were all three groaning. I could feel his cock rubbing against my prostate with each stroke and even though I never handled my hard on I could tell I was coming close to an orgasm.

The man behind me grunted to his friend, “Oh shit I’m gonna blow!” His friend told me to suck him faster that he was almost there and wanted to cum at the same time as his friend. I did so and in the next minute all three of us were grunting and moaning and shooting rope after rope of hot steamy man juice, down my throat, up my ass and all across the front seat of the driver’s Silverado.

When we began to relax and our triple orgasm had subsided, the man behind me withdrew and put on his t-shirt and shorts then stepped out of the rig. I sat up and as I was pulling my pants up the driver began to get dressed as well and looked at me and smiled.

“I’ll be here again next Sunday little fish if you want to come back and feast on my worm.” I smiled back and stepped out of the truck. The other gentleman slid into the passenger’s seat and the driver started the truck and drove away. As I walked back to my car having to clinch my ass to keep the cum from running out, I wondered if I should start a shopping list for the next Sunday or just be ready to eat a big fat worm.

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