Naked Mother Ch. 07


The next day, I was reading his diary. “Oh honey….you want momma to masturbate you. Just ask for it dear.” I whispered to myself.

Later that evening, I lost no time in removing my clothes and slipping into a bikini.

My bra had moved a bit with one breast and nipple popping out. I didn’t bother to fix it.

I walked in to my son’s room.

“Want to come for a swim.”

“Sure mom…I just need to change over.”

He disappeared into his bathroom in no time. He was out just as fast in his swimming trunk. I smiled at him and we walked out to the pool. We were by the side of the pool now.

“Do I look sexy in this bikini?”

“Sexy as ever mom…this nipple is looking gorgeous. I’m already semi erect.”

He pointed at his shorts with a smile.

“I hope I’ll be hard enough to masturbate.”

“I hope too.”

And I unhooked my bra freeing my boobs for my son to watch. I saw his hard on getting bigger.

“Oh mom….not this soon…that way I’ll be masturbating right away….please put your bra back on. You may remove it later.”

I put my bra back on.

“How about a two lap race?”

“Why not…..1…2….3 go.” We both jumped into the pool.

He was swimming way ahead of me. But I loved the feel of the water against my bikini-clad body….and that’s what really mattered to me. By the time he has finished the race, I had still at least half a lap to go. He was standing outside the pool now. I completed the second lap and came out of the pool all wet.

“Wow….you really swim well.”

“Thanks mom.”

“How was it swimming with a hard on?” I said with a smile.

“Oh mom….it’s great.”

I had another look at his trunk. His cock had got bigger. He was enjoying the tease.

“Why don’t you try swimming naked?” I said with another smile.

“Oh mom”

“Yes Andy….it is fun.”

“Take off your trunk Andy. Don’t you want to feel the air and water against your erect cock? Come on…take it off and let that hard thing feel the air and water.”

I saw his rod getting even bigger. And gently he pulled down his trunk. I saw a drop of pre-cum on the tip of his penis. It looked beautiful.

“Now jump into the pool and take a swim letting every inch of your body feel the water.”

He was into the pool now.

“Enjoying it Andy?”

“Yeah…it’s incredible.”

“Want to play some water polo with momma.”

“Water polo…we need a ball to play that.”

“Well….I have something that can work as a ball. In fact…I can arrange for two balls.”

“What’s that mom?”

“My bikini…I said with a naughty smile. It’s too hot for me to need a bikini at the moment.”

I was walking by the side of the pool as he took a swim. I pulled my wet bra and panties off. I was fully naked; my pussy exposed to my son. Andy’s head turned. I was delighted that he was looking. Then I squeezed my wet panties letting the drained off water fall all over my tits.

“Here darling….catch momma’s bra and panties.” I tossed them one after the other.

He leapt to catch them. We played toss and catch with the bra and panties for a few minutes.

“So how does your hard on feel now in the water?” I asked him with a smile.

“Great mom I feel like masturbating.”

I jumped into the pool and was swimming close to him….so close that his thighs were touching mine. It was great fun.

After a few minutes of swimming, I came out of the pool. So did Andy. I had a look at his cock. It was dripping pre-cum. I picked up my wet bikini and put it on.

“So how does momma look all wet in a bikini?”

“Sexy. ….just can’t wait to masturbate….mom you’re looking stunning…..all wet in your bikini.”

He grabbed his cock and began to play with it.

“Oh Andy, do you want some more stimulation while you masturbate.”

“Yes mom.”

I lost no time in getting rid of my bra.

“Thanks mom. Mom can I see you naked while I masturbate.”

“Naughty…Andy you are really naughty.”

I smiled and tossed my panties away. I was all wet and naked.

“Andy…is there anything that momma can do to make masturbating more pleasurable for you.”

“Well…you are already naked mom.”

“But there is still something momma can do to make it more fun for you.”

And I walked up to him.

“Take your hands off your cock.”

He did.

Then I took hold of his cock and began playing with it. I was masturbating my own son.

“Wow……….I never thought of it mom… feels great…….your fingers just feel incredible on my cock.”

“Andy, keep your eyes on momma’s tits and curves

“Sure mom…can you do it a little slowly please….the touch of your fingers on my erect cock is simply electrifying…..a little slowly mom….I want this thing to last longer…….and just grab my balls with the other hand please.”

I began to stroke it up and down, just the way guys do it when they masturbate. Then I stopped. I took my hands off. I bent down and kissed him on the tip of his penis. I had my first taste of görükle escort my son’s pre-cum. Soon I was kissing his shaft and sides.

“Mummy….it is fantastic. Now grab my cock in your hand.”

I took it again in my hand.

“Yes….spill your sperm, spill it on your momma’s naked body… spill your sperm….spill it on your momma’s naked body…..” I kept saying.

Soon he shot his load all over my naked body. Some landed on my belly, some on my boobs.

I picked up my wet bikini to clean myself up and then threw it away.

“Come on honey let’s go in for another round of pictures.”

I walked back in naked without even bothering to pick up my wet and sticky bikini. It was an old bikini and needed to be thrown out in any case. My son followed me.

“Mom, wear something really sexy for this round.”

“Oh honey….I am wearing something really sexy….my birthday suit.” I smiled again.

“Oh mom”

“Yes honey, I want to be completely naked for this picture session……I don’t want even a stitch of clothing on my body.”

“Mom, why don’t you wear a bikini mom….I don’t have any pictures of yours in bikini.”

“Really, I don’t believe this. Did I not pose in a bikini before?”

“No mom, it was a bikini bra and a transparent mini…..not a proper bikini.”

“But I’m in no mood to pose in a bikini….why can’t you just think of momma as a sexy nude model who loves posing naked.”

“Oh mom….you don’t know what a bikini bomb you are…’ve got perfect bikini boobs and figure….in any case nude models too pose in bikinis don’t they….just for a couple of pictures….then you may take it off.”

“OK Andy…..just select a bikini for momma from her wardrobe.”

He proceeded to pick up a bikini for me.

“Here this one mom.”

“Naughty….this one is so skimpy Andy.” I loved his choice. But I protested to get him to talk about my bikini.

“Not skimpy enough for an exhibitionist….in any case….it only shows off a bit of cleavage….that’s all.”

“Bit….none of my bikinis shows as much cleavage as this one…..the cleavage show almost gets to my nipples.”

“So what made you buy this mom?”

“Oh Andy….it’s a gift from your dad……you’re just as naughty as your dad. Don’t worry Andy…momma is not going to disappoint you.”

I slipped on the bikini as Andy got ready for the pictures. He clicked a couple of pictures in different poses.

“Drop your bra mom.”

“Why does it have to be the bra first?”

I looked at Andy and smiled. And then gently began to slip my panties down inch by inch till

I had it against my knees. Then I pulled it down to my feet, picked it up and tossed it away exposing my pussy. I was all naked below my bra.

“Wow…I just loved the way you did it.”

He clicked another couple of pictures.

“Now mom, put your panties on and drop your bra.”

“Oh God, can’t I just drop my bra right away.”

“Mom…. I need a couple of topless pictures dedicated to the beauty of your tits. Then you may pose naked.”

I picked up my panties and put it on. Then sensuously, I pulled my bra string letting my bra fall. My tits were now completely exposed to my son’s camera.

“Thanks mom. Now would you like to pose naked.”

“I will.”

“Now just pull your panties down inch by inch…..that will be more fun–first just a glimpse of your pussy.”

I slipped my panties down to show a part of my pussy.


“Now the whole of the pussy”

“I loved the way you said it darling. Please say it again honey.”

“Show your pussy mom……I want to see your naked pussy now……show the pussy to your boy mom…..get naked mom and show the pussy to your son.”

I slipped my undergarment another inch.

“Just one more inch mom”

I peeled it down another inch.


He took some more pictures.

“Take off your panties…”

I lost no time in getting rid of my panties. Once again I was naked.

“Now laugh.”


“Yes mom……I want pictures of you naked and laughing…..that’s going to be real fun.”

I started to laugh.

“Wow….that’s superb……nothing better than a sexy woman laughing all naked.”

“Yeah…..especially if she happens to be your mom….isn’t it honey. Do I look sexy laughing naked?”

“Incredibly sexy……mom”

“Now turn around for some butt pictures.”

“You know mom…..your pussy is so sexy….but so is your ass….can’t decide what to photograph.”

“Honey… want momma’s ass and pussy both in the same picture.”


“That problem can be solved using mirrors. I’ve a real big mirror in the bathroom. Come with me.”

For the next few minutes I posed for pictures in the bathroom.

“Great set….mom. I just can’t wait to masturbate to this one.”

“Mom….now that you are naked in the bathroom….can I have some pictures of you taking a shower? Mom…I still remember you bathing naked in the ocean. karacabey escort I had run out of camera space. If only I had pictures of you bathing by the sea in all your naked glory.”

“Off course honey….that’s going to be great.” He was asking me to take exhibitionism to another level.

Soon I was under the shower as my son took pictures.

“Mummy….can you just hold the shower head and water your legs and thighs.”

“Off course I can. What about the pussy darling–want to see momma watering her pussy?”

“That would be terrific.”

Gently I held my shower head in my hand watering my pussy as my lusty son took pictures.

“Mummy…this is the best of your picture sets. You look terrific wet and naked in front of the mirror……your ass and pussy together in the same pictures.”

“Now shower your tits mom.”

I did as he said.

He kept clicking as I showered. He was erect again.

“Mom…I’ve had enough pictures of you.”

“Come on darling….join momma in the shower.”

“Sure…I just need to put my camera away.”

He left my bathroom and was back again in a minute. I smiled at him.

“Here plant a kiss on momma’s tits.” I was laughing.

He walked in naked and soon he was in my arms. I could feel his erect rod against my wet sides.

“Honey, don’t insert your bulging cock into momma’s pussy. This pussy belongs to your father. And your momma is not a slut.”

“I understand mom.”

I pointed my finger to my boobs.

“Suck your momma’s tits honey.”

His tongue and mouth were all over my boobs making them sticky with his saliva. As his mouth sucked my tits, his hands felt my round ass.

“Andy…do you have any magazines that carry pictures of beautiful women naked?”

“Off course mom”

“And do you masturbate to those pictures?”

“Mom….I love masturbating to them.”

“Would you like to see momma naked in a magazine?”

“Oh mom…..just the thought makes me so hard.”

“Really….which magazine would you like to see momma naked in…..Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse?”

“Mom……you are driving me crazy. Just look at the huge amount of pre-cum I’m producing.”

I placed my finger on the tip of his penis and then ran it all over his hard cock.

“Mom, kiss me all over my cock.”

I started to kiss his erect penis. Rolling my tongue all over the head of his penis, I moved over to the sides and shafts. Then I whipped up some soap lather and applied it to his cock, gently masturbating him with my hand to higher levels of arousal till he was ready to spill his sperms.

“Mom….you are so good. Say something really hot before I cum.”

“Just think of momma as a sexy, slut like hooker entertaining her client in her bedroom while her own horny son watches. Then just think of momma removing her bra and panties to stand naked in front of her client. And then think of hooker momma smiling sexily at her own son who is watching and masturbating.”

“Oh mom… are so sexy.”

I could feel his cock getting bigger in my hand.

“Now think of the client’s cock in your naked momma’s pussy.” I said as I continued to play with my son’s penis.

“My…….my mom is a naked whore…..with her client’s cock in her naked pussy.” He was whispering as he moaned with pleasure.

“Mummy…I’m going to blast my load. Where do you want me to shoot my sperms?”

“On your slut momma’s tits”

I placed the tip of his cock just above my boobs and continued pumping him with my hand.

“Mummy…’re so sexy….so sexy.” He screamed and shot his load on my cleavage and breasts.

“Mom….these cum stained tits look gorgeous.”

“Andy you are really getting naughty.” I said with a smile.

“Mom….do you mind if I clean up your tits.”

“Go ahead my boy.”

He picked up some water and poured it all over my cum-stained boobs. Then he took my tits in his hands and gently massaged them as he wiped off the sperms. All this had really aroused me. Now I wanted some sexual pleasures of my own.

“Honey now it is your turn to help momma masturbate.”

“Sure mom. What do I need to do?”

“Just whip up some soap lather and massage momma all over. And don’t forget to take special care of momma’s tits and ass.”

Soon his hands were all over my wet naked body while I fingered my pussy. I was now moaning with delight.

“Mummy…I just love the feel of my hands all over your wet and naked body.”

I continued to finger myself all wet and naked till a wave of orgasms gripped me.

“Andy….you are so good. Say something really hot to drive momma crazy.”

“Oh mom….just think of yourself as a hooker who is entertaining her client for the first time before her son who is watching and screaming….yes…yes take off my slut mom’s bra….pull down her panties…..I’ve never seen the bitch naked….I want to see my slut mom naked….yes….yes strip my mom naked.”

His words had an electrifying effect on me as I felt mudanya escort one powerful orgasm after another. I had never had so much pleasure masturbating.

We spent the next couple of hours, feeling each others’ naked bodies in the bathroom, and helping each other masturbate.

The next day I read his secret diary again. What I read was exciting but as before there was something missing. He had described what had happened between us. And he had also written about how much he had enjoyed masturbating to my naked pictures in the shower. But there was no mention at all of sex or making love. The fuck word had never ever appeared in his diary.

I wanted to read his hottest and the dirtiest fantasies about me–just the way some sons wrote about their moms, shamelessly and without any inhibitions, in the erotic stories that appear on the internet. To put it simply, I wanted to read my son’s mother fucking fantasies, the stuff about ripping my bra and panties off and then fucking me like crazy, written in his own hands.

The next evening, I picked up the phone and called Andy. He was home so I could have just walked into his room and talked to him. But I decided to play games over the phone.

“Honey, I’m about to take a shower. Guess what momma is wearing.”

“Mummy, you’ve just removed your bra to liberate your beautiful tits.”

“That’s right honey.”

“And now mom you are about to pull down your panties.”

“Oh no honey…..momma has already slipped out of her panties.”

“Mom you are naked now.”

“Yeah darling….your momma is completely naked. Just come and watch.”

“Mom….I’ve taken off everything.”

“Are you naked darling?”

“Yeah mom”

“Now come and watch momma naked in her shower.”

He walked in naked.

“Mom….you still have your bra and panties on.”

“Sorry honey….I guess you are disappointed to see momma in her bra and panties. I guess you were expecting to see momma naked.”

“Off course mom….I wanted to see you naked. But you look just as gorgeous and sexy in your bra and panties.”

“Andy…how good you are at taking off your girlfriend’s bra?”

“Pretty lousy mom; in fact, she knows it and does it for me. I just love the smile on her face as she unhooks her bra and tosses it away.”

“Ever fantasized about removing momma’s bra?”

“Off course mom”

“Honey….momma is now going to teach you how to remove a bra. Want to learn it from momma?”

“Off course”

I saw his cock getting bigger.

“Come darling.”

“Now just stand behind momma and kiss her gently on her neck and shoulders.”

I could feel his cock touching my back and ass as he placed his lips on my shoulders and neck.

“Now take momma’s bra cups in your hand.”

“Mom…they feel so nice in my hand.”

“Now kiss momma all over her back.”

“Mom, your shoulders and back are so smooth and silky.”

“Now unhook momma’s bra gently. Don’t worry about the time you take. Take all the time in the world and do it.”

He fumbled in his first attempt. I smiled at him. He failed again. I smiled again. Finally he succeeded in unhooking my bra. The rest was easy. He eased my arms and tits out of the bra and then threw it away.

“So honey…..your fantasy of removing momma’s bra has come true–any fantasies about removing momma’s panties. Darling…ever removed your momma’s panties in your fantasies.”

“Well……yes mom.”

“I’m sure you have plenty of experience pulling down your girlfriend’s panties.”

“Yes mom.”

“Now pull down momma’s panties just you’d do with your girlfriend.”

He bent down and in no time snatched my panties and brought them to my feet. He picked up my panties and tossed them away.

“Oh my God….is that how you pull down your girlfriend’s panties.”

“Yeah…..that’s how she likes it.”

“What a slut she is….I’m sorry honey.”

“That’s OK mom….we do talk dirty and she likes it when I call her a slut.”

Just for your information….momma likes her panties to be pulled down gently, delicately and sensuously. Anyway that fulfills your fantasy of pulling down momma’s panties.”


“Tell momma more about your fantasies honey? What next after you have pulled down momma’s bra and panties. Surely that isn’t the end of it. Just share your hottest fantasies about momma. That’s sure to drive you hard as never before.”

“Please mom….I want to keep my fantasies private.”

“Are they too hot to be shared?” I asked as I smiled like a slut.

“Well sort of.”

“Honey, why don’t you write an erotic story for the internet? I’ve read some sons write about their moms, without any inhibitions. Many of those erotic stories have appeared on the internet. Your momma loves reading what those horny boys write about their moms. Surely you can write one sizzling hot story and then forward it to momma.”

“Mummy, why don’t you write one such story and then pass it on to me? In fact, there are so many such stories written by sons but very few by moms. I’d love to read one written by a mom as sexy as you.”

“Honey…I just don’t have the writing skills honey.”

“Well same for me; I just don’t have the writing ability needed.”

I knew it was a lie. I had been reading his diary. I didn’t want to tell him I knew his secret.

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