Once You Start Ch. 01


It finally happened, I finally hit rock bottom. I am 25 years old, live at home with my parents, share a room with my cousin who is away on vacation, and now I just lost my full time management job. I really don’t have a life outside of work to enjoy. So, its back to video games, masturbating to porn, and watching streaming movies. Oh, what about a social life you ask? Well, after getting sucked up in to work and kind of pushing people away when I had a girlfriend a year ago, we all seem to drift apart.

At least I got my family and we are very tight knit. We have family game nights and enjoy each others company. My dad is mixed with black and German, and is barely home due to his trucking job. My mom, or should I say step mom, is Japanese. My dad has a thing for Asian ladies, my biological mom is Thai and she lives across town with her family. My cousin is barely home. He usually visits once a month, since he goes to school two hours away. But I have my half sister who’s quite shy but have a very kind heart. Even if we are a small family, we still manage to have fun.

It’s just been a day since I lost my job and everyone seem to notice my negative mood. My step mom would ask me what’s wrong when I sit at the dinner table. Mother’s intuition right? Or it could be that I barely touched my food. I would just repeat “nothing” or “it will pass.” The truth is, I’m bored. I’m used to being busy 10 hours a day. All I do now is watch porn and play games. I have not have sex in a year so my sex drive is off the walls, but I don’t have the pick up skills to score with random chicks at a bar so I’m stuck to some of the dirtiest porn. You name it, I jerked off to it. Well, my jacking days were soon to be behind me.

It all started that weekend after my mom, sister and I came back from the store. We had our typical game night. I don’t know if it was the fact I didn’t relieve my balls all day or those incest stories I read on Literotica, but I can’t help but stare at my mom’s and sister’s form. My sister got up to her room to change into something more comfortable. My step mom, Akiho, was wearing a white robe and a yellow low cut shirt. Her breasts weren’t too big but firm for a middle age woman. My sister or should I say step sister, Nikki came back to sit down. She had a larger bust almost spilling out of her white tank top. She wore a red boy short that does really little to hold her firm butt in. The trim of her lime green lace panties made an appearance every time she gets up. She has shoulder length black hair, oriental almond shape eyes with green pupils, and full light lips beneath her narrow nose. She was not thin compared to her mom, who was 5’4 and about 110 pounds. She was 5’6 and last time I remembered about 145 pounds. I start to realize how sexy and full figured she is. Even at 20 years old she looked like a woman. Her skin tone is of a caramel tan thanks to my dad genes, but she looks beyond exotic. After we got done playing my mom and sister called it a night and I volunteer to clean up, due to the part of my boner at full salute.

Thirty minutes gone by and my hard on was still raging. I can feel it pulsating against my briefs with the tip sticking out the waste band, giving me shivers with the slightest movement. As I walk past the kitchen, I can’t help but notice a picture of my step mom in her early thirties hanging on the wall. I know I shouldn’t, but my dick seem to got even harder. I grab the picture and set it on the chair in front of me. I pull out my now throbbing dick and held it towards the picture. My dick is nothing special, average size, light brown, and about six inches uncircumcised. My dark balls hanging low from the warm air massaging it. I close my eyes and started to picture my step mom’s lip wrapping my dick. Her black long hair hair off my thighs as her lips touch the base of my dick. Then I pictured her on all fours dripping wet my dick in front of a smooth pink dripping cunt as I ram it in. Harder and faster in my head matching my hand’s pace. She start moaning for more, her small waste and small but firm butt slamming my stomach as my balls slap her clit. I feel my balls swell up so I open my eyes to picture her face in my head awaiting my load. Her tongue out as “FUUUUUUUCCCKKKK…” I could not contain my voice and spurt loads after loads onto her picture. I quickly pull my pants up and surveyed the kitchen in a now panic state. Still silent, so I proceed to clean the picture frame and rush upstairs to the restroom to clean myself up.

As I walked towards my room I notice something strange, my sisters door was cracked open. Of all my life living with her, I never seen her door open when she goes to bed. gaziantep escortları Maybe she was unable to sleep. Oh no, what if she saw me got freaked out and ran into her room bypassing her door closing habits. My heart is racing as I approach her room ready to deny or run off, whichever feels more natural. As I approach the door I see her desk lamp still on and one of her leg hanging off the bed. As I inch closer to my surprise was her laying there asleep with her legs spread. Wearing a thin white t-shirt that hung around her thighs, but its the sight of her lime green lace panties peeking through her shirt that froze me in my tracks. My heart is racing, my already drained dick starts to rise again. I think I should go to bed and sleep before she sees me, but my stupid hormones had other plans.

I thought maybe I should let her know her door is open. “Nik! Hey Nik!” No reply, then suddenly she moved causing me to back pedal to the door way. “You awake Nikki? Your door was open.” Still no response, but now she is laying with one knee up and the other leg stretched to the edge of the bed. Her shirt sprawled almost to her breasts revealing a muffin top hanging firmly over her lace panties. I could almost make out her nipples through her shirt they were dark almost the size of quarters and the side of her butt cheek spilled out under her lifted leg creating a shadow near her crotch, it was like a shadow guiding me to a forbidden fruit. This is wrong, we are related, I will get in trouble. As I start to turn, like it was on cue, her hands reach into her panties, she lightly scratched herself, and hung her hands over the bed towards me. I think my body stopped listening to my guilt and I felt my feet quietly start walking towards the door shut it and turn to her hand now laced with her young pussy juices.

Now I am standing over her hand, with a clear view of her breast hidden beneath a thin piece of white fabric. My eyes noticed her bra on the desk and like it was a built-in function, I just picked it up and read the tag. “36 DD.” At the sight of those words my dick became real hard almost begging to come out my pajama pants. I set her bra down and stared at her fingers and in one quiet, but quick movement I was kneeling down inches from her fingers. I can’t help myself and sniffed her fingers. Woah, the sweet yet pungent aroma filled my nostrils. Even with her fingers only touching herself for a brief second, the smell was strong. I looked up at her and for some reason quickly poked the side of the tits and froze for a reaction. Nothing. Now I want, no I need to see and take a whiff of the origin of that memorizing scent. I stood up briefly stared at her still sleeping face and found myself walking to the edge of her bed staring down at her lime green laced panties, eyes locked on her mound.

I found myself at a point of no return, I know she might wake up but the excitement and hormones took over my fears and guilt. I slowly crept toward her crotch and stop with my face six inches from her crotch to take in that faint scent I smelled earlier. My heart start to pump real fast and I realize this is my half sister… I was ready to back off, but her leg that was up shifted out flat and her crotch is now press against my nose and lips. I was shocked but the strong aroma flooded my nostrils again and I can feel her wetness though the panties above my lips. My mind went all over the place trying to figure out what to do, but again my hormones took the reigns and I peeled her panties to the side. For the first time her dark pink clitoris was staring right at me. Her pussy was slightly spread since her legs is at an acute angle and I can see the glisten of her wet lips reflecting off the lamp. She had only a small trim patch of hair above her clit. As if her scent had a life of its own, it feels like my head was being pulled towards her clit and my tongue start darting in and out of her wet lips as I savor every taste. It was sweet like a ripe peach with a sharp tang to it. As I was getting lost in this forbidden moment I felt her legs wrapped around my head and then I looked up and locked eyes with her. I tried to fight free ready to explain myself, but she held my head down and clamp her legs tighter.

“It’s about time you came in here brother,” she quietly mouth as she bit her bottom lip and lean back. I was still stunned but the taste, the smell, now the bewildered excitement of her holding me down made me drive my tongue into her tight cunt and with that she let out a small moan. “Ahhhh right there.. riigh theree,” her voice breaking up under her breath as she clenched her legs outwards gaziantep eskort thrusting her hips towards my face. I continued for a few minutes darting in her womanly oasis, gliding around her lips, and suckling her hardened clitoris. “Keep going don’t stop, tongue fuck your little sister,” with those words I started to suck on her clit and with one finger started fucking her. It seems the duel sensation sent her over edge as she started to quiver, her hands reaching underneath her shirt squeezing her breasts, her eyes rolled up shut, and her hands clenching the sheets. “Ughh shit, I’m… I’m gonna cum, don’t stahhhp, I’m cu ahhhhhming,” she let out as her body trembles and quake and I feel her vagina start to flood with stronger scented juices that I greedily lapped up. Then I just sat there unable to say a word, my mouth sticky with her juices as I watch her trembling still with the aftershock of that climax.

“Nikki, um I don’t know what came over me, I’m sorry,” as I realize what just happened. She might have been caught in the moment and now might start to realize the taboo act we just committed, no the act I forced on her. She slowly start to rise her breasts bouncing as they attempt to defy gravity. She stared straight into my eyes, bit her lips and smile. She lean forward and took my pussy scented lips into her lips and started to kiss me, teasingly at first then her eyes closed and I follow suit. We embraced and just started to make out like two lovers alone for the first time. She rolled me on to her bed not breaking the hold and we continued to kiss my hands full of her round and firm ass. After a minute she broke the lip lock and sat up.

“Do you think this is weird?” She asked softly with a small grin.

Staring right up at her with her large d cups looming over me I smiled back, “I would be lying if I said I haven’t thought about it.”

“Well, I noticed today you was staring at my breasts and I can see your quick glaces towards my ass every time I got up. I decided maybe to get your attention by changing.” She slowly reach back and slip her hand down my pajamas and tease the tip of my cock. “When you was cleaning I was going to come down and help you with only my shirt on, but you had a large boner.” Oh no did she saw what I did to mom’s picture? “I then realize it’s better if I lure you into my room, just in case mom wakes up. I am so glad that you let your curiosity get the best of you. I been so horny playing with myself. After my last boyfriend, I did not want to be hurt again. But watching your eyes on me, turned me on a lot.” I could not believe I’m hearing this, I’m either the dirtiest man alive or the luckiest. I don’t care, I will be both. With that I pull her down towards me and started french kissing her again. She pulled back after a few seconds and remove her top. Sitting over me we two perfectly shaped breasts. Her areolas were dark and her nipples were erect. At the sight of those glorious globes I lunge up and took her nipple into my mouth and pinched the other as she moan under her breath, switching back and forth. Then she pushed me down. “It’s your turn to enjoy this.” Oh, I already am little sis, I already am.

She glide down until her breasts rested on my thighs and her face hovers above my bulging tent. She slowly peeled my pajamas down and lean closer until my cock sprang out and slap her lightly on her lips and nose. She giggled and proceed to take my pants up to my ankles and I quickly kicked them off as she grip my cock with her right hand. She started to stroke me slowly while putting my left nut into her mouth, sucked on it pull back until it pops out her lips and then the next one. Then she starts to lick my shaft. The sensation is making my cock throb. After a few more of those teasing motions she started to press her lips on my tip and slowly took my cock half way and back. Just seeing her full glossy lips sliding up and down my cock makes me want to explode already. Before it can build up she stops, looked at me and smiled. She scoot forward and started to drive my cock between her large soft breasts. It easily slides up and down from all the saliva. She would grab her tits and started fucking me with her tits faster and before I know it I felt my balls swell up.

“Ahhhhh, here it comes baby,” I slipped in the moment.

“Cum on my tits brother, let me see you cover my big forbidden tits with your jizz,” as she started to lick the tip of my cock.

My body arched back and I blew a large load into her breasts and it erupted from her cleavage spilling out over the sides of her breasts and nipples. After I was done she sat gaziantep eskort bayan up looking at me smiling and brought her right breast to her mouth and lick a generous amount of cum of it. “Mmmm that’s pretty sweet,” she smiled as she got up to cleaned herself. I caught my breath and sat up on the side of the bed. My cock finally calming down. She crawled into bed and pulled me into the covers with her.

“Would you spend the night with me, I hope you aren’t the type to get off and run,” she jokingly said while backing her ass into me and pulling my arm over her body. We fell asleep spooning for what I think was a few hours. I felt her moving around a bit.

“Hey what are you doing?” I managed only a whispered as I felt her bare bottom on my thighs.

“Oh, I started to feel uncomfortable my panties was getting wet again. I had a dream you was fucking me in my sleep.” That took me off guard and just like that my cock sprung up and rest between her butt cheeks. “It seems like you have the same idea. Do you want to fuck me Thary?”

“Um, yes but the condoms are in my room.”

“Don’t worry I want to feel you in me. Besides I’m taking birth control.” She reached around and started to stroke me.

I reached down and started to massage her clit and poke my finger in and out of her vagina while kissing her neck. She moans and gyrates her hips in rhythm with my fingers. When she started to get wet, I took my cock and press it between her cheeks and my cock head pierce through her moist opening.

“Ahhhh yes… baby please put it in me… I love you so much.” She moaned as I dive in deeper. “Oh my gawd It feels so good.” I started to slowly thrust my cock into her wet pussy. I grabbed her leg and pulled it up until her knees reached her breasts and angle myself a little under her and pounded harder. “ohm, baby oh yes keep gooing… rihh mm there riiight there ohhhww!” We fucked in that position for a few more minutes as she beg me to go faster and harder.

She scoot up and turned around got me on my back and proceed to to sit on top of me. “Oh damn Nikki, you are still so tight, but so warm and wet,” I managed to let out as she slide down. “Ride me sweetheart, fuck your brother, show me how much you love me!” With those words she started to bounce on my cock. Her tits clapping as they fail to make full spins. Just the sound of her breasts slapping together, the squishy sounds of our juices mingling, and her exotic broken moans started to drive me insane. “I think I…” before I could finish she quickly got off and slap my cock. “Oh shit, Nikki I was gonna cum.” I winced, my cock still hard but the pressure gone.

She lean over to kiss me and we made out for a good two minutes before she sat up and said, “I want you to fuck me like an animal Thary.” She turn around leaned forward, as in prayer stick her ass up and wiggle her voluptuous ass. Her brown booty hole winking at me as her vagina pulsate with excitement. I quickly got behind her and slam my cock into her no longer forbidden cunt. It’s all mines now, this warm and tight young exotic hole. “oh, fuck me like your bitch baby, make me cum.”

I leaned over and said. “I am going to fuck you like my lover, like you belong to me.”

“It’s all yours Thary, anytime you want it I will fuck you like you deserve.” Her vagina starts to tense up and I feel her legs buckle. “Ahhhh fa fu fa fu oh mah gawddd fuck me I”m cumming ahhh,” she moan over and over slurring her words as her vagina clench on my cock. Her legs gave in and she buckled while I made a final thrust and…

“Ughhhh, Nikki I’m cu…” I thrust my final and hardest thrust and feel my cock enlarge itself and blast streams after streams of cum. As I pulled out her, her vagina starts to ooze my juices so I scoop our mixed juices up and fed it to her.

“MMM, we taste so good together Thary,” she smiled after she swallow it and lean forward to kiss me again. We made out drenched in our sweat and cum for a few minutes. The sun started to rise as we started to clean up and get dress. I thought I saw a shadow move underneath her door, so I froze.

I think I sat there for thirty seconds until my little sister put her arms around me. “What are you doing brother. Are you having second thoughts?” She moved in front of me with a worried look on her face.

“No sweetheart of course not I had a great time.” I pulled her between my legs and kissed her. “I’m glad I have someone to make love to, I hope it does not end.”

“Anytime, you feel you need to release your balls I would love to help.” She straddled me and we kissed for a few more minutes before I returned to my room.

I can never have a normal relationship again. No porn or girlfriend can replace that excitement. Me and Nikki continue to fuck whenever we are alone or late at night. In the kitchen, the bathroom, our parents room, car, school, “brother-sister” vacations. I thought this was the extent of my forbidden adventures, boy was I wrong. It’s only the tip to my taboo iceberg.

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