One Night with Mom Ch. 02


After taking a short break to catch my breath, I say, “Go into your bedroom, mom, and lay on your back. I’ll be right behind you.”

I watch her play with her nipples for a few seconds, then slowly gets up. She says, “You can’t be ready again.”

I shake my head as I say, “Not just yet, but I want to be ready. Now go.”

She gets up and walks into her room while I stare at her ass. Then quickly go to my room to get the two bottles of lube that I’ve been saving as a just in case. One is anal and the other is for anything else. I plan on using both very shortly.

I take them into her bedroom and smile as I see her legs spread wide. This is the first time I have seen her from this angle like the view almost as much as the one that showed me her asshole. She reaches down and spreads her lips to show me her clit and dripping wet hole. Clearly, she wants me to fill that hole with my dick, but I have another idea.

I set aside the anal lube and open the other. Slowly I cover all of my right hand completely, then get into position. I doubt she has any idea what is coming and I’m not about to give any hint. I easily get one finger inside and find the warmth of her accommodating hole to be quite pleasant as she lets out a pleasant sigh. Then a second one joins and still find they go in quite easily. I slowly move my fingers in and out before having a third one join and start to find it a little on the tight side.

I carefully add my pinky and find it her pussy gives way. I slowly work my hand back and forth while slowly spreading my fingers. As I spread them as wide as I can, she lets out a moan of discomfort. The pleasure of having my fingers inside her does not subside in the least.

She asks, “What the hell are you doing?”

I say, “Getting four fingers inside you to loosen your hole.”

She lets out a grunt as you spread your fingers and says, “I know your big, but not that big. You don’t need to put that many in there.

I say, “I’m not loosening you up for my dick, mom. I’m doing it to get my entire hand inside you.”

She lets out a grunt as you move your fingers to form a fist, and says, “That’s way to big for me, forget it.”

I pull out almost all the way and fold my thumb in and slowly force it inside her hole. gaziantep grup escort She lets out another grunt, but does nothing to stop you. Slowly I move my hand back and forth and feel the walls of her hole push against my hand, but with each movement her grunts subside. With some time and effort, I get my entire hand inside and let her adjust to me.

I say, “And you thought my hand would be too big, mom. It’s all the way in to my wrist.”

She asks, “How the hell did you do that? It feels wonderful.”

I say, “A lot of lube. How else can I fist fuck you?” I make a fist inside her and she moans from the pleasure she is receiving. She does not say anything in response to my question. Her moans prevent her from saying anything.

I start to move my fist to slowly pump her and she moans even louder. I was planning on keeping a slow pace, but her moans changed my mind and I start to use a hard and fast pace. My tight fist pushes against her in a way that nothing has done before.

My mom screams out, “Oh…Oh, Brandon…Keep going, Brandon…It feels so good…Don’t stop…Don’t stop.”

She lets out a loud moan and you know she is on the verge of an incredible orgasm. You quickly move your fingers so they are no longer in the shape of a fist and pull back, so only your four fingers remain. You move your thumb to rub her clit while your fingers work from within and she screams. Then she clamps down and you are glad you didn’t leave your hand in there as she would have cut off the circulation completely.

The eruption from my mom is something I enjoy watching a great deal. The sensation of her climax shooting past my fingers and soaking the bed is almost as wonderful as the feeling of my entire hand inside her. I can’t refrain from smiling as I admire the result of my work and love every moment of her unending orgasm.

As the eruption starts to subside, I remove my fingers from her pussy and reach for the anal lube. My dick is hard again and I coat it thoroughly from tip to shaft. Now comes the hard part, which is determining which position will be best to take my mom’s asshole.

Coming to a decision, I say, “Mom, bring your knees up and hold them.”

She does güneyşehir escort as I say and I watch as her asshole comes clearly into view. I position my dick so the head is against her asshole. I see it tighten as contact is made and start to push. It takes a few attempts, but I finally get the head of my dick inside.

My mom lets out a soft grunt, but does nothing to stop me. The pressure is incredible and it is difficult to push further. Slowly and steadily I get a quarter of my dick inside. She lets out a deep breath, but continues to show no sign of fight. The pressure of her asshole on my head and shaft is great and I am very glad I did not do this first. I would have already cum had that been the case.

I move my eyes from where my dick is entering her to her eyes. They are closed and a few tears are escaping, but she continues to breath slowly. I push myself half way in and know I am enjoying this far more than her. She grunts as I push and more tears escape her eyes, then she starts to breath deeply again. All I know is the sensation remains to be something I love.

I slowly push another quarter inside her and she lets out a moan of pain. Tears are streaming freely and it takes several moments before the moans turn to deep breathing. She may not want it, but I am going to get my dick all the way in. I look back down to the quarter of my dick that’s left and enjoy the view.

With one last, slow push, I am all the way in. The sensation does not subside as the pressure against the tip all the way to the base of my shaft is something that sends a tremendous heat through my body. She moans and grunts far more this time than any time previous and it takes her much longer to return to her state of deep breathing.

I move my eyes up and see the tears are flowing freely. I say, “I’m all the way in.” She nods to show she heard me, but her eyes remain tightly closed and her breathing remains steady. I know she is in a lot of pain, but I also know that I am feeling something quite different.

I move my eyes down to where my shaft is buried deep and slowly pull back a little. I can see the flesh from her wall pull out a little as it continues to grip with all its might. I slowly push all islahiye escort the way back in and hear the grunts escape my mother.

I slowly pull back much further and start to slowly fuck my mother’s ass. No matter how much I pull out or push in, the feeling remains one of great pleasure. The grunts and groans continue to escape my mother, but they are starting to subside. After forcing myself deep inside her several times, the grunts and moans change to deep breathing. The tears are still flowing, but they are subsiding as well.

I do what I can to take my time in order to enjoy every second, but I cannot hold out forever. Once I am close to release for a second time tonight, I start to take her harder and faster. The moans and grunts return, but not anywhere near as much as before. Throughout everything, my eyes continue to move between her eyes and asshole.

Just a moment before I explode, I say through gritted teeth, “I’m going to cum.” I push myself in as far as I can and explode deep inside her. The orgasm is far better than any release I have ever had and don’t want it to end. With each explosion, I push myself deep and here a grunt of pain from her. There is something I find thrilling about hearing her grunt with each push, which leads me to thrusting a little harder with each release.

The explosion starts to subside and I move my eyes to her asshole. I slowly pull out as she starts to breath steadily once again. Upon complete release, I have one last release and see my cum cover her asshole. I find the view to be something very erotic and wish I brought a camera.

I get off my mom and lay on the bed next to her as she releases her legs. I can hear her continue to breath slowly and know she must still be in a state of discomfort. I take a few deep breaths myself and look at the clock. Dawn is approaching far quicker than I want and know my time with her will end soon.

Once I recover from the amazing orgasm, I prop myself up to look at her face and say, “That was great, mom.”

She continues to breath deeply and I see her eyes open. Her eyes lock on mine as she says, “Maybe for you, Brandon, but that hurt like hell. It feels like you tore me in half.”

I want to say that I’m sorry, but I can’t lie to her. Instead, I say, “Well, mom, you did say anything. I’m not about to pass up on an opportunity to have anal sex, ever.”

She says, “I know, just about every guy wants anal, which is why I didn’t put any limits on what you can do with me. At least not until morning.”

I smile as I say, “It’s not morning yet.”

She manages a smile of her own and says, “No, it’s not.”

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