Original Angels Ch. 48


All characters are over the age of eighteen.


‘Wake up honey.’ I heard Trish’s voice as she gently shook me. I felt one of her hands on my shoulder and the other one was on the inside of my thigh. There was a humming sound in my ears and I realized that I was still on the airplane.

‘We’re going to be landing soon and we need to get dressed.’ Now it was coming back to me. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was Trish’s smile. She kissed me hello and held my cock in her grip. I looked to my left across the aisle and spotted Melinda and Lucinda standing and dressing in front of their seats. Tom and Dawn were seated and trying to put their things on as well. Tina, our flight attendant appeared at my side, holding my neatly folded shorts and shirt. I smiled up at her and took my clothes.

I stood up and looked around. All of our guests were busy putting themselves back together as the Captain’s voice advised us on the PA that we would be landing in about five minutes. The sight of all the semi-naked bodies reminded me that our flight from Phoenix had been a mile high celebration that we would all remember for years to come.

Once we were all dressed and safely belted into our seats the conversations started up again. Out the window we began to see lights on the ground and the darkness of the ocean off in the distance. The jet descended and touched down softly and we taxied to a stop. Tina was speaking and welcoming us.

‘Welcome to Palm Beach International airport.’ She said. ‘The local time is 9:15PM. I’m quite certain that you all enjoyed our flight and we look forward to serving you again upon completion of your cruise.’

Rita was standing at her side and took the microphone. ‘We’ll be arriving in a few moments at the private hanger. Our luggage will be off loaded and transferred into the limousines that are waiting for us. We’re going to go to Worth Avenue where we can have a bite to eat and maybe dance for a while at Taboo. While we’re eating, the drivers will take our luggage to the yacht and deliver it all to our cabins. Then they’ll return to pick us up and take us to the marina. Does anyone have any questions or special requests?’ I heard Rhonda’s voice behind me. ‘Should we use the bathroom here on the plane or is there one in the hanger?’

‘Good question.’ Rita replied. ‘I understand that there’s a nice lounge in the hanger. It will probably be more spacious than the one on board. But you can use either.’

I sensed that we were all going to have to make that pit stop. I decided to use the hanger.

Once we had deplaned and found our way inside the hanger I knew I had made a good decision. It was large and clean and quite luxurious. I took a seat on the large leather sofa while we waited for everyone to freshen up. Rita sat down beside me.

‘Well, did you enjoy the flight?’ she asked.

‘Very comfortable!’ I answered, ‘The crew was great. I certainly won’t ever forget it! You’ve done a great job so far. If the cruise is this good I may never want to go home!’

Rita patted my leg. ‘I’m sure you’ll enjoy the cruise too. And if we all keep up the pace we’ve started, we’ll have to go home-just to recover!’

We laughed together. The others had all emerged and were gathering in the lounge. We counted heads and determined that it was time to move on. We loaded ourselves into the limos and took off.

The lights of the city were pretty as we drove eastward through West Palm Beach and then across the bridge onto the island of Palm Beach. Rita pointed out Mara Lago on our left, Donald Trump’s estate. We drove up along the ocean past a lot of beautiful old mansions. We turned onto Worth Avenue and the lights of the shops and restaurants brightened our eyes and our spirits. The driver held the doors as we unloaded onto the sidewalk in front of the legendary Taboo.

Rita stepped up to the maitre’d and confirmed our reservation. We were escorted through the crowd to a large table in the rear of the club. The sights and sounds of Palm Beach were well represented at Taboo. The women were all dressed beautifully and wearing lots of sparkling jewelry. The band was playing. The conversations were spirited and we just took it all in as we ordered our dinner and talked about the flight from Phoenix. We all agreed that it gaziantep yabancı escort was the perfect beginning to an exciting honeymoon journey.

I asked Trish to dance when the band played a slow number. We held each other closely on the crowded dance floor.

‘Rob this is all so amazing!’ she spoke into my ear. ‘I feel so lucky to have you, and to be here with Tracy and Teri and so many of our friends. I never could have dreamed that my wedding and honeymoon would be like this. You have to be the most wonderful man in the world!’

I allowed my ego to swell for a moment before I replied, ‘Don’t say that too loud, because I think there are a lot of women here tonight who are looking for a perfect guy…and probably a few men looking for a perfect gal. And you my dear fit that bill to a tee. I’m the lucky one here. You have changed my life in so many ways, you’ll just never know. But I love you more than anything, and I’ll do everything I can to make everyday of our lives together, as special and as wonderful as these first few days have been. Can you handle the ride?’

Trish just ground her body against me and said, ‘Oh yeah baby! Bring it on!’

I held her ass in the palm of my hand as we finished the dance. Back at the table I felt as if we were all alone in the romance of our evening meal, while the others all chattered and danced and ate. It was comforting to know that even in the crowd, Trish and I could feel alone and at ease, without having to lead or entertain the others.

It was close to midnight when we finished our meal. But with the change in time zones our bodies were still thinking it was ten o’clock. So as we walked back out onto the sidewalks, it was natural for the girls to do a little window shopping. I glanced at Tom and Joe and we all winked in agreement that it was a good thing that the shops were closed. This was one of the most expensive places to shop in the world!

The drivers held the doors as we rounded everyone up and loaded ourselves back into the limos. It was a short drive to the docks on the Intracoastal Waterway and our ship that was tied at the end of the pier.

As we approached the vessel it looked huge! It was clearly one of the largest ships in the dock area. With three decks and over 140 feet long, it was very impressive. A crew of three (two females and one male) greeted us on the dock as we prepared to climb the steps to get on board. The captain was standing at the top of the stairs to assist us with our first steps onto the yacht.

The captain introduced himself as Michael. He was blonde and handsome, probably in his mid thirties. He appeared to be very fit and proper. Once we were all on board he introduced us to the rest of the crew. His first mate, Wendy, was tall and also blonde, well tanned, and beautiful. She wore crisp white short shorts that betrayed the soft curve of her firm ass. Her breasts were hidden beneath the man tailored white blouse but I guessed her to be about a 36 in her bust size. Like Michael, I guessed her to be in her mid thirties, but well preserved. The other two crew members looked a little younger. Pat, the ‘galley queen’, was short and petite. Her dark hair was cut in a boyish style and she looked as if she could pass for a teen age boy if she wanted to. Her hips were slim and her chest was flat under the t-shirt that she wore. And Pete, the fourth member of the crew, looked like he was barely out of his teens. He was tall and slight with blue eyes that sparkled even in the darkness of the evening. It was obvious that Tracy, Tammi, Teri and Amy had all noticed those eyes and they were flirting quietly as we all got acquainted.

Wendy led the way as we began our orientation tour. In the main living area Pete stepped behind the bar and produced a tray with freshly filled champagne glasses. He gave us all the choice of alcohol free bubbly or the potent stuff. Once we all had glasses in our hands, Michael proposed a toast to Trish and me, and to a happy and enjoyable cruise. We all agreed and drank to the good wishes. Wendy continued by taking us outside onto the rear deck. She explained that she would point out more to us tomorrow in the daylight as we reentered and stepped down to the staterooms. Incredibly, she knew all gaziantep genç escort of our names and our assigned cabins as we walked by the doors and we all stepped inside to survey our quarters. At the end of the hallway, she bid us all a brief farewell. Pat advised us that she had prepared a light snack for us all before we retired for the night and that she would serve it back up in the main dining cabin. We all thanked her and agreed to come back up after we had a chance to arrange our things in our staterooms.

Trish and I were delighted to find that our suitcases had been unpacked and stowed and that all of our things had been neatly put into the drawers and cabinets. Everything was exactly where one would expect it to be. Trish decided that she wanted to change out of her travel clothes before we went back above. She took out a blue satin teddy with white lace trim and put it on.

‘Do you think this is appropriate?’ she asked as she modeled it for me.

‘That depends,’ I answered, ‘on who you want to impress.’ I winked at her and then pulled her close to me. ‘Everyone on board with the exception of the crew has seen you in far less that before. And we’re all going to be wearing mostly nothing for the next week or so, so I guess you can wear whatever you want tonight. And whatever you wear will probably set the tone for everyone else. I love this on you. You look fantastic! But I guess I’m prejudiced; let’s go see what everyone else thinks.’

I kissed her and squeezed her ass through the silky fabric. She responded by pressing her mound against my growing cock. I took her hand and we stepped out of our cabin. I allowed her to go first up the stairs and admired her hot buns from behind as we climbed up to the main deck.

Capt Michael and Wendy greeted us as we entered the dining cabin. Their eyes were glued to Trish as she took their hands.

Wendy smiled brightly and complimented her. ‘I’m glad to see that you’ve become comfortable on board so quickly. I look forward to getting out to sea so that I can get out of these duds too.’

I shook Michael’s hand again and told him how impressed I was with the ship.

‘We’re pleased to be here to serve you.’ He said, ‘But please call me Mike. We like to be as casual as we can once we get going. Here in Palm Beach, I have to maintain a certain decorum, but once we cast off tonight, things will get much more comfortable.’

I told him that I understood, and like him, I was looking forward to the cruise.

Gradually, the rest of the party made their way up. It was interesting to see who had changed clothes, and what they were wearing. Tracy and Tammi had changed into their bed clothes. They wore short boxer panties and loose camisoles. They looked cute together. The twins appeared in fresh low rise jeans and bikini bra tops. I’m amazed at just how low the pant makers have been able to tailor the new designs. But with the twins’ firm bellies, the look is sexy and flattering. Candi and Sue looked like they had taken a queue from Trish. Their satin camis and matching thong panties were sinfully sexy and I noticed Mike and Wendy eying them both. Even I couldn’t resist watching how sexy they looked as they moved about the group. Joe had changed into a t-shirt. Rhonda was wearing a short satin robe that just barely covered her ass. It was tied in the front and I wondered if she had anything on underneath it. I later discovered that she didn’t.

Rita had also changed into bed clothes but she wore a short robe over her pjs. Tom and Dawn had remained in the same clothes that they wore all day, as I had. Carol had changed into a bikini and cover up robe. Jill and Sue Landers came up in athletic shorts and string bikini bra tops. And finally Teri and Amy arrived in their sleep wear. Their boxer shorts and camis looked like Tracy and Tammi’s. We were all still quite awake after such a long day of traveling, so the conversation was lively and everyone was enjoying being close and comfortably undressed and relaxed.

Pat served parfait glasses filled with mango sorbet and a tray of small homemade cookies. Pete took care of the beverages offering everything from champagne refills to coffee or tea or soft drinks. It was becoming clear that this was going to gaziantep gerçek resimli escort be a sumptuous cruise. I enjoyed watching how easily everyone interacted and how much casual touching was taking place. The crew seemed to be tuned into it as well. There was a genuine air of love on board.

Gradually again, the party began to break up. Everyone pretty much left in pairs as they were paired in their cabins with Carol leaving together with Teri and Amy. Finally it was just Rita, Trish, me and Mike and Wendy.

Mike explained that the crew would be up very early to cast off and head out to sea to cross the gulf stream towards our first port of call at Grand Bahama Island. He asked if there was anything special that we needed before we left. We couldn’t think of anything so he bid us goodnight and headed down to his quarters. Rita, Trish and I all stood up and kissed Wendy a quick kiss goodnight. It was telling of how much we had gotten to know each other in such a short time. We descended the steps to our cabin and Rita asked if we were satisfied with our room.

‘Won’t you come inside with us for a while?’ Trish asked.

Rita stepped in and noted the additional space that our cabin provided. As she looked around Trish quickly stepped out of her teddy and took Rita in her arms. She held her and looked into her eyes lustfully.

‘Rita I just want you to know how happy I am with everything that you’ve done for us. I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward, but I’ve been wanting to kiss you all night. Thank you again for everything.’

With that I watched their mouths come together. It was obvious that neither one of them was going to be the first to break the kiss. Their hands began to roam over each other, and as Trish was busy undressing our travel advisor, she pulled her down onto the bed. I stood and unbuttoned my shirt and dropped my shorts in anticipation of being able to join in on what Trish had started. Rita offered no resistance to my wife’s effort to remove her clothing. In moments they were naked together on the bed. Trish held Rita’s firm breast in her hand and pulled at her aroused nipple.

I could see the wetness on Rita’s pussy as she spread her legs before me. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to taste her nectar and so I knelt on the bed and lowered my mouth until my tongue was touching her enlarged clitoris. I heard her sigh with pleasure and took that as a signal to continue. My tongue pushed down and spread her labia until I could push it deep inside her open hole. The moisture increased and the taste was sweet. I felt Trish’s leg cross over my head and then she was straddling Rita. I looked up to see Trish’s wet gash and the tight folds around her ass hole. Now I had choices. But I was determined to help Trish thank Rita for all she had done for us by bringing her to an orgasm. And that was rapidly approaching. The sounds of the two women communicating their enjoyment of each others’ bodies were stimulating to me as well. My cock was stiff and I needed to put it somewhere. I let go of Rita’s clit with my mouth and raised myself up onto the bed.

‘Oh no!’ Rita cried. ‘Please don’t stop!’ I answered her distress by placing the head of my cock at her opening.

‘Oh yes! Fuck me! Yeah! Give it to me please!”

I held Trish’s hips as I pressed myself deep into Rita’s cunt. She was tight but slick and I slipped easily in to the hilt. Trish inched herself forward to allow me deeper penetration into Rita and I began to pump her. My hips were making slapping sounds as I pounded both of these girls with a vigor that I hadn’t felt for a while.

Trish’s ass and pussy was too close and irresistible. I placed my fingers at the two holes and pushed slowly. Trish pushed back against me and in just a few seconds I was diddling her from the inside. Her asshole opened wide and I inserted two fingers while using my thumb on her clit. The excitement was building for us all and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer. It became impossible when I heard Rita cry that she was cumming. I let go with blasts of cum that shot all the way into her slippery hole. Trish, with her amazing ability to cum whenever she wants, let go too. My fingers were drenched with the cum in her ass and our combined juices spilled all over my groin area. It lasted for over a minute before we all were completely drained of our energy and our jizz.

We rearranged ourselves so that we could all lie on our backs and catch our breath. Rita was stretched out between us and we took turns kissing and laughing. We were tired and it wasn’t long before we all were asleep.

Somewhere in my dreams I heard the sound of the engines humming. We were underway…

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