Packaged Deal


Chapter 1

Michelle and her daughter, Audrey received multiple bikinis to try them on in Michelle’s room since she had a body length mirror on the far side wall; both stood some feet in front of it to check their current swimwear.

“I think the sizes are a bit too small, Mom…” Audrey examined her reflection with unsure eyes. Her medium-sized and perky breast were barely contained by the small, red bikini top and her curvy hips and crotch were on display with the narrow bottom, making the outfit slutty.

“Maybe, but at least you can pull it off. My old body looks… a lot less flattering.” Michelle looked at her own reflection with an uncomfortable expression.

Audrey spun to her, her eyes wide in disbelief. “Are you kidding, Mom?! You look really hot!” She studied the lady’s tiny, black bikini that poorly covered her slim and fit figure, her forty-one-year-old tits closer to a teen’s and ass toned, sitting high and tight. “People even think you’re my sister all the time!”

A surge of happiness passed through Michelle at the compliment. “You’re just saying that…”

“Seriously, Mom. And I think you’re the most beautiful woman ever.”

Michelle giggled and stepped up to give her daughter two quick kisses on the lips. “You are the sweetest; you know that?”

Audrey gave a big, embarrassed smile.

At the front of their two-story house, the third member of the family, Cameron opened the door with his key after parking in the driveway, a box of donuts in his hand. He had told his mom there was no need he have one after moving out with his girlfriend, but she insisted because it would feel like he was still there in some way. Whatever that means. “Mom, Audrey! I got a special delivery!” He headed to the kitchen table and set the box down.

“Oh! I think that’s your brother calling. We could use a man’s opinion on our bikinis, don’t you think?” Michelle smiled at her daughter.


“Honey, we’re in my bedroom!” Michelle called out.

Cameron headed there and entered the bedroom to see his sister and mother in the revealing outfits. “G-Geez, guys!” He hurriedly turned around. “Why would you call me in here when you’re naked?”

“We’re not naked, silly.” Audrey giggled.

“Barely.” He countered. Of course, he had grown up with his mom and sister’s higher than normal affection but always struggled with it after hitting puberty.

“It’s not like you haven’t seen us naked before. We used to all take showers together, remember?” Michelle added, smiling at his back.

The memories of trying desperately not to look at their vaginas and tits only years before leaving the house played. And of course, he could’ve stopped it when he gained enough sense but he never did. I just didn’t wanna upset them is all. Just like now; I’m way too nice. Reluctantly and excitedly, he faced the women to check out their bikinis that were obviously a size or two small. It still amazed him how his mother’s body was still in shape, and his teen sister was cute as ever.

“Well, what do you think, honey?” His mother bit her lip in anticipation, the girl next to her doing the same.

“You… you guys look incredible.” The twenty-three-year-old gave his honest thoughts.

“D-Do you really mean it, Cam?” Audrey took a step to him with opened up eyes.

He focused on his sister. “Uh… yeah, Audrey. But I’d rather you not wear it out since assholes would probably ogle you at the beach.”

She nodded at once, smiling. “Okay, Big Bro! I’ll only wear it around you and Mom.”

That isn’t really what I meant. He held back a sigh. Audrey had always made it especially difficult for him, which is why leaving home was such a big relief. But the fact that she was looking more like a woman every day didn’t help.

Once again, Michelle noticed her daughter’s obvious feelings toward her son.

“Anyway…” Averting his gaze from his sister’s, he cleared his throat. “I brought you guys donuts before I headed off to work. They’re on the table.”

Michelle walked up to put both hands on either side of his face, forcing him to make eye contact. “What did I do to deserve such thoughtful children?”

“You were probably a serial killer in a past life or something.” The taller, young man deadpanned.

“And funny to boot.” She giggled and pressed her soft lips to his.

“Mom…” He groaned.

“Nope! I told you a million times that my kisses are non-negotiable.” Michelle closed her eyes and stuck out her lips.

The scary part is that she’ll hound me all day; I learned that the hard way. Another troubled groan came from his throat, and he moved his head forward to plant a brief kiss. Even though he had been the hesitant one, he wanted to do it again.

“No fair, I want one too!” Audrey rushed over to stand beside them, grinning up at her taller brother.

“Do you think I’m some kind of kissing whore? That I’ll simply give my gaziantep kızıl escort sweet lips to any and all who so desire?” He raised an eyebrow, putting on a shitty English accent.

She giggled and pressed up to him, placing her arms around his neck, and looking directly up into his eyes with their faces only inches apart. “Pretty pleaseee, Cam?”

He involuntarily swallowed at feeling her round, perfect teenage tits squished into his lower chest. Fuck. “You forgot with a cherry on top.”

More girlish laughter left her mouth. “With a cherry and sprinkles on top!”

“Well, since you’re obviously so desperate…” The twenty-three-year-old grumbled and finally kissed her. “Happy?”

“Mhm!” She laid her head on his chest.

“You pulled the words right out of my mouth.” His mother also got closer to place her head on his chest.

Again, Cameron was very well used to these two female’s affection, but their scantily dressed figures made the situation tough as an erection started, his thoughts concentrated on their warm and soft bodies. “O-Okay, you lovaholics.” He backed up and turned to walk away. “I brought donuts, but I will eat them all if you don’t hurry up.” Smooth save.

Michelle had caught sight of her son’s boner but only smiled and turned to Audrey. “We better hurry before he really eats them all.”

She giggled. “Yeah!”

Chapter 2

A couple of days went by when Cameron returned to his mother and sister’s house. The moment he stepped in the front door, he saw that they were in Yoga clothing with the living room furniture moved back and a large mat in the middle of the floor. “I just stopped by to say hi. Okay, bye.”

Michelle ran over and grabbed his arm before he could close the front door. “Come on, honey, join us!”

That’s exactly what I was trying to avoid. The young male specifically tried to avoid situations such as these for obvious reasons. The tight sports bra his mother held had both perky tits mashed together and practically bursting out, and her leggings almost looked like they were painted on, putting her slim but curvy hips and crotch on display. His sister who was further in had a slight camel toe, her pussy lips outlined in her spandex shorts. “You know yoga isn’t my thing, guys.”

“Then, you can just help us do some of the poses!” Audrey grinned. “Please, Cameron?”

Every time the nineteen-year-old begged him in such an innocent voice it instantly melted his defenses. “Fine. I just want you guys to know this is against my will.” He breathed out a quiet sigh, closed the door and walked with Michelle to the younger girl.

“That’s why we love you so much.” Michelle giggled. “Okay, you can do Audrey first, while I work on my individual stretches.” Their mom moved to the far side of the mat.

“Yay! You get to do me first, Big Brother.” Audrey walked up to him.

Oh, my sweet sister. Please use different phrasing. He mentally winced. “Someone’s excited.” A smile formed on him at her eagerness. She really is cute, though. “Just tell me what to do.”

She nodded and turned around to back up and bend at the waist, her perfect, round ass pressed to his crotch as she struggled to reach for her toes with both hands. “Can you push my back, Cam?” Her voice was strained.

“Oh, uh, yeah. Of course.” He pointed his own butt out to separate his growing erection from her, though the position made it difficult to push her as asked.

“B-Big Brother, what are you doing?” His teen sister tried to look back with her head near her ankles. “You’re too far.”

Shit, fuck, shit. “Sorry.” Cameron tried to keep his face neutral as he mashed his boner into her cheeks.

“Thank you…” Audrey trailed off, feeling something large and hard press into her backside. Cameron has an erection… because of me! A happy smile stretched across her face.

Uncomfortable and tense seconds – for Cameron, ticked by as the older male helped stretch his sibling.

Once done, she laid on her back. “Okay! Now you have to push my legs behind my head.

“Your legs can go that far? You’re pretty flexible.”

Audrey blushed. “Thank you. I try to stretch every day.”

Sure, just keeping digging the hole deeper for yourself, idiot. He cleared his throat and got on his knees in front of her closed legs. “So, uh, just push your legs?”

“Yes, please.” She lifted her head a bit to look at him over her knees.

Placing his hands on her ankles, he leaned forward to push that back near her head. Of course, the position gave him perfect view of her spandex-covered twat, the labia thickly outline. I fucked Sara in this same position just last night. The thought of sex with his girlfriend made him even hornier, and the bulge at his pants extended more to her crotch.

Of course, Audrey noticed as her eyes focused on it. It really is big! Isn’t it uncomfortable gaziantep köle escort for him to walk around with something so large? I hope not. Her thoughts soon strayed to it penetrating her pussy. It might hurt at first, but I know he would be really gentle… Closing her eyes and biting her lip, she imagined him taking her virginity for the millionth time. Ever since her mother had shown her how to masturbate, she had done it several times already with him as her primary sex fantasy.

“Uh, you alright there, little sis or do you need me to phone nine, one, one?” Cameron noticed her sudden change.

Her eyes shot open, and she gave an embarrassed smile. “N-No, no. I’m fine. Please continue.”

Michelle who was still doing her solo stretches on the far left of the mat pretended not to notice what was going on. She really does like her brother, doesn’t she? A quiet giggle left her. So cute.

They switched after some more stretches, Cameron now facing his mom in the center while the nineteen-year-old moved to the side to complete her own yoga.

“I’m starting to feel really used here. What next?” Cameron asked her, both hands on his hips.

“We’re almost done, honey.” His parent giggled and got on all fours, pointing her backside to him. “Can you grab my hands from behind and pull?”

“Are you kidding? I love to pull stuff.” He sat on his butt with his legs extended on either side of her and grabbed both her hands that were held out back to him. The position gave him another amazing view; her taut ass encased in the leggings stretchy material left little to the imagination, her vagina lips burning into his retinas. I’m going to hell for this.

“Okay, sweetie. That’s enough.” Michelle called out with her head still forward, making him release her so could lay on her stomach. “This is the final one. Just sit and below my bottom and help pull my torso towards you for this backstretch.”

Fuck. This is the most dangerous pose yet! She’ll clearly feel my shlong on her ass with me so hard. Cameron’s eyes zeroed in on the perfect gap in between the older woman’s legs. But she did say it was the last stretch… He convinced himself and straddled the area just below her butt, his boner still raging like Godzilla in his shorts.

Michelle pushed up on both arms to raise her torso, leaving her lower half flat. “Okay, pumpkin. Pull me, please.”

Here goes nothing. He leaned forward to grab her shoulders and aid in the stretch; the movement also mashed his bulge into her soft but firm ass cheeks.

“Oh my…” Michelle stiffened, and her eyes got bigger at feeling her’s sons concealed penis. Is that… That can’t be Cameron’s penis, can it? It’s much too large…

Shit, she TOTALLY feels it. Cameron held onto her. Should I get off?

“Are you okay, Mom?” Audrey was on her stomach, doing the same stretch.

“Y-Yes, sweetie. Just a little tight.” Michelle smiled at her.

“I know what you mean. This is a toughie!” She giggled and went back to her business.

“Cameron, I… think that’s enough.” Michelle said.

“O-Okay.” He let her go and gave a nervous glance at the girl preoccupied to their far left before standing up to face his mother. “Hey… I’m really sorry about my, uh…”

Michelle smiled and put a hand on his chest to kiss his lips. “You have nothing to be sorry for. It was a perfectly normal reaction.”

He laughed a little. “Thanks.” She’s seriously the best. Got a little carried away though.

After the yoga, Audrey was called to hang out with her friend Tina while Michelle went off to shower.

Cameron had grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to say goodbye to his mom and stopped by the bathroom door. He noticed it was cracked open and peeked inside to see his mother further in, checking her face for pimples. “Mom? I’m gonna head out now. Sara and I have plans.”

She turned around. I was hoping to spend some time together. “I understand. Come give me a kiss before you go.”

The twenty-three-year-old sighed. “The non-negotiable ones?”

She giggled. “Those would be the ones.”

Despite himself, he smiled and walked over to give her one.

“Thank you, darling. I’ll see you soon.” Michelle put a hand the side of his face and gazed lovingly at him, but his gaze was pointed to her nipple that was exposed. “What’s wrong…” She followed his line of sight and noticed. Covering herself up, she chuckled and looked at him again. “Sorry, honey. I didn’t realize I was practically flashing you with my old breasts.” I know he’s never liked the showers we all used to take together growing up. He was always so uncomfortable.

“Your breasts are amazing.” Cameron responded without thinking, looking into her eyes.

“Oh… thank you, sweetie.” The forty-one-old laughed. I think that’s the first time he’s ever complimented my body. I guess the lectures on how the human body gaziantep kumral escort is nothing to be ashamed of stuck more than I thought.

“Can I see them?” He suddenly asked, shocking them both. I’ve been holding back all these years, and now I give in when Sara and I are getting serious?

“You… want to see them?” Her heart started beating a little faster. “But why?”

Because I’ve thought about sucking on those puppies since I could get hard. Instead of answering, he reached forward with a shaky hand and undid where the towel was secure to make it fall to the tiled floor.

Michelle’s breathing quickened to match her heart beat with her milky white tits and tight vagina on full display. W-What is he going to do?

Cameron stared at her in shape body for some seconds before grabbing one of her perfectly round boobs. “You really do have nice boobs, Mom.”

“Thank you…” Michelle gave a little nod. “Um, Cameron. I don’t know if this is such a good idea. W-What if your sister came home?” Her worried eyes searched his.

“She won’t.” He took hold of her other tit and began messaging, and rotating them in slow circles.

The mother leaned back against the sink counter for support as hot breaths left her mouth now. It had been years since her husband passed and a man with such strong hands had touched her. No, Michelle! You have to stop him; he’s just confused! “Cameron, honey -”

She sucked in a sharp breath when he latched onto one of her hardened nipples with his mouth and began battering it around with his tongue. Her eyelids fluttered and her mouth opened in ecstasy as she placed both arms around his neck. “Oh, sweetie…”

Holy shit, is she actually enjoying this? After a short inner debate, he reached down while sucking on one of her nipples to feel the hot space between her legs, and sure enough, she was wet. Her juices leaked from her twat like a lazy river, snaking down her thighs.

No, no, no, honey, please. Not there. Michelle mentally fought but her body betrayed her, leaving her legs open to her son as her moans got louder.

The young male slid his two fingers along her slippery slit and focused on rubbing her erected clit at the top.

“Oh…!” Michelle gritted her teeth like she was in pain when he did. My clitoris is sensitive! A small tremor passed through her body as an orgasm hit.

Cameron stood back up to look at her. Shit. I’ve never made Sara cum with just my fingers. “Did you cum?”

His mother’s cheeks turned bright red as she put on a shy smile. “Yes… I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing? I’m clearly the one at fault.” He grinned, holding up his glistening fingers.

She gave a weak groan as she watched them. Ever since he was young he’s loved teasing me. A small giggle escaped her.

“What’s so funny?” One eyebrow went up.

Michelle shook her head, smiling. “It’s nothing.”

He lowered his hand and cleared his throat. “Uh, I know I was the one who kind of initiated this whole thing, but we probably shouldn’t do this again with me dating Sara and all…”

A part of Michelle was a little disappointed, but she forced the same smile anyway. “I understand. But… would you like me to take care of you also before you go?” Her eyes dipped to the massive bulge at his front.

“A-Are you sure? You really don’t have to do that, Mom.” But a big part of himself wanted her to.

“I know that, silly.” She gave him a peck and settled on her knees to pull his shorts and boxers down.

It allowed his big dick to flop out, angry and pulsating veins through its impressive length and pre-cum already oozing from the fat tip.

“Oh dear…” Michelle stared at it in awe. I’ve never seen one so large.

“Mom, uh, could you not stare at my junk? You’re making me anxious here.”

“Sorry, honey.” She giggled, craning her head up to make eye contact for a brief moment before grabbing his thick meat. “I just think it’s really pretty.”

“Thanks…” He breathed, feeling her soft and tender hands on his member. She hasn’t even done anything, and I’m about to shoot my load, already.

“I’m going to start now, my love.”

Audrey had returned home at that moment to retrieve something from her room when she heard groaning from the bathroom. Is that Cam? She went to the bathroom door to look through the crack and quietly gasped at the scene. Her brother’s back was to her, but she could clearly see their mother’s hand going back and forth on his crotch. Besides, she could clearly hear the details of the sex act.

“Mom, your hand feels so good on my cock.” Cameron tossed his head back with closed eyes.

Michelle let out a small laugh from her throat and increased her stroking, her hand sliding along his shaft. Because of the pre-cum, it was glazed and sticky, creating lewd and nasty sounds in the quiet bathroom.

“Fuck…” The young guy clenched his jaw.

Michelle loved the look of ecstasy on his smooth face and grabbed onto his rod with her other hand to give him a double jerk. She had never done one before, but his big dick allowed it. So, she did her best to squeeze and massage him during the handjob. Her pussy tingled with longing as a part of her just wanted to have her son jam his cock inside her, but she fought the powerful feelings.

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