Panty Sniffer Ch. 02


Note: The story below deals with that for which I crave most of all a woman to totally dominate me sexually. The philosophy of the story is let me sniff your panties and I’ll be your virtual slave in bed. I am submitting this in incest as it is all in the family but could easily fit into fetish or bdsm categories.

Readers may want to read the first chapter to see how I ended up with my daughter as my mistress to better understand what happens in this chapter.


My biggest shock of this whole experience came only a week after I became my daughter’s dutiful sexual slave. We had finally done just about everything possible in one hot passionate session. I was laying with my head on her chest gently suckling her boobies when she reached into her nightstand and pulled out the pair of pink panties she had originally caught me sniffing in the bathroom.

“Do these panties look familiar, daddy?” She held them up to my nose and I could smell the cunt honey and see the large pussy stain.

“Of course, they smell absolutely fantastic. That is one sweet pussy that made them smell so fucking sweet,” I replied almost purring.

She smiled broadly and cooed back, “Well, daddy it wasn’t my pussy that made them smell so good. These are grandma’s panties. That is right your own mother has the sweet pussy that makes you drool. Go ahead sniff them again. Come on my wimp slave inhale deeply that sweet smell.”

I damn near got up and ran. I know that I should of but Monica seemed to have a power over me. So, meekly I inhaled the crotch odor of my own mom’s panties. The scent did turn me on. Monica placed my hand on my cock and motioned for me to rub myself. She whispered, “If my father can turn me on, why shouldn’t your mom turn you on. That’s right make yourself cum thinking of your mom’s pussy.”

Monica caressed me as I rubbed myself. It was amazing soon I was rubbing myself harder and harder and thoughts of my mother began filling my head wondering what it would really be like to lick her pussy. I almost called out her name, Wanda, as I got close to cumming. The next thing I knew I shot a load of my spunk onto Monica’s stomach.

“Why did you make me do that, Monica?” Feelings of guilt washed over me. I hadn’t flogged myself thinking of my mother since I was a teenager. The guilt was more intense not only because I jacked off thinking of mom in front of my daughter but because a part of me really wanted to make love to my mom.

“Well, the cum you just sprayed all over me seems to prove that you want to fuck her. I know that you are laying there thinking of what it would be like to bury your face between her legs and lick up her hot sweet honey. Then you want to pound your cock into the pussy you came out of, don’t you?” Her tone was sinister as she played with my balls and rubbed the panty crotch against my nose again.

“Oh gawd I am so turned on but I couldn’t actually do it. You’re making me so hot!” I tried to stay noncommittal in my response but it was obvious that I was consumed with lust for not only Monica but also my own mother.

“The fuck you can’t and I’m gonna prove it to you bastard. These panties are my souvenir. I want you to go to grandma’s room and get yourself a pair of dirty panties and lie on her bed and sniff them until I come and get you.” I couldn’t believe what had just come out of her mouth. Thoughts swirled in my head.

Not only did she keep a pair of panties from her grandmother as a keep sake but was ordering me to get my own pair to sniff. I wondered why she needed a keepsake. But, the frightening part was having to lay on my mom’s bed. I knew that she was due home in less than an hour. Trembling I gave my mistress a kiss and caressed her tits and got up.

I headed straight for my mom’s hamper. Rummaging through I found three pairs of soiled panties. Looking them over I carefully made a selection. Since I was compelled to sniff a pair they might as well have the biggest cum stain and be the ones that smelled the best. I settled on a pair bright purple cotton bikini panties.

My nose didn’t even have to be close to appreciate my mom’s personal scent and the stain was wide and ran the entire length of the crotch panel. Remembering Monica’s direction I reluctantly climbed on to my mother’s bed and brought the sexy garment up to my face. Monica peaked in the door, fully dressed, and said, “That’s a good wimp.”

“May I get up now mistress?” I asked ready to spring out of the bed and run to my own room with the sensual garment.

“No, I don’t think so. You haven’t had a chance to fantasize about your mom yet. I’m going to water the yard like I’m supposed to. I’ll be back in a while. So, sniff those panties and think of kissing your mom’s big ass and sticking your tongue in her shittie depths. Then perhaps you would lick and suck her hairy pussy and drink up all of her hot sweet juices. Then you’d suck those big melons of hers into your mouth while she flicked your cock against her clit before pulling it inside of gaziantep manken escort her tight pussy. Imagine pounding in and out of her pussy so hard that you make the bed springs squeak and your mother beg for more. You want to fuck the very pussy you came out of so bad, don’t you?”

She painted a very erotic picture. I looked up to answer and she was gone. I laid the cum stained panties across my nose and began playing with my cock and balls with both hands. I was taking my time to enjoy the sensations thinking that I had a half an hour to get off. I could easily picture everything Monica said and closed my eyes to see it all.

My guilt at using my mom’s panties and bed was fast being replaced by lust. In my mind I could see her grind her ass or tits in my face. I had just started to moan when something felt different. I heard a drawer open. Snap, the whip cracked knocking the panties off of my face. I laid there afraid to move.

Slowly I opened my eyes expecting to see Monica. But, there was my mother standing there with a long whip in her hand. She had it raised up ready to strike me again. Her dominating presence turned me into a blabbering wimp trying to speak but unable to get out a single word. An odd grin spread across her face.” So Joey what the fuck are you doing jacking off with my panties in my bed. You must want to fuck me but are too much of a light weight to just grab me kiss me and tell me what you want. That means you are nothing but a submissive twit; is that right? My mom was practically yelling.

“Um, mom I don’t know what you mean,” I responded knowing what I thought she was getting at.

“You are still my son and I can still spank your ass. You surely deserve a spanking for using my bed to play with yourself. So, Joey roll over and take your punishment,” she ordered. I obeyed without delay.

Smack, smack smack the whip connected with my ass as she continued giving me my 20 lashes her voice softened, “You have always had a pretty ass fuck head. So, you like sniffing my panties and want to fuck me? Well, asshole I’m no longer your mother when we are alone. I am Queen Wanda and you will treat me like a queen and do everything I tell you. You are a piece of shit whose job it is to make me cum anytime day or night.

I couldn’t believe it here I was again being told that I was about to become an incestuous sexual servant for the second time in just over a week. I wondered if Monica had put my mom up to this and if they were doing anything together. More importantly, I wondered if my wife knew anything about what her mother in law and daughter were doing.

Another smack and my thoughts returned to my mother. I was relieved when she put the whip down as my ass was throbbing. So, are you ready fuckhead to be my submissive and do anything I tell you when we are alone?”

I couldn’t help myself as I was on sexual fire. I wanted my mom more even than I had wanted Monica. I turned my head to see her caress her boobs through her blouse and weakly answered, Yes mom.”

She picked up the whip and slammed it on my ass and yelling asked, “Yes who?”

“Yes Queen Wanda I’ll do whatever you desire. I am not worthy of you but will do my best to become worthy,” I whispered. I hoped my statement was humble enough as I wanted her to show me what she wanted me to do with her. My eyes popped open wide when she pulled her blouse off and then freed her monster tits from her bra.

Wanda walked over to her dresser and pulled something out. I couldn’t tell what it was from my angle. Then I saw her pants and undies fall to the floor. After a minute or so she came back over. I gasped as I saw my mother sporting a ten inch black strap-on dildo. Clearing my throat I exclaimed, “Oh my fucking gawd mom, ah, Queen Wanda!”

Caressing the fake cock my mother walked over to me and handed me a tube of sexual lubricant. Knowing what she wanted to do I squeezed an ample quantity from the tube and thoroughly greased her member down. Satisfied with my job she took the tube back and smeared my asshole with lube before signaling for me to get up on my knees.

I could feel the pressure of her mighty plastic cock against my asshole as she pushed in. I groaned out loud when the head popped in and thought that it wouldn’t be too bad after all. Then mom gave another push and I cried out in pain. She paused and then shoved it in deeper and deeper. Gradually my cries of pain were replaced by pure pleasure as I got used to that big cock. My ass rose up to meet each of her thrusts

“Your heignness fuck me fuck my ass good,” I pleaded. She was grunting with each thrust. My hands dug into the bed as my ball slapped against her thighs. As her speed picked up my mom slapped my ass cheeks over and over again.

“No better way to make a fucking wimp mine than to fuck him up the ass. Now I own your ass Joey,” she groaned huskily. After plunging in again all of the way she unfastened the dildo from its gaziantep masaj yapan escort straps and left it in my ass hole. The next thing I knew she had rolled me onto my back and her hairy pussy was above my face.

“Oh gawd my queen you sure are sexy,” I didn’t know what else to say. I felt I had to say something even if I came off like a wimp. Mom lowered her pussy closer and I could tell it was wet as it was glistening in the light of the room. She took my cock in her hand at first she examined it but then she twisted it and gave it a hard yank.

“For a wimp you have a fucking nice cock. Had I known about how sexy it is and that you wanted me you would have been my slave long ago! Now eat me fucker!” With that she plopped her cunt into my face and swallowed half of my cock down her throat. Two more sucks and her lips were down to my balls.

Her mouth was like a machine working over my manhood. She rapid fire fucked my cock with her mouth while her cheeks became hollowed out from the sucking she was doing. Her tongue masterfully slid around my member tickling and teasing it, especially my piss hole and the underside of my cock head.

Sweet juices covered my face as her pubic hair rested on my chin. I did my best to make her cum. I licked and sucked all over her pussy with a fury seldom seen. Of course, I paid special attention to her hard little clit causing her to moan very loudly. The more I kissed and licked the more cream flowed from her special hole.

As my mouth gave her twat a workout I used my hands to work on her big ass; kneading and playing with it. Mom had the biggest ass of the three women in my life and I was truly enjoying the opportunity to finally squeeze and fondle it. It wasn’t long before I was wrapping my hands around her plump ass for dear life as I sprayed my mom’s throat with my cum. This only made her suck harder.

Then I felt the familiar shudder and knew that she was cumming. Large amounts of her juices now flooded my face as she shuddered in wave after wave of orgasm. I ate her as fast as I could not wanting to let any escape. This continued until she had sucked me until my cock became limp. She dropped my cock and sat upright on my face.

Wanda just sat there doing nothing for over a minute recovering from having a sixty nine with her own son. I laid there still unsure of what to do, if anything. My mother exhaled deeply and then pulled herself off of me. Picking up the whip again she popped it across my stomach and snapped, “Now get the fuck out of here and don’t you dare tell a fucking sole that you were put on this earth to serve your queen.”

Scampering to my room to get dressed I felt very lucky when I heard the back door to the house open only a minute later. I heard Monica holler out. Her grandmother and I replied at the same time that we would be out in a minute. Most of the rest of the day went normally as both women were always around.

They both, however, pulled me aside for quick moments of fun and danger. Monica found me in the bathroom putting on sun screen and ordered me to my knees to eat her pussy through her panties. To my amazement she came in only a couple of minutes; maybe it was the thrill of the possibility of being caught.

Wanda just minutes later yanked me into her bedroom as I passed by and lifted up her blouse and let me suck her tits for the first time. I was very nervous about their attentions as after all Glenda could come home anytime and catch one of them. I didn’t think I could explain that to her.

When I went to bed that night I felt like I was in a sanctuary as the only woman who would want me to do anything sexual was my wife and any love making would most likely be tender. Glenda was very horny that night and we had wonderful sex. She was all over me; nibbling and sucking everywhere she could think of.

Our bodies flew all over our bed. When we finished I figured that I would have no trouble falling to sleep. For her part, Glenda was out like a light in just a couple of minutes. Not wanting to disturb her I threw on my robe and laid on the living room couch watching television.

A Couple hours later I was still laying there beginning to doze. I was thinking I should go back to bed when I heard a door down the hall open. From where I was I could hear footsteps to the kitchen and a drink being poured. The footsteps started up again and then suddenly stopped in the living room.

Silence filled the room as I assume that whoever stood there was trying to figure out who was on the couch. The steps started up once again but were getting closer to me instead of heading back to the bedrooms. Playing it cool I laid there perfectly still just waiting to see what was in store for me in the wee hours of the morning. Suddenly I heard the rustle of cloth only a couple of feet away from me.

A hand grabbed the back of my head and lifted it up. The next thing I knew my face was being smothered in gaziantep masöz escort soft flesh. Then I felt a large nipple glide across my lips as the big boobs were rubbed and ground against my entire face. A voice whispered, “It has been about40 years since the last time but baby it is time for your 3:00 feeding. Now, get to work sucking on mommy’s boobies.”

Not able to speak I opened my mouth and let my tongue slide over her soft surface. She was still rubbing them hard against me as I licked and bit and tried to suck on them. Finally I caught a nipple in my mouth and sucked it as hard as I could. Her reaction was to shove it further in.

Taking a gamble I reached out and ran a hand up her leg until I got to her pussy. At first I played with her hair and protruding lips. When she had no adverse reaction I moved on to her clit and gently ran my finger all over it. My queen moaned out loud and shoved her other boob into my mouth and gasped, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming.”

Juices flowed out of her cunt covering my hand as she let my head fall from her grip and back onto the couch. She put my wet hand to my mouth and watched me suck her honey from my fingers. She looked over at my erection as I told her, “Queen Wanda thank you for letting me suck your unbelievably fabulous tits; it was fucking fantastic!”

“You’re not done yet! Get down here and get that gawd damn cock of yours inside of my pussy right now and fill your mother with your sticky seed.” There she was on the floor a couple of feet away on all fours wagging her ass at me. As soon as I got between her legs she grabbed my cock and pulled it toward her entrance.

I gently pushed my cock head inside but she would have none of that as she shoved herself against my cock and swallowed me up in one stroke. She pulled my hands off of her hips and roughly placed them on her dangling tits. Her cunt was tighter than I expected as my cock became engulfed I moaned out, “Oh Queen Wanda; holy shit I can’t believe this!”

“I don’t give a shit whether you believe it or not. Just get busy and fuck me hard and give me your cum bastard; come on and fill my pussy up,” she groaned as she arched her back smacking her clit toward my balls. I smashed my hands into her tit flesh as I pounded her twat in a fury. Sweat was now pouring from me as I groaned louder and louder. I wanted to play with her ass but figured that I had better not.

It wasn’t long before I felt her shudder over and over and slam back against me so hard that it sounded like someone was being spanked when our bodies met. Gritting my teeth and holding onto her tits for dear life I flooded her pussy with my spunk. I held myself inside of her as I panted trying to get my breath back but it wasn’t long before my tired cock simply slid out of her hot pussy.

Crawling away my mother grabbed her clothes and saying nothing put back on her nightie and walked to her room. I was totally worn out now and quietly snuck back to bed with Glenda and fell asleep in minutes and had to be shaken awake in the morning by my wife. That was just the beginning of my adventures with these three ladies.

Since then my two mistresses have figured out new ways of having me sexually serve them. The difficult part is that Glenda hasn’t slowed down in her desire for sex. About a month ago I was able to convince both my daughter and mother that we should let me be in charge once every couple of weeks leaving me as the master and also have mutual sex from time to time as well.

While serving my mistresses is still my top priority with them switching and mutual exploration seems to keep things fresh. Even when we switch there are subtle reminders that in reality they are in charge and can take back control if I step out of line. Over the last couple of months they have gotten bolder and I worry about being caught by Glenda.

Both of them are wearing more revealing night gowns. Not to be outdone Glenda seems to have picked up on their attire and is also dressing more skimpy. I walk around late in the evening with a constant hard-on. A couple of weeks ago Wanda and I were running an errand and as she stopped at a traffic light she reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties and told me to sniff them as we drove.

I was glad the streets were mostly deserted especially when she told me to pull out my cock and make myself cum. Furiously I rubbed myself as I sniffed the damp crotch of my mother’s panties. I wanted to cum as fast as possible before I was spotted. Mom had one eye on the road and one eye on me. It didn’t take long for my cock to erupt like a large fountain spraying all over my lap.

Monica tends to tease me more like intentionally sticking her ass in my face as she walks by me with the other two women in the room. I still wonder if Monica and Wanda know about each other and if they will ever get together and make me do things to both of them at once. Of course, my big fear is that Glenda will find out.

But, Glenda finding out also excites me as maybe she would be into threesomes or even foursomes. I don’t think Monica and Wanda know about each other’s involvement with me but I do still wonder if there is something going on between the two of them. Especially after what I saw last night as I caught them kissing in my mother’s bedroom doorway. It wasn’t a platonic grandmotherly kiss as they were rubbing their hands over each other’s asses.

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