Party Girl Ch. 2


My eyes rolled back in my head as Dacia continued to lap around the base of my cock, slowly making her way to the head while she sighed contentedly. I’d just cum, so I knew it would be awhile before I could go again, but Dacia’s tongue bath felt heavenly. Who would have imagined that I’d make love to my 18-year-old daughter? Who would have imagined it would be that good? I’ve bedded my fair share of women in my day, but Dacia had far surpassed all of them. Especially her mother. Marcia had always been a cold fish in bed, refusing to do anything other than lie there. A few times she’d even ventured so far as to ask me if I was “done yet?” But Dacia? Not my sweet Princess. She was wild in bed, and I was looking forward to spending quite a bit more time with my daughter from now on, and judging by the way she was going to town on my shaft, I was willing to bet she’d be spending the night at my place much more often than she had in the past.

Finally realizing that I wasn’t going to be able to make love to her again soon, Dacia slowly let my cock slide from her mouth before coming up to lay next to me, resting her head on my chest and sliding her leg between mine. “I’m sleepy Daddy. Will you do me a favor and get the rest of my stuff out of your car? It’s cold, and I don’t have much to wear” she said giggling. I had obviously become pussy whipped by my beautiful daughter, because I quickly rose from the bed and found my clothes. I retrieved a bag that Dash had thrown into the back seat and brought it back upstairs, only to realize that my Princess had quickly fallen asleep, and that I wasn’t far behind. Shucking my pants and t-shirt, I climbed back under the covers and pulled Dacia closer to me, holding her tight and kissing her forehead before I too, fell asleep.

Waking up several hours later, I found Dacia still curled into the same position, with her blonde hair pleasantly tousled, and pressed silkily against my chest. I laid there a few moments longer, stroking Dacia’s back, running my fingers gently over the cleft in her ass, before I attempted to slide out of bed without waking her up. I had just about made it to the door when she woke up and called to me “Where are you going Daddy? It’s cold in bed” “I’m just going to take a shower Princess, I’ll be back in a few minutes. Go back to sleep. You had a long night, and I bet you have a headache. I’ll bring you an Aspirin when I get out of the shower” I called back, making my way down the hall to the bathroom. My head was still crowded with thoughts of my baby girl, and her sweet ass grinding back against my cock earlier this morning. She really knew what she was doing when she asked me to hold her.

I slipped into the shower, remembering how my daughter had screamed my name, begging for my cock. I poured some shampoo into my hand and began washing my hair, and then reached for the soap to wash off the sweat from our lovemaking. I massaged my chest, tugging lightly on my chest hair and then pinching my nipples, before moving lower to my stomach. I grinned slightly, thinking that I would never rub my stomach again without thinking gaziantep ofise gelen escort of Dacia’s little trick. I realized that my cock was hard again, and begging for attention, so I slowly began to caress my shaft, stroking gently, not wanting to get too heated up. I wanted to save everything for Dacia. I had plenty of positions I wanted to see my baby girl in before I dropped her off at home. Since it was Saturday, I hoped she would be able to stay with me that evening also. Suddenly I heard the bathroom door open and saw Dacia’s shadow through the frosted glass of the shower door, and suddenly the door was open, and there stood Dacia, naked as the day she was born, and more beautiful than any woman I’ve ever seen. “Sorry Daddy, I got lonely in bed” she said, smiling coyly and stepping into the spray of water. “Don’t worry Princess, I was getting pretty lonely myself.” I said, indicating my rock hard dick before pulling her against me and holding her tightly. We stayed in that position for a few minutes before I felt Dacia’s hand creep between my thighs and her fingers begin to creep across the length of my erection, until she reached the head and took all of it in her small, pale hand. “Here’s that Aspirin you promised me Dad” she whispered slyly, leaning in to kiss me. She sucked my tongue into her mouth as she began to stroke my cock between our bodies. It felt amazing, but the steam from the shower, and the intensity that Dacia was going at my cock were beginning to make my knees weak, so I turned off the water and picked her up, wrapping a towel around the two of us and strode quickly to the bedroom.

I deposited her on the bed and promptly spread her legs. Her pussy looked so inviting, the lips shaven and pink, glistening with the water from the shower, and her own dew. I lowered my face to her sweet, child soft stomach and inhaled her lightly floral scent, mingling with another, slightly musky scent. I kissed my way down her thighs, pausing to pay homage to each one, and slid my hand underneath her ass, lifting her up and kissing each of her sweet globes. By now she was writhing, begging for me to touch her where she most needed to be touched, so I parted her lips with my tongue, lapping up her juices and kissing her sweet slit. She tasted so good, so sweet, I could drink from her forever. I pushed my tongue deep inside of her, and reveled at her cry of “Oh Daddy, yessss” I paused when I heard an insistent ringing, confused because it sounded different than my home phone. Dacia sat up with a start and said, “Damn it” reaching for her bag she rummaged through it, seconds later triumphantly holding up her cell phone.

“Hello?” she said into the receiver, as I began to pull her back down on the bed, this time taking her nipple into my mouth and sucking gently while I kneaded her other breast in my hand, pinching the nipple and trying valiantly to listen to her conversation. I froze when I heard her say “Yeah mom, I’ll be home—” I looked up at her and mouthed the word “tomorrow” and she finished gaziantep öğrenci escort “I’ll be home tomorrow mama” I nearly laughed out loud at my daughters face when she rolled her eyes, and I knew that Marcia had started in on one of her endless diatribes about something that had upset her. I grinned at my daughter before dipping my head back between her thighs and sucked on her cunt with gusto. Dacia gasped as I sucked her clit into my mouth and began to lightly bite it, raking my teeth over it and then flicking my tongue around and across her little nub. “No mama, everything is… OHHHHH, fine.” She gasped and began pulling on my hair, trying to get my face out of her pussy. I obliged her, as I had other ideas. She gave me a dirty look, to which I merely smiled back before situating myself at her entrance and plunging my cock deep inside of her tight pus. “Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah, mom, yep, yesssssss, oh yess, I understand mom. Yeah. Yeah mom, I’ll be” Dacia moaned when I leaned down to suck her penny colored nipple into my mouth once again “careful, yes, yesssss, I have a ride home. Okay Mom. Yeah, I’m okay; I just stubbed my toe. Yeah, I’ll see you Sunday night momma. Yesssss, oooh yes, love you to mommy.” Dacia hung up her phone and tossed it across the room.

“So you think you’re a funny man eh?” She asked me. I lifted my head again, only to kiss her and smirk.

“I thought it was pretty funny. So you stubbed your toe huh? Gee, I must be losing my touch, I thought all that noise was because of me.” I slowed my pace, gently sliding my cock into her, bottoming out and then slowly, slowly, pulling myself all the way out of her again. Dacia and I stared at each other, marveling at the change in our relationship. I knew that making love to my daughter was wrong, but DAMN, it was so good. Dacia began to grind her hips up at me, while pushing on my ass, trying to get more inside her. “Oh Daddy, please don’t make me beg, I want it hard. I like it HARD Daddy” she cried, digging her nails into my ass.

“Mmmm…beg me anyway Princess, we’ve got all day, and it drives me crazy when you call me daddy like that. You never called me daddy before” I whispered in her ear, before suckling her lobe into my mouth and breathing gently into her ear. Dacia cried out and began grinding herself against me, digging her nails into me while she begged for my cock.

“Please Daddy, do it fast and hard. Fuck your baby harder. I need it so bad.” She grabbed my hand and slid it between us, until I was nearly touching my own cock. “Feel how wet I am Daddy, I need it BAD” Oh! That did it. I cried out into Dacia’s hair and slid out of her.

“Ride Daddy’s cock baby. Show Daddy how you like it.” I moaned, while watching my baby girl position herself over my cock, and then tease both of us by sliding the head from her clit almost to her ass hole, which I indeed had plans for later. She slowly sank down on my dick, reveling in the feel of it deep inside of her, before promptly raising herself up and then slamming back down. I knew at that oğuzeli escort pace I wasn’t going to last long, and contented myself with holding onto that tight firm ass and running my fingers over her crack. I passed my finger over her tight little pucker, and watched her shiver.

I closed my eyes, savoring the sensation of her tight pussy wrapped around my cock like a wet fist, keeping me prisoner in her wet tunnel. When I opened my eyes again, I moaned at the sight of my daughter sucking on her own breasts, firmly pinching one nipple while she sucked on the other one feverishly. I raised myself up inside of her, bucking with her and continued to caress her ass.

“Oh Princess, that’s so sexy. I wish I could take a picture of you like that. You’re gorgeous. It feels so good to be inside of you. I’ve never had pussy this good. And you’re sooo tight. I love a tight cunt. Oh yes Princess, ride Daddy’s cock! Ride me Dash, please don’t ever stop.” I called to her, jabbering senselessly as I felt my sack begin to tighten. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold off much longer, but hell if I wasn’t going to try. This was incredible! Suddenly Dacia cried out

“Fuck! Yes Daddy! I’m cumming, I’m cummmmming. You’re so hard and hot, and it’s sooo good! Daddy your baby girl is cumming all over your big dick!” her cunt started to milk me, and it felt like a thousand fingers grasping me, trying to pull my seed out from within. I rolled her over and began to pound into her, harder and harder until I heard the headboard knocking against the wall. I shoved my dick in and out of her sweet pussy as hard and as fast as I could, triggering another orgasm within her as I began to spill my seed inside of her.

“Princess! Daddy is cumming! I’m cumming inside of you! Ohhh yes, yes. Baby Daddy is blowing his load inside of your hot cunt.” I nearly screamed, as my seed was spilling into my daughters warmth.

“I know Daddy, I can feel it. It’s so hot. Cum for me daddy, cum in my little pussy” She whispered into my ear, her hot breath nearly driving me insane. I slumped over and tried to control my breathing as Dacia scratched my chest, lightly pulling on my chest hair and whispering to me. “I love you Daddy” she said sweetly, and I pulled her against me.

“I love you too baby.” And I do. I love everything about her. Her long blonde hair that trails over the tops of her breasts, her big green eyes that you could get lost in, her pert little nose, her pouty lips that were made for sucking cock,high, firm, large breasts with penny colored nipples, her slim tapered waist, her cute little v-shaped bush, her sweet, sweet cunt, and her tight, firm ass. I couldn’t wait to make love to her ass. “Dacia honey, have you ever had a cock in your ass?” I asked her, hoping the answer was no. I wanted to be the first to penetrate my baby there.

“No Daddy. Jerry used to like to finger my ass, but it was too tight for him to get his dick in. And it hurt. Why? Do YOU want to fuck me in my ass?”

She catches on quickly. “Yes baby, but not if it’s something you don’t want, or are scared to do.”

“I’m scared Daddy, but I’m game. There are so many things I want to try, and I’d love to try them with you.”

I pulled myself away from Dacia and rose from the bed. “I’ll be right back Princess.”

Now where had I put that lube?

Let me know what you think. All comments are appreciated. I’m thinking about trying to continue it from Dacia’s point of view. Any ideas?

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