Patriarch Ch. 02


I appreciate the comments and encouragement to continue the Patriarch and Evolution series. I’m not stopping the series. I tend to write when I have time and inspiration overtakes me. I apologize without apologizing to anyone offended by anything I write. To be clearer, the story tends to take on a life and a direction. Sometimes even I don’t know the destination. Since it could go anywhere, it might not be suitable for an audience looking for just incest related topics. As before, it can embrace the master and slave relationship, interracial sex, bdsm or any other genre. If you like it, please vote on it and leave me a comment. If you don’t like it, relief is only a click away. Thank you for the kind words and I will do my best to give you a good story.


Some time had passed; over a year but not quite two. My life went through dynamic changes. In business, my stores went through the roof. I’m far from a genius, but I managed to stumble over the right locations and the right type of business. Both stores became anchors in their respective areas, and other businesses swarmed in to create unique, intimate shopping areas.

There were major events that threatened to pull me in different directions. I felt I had a good handle on my family. Out of respect and love, more than anything, my sisters came to me with issues that came up in their lives. Some of these could have been easily resolved on their own, but they sought my council for a wide variety of feelings.

It wasn’t just black and white. They went through things that many women experience. I used my mother as a sounding board at times, but I mainly relied on my own instincts. Jackie was tempted to give in to one boy. His pursuit of her was relentless over a significant time, and he did and said the things that would be hard to resist. He could be charming, romantic and understanding. He moved toward intimacy, but never pressed the issue. The perfect boyfriend.

Before opening her mouth or legs, Jackie wanted my opinion. Over dinner, I sized him up. I saw him as a player. He said the right things without a bit of sincerity. I was amused by his feeble attempt to impress me. He was skilled at running a game on girls his own age, but totally unprepared for someone looking beneath his surface. I advised Jackie to break it off. We watched him implode over the following year. He dropped out, became a father twice and spiraled into a drunken existence.

Jackie once came to me and asked if she would have been able to elevate him to a greater good. Would he have turned out the same way if Jackie had stayed with him and helped to shape his future? While anything is possible, I believed then and now that she was a prize. He was looking to take my sister as a trophy. I steered her through that storm, but I knew that she had been aware all along.

My sisters faced various challenges. Most of these were in their minds. They had been conditioned to think and act along certain lines. I wiped the slate clean often. I would see the influences heaped on them by teachers, administrators, peers and potential lovers. I didn’t make their decisions for them. I had them look at options and intentions and make decisions from a position of strength, not from emotional blackmail.

I had games run on me enough times to recognize things like the guilt trip and the jealousy game. Playing another boyfriend against me was a big mistake. I had 4 women that were not only beautiful, but that would do anything I asked. Not that they responded to requests. They had been conditioned by my father to only accept direct orders. They only vacillated to invite punishment. It made them feel alive and worthy of better things.

Dana was a different case. I let some relationships run the course. They didn’t last long when they found I wasn’t ever taking a relationship to an ultimate level. I was happy and content, and I told them my parameters very early on. They made a decision that their charms would overcome my resolve, and they lost. Some walked away angry, some professed that their love would be forever. In either case, I was well aware that they would be sucking another dick and swearing their love to someone else in a relatively short amount of time.

Dana was a strange case. She came to work for me and quickly worked her way up into my inner circle. She just seemed to have a quality and dedication that was rare. She listened, rarely made mistakes and handled herself well in situations with customers and staff alike. She seemed to be comfortable at every level, and when she moved up into top management she took it in stride.

The problem began to rise when she set her sights on us as a couple of destiny. Dana’s large personality made up for her size. She was barely 5 feet tall, and she wore heels daily to rise up to a higher level. Even so, most of the guys towered over her. For a small girl, she had a woman’s body. At 22, she had full breasts, a c cup I guessed, and a nice ass. She was always dressed well and projected a professional front.

At some point, she decided gaziantep minyon escort to get my attention beyond a working relationship. She dismantled all of her personal dating relationships, deciding that we, and only we had a future together. She seemed not to care or notice that I dated other women. She watched several women come and go. Failing to get my attention in conventional ways, she began a campaign to advertise her availability to me.

Sex obviously wasn’t a desire for me. My wants and needs were taken care of. She didn’t get the memo. Dana tossed her blonde hair, volunteering for any extra duties that came up and asking daily if there was anything she could do for me. I resisted, and in fact ignored her flirtations. That is, until they began a distraction. Not to me, but to others in my business.

She wore thinner and lacier bras that made her nipples stand out. She wore shorter skirts and thigh highs with a thong. She didn’t change her routine, and would bend, step up on ladders and reach for things out of reach. She mainly did these things in my view, but something about it must have excited her, because she became bolder and exposed herself more often.

The men at the store didn’t complain about the show, and she kept her composure, never giving the customers too much of a show. Still, I could see the time coming where I would be forced into a position. I decided long ago that I would always deal with anything out of a position of strength, never because I had been drawn into a situation. As a result, despite declared undying love, none of my women ever attempted emotional blackmail, suicide or pregnancy. Those things didn’t work on me, and I made them very aware of those facts.

Dana showed up one morning and was sent to my office. She wasn’t 3 feet inside the door when I spoke.

‘You’re fired’.

She blinked. No tears welled in her eyes. Just a flat stare, as if waiting for the other shoe to drop.

‘You know the reasons. I have more than I need’.

I tapped the file on my desk.

‘Leave the store now. You can come back after closing for your exit interview. Bring your keys and any material in your possession that are related to the store. We’ll settle up your final pay and any other issues you would care to discuss’.

I dismissed her, walking her to the door and closing it behind her. I watch the security cameras as she picked up her bag and strode away. Not a hint of disappointment. No hesitation. Not a word to anyone else in the store. Head high, still projecting the confidence I had come to expect from her. I watched the back of the blonde head until it disappeared from sight.

I was torn. She was a great worker. She could be a significant part of my personal life. I made some decisions as the day progressed.

I watched the car pull in and park. She didn’t get out of the car until every other car in the lot was gone. She had been far enough to the end of the lot that others leaving wouldn’t see or take notice. She now pulled her car up closer to the loading dock and got out of the car. I buzzed the door open as she approached. She came into my office and stood before me.

She had changed clothes, but the look was similar. Short skirt, thin blouse, lace and nipples showing as the air conditioning hit her.


She backed into a chair. No emotion. Very cool. Very collected.

‘There are 2 envelopes on this desk. On your left is a check. Final pay and severance. On the right is a contract’.

Her eyes didn’t move. They were fixed on me.

‘The contract gives yourself to me. Personally, professionally, in any way I choose. This will not be a traditional relationship. You will be my property. You have 5 minutes’.

With that, I left the room. A few seconds later, I heard the door to my office open and close. I was briefly actually disappointed. She had taken the check and was leaving. I turned and she was standing in front of me, contract in hand.

‘I am yours’.


Dana never showed a second of hesitation. She was completely naked in less than a minute. I reached out, took a hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger, squeezed and twisted. Her face registered the pain, if only for a second. She never moved and never cried out.

‘On your knees’.

She went down, kneeling on the hard concrete floor.

‘Hands behind your back’.

I unzipped my fly and Dana opened her mouth. She was prepared to suck my cock. The girl was even smaller on her knees. She closed her eyes and waited. I rubbed my cock over her face. Her tongue came out and she got a taste, but I never put myself in her mouth. For long minutes I rubbed myself, cock and balls, all over the tiny face tilted up at me.

Something deep inside me was shouting. This woman thinks this is about sex. A tone has to be set from the beginning. Luckily, I had prepared for just such the occasion. One of the reasons I loved the way my life had developed was that I was always a fan nizip escort of mystery. I was impressed with my father’s ingenuity in designing his house and his secrets. The real purposes of his life were hidden in plain sight.

In my case, I had imagined some of the same things. I had a hidden room off of my office that nobody knew about. It was started to be a basement when the store was designed to be a part of a mall. It was nothing more than a space, and was never finished. One of the owners had a spiral staircase installed, to use as a bomb shelter, then covered it over. When I bought the building, I uncovered the secret, long forgotten, in some old blueprints.

It was no more than a space of block and cement. The spiral staircase was iron, and in good shape. The space was dry, and a decent size, about 15′ by 25′. The opening upstairs was considerably smaller, like 6′ x 6′, just enough to accommodate the top of the stairs. I had the opening covered, and put in a hidden door in a bookcase with a secret switch. It was out of a mystery novel. Pull a book and the door opened.

I completed the room below myself. I padded the walls to seal in any sound and carpeted it. I padded the spiral stairs and intended it as a room to seal myself off from the world. Just a place to relax and recharge my batteries where I could isolate myself. The hardest part for me was installing a bathroom. I somehow figured it out, although I had to get some help with that and a ventilation system.

When I was done, it was a great space. And I never used it. I had some great things in there. At the end of the day though, I never really needed that much of an escape, and I found I really didn’t enjoy the isolation as much as I thought I would. I never slept on the Murphy bed, never watched the television, didn’t even use the custom bathroom or tub I installed. I began to rethink my original ideas.

I started small, with a closet for some toys. As thoughts came to me, I added things here and there. Eventually it became a pretty nice dungeon. Still, I had never used it. I had everything I could ever need or want at home, and I never felt a need beyond that. There was no need for a safe space.

I found that I needed to pace myself. I had a lot of energy, and I could have sex to completion 3 times on any good day. I made it to 4 a few times, but I felt wiped out after. I found I was at my best at 2 sessions in any day, but even that gave me some concern. I never wanted to do something just because I could, and I didn’t want to get bored. As a result, I paced myself, sometimes going as long as a week without full sex.

I use that term because my mother had decided in her role that she would wake me by sucking my cock. She also walked around naked or nearly so, to present herself at any moment. I had a few good friends that I brought into my world, for various reasons. One was a big Samoan that had been my friend for a long time. We called him Mace because while watching one of the Star Wars movies, he said every line along with the character.

Mace confided to me once when we were out that he pretty much hated his life. He was ready to chuck it all and move away, leaving his girl, his apartment and his job. He wanted a change in every part of his life. Something inside me clicked, and I offered him some options; a new job, a new house, a new car and sex without bullshit. He didn’t believe any of it. He thought it was all the drunken talk of friends at a bar.

At 7 the next morning, I was pounding on his door. He had obviously just rolled out of bed. I handed him a coffee and told him to get ready. He just stood, uncomprehending for long seconds. Then, knowing me as he did, he turned without a word. It took a while, but he came out a half hour later looking more or less refreshed. Behind him was a voice.

‘Shut the fuck up’.

There was no inflection in my voice.

She turned on me like a wild animal and began to sputter.

‘What? You tell me… You gonna let him talk to me like that? Who are you?’

I turned to Mace.

‘You ready?’

Mace nodded.

‘He’s not coming back. Have a nice life’.

She was still yelling at both of us as we pulled out of the driveway.

‘How do you put up with that shit?’

Mace shrugged. He looked defeated.

‘You can’t be happy. The pussy can’t be that good. I don’t think she takes very good care of you’.

Mace didn’t say anything. In drink, as in the night before, we can say a lot of things. If you listen, and ignore it when someone tries to quantify a rant with a caveat that they are just kidding, you’ll hear some truth. I heard something in his voice. I saw something in his eyes. I took notice of the slumped shoulders. He was on his way to becoming a tragic, cautionary tale of abuse, destitution or suicide. I was having none of it.

I took him to my store first. I told him to call the dealership and quit. He wouldn’t be selling cars any longer. He would be my new head of security. I walked nurdağı escort him through the place, showing him the security I had in place, how to use the cameras and monitors and the locker room; small gym on one end, showers on the other end and changing benches and lockers in the middle.

I finished the tour at a locked gray metal door. I punched a code in the keypad and at the click, opened the door. I held the door and indicated him to come in. The brass nameplate was engraved with his name on the large desk. There was a basket of flowers on the desk with a card congratulating him on his new position. Mace looked stunned.

Before he could recover, I had him back in the car. I pulled into the driveway of a small house on a quiet street. I walked him up to the front door and handed him the keys.

‘Change anything you want. When you need more space, just let me know and we’ll work it out’.

I had sent a large fruit basket, and it was already on the coffee table. Mace looked at me in stunned silence. Setting this all up took a few calls and some effort, but I had a few friends and business contacts that could make nearly anything happen at any time, day or night. Even I was surprised by the results. I took him outside to the detached garage. I punched it the code and the door went up.

The black SUV was new.

‘If you don’t like it, take it back and get something you like better. Don’t think this is all free. Don’t worry about it though, your new salary will cover it and more. We’ll talk about the details later’.

I handed him a small envelope. Inside, I had written his new salary, which was about 3 times what he was making selling cars. I noted the house and car payment. Combined, they were less than a week’s pay. He unfolded the second paper. It was a check.

‘A signing bonus. Should be enough to get some clothes and stock food with some left over. Make a list of anything you want from your apartment and I’ll have someone get them for you. Let’s get some breakfast’.

I turned and walked back to the car. Mace was clearly in a daze. He looked at the check, the car, the house and back again. He followed me on auto pilot. In the car, his mouth was open, but no words came out.

‘Don’t think this is all a gift. It is opportunity and nothing more. I’d like it if you joined me, but you’re under no obligation. You’ll be expected to work hard and keep what you hear and see to yourself. You will have company and private things to do. Being my head of security means everything; my business, my home, my family.

I believe this is the change you need. I also believe I can trust you. I’ll go over some personal things with you, but first, I want you to follow the schedule in your desk. For the next 3 months, you’re going to work your ass off. You’re going to learn everything about being private security. You’ll also have a personal trainer. She is going to get some speed out of you. You move like an old man’.

At that, I saw a change. Mace straightened himself. He had pride, and detested being seen as a weaker man. Life was beating him down and he had just been given a new start. I didn’t think he would let me down.

I pulled into my driveway. We had been out many times, and he had seen the store many times, but had never seen the house. We caught a glimpse of someone turning the corner of the house as I pulled up. As we entered, I told Mace not to be shocked at anything he witnessed. His commitment to secrecy began here.

We caught my mother by surprise, as intended. She was showered and fresh, in a baby doll outfit with no panties. She turned with a shock and jumped. I laughed.

‘Is breakfast ready?’

I asked casually. She hadn’t expected me and certainly didn’t expect a guest. She was flustered.

‘No, sir. I’ll start it now’.

‘No hurry. We’re hungry, but we can wait. Come and say hello to Mace’.

She hurried to us. She was trying to keep herself covered without being obvious. She mouthed the word of greeting and extended her hand.

‘No, no, no. Mace is now a part of the family. Show him a proper greeting’.

My mother stood with her mouth open, not knowing what to do next.

‘Take his cock out and kiss it like a good hostess’.

Surprise registered on both of their faces. My mother caught up to herself and went to work. Within a few minutes, she was beyond kissing, openly sucking and licking Mace’s cock and balls. Mace’s knees were ready to buckle. I said casually;

‘You can get us breakfast now’.

She scrambled up to her task. Just then, the basement door opened and Jackie came in. I could have went with any of the 4 cunts at my disposal, but I knew Jackie would fit Mace’s style. She wore a short blue skirt that bounced up as she walked, making it obvious that she wore nothing under the skirt. Her white blouse was lace and satin, very sheer, and her nipples poked out on full display.

Mace’s cock was still out of his slacks, and if he had softened when my mom disengaged her lips, he now stood back at full attention. Jackie came over and introduced herself, kissing Mace full on the lips before dropping to a crouch and half kissing and sucking his cock. She asked sweetly for us to excuse her for a minute. There were terse words exchanged between my sister and my mother. The speech was low, and we weren’t able to make out the words, but the intent was clear.

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