Payment in full!


Payment in full!

Fantasy only. I would never force someone…but this one is one of my favorites! This was written for a group thread on here that asked us to share our darkest fantasies…

A debt must be paid and the poor guy has nothing to offer except his wife as payment.

On the date that was set, the couple shows up at my door, accepting the price that is to be paid. 9 pm sharp.

They come inside.

To set the mood, I command the husband to strip his own wife naked…tear the clothes off of her…nothing gentle. She is going to be used in anyway I please so tearing off the clothes seems most fitting. He grabs her blouse and rips open, the buttons fly everywhere. Pulling on the thin material more, he rips it from her arms and throws it across the room. Grabbing her leggings, he starts at the crotch and after great effort rips a hole in them giving him the leverage he needs to finish ripping them from her body. Without a moments hesitation he reaches up and grabs the front of her bra and yanks if from her…she squeals at the pain of the straps digging into her shoulders. Her breast are beautiful, big areolas, B cup. They bounce out of the bra as it is torn from her….and tossed at her feet in tatters. Standing there in nothing but her lacy panties he moves to the back and reaching into her ass crack grabs a handful of pantie and tears the last article of clothing from her. She steps out of her heals and waits in fear.

The clothes are laying in tatters around her on the floor. I tell him to tell me about his wife’s body, use dirty talk…describe her cunt, her oral skills. What her ass feels like. Sell her to me through the words as to why I should waste my time on such a piece of fuck meat. What makes her so special from all the others out there. She listens as her husband describes to me why I should use her for my pleasure. He is a good salesman describing in detail the things she can do, the way her pussy feels, what she is good at and enjoys and what she does not.

At my instruction he grabs her by the back of her neck and pushes her bent over from the waist. Her tits hang down, knees straight. I tell her to spread her legs wider. Her husband pushes her head farther down. She is very exposed and vulnerable. At my instruction, she reaches behind her and spreads her cheeks. I move in closer, my hot breath raining down over her intimate holes as I inspect and prod a little with fingers and hands. Without warning, I pull a hand back and slap her left ass cheek with my right palm. It echos loud and turns into a nice red handprint. I tell her husband to hand me his belt. Reluctantly, he unbuckles it and pulls it out of the loops on his pants. The sound is right next to his wife’s ear. I further instruct the husband to take off his pants and toss them across the room. He stands there in his boxers, socks, and a shirt. Placing his hand back on his wife’s neck, he pushes her back down again. I snap the belt….bring it back and strike both cheeks. This is repeated 20 times across her ass over the next 10 minutes. I then move up across her back. 20 more stripes appear over a 10 minute time frame and the welts are from shoulder blade to small of back. As I whip her with his own belt, I talk to him about responsibility and debt. He feels terribly guilty that his wife is paying for his transgressions but it is only just beginning.

After her whipping, I feel her snatch…it is not near as wet as I thought it would be…she did not enjoy it that much. The animal inside me wants to ravage her now, but I want to play some more. I tell her to stand up and turn away from me and look directly at her husband. I admire the red marks covering her backside for a long moment. Then I command her to turn and face me, showing her husband her back and ass. Her tits are amazing and I can’t help myself. I reach over and begin to molest them. Squeeze, altıparmak escort twist, pull, pinch…manhandle. I take each arm and pull them back behind her and fold them against her back. I instruct her husband to keep her in this position. He takes her arms and pins them behind her. I tell her that if she moves from this stance, I will whip her backside with the belt again. She nods her head in understanding and I grab the belt and begin to (more gently than before) whip her chest. I love it when I get a direct hit to a nipple. She fights the urge to get away, knowing what is in store. When my arm is tired and I get bored of abusing her chest and stomach, I again put my finger to her cunt and feel for juices. Still not a large amount but more than before. I then grab a handful of nearby lotion and rub her from head to toe with it. It is soothing and I enjoyed feeling every inch of her body. Taking a glass of water I swallow a little blue pill and offer her some water also. She nods her head no with smeared mascara eyes.

At my direction, the husband leads her to the bedroom and she lies back on the bed. I tell him to get naked. He strips and stands there in the room, like a fool. His cock half hard.

I move closer and begin to kiss her. Full on tongue…I ram my tongue down her throat in a wet slobbery make out session. Her husband watches, his cock twitching. I move farther down and begin to suck and bite her tender whipped nipples. She whimpers as I have my way with them. They taste good, and I take my time on her breasts. My most favorite part of a woman. I am really going to enjoy watching them try and bounce off her chest when I pound her. Moving farther still, I begin to indulge myself in her neglected slut slit. She begins to respond, most likely against her will, but her body is in control now. I push her legs open and spread them wider, giving me full access. Her nectar begins to flow and the taste is spectacular. She gets edged for a while and my cock is craving the tight tunnel. Finally, I succumb to temptation and prepare myself for a solid fucking with my new toy. I call her husband to the top of the bed near her head as I pull her down towards the foot of the bed. I want to stand next to it with her hanging off the edge of the mattress on her back, legs up and feet pointing towards the ceiling. He takes off his shirt at my directions and looks ridiculous in nothing but his socks. I look him in the eye and command him forcefully to take his wife’s ankles in each hand. Spread her wide and hold her open for my enjoyment. He looks down at her as he takes her legs and pulls them up and wide. His mouth quietly express the words, “I am sorry.” She looks away from him and as I move she turns her attention to the movement. With her eyes on me, I put my angry head to her entrance and with one solid swift push, I plunge balls deep and bottom out. She grunts as the air escapes her lungs under the compression. I am so going to enjoy this. I pull out and repeat the forceful penetration causing her whole body to rock toward her husbands crotch. Her tits dance to the motion. I look at him and warn him that if his cock goes hard, I will claim her ass. “Has she ever been but fucked in the ass before? The answer comes back with a head shaking no. Her eyes almost bulge out of her head at the thought. Apparently, their relationship is very vanilla. My thrusting increases in speed and my favorite thing about a woman begins. I absolutely adore watching a woman’s breasts dance to the rhythm of my thrusts. My goal is usually to see if I can get them to bounce right off her chest. The smaller the breast the harder you have to take the woman to get the nipples to violently dance. She is an easy B cup and it takes some effort to get her nipples to bounce wildly. I go harder, faster, enjoying my blue pill endurance. A sweat begins to develop bursa anal yapan escort on myself and her. Her husband is holding on to her legs keeping them pulled up and open for my enjoyment….but he is holding on for all he is worth. She is bouncing uncontrollably as I try to go deeper. My desire to leave a memory and a bruised pussy behind is strong. I want her to have a bluish tint on those pussy lips two days from now. I look up and see that the sight is to much for her husband to bear, his cock is growing and this pleases me greatly. I am going to get some ass tonight too!

The urge is developing and my balls are churning. I have held back and enjoyed this sweet pussy thoroughly, she is exhausted from the brutal pounding and her husband can hardly hold himself in place let alone her legs. He remains in position but his cock is rock solid and his back is aching for sure. I blow my load with a bellow, thrusting hard inside…striving to punch the cervix and spray my seed deep into her womb. Spurt after spurt blows from the tip of my member…coating her insides. She begins to cry quietly, exhausted and happy that it is finally finished. I stay inside her for a few more minutes with that blue pill helping to keep my erection. Pulling out, I watch the creampie follow. My white cum slowly seeps from her swollen red lips. I ask her to sit up and straddle her husbands face. She carefully gets up and he lays down on the bed. She lowers herself to his mouth and under my direction he begins to clean her pussy. His tongue laps my cum and her juices. She notices for the first time that he is hard and begins to plead and offer other deals…anything other than me using her back passage for my enjoyment. She already knows that I won’t budge but that doesn’t keep her from trying to negotiate.

Under my command, she leans forward facing her husbands cock while sitting on him. Takes his hard member into her mouth and begins to suck him. This must be difficult for her because he is getting rewarded with a blow job for his bad behavior and putting her through this. I grab some lube out of the night stand and begin to smear some around her tight pink opening. Her husband can see from his angle as she straddles him and watches me begin to insert first one lubed finger, then two, then three. She begins to moan in discomfort but continues to blow his cock. I tell her that if he cums before I do she will get belted again and if she removes her mouth from his cock, she will also get belted again. Then I tell her husband that if she doesn’t cum while he eats the leftovers he is going to get a strap on fucking from his wife while I record it for her to do what she wants with the recording. Once she is gaping nicely I push my enlarged and ready cock into her virgin tunnel. She hisses and gasps as I slowly push through the sphincter muscle….past the resistance. I feel her tense up which makes it all the more tighter. More pressure from me and I am in. Deeper and deeper I go. She squirms as I begin to fill her up. Her husbands eyes see my dominant shaft disappear into his wife’s unused hole…knowing I am the first to have her in this way an not him. My cock buried, I pull out slowly…enjoying the feeling. Once I pull all the way out, I let her close the gape and begin to push through the sphincter again. She hisses and squirms and the process repeats. He is eating her out for all he is worth trying to get her climaxed and all the stimulation in her holes is causing her to react. She continues to suck him off but slowly. I am now thrusting with more purpose, she begins to rock back and forth with her tits swaying under gravity. Her pussy grinds on her husbands chin as his tongue chases her opening with frenzy. The mixed juices running down his face and chin. My anal reaming is exquisite. She is an amazing fuck, it is usually amazing when bursa bayan escort you get to do what you please without any worry about the other participant. Suddenly amid my thrusting, she begins to choke and gag….I look down at her and sperm is leaking from her lips. Her husband just blew his load without warning. During his orgasm, he reaches up and pulls her hips down tight to his face causing her to clit to be pinched along his chin while his tongue goes deep. She groans and begins to shake…and I feel her ass tighten repeatedly on my shaft. Both climaxed at nearly the same time. Her tightness and my thrusting pushes me over the edge and I slam into her spraying my second load of the night into her bowls. She wails at my depth. I quickly pull out and place a few last spurts over her husbands face. Then I move to the foot of the bed where she is facing and present myself for cleaning. In disgust she turns away…but I grab her hair and force her mouth onto my cum coated cock. Her husband lays there wearing my semen, while his wife cleans me while still straddling him. She has cum on her chin from his load and it mixes well with the remains of mine. Once satisfied of her cleaning job I pull her up by her hair and remind her that he blew his load before me.

She begins to cry and shake with sobs. I pull her off of him and tell her that I am going to get the riding crop off the wall. I tell her that I will only use it ten times in two places and 5 times in one location….for a total of 25 hits. Looking at her husband, I now tell him to sit on the edge of the bed and watch. I then lay her on her back and pull her arms over her head stretched out like she is hung from the ceiling by them. This pushes her titties flatter and firmer. With the crop I begin to play with her right nipple…rubbing it and tapping it. I draw it back and the crop lands squarely on the tip of the nipple. She screams and her husband jumps at the noise. “That’s one I say.” Again I bring the crop down on the same nipple and she bucks at the impact. It is not hard, but is is hard enough. She screams again. This happens eight more times and then I move and begin to toy with the left nipple. The scenario repeats itself again. 10 blows on the nipple for my enjoyment. She is pleading, begging, crying for relief. Her husband sits there in agony as he watches the abuse he is putting her through. I move to between her legs and spread them open. Her eyes get wide with fear! “No, no, no” she begins to cry. I pull her outer lips open, exposing her well used pussy and pull back the hood, exposing the little clit to my view. I rub my finger around it and she shifts to get me off of the sensitive nub. Without warning I bring the crop down as I move my finger but maintain my hand in position spreading her lips. The snap rings out as the impact hits. She shudders and screams like never before. “That’s one I call out” over the ruckus. Again I land a solid blow to her clit eliciting the same reaction. This time I land another blow but lower, right on her entrance. Almost the same reaction. I do this again on the same spot. She is convulsing now, her body all but spent. Her eyes rolling into the back of her head. One last time….I draw the crop back an pulling the lips wide and the hood up…I nail her clit squarely on…a direct hit. Her husband begins to cry sobs as she uncontrollably thrashes around the bed putting her hand to her crotch and closing her legs tightly.

“Get dressed” I tell him. “You learned a valuable lesson tonight.” He dresses and begins to pick up the shredded clothes that were his wife’s. “Leave the panties”, I command. The torn panties are tossed on the bed and he moves to help his used and abused wife off of the torturous surface. She can hardly stand. I offer her some water and she drinks a few swallows. I move to the door and open it signaling for them to leave. “As she stumbles past me, under her husbands support, I reach out and pinch a handful of ass. Fuck it is a nice handful. “Come back anytime” I call out as they move down the steps. Their car is parked half a block away and she, wearing nothing, heads for the car disappearing into the darkness.

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