Perspectives the Sequel Ch. 02


If I had been in an emotional turmoil before that family party, I was now in a mental maelstrom. If I had been confused before we talked, now I was totally puzzled. And if I had concerns about my imaginings about young men before I saw you walking across the piazza from Canary Wharf station, now with you sitting beside me in my car, I had they had become massive worries.

I simply couldn’t understand myself and my wants and desires. Ok, it was fair enough for an early forties woman who had been used to pretty stimulating and very regular sex from her partner for many years, wanting to be fucked. It was more than ok also for her to want to be fucked hard, long and often. But for me to want to be fucked by a young guy like you, my nephew, surely that was wrong? You were only eighteen, or were you nineteen now, merely a teenager? But that’s what I wanted and that’s what this trip to Norfolk was all about. A forty three year old aunt being fucked by her nineteen year old nephew. What the fuck was the matter with me? I had no answer to that.

I also had no answer to the incest thing. As you’d said, it wasn’t as if we were going to be producing babies and that was the real incest issue. So I could intellectually discount the fact that you were my nephew, well almost. Instead, as we sped up the M11 and I glanced at you from time to time, I saw a young stud and that made me tremble with both apprehension and anticipation. I wanted you, but I was hoping against hope that in the past tfew months you had not become super experienced, had lots of women, especially older ones and had become too adept at sex. I wanted to continue to teach you, show you the way, educate you and coach you in the wiles and ways of wonderful sex. Jesus what a crock of shit. Was that what I really wanted? And why you? If I wanted a young stud, a toyboy, they weren’t that hard to find. Several at the tennis club and a couple at the golf club had ‘offered their services,’ but no, I turned them down and fucked you, my nephew instead. Was incest the buzz, did I need that to go through with my ‘teaching?’ Fuck knows. On the boringly straight and tediously flat M11 I was lost in my thoughts, but as I realised I was doing well over a hundred and slowed a bit I tried to rationalise it all and couldn’t. So I gave up.

With the roof of the M3 down conversation was difficult, so after trying it a little we both gave up and contented ourselves with our thoughts.

Mine, revolved around just what we would do together over the next day or so. I also mulled over the complicated arrangements that I had mad and the even more complicated excuses and lies I had made up.

I had told Janis that I was taking Sara to Norfolk for a few days and said it would be nice for the two cousins to spend some time together; I could hardly tell her that it would just be you and me. She bought that and agreed that you could come. I told Sara that I had work to do with Mike at the cottage and arranged for her to stay with her dad. I had told Carey and Mike that you and Janis, who they had met a few times, would be with me at the cottage and that she would be going home the day they arrived. Janis had thrown a bit of a spanner in the works when I had said that I was staying up there to work with Mike, which I was, and that I would drop you at Norwich station, by inviting herself up. “I’ll pop up and collect him, you can find me a bed for a night can’t you?” She’d said. ‘Fuck, how could I explain Sara’s absence?’ I thought. I was quick.

“Yes that’ll be fine as Sara is leaving that day so you can have her bed,” I’d explained.

It’s that sort of stuff that had always, well nearly always, stopped me having affairs when I was married. The lies and excuses get so complicated.

As we drove round the Norwich excuse for a bye pass I tried to ensure that I had thought of everything; I just hoped I had, but couldn’t help thinking was it all worth while just for some time with my nineteen year old nephew? I didn’t have an answer to that.

We got to the cottage around five thirty. We took our bags in, but didn’t unpack right away. Instead, just like two experienced lovers we fucked.

It was an easy fuck, a slow one, a good one. I pretty much led and you followed, perfect!

We lay in each other’s arms and chatted. You told me about the girls you’d had in the past few months. That made me feel ridiculously jealous.

“Were any er, um older like me?” I asked when you said you’d had a few one night stands.

“No,” you replied lifting my breast up and kissing it, showing a level of confidence that hadn’t been there before. “Nor were any as sexy as you?”

“How old were they?”

“The youngest was in her teens the oldest maybe twenty three, just kids aunty, not MILFs like you.”

I laughed, I quite liked being called that so I straddled you, took hold of your half erect dick, rubbed it on my pussy leaned forward and dangled my tits over your face so you could lick my nipples. You immediately gaziantep olgun escort hardened, it was as if I had triggered a switch, was it really as easy as that? Wonderful. I pressed the end of your rapidly hardening cock against my clit, sat up straight, looked you right in the eye, grabbed my own tits, rubbed them together and then let my cunt slide down your cock until it was in me up to the hilt.

“Did any of them fuck you like this Matt?”


The journey dragged, well for me every journey drags. Most is due to sheer boredom, this for other reasons. Having you sat next to me, your hair pinned up, your creamy slender neck leading down to the swell of your ample bosom, a white shirt buttoned to three holes from the top giving me the occasional glimpse of cleavage and tucked in at the bottom into a tight pair of jeans that only fuelled my already racing imagination.

As we drove I stole looks at you, gazed out of the window and thought of what was happening. Once it would have seemed wrong but I’d managed to put those thoughts behind me as apparently, so had you. It was a weekend of fucking, fucking and fucking. If only my parents knew, especially as they had been delighted when I’d agreed to go to Norfolk with you and Sara as you had told mum, letting on to me that she never was coming.

“It’ll be good for you to spend some time in the country instead of milling around here all weekend or getting drunk with your friends.” My mum had informed me.

I made a non committal grunt, inside I was bursting though.

“Don’t go giving your Aunt any grief while you’re up there ok, she works hard and doesn’t need you being a yob,” I tried not to laugh; I was thinking ‘No, she needs me to be hard and full of cum!’

For some bizarre reason my Mum and Dad thought of you as a steadying influence on me. They thought of you as someone who could talk to me, reason with me and set an example. I thought about the conversation as you drove, so I smiled again, a big smile.

I’d never been to Norfolk before and had never believed anywhere could be so flat; it seemed like field after field as we drove. And finally after what had seemed an age we pulled up, in the middle of nowhere, to the cottage. As pretty as the cottage was I couldn’t help but think ‘Who’d ever want to live right out here?’

My thoughts were broken when you said “Matt, be a love and bring the bags while I open up?”

“Sure no problem Cat” I replied as you activated the boot with your key fob.

I followed you through the front door, my sports bag and some supplies in one hand and your small suitcase in the other. As my eyes adjusted to the light inside I thought ‘Mmmm, nice and cosy, what a good little fuck nest’.

I put the bags down and looked around whilst you opened windows to ‘air’ the place.

“Where shall I put the bags?”

“Just pop the food into the kitchen through there” you gestured through a door off the back of the lounge, “And the bags into the front bedroom upstairs.”

Having done as asked, I stood with a disbelief and shock in the bedroom. ‘One double bed fuck we’re gonna sleep together I realised!’ For all we’d done in your flat, we hadn’t actually done that; I hadn’t yet slept with a girl all night. My stomach was full of butterflies at the excitement I felt.

“A penny for them?” I turned and saw you leaning against the door frame, obviously watching me look at the bed.

“One bed” I replied with a grin.

“Yes, one bed,” you smiled back as you closed the gap to me “What shall we do about that?” There was a mischievous sparkle in your eye. “There are two other bedrooms, but Carey is bringing new bedding up soon, so we can’t use them” you told me. Fuck I didn’t care as I would get to be with you all night. You went on, dropping a sleeping bag on the floor. “That’s why I brought this so you can sleep in it.

“What?” I said feeling such disappointment.

“Yes you’ll be on the settee in the sleeping bag tonight and Sara will sleep with me.”

“Oh I see,” you laughed.

Your hands reached for the hem of my T-shirt and lifted it up, over my arms which I stretched out above my head to help you. Dropping it on the floor I thought you were going to stroke my chest but was mildly surprised when you unbuttoned my jeans, letting them fall to the floor I kicked off my shoes and socks before stepping out of them. With a lingering sweep of my body with your eyes your fingers hooked into the waist band of my tight Pierre Cardin boxers; my cock was clearly hard beneath the thin black material. Amazingly and so fucking hornily, you knelt down. Agonisingly slowly, which I think was more for you than me, I felt you roll the boxers down my thighs and slide them along my legs to join the puddle of clothes at my feet. I could feel your breath against my thigh and could see your face inches from my 19 year old cock where it had sprung slightly forward and up gaziantep oral yapan escort against my belly button. The end was an angry red, which happens when I am very, very turned on.

After a moment, you stood, and saying nothing, just pushed me backwards onto the bed.

I lay watching mesmerised as you unpinned your hair, letting the blondish, greyish locks cascade over your shoulders. You “popped” button after button open on your shirt, each opening and allowing a little more to be seen. You pulled it out from your tight jeans and let the tail flap down. With your shirt unbuttoned and gaping open, each edge rested on the tip of a white lace covered breast. Without either of us saying a word I watched you unzip your jeans, your eyes never leaving mine or my cock, my eyes never leaving your body. As your jeans made the same journey mine had moments earlier I could feel my cock twitch as you stood before me in just a shirt, lacy white bra and matching knickers.

We both had a need, there was no drawn out teasing as your shirt joined our pile of clothes, I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak as your hands reached behind your back and unclasped the hooks. Your bra landed on the pile, your tits swinging free, nipples erect, areolas puckered giving away your desire to be fucked. Without pause, I watched, as you rolled your knickers down your legs and stepped out of them, the little strip of hair showing the gateway to your pussy.

Climbing onto the bed next to me and placing a finger on my lips I got the message to not say a word; this was a fuck, a straight forward, badly needed fuck. The kind of fuck that releases every pent up emotion and feeling, the kind of fuck where you just let go!

Once, I would have dived between your thighs, but as I say “you taught me well”. My fingers and lips stroked, probed, licked and nibbled. I concentrated a lot on your nipples, knowing how sensitive they are, and judging by the writhing of your hips, the rasping of your breath and the way you grabbed my hair I knew I was “pressing” the right buttons. Besides, the hardness of them gave you away and stopped any of that fucking aunty pretence. We were two lovers, plain and simple. The fact that you were over twenty years older than me and that you were my relative mattered not a jot; you wanted me, I wanted you and so we fucked. Fucking marvellous and so awesomely grown up.

Your hand grasped, stroked and played with my dick, rolling my very full balls gently. I had almost forgotten what that was like, my younger conquests were rarely so confident. As my fingers found your pussy I couldn’t believe how wet you were! And as I slid first one and then a second finger into your cunt gently fucking you with them, with my palm pressing against and gyrating against your clitoris you got wetter and hotter still.

When neither of us could hold back anymore I slipped on a rubber and lowered myself onto you and slid inside so easily. No messing around or fucking about, just get on and get in, fucking great. Feeling the hotness of your pussy and your wide open legs wrapping round my waist enhanced the depth of being inside you, the walls of your cunt wet with your juices, gripping me, milking me and coaxing me toward my orgasm. With your tits flattened against my chest, my left hand grasping your hair at the roots whilst my right reached behind you to squeeze your buttocks we fucked. As the feelings washed over me warm and tingling, I bit and nibbled your neck and shoulders. Our orgasms were loud, passionate and intense, both clawing as much from the other as we could. I felt as though at last I had come home.

Afterwards as we lay there, I felt like I wanted to laugh. I had an unusual feeling of euphoria, an unquenched sexual desire but a feeling that as a 19 year old, I would describe as “YES!!!!” with a clenched fist punched into the air. I didn’t do that, though, but instead kissed you and whispered with a smile.

We made small talk for a while, probably twenty minutes or so, before you raised yourself and like a panther, or perhaps a cougar is a more fitting description, you crawled above me, your breasts swinging, your nipples filled with blood, engorged and swollen you straddled me. As you did I felt your soft fingers grab my cock and rub it a couple of times along the lips of your cunt.

“Did any of them fuck you like this Matt?” You asked, but didn’t wait for an answer

In one motion you lowered yourself a couple of inches onto me. As you rose and lowered so I went inside you a couple more inches. On the third time all of me went inside you, a low grunt escaping your mouth and a gasp from mine. The feeling was fantastic. The walls of your cunt gripped my cock and you accentuated that by squirming on it, then fucking it. Oh God the wonders of sex with an older woman are simply fucking awesome, what a lucky bugger I am, I thought to have an aunt to teach me.

Reaching down you pinned gaziantep otele gelen escort my arms to the bed by the wrists, your nipples grazing my chest and then we kissed, passionately. Our tongues entwined as you slowly raised yourself to the tip of my cock before impaling yourself on it again and again and again. As our orgasms approached you bounced faster and faster on me. In releasing my arms I was able to pull you close to me, your legs stretched each side of mine, your clit rubbing against the thick base of my cock. Our movements were limited but intensified by the wriggling and position we were now in. I grabbed your arse and let my hands go up and down with you, as I felt the sensations in my balls grow by the second. I knew I was close again and judging by your moans so were you. Your head was thrown back, your mouth was wide open, your eyes were clenched and your tits, ah your tits, your big, squelchy tits. They were all over the place, flying around, jiggling and wobbling it almost seemed as if they would come detached from your body. What a marvellous fucking sight they were. I took my hands, slightly reluctantly from your arse and grabbed your flying tits. That held them still!

There was no finesse, just lust and a need to cum. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls tighten and release. I felt you shudder and cum. You moaned and groaned, grinding your cunt lips and clit against my pubes my spunk splashing everywhere. Fuck we’d forgotten a condom, I suddenly realised, as I pulled you hard onto me and held you there, my cock rigid right up inside your wonderful cunt.

As we came down from our second fuck in quick succession. I asked

“So what are we going to do this evening Cat?” Before giving you a chance to answer I added with a smile and a pinch of your right nipple “We could fuck?”

You laughed, “Later maybe, we need to eat to keep our strength up. We’re going to the local, just down the road. I’m having a shower and you can have one after me”

You gave me a lingering kiss on the lips and then I watched the sexiest woman I had known in my nineteen years get up from the bed and walk naked to the bathroom.


I lingered in the shower rather longer than I intended. Not because I masturbated for that would be the last action I would need in the next few days, I smiled. It was because I was thinking. Thinking what to tell you, how to tell you and if I should tell you. I had alluded to it last time, you had sort of mentioned it and it was kind of laying there between us. The it, was Janis, my sister, your mother. She was a common denominator, a link between us both, a sexual object for each of us. Did it need to be explained? Would it not just be sufficient for you to imagine you were doing things to her as you did them to me, just like last time? Whilst you splattered your amazingly large amount of cum all over my breasts, you had admitted that in your mind they were her tits, which were receiving your offering.

So she was there then and all my female instincts told me she would be here now during this weekend. Was she something we needed to confront? And if we did how should I go about it? I wasn’t sure, but I think I had admitted to you that she and I had ‘messed around’ when we teenagers of your age. I hoped that perhaps you hadn’t taken it in and if you had, perhaps you’d forgotten it.

Then something else hit me. Shit we’d forgotten a condom. I just hoped my pill was working effectively, I didn’t want to give Sara a web footed little sibling.

I finishing showering and said that we should get ready for going out to dinner. The tad of trepidation about going out in the village with you in public surfaced as you were showering in the bath, there was no cubicle as there was in my apartment!. Although it was perfectly ok for an aunt to be dining with her nephew, we both knew we were not the typical aunt and nephew. That was witnessed particularly when I sat at the dressing table doing my make up with a towel wrapped round my waist, my breasts bare and you walked into ‘our’ bedroom naked.

“Oh fuck,” you said staring at me.


“You look amazing.”

I smiled. “Oh be quiet, get control.”

As I said that I looked at you and added truthfully “You don’t looks so bad yourself like that. Then I saw that your cock was growing. “Oh Matt.”

“I can’t help it.”

“Can you wait?”

“Oh yes, I’m quite used to getting hard ons and not doing anything.”

“I promise that directly we get home we will do amazing things. Ok?”

Your beaming smile was a nice reward.

Norfolk is very casual indeed. Wearing long trousers was like dressing up!

“Most people will probably be in shorts,” I told you, “But jeans will be fine.”

“Oh great I’ll wear my new shorts that mum bought me.

They were, of course the fashionable, beneath the knee ridiculous things with loads of unnecessary pockets and zips, I noticed, thinking ‘Don’t show your fucking age by saying anything.’

With just them on you looked fabulous and I was tempted to suggest raiding the freezer for a pizza, they don’t have deliveries round here, instead of wasting good sex time by going out..

You slipped on a dark, sludgy-coloured tee shirt and flip flops. You were ready.

I put on a pair of tailored shorts and a white tee. I got dressed while you were out of the room.

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