Photographer Ch. 03


Photographer: Greg and Mrs. Barker

Greg asked “Are you ready to go to work?” We need to get packed to go to New York. I will take my basic camera equipment, but I will buy the main surveillance equipment in New York at a shop that specializes in private detective gear that is slightly outside the law. Annie couldn’t believe it. She felt like she had just signed on with 007. This was the exciting thing she had ever been part of not to say anything about the money. As a struggling college student, she couldn’t believe she was making $1,000 a day. Greg told Annie to pack light, that she would have a lot of clothes to bring home. She modeled a few of her disguises for Greg and he wouldn’t have known her if he saw her on the street.

The law firm sent a limo to pick them up for the trip to the airport. Greg had always wanted to have sex in a limo, but was afraid the driver might share the information of just how close sister and brother had become. When the limo arrived at the airport, it went through a back gate on onto the runway and pulled up to the corporate jet. Their mouths fell open when they realized it was a 747. The crew greeted them and said they would be getting in the air as soon as Mr. and Mrs. Barker arrived. While they were waiting they explored the plane. They had never seen a flying apartment with two bedrooms. They got back to the living room as the Barkers arrived.

As the plane began to taxi, they realized this 747 was flying from the Midwest to New York for 4 passengers. Suddenly $1,000 a day seemed like peanuts compared to the way the law firm spends money.

The Barkers were a very attractive couple. Greg guessed they were probably in their 40’s. Mrs. Barker, a beautiful blond, was wearing a blouse that was low cut in the front showing a nice amount of cleavage and a long wrap around skirt. Greg had chosen his best (and only) suit and Annie was in a business suit with a skirt that came just above the knee. Mr. Barker was wearing casual slacks and a sports jacket. Both Annie and Greg felt they were a very attractive couple. They had no idea how well they would know them by the time the plane landed.

After the initial introductions, Mr. Barker looked at Greg and said, “Mrs. Blair has great faith in your abilities. A fortune rides on your work, so I am hoping she has made the correct choice.”

“I assure you, she has made the correct choice Mr. Barker,” Annie said as she patted Greg on the leg. “Whatever Greg has accepted as a challenge in his life, he has excelled and amazed his family and others. Greg was overwhelmed with surprise with Annie’s statement. “Together we will give you the documentation you need.” She excused herself. Ten minutes later she returned as an old woman walking with a cane.

Mrs. Barker said, “I thought Greg and Annie were the only other passengers.” Annie and Greg started to laugh as she sat down beside Greg.

Mr. Barker asked, “Once we get this project under control, how would you like to do surveillance for other cases. I have never been able to find enough good surveillance people. If you decide to work for our firm, we will work the projects around your college schedules.

Well, I might need to work a couple years to raise money for college. One child in college is about all our parents can afford at one time. Our plan is for me to start college when Annie graduates in two years.

Mr. Barker said, obviously Mrs. Blair didn’t fully explain the remuneration for this project.

“What do you mean?” They both asked.

“Mrs. Blair is paying the full cost of college for both of you through graduate school.”

Annie began to cry and Greg just sat in amazement. This would take an enormous load off of their parents; however, they both wondered how they were going to explain instant scholarships.

“That is a huge amount of money Greg said. Annie is specializing in the arts and theatre and I plan to go for movie production.”

“That money will be like spending change for Mrs. Blair once the assets are divided. And that will be very soon if you can gather the incriminating evidence. Can you give me an idea about what you are planning?

“It might be better if you didn’t actually know how most of it will be obtained. Most of it would not be admissible in a court of law, but I am sure Mr. Johnson would not like it leaked to the media or distributed anonymously.

Mrs. Barkers started to laugh and looked at her husband and said. “Maybe you should talk him into going to law school. He certainly sounds brighter than some of your current junior attorneys.”

Mr. Barker nodded his head in agreement with his wife and just said, “Just let us know what you need. I believe you already know money is no object. Buy any equipment and take any trips you need to get the job done.” Annie got up to go and change back to herself. When she returned the staff was serving dinner at the dining room table. As she was eating her filet mignon, she thought, “This sure beats the peanuts on most flights.” Greg was sitting across the table from Mrs. Barker. As they were finishing dinner, she started running gaziantep sahibe escort her bare foot up and down Greg’s leg. He looked across the table and she was in discussion with Annie. As her foot moved against his cock, she asked Annie if she could keep Mr. Barker Company while she showed Greg around the plane.

Mrs. Barker said, “Greg, let me show you around and led him directly to the bedroom at the back of the plane. As she closed the door, she turned to Greg and without saying a word, took off her wrap around skirt and blouse. “I thought I might interest you in some dessert.” Greg was truly dumbfounded by what was happening, but his cock wasted no time standing at attention. She continued to undress by removing her bra and thong. Lying across the bed, she said, “Show me what you have making those pants bulge in the front.” Not knowing what else to do, he took off his clothes. When he removed his jockey shorts, she said, “Oh my, that should be quite sufficient.

Mr. Barker and Annie had moved to comfortable chairs and he began to explain why Mrs. Barker took Greg to the bedroom. “I had surgery six months ago and will not be able to engage in sex for at least another six months. I hope you don’t mind that my wife is getting her need met by spending some time with your brother. In case you are concerned, I will not be hitting on you, for health reasons. That old lady that was out here a few minutes ago was really sexy. I might have hit on her if she had stuck around.” They both laughed. Mr. Barker was very interested in her talent and asked, “How many different people can you be?”

“I have three disguises with me. They are an old lady, a professional executive and a hooker. I will be adding to that with a shopping spree on Fifth Avenue. I have never been to New York. I feel like a child who has just been giving an unlimited spending card for the candy store.”

“Please don’t show me the hooker one or I might have an unhealthy erection. I would like to see the business executive.” Annie returned wearing a pinstripe suit with the skirt below the knee, dark shoulder length hair, medium height heels, glasses and carrying a briefcase. She was just as unrecognizable as she had been when she dressed as the old lady. He asked her to keep that one on for his wife to see. She decided she might as well keep it on until they got to the penthouse. Once they got in the penthouse, she didn’t plan to have any clothes on for a while. She was hoping Greg still had some energy left. When she had gone to change, she heard the moaning coming from the other room.

When Greg and Mrs. Barker joined them she had a very fucked and satisfied look on her face. “Thank you for letting me get to know your brother. You and I must spend some time together soon to get better acquainted,” she said as she winked at Annie.” Annie had never been with a woman, but she was strangely attracted to Mrs. Barker and if that was what she meant, she was ready to experiment.

Greg asked, “How long will the two of you be in New York?” He wondered if they would be joining them in the penthouse.

“We are not staying in New York. This trip was just to get to know the two of you and I think it has been one of the most enjoyable flights we have every taken.”

His wife said “Amen to That!”

There was another limo waiting to take them to the penthouse. Annie pushed the button to put the window up between them and the driver and turned to Greg and grabbed his crouch. “I hope you have something left for me. Now tell your sister all about Mrs. Barker.”

“She is a natural blonde if that is what you want to know.” She grabbed his crotch and started to squeeze. “Ok, I guess you want the details. As soon as we got into the room, she stripped, laid down on the bed and asked to see what I had to satisfy her. I was hoping Mr. Barker was ok with this and also wondering what the two of you were doing.” Looking at her business woman outfit, he asked “Where you two playing house or just doing a fashion show? After she punched him, she explained about Mr. Barker’s health problem.

Greg went on, “She said that she and her husband had not had sex for six months and this was his suggestion as a way for her to get sexual relief” Then Greg just sat back and smiled a look of contentment. She punched him again, so he continued. She said “The next time we are together, we will have time for foreplay, however right now all I want is to fuck and I want to be on top. Being accommodating as I am, I laid down on my back and she straddled me. Her thong was soaking wet when she took it off, so she was already lubricated. She came down on it with enough power to drive it all the way in. (Annie remembered what that was like) You probably heard her yell.” Annie nodded that they had heard. ” She went up and down until we both exploded together. After that, we rested for a few minutes. She said “If you could do that every couple of weeks for the next 6 – 9 months, she could get over the hump. I didn’t know what she meant until you explained about his surgery. I guess I will şahinbey escort just have to accommodate her. Annie looked the shit eaten grin on his face and just laughed. Her Little Bro had suddenly become the stud to the older set and her. She didn’t mind sharing him as long as he always had something left for her.

The driver pulled to the side door and said, “Let me show you to your suite. Your things will be delivered for you.” He led them inside and learned that it was a private elevator to the Penthouse. It was one of tallest buildings around. When they reached the penthouse level, there were some offices down a hallway to the right. A door straight ahead that the driver said was the guesthouse and a beautiful door to the left that the driver opened. When they stepped into the suite, a hallway had bedrooms on one side with a kitchen and fully equipped gym on the other side. He showed them the telephone and just told them to call if they needed anything. A chef was available to do their meals, and he was available 24 hours a day if they needed the limousine. When a man and woman appeared with their luggage, they told them to put his things in one bedroom and her luggage in another bedroom. They had decided to keep their sex life private. They would have plenty of opportunities to use both beds to keep the staff from knowing their incestuous actives.

Straight ahead, the living room had a view of the East River, the dining room looked South toward the Empire State Building and the office / den looked North to Central Park. The driver showed them how to work the lights and drapery that could be completely closed, that were all controlled by a remote control. He then showed them the elevator to the roof that had a hot tub and an area for sunbathing.

As soon as the driver left, Annie asked “Have we died and gone to heaven?” They walked around the penthouse looking at all the features and trying to figure out what to enjoy first.

Greg said, “We have to remember we are here to work and there is a lot to plan before Monday. They went into the office and started to plot out what they would be doing. Greg started making calls to find the surveillance equipment he would need. Two of the stores were in lower Manhattan and one was in New Jersey, just across the Hudson. He completed the transactions with his American Express card and made arrangements to pick them up in the morning. He called the limo driver and arranged to be picked up at 9:00 a.m. Annie contacted Lord and Taylor’s and set her appointment for the morning and the appointment with Saks Fifth Avenue for the afternoon. They both told her they would send a driver to pick her up. Mrs. Blair had obviously told them she was going to spend serious money.

Without saying anything, Annie got up and started toward the bedroom taking off her clothes as she went, leaving a trail for Greg to find her. By the time she got to the master bedroom she was nude. When Greg realized she had left, she called to her, but she did not answer. As he got up to go look for her, he realized her game and stripped outside of the bedroom. When he stepped into the room, Annie was on the bed and said “My turn on top,” He laid down and she straddled him like Mrs. Barker had done. None of her boyfriends had every had instant erections like Greg has. Some she would need to give a hand job or blowjob to get them fully erect, but Greg had a cock that was instant on. Greg was also surprised at how he responded so quickly to his sister, because in the past he would get an erection making out or getting a blowjob, but not even the thought of Mrs. Blair or his quickie with Mrs. Barker caused an instant erection.

Annie took his cock in her hand and put just the head of it in her pussy. As much as she wanted it all, she decided to get back at Greg for when he had made her wait. He grabbed her ass and tried to pull her down, but she had both hands around his cock, keeping it from entering her until she was ready. Actually, she was more than ready, but she knew their sex together would involve a lot of games and teasing and she decided to do her teasing right now. She also knew he would get even with her later in some way. She moved her hand a little allowing another inch or two of his cock to enter her.

“Sis, are you trying to drive me crazy? She just laughed and pulled out completely and watched the look of desperation on his face.

“Poor baby,” she said as she rubbed the head of his cock with her thumb. Her own body couldn’t wait any longer, so she put the cock back in her pussy and took it all at one time. She let out a yell. It didn’t hurt as much this time as the first time he entered her, but it sent a shock through her body that set off a huge orgasm. She momentarily couldn’t even lift her body, but as that orgasm subsided, she would lift up and fall back down until Greg couldn’t hold it any longer and dumped a huge load deep within her.

“I love you Greg”

“What happened to calling me Little Bro”?

“Greg is the name I used when I masturbated and I imagined it was you and şahinbey escort bayan not my own fingers.

“Really?” He had no idea his sister had ever thought of him in a sexual way. He had tried to catch glimpses of her coming or going from the shower or in her underwear for years. He remembered the day he had jerked off after seeing her topless in a mirror when she had left her bedroom door open a crack. The thought that she had desired him as a sexual partner brought him to an immediate erection and he rolled over on top of her and entered her again.

“You’re kidding,” she said. “No man can respond that quickly.” After 10 minutes of hard fucking, she knew he wasn’t kidding.

As they fell apart he said, “I love you too, Annie.” The went to sleep in each other’s arms. When they woke up, it was dark outside. They got up and decided to go find something to eat. They found a great Japanese Restaurant and were seated with a family from their hometown. They were amazed at the chance that they would know anyone in New York. They had a great time with the family and they talked about how the town had changed with some new companies moving into the area. Since there two children, they were interested in talking to Annie about her college experiences. The family invited Greg and Annie to join them for the evening at their hotel, but Greg and Annie politely declined claiming they were exhausted from traveling and needed rest.

When they arrived back at the penthouse, they called for instructions on how to use the hot tub on the roof. They were told someone would go up, take the cover off and check the water for quality and temperature. They received a call back in about 20 minutes telling them the hot tub was ready for use. They were to simply call and leave a message when they were through with the tub for the night. They decided to wear bathing suits just in case the tub was in view from other taller buildings. There were heavy terry robes in the bedrooms.

What an amazing place for a hot tub under the stars. It was hard to believe you could see the stars in New York City. They were actually above most of the lights. Taller office buildings were dark and if anybody was watching, they would need a telescope. For the first hour, they just enjoyed watching the night sky of New York. Helicopters flew flights back and forth over the city. They watched planes leaving the airports. The water jets massaged their bodies and they both had the notion to move together at the same time. Once they were together, they abandoned their bathing suits and experienced fucking underwater for the first time.

“Maybe we should invite Jane and Tom to join us here Sunday night.” Annie had roomed with Jane for her first year of college. Jane had gotten married after her first year of college and moved to New York City. Tom is a stockbroker and Jane is chasing the dream of all Broadway want to be actors and dancers. Annie and Jane had been very popular at college and sex was never in short supply. They would double date and determine when they got back home, which they would sleep with for the night and sometimes change partners in the middle of the night. Greg had seen pictures of Jane in a bikini and looked forward to seeing her in the lighted hot tub. Annie was Jane’s matron of honor and Tom had caught Annie in a hallway during the reception. He had said he needed to kiss the matron of honor. The kiss came with a lot of feeling and might have led to more if someone had not come into the hallway. As he left, the reception, he gave her a hug and said he would look forward to more contact in the future. Maybe Sunday night could be the future event. She knew Jane and Greg could make some beautiful music together.

The limo driver arrived at 9:00 to take Greg to pick up his surveillance equipment. What seemed like a conventional camera store had a back room with some amazing equipment. The items Greg had arranged for were all stacked and ready for him. He picked up a couple additional items including a video camera that looked like a hairpin and could transmit to a receiver on the end of a flash drive. At the second store he picked up the items he had ordered plus a video camera that operates with night vision. Then they went through the Holland tunnel to the shop in New Jersey. They had a recording system to work on heat readings like fireman to locate people in burning building. As long as they could get an adjoining room, they could record every movement and sound. He took all the equipment back to the penthouse and then had the driver take him to some exclusive men’s store. After a few thousand dollars he had 3 suits, a tux, many shirts, ties, shoes, etc. He went to another store to buy a supply of casual clothes.

The driver from Lord and Taylor’s picked Annie up at 10:00 for the shopping experience of a lifetime. Jane and two other fashion designers were waiting for her. They fitted her from the skin out with some of the most beautiful gowns and evening dresses she had every seen. She felt like she should be walking on the red carpet. Then they moved to business attire for corporate settings. As part of the casual clothes, Jane said Mrs. Blair wanted her to have the finest tennis outfits for use at the club. The clothes she would not need while in New York were shipped to her home. She also purchased a tennis outfit for her tennis companion Jill and had it shipped to her home. Boy will she be surprised when the Fed Ex driver arrives.

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