Please Relieve Me Ch. 03



I woke groggily on Friday morning with sleep still on my eyes. The dullness in my nether regions was still there in the background. It seemed to be slightly stronger and more powerful than previously which was concerning but I thought I could handle it. I still had not heard from the doctor with regards to how the tests were progressing but we had an appointment scheduled for Monday to check things out – even thinking about this made me feel nervous.

My relationship with Mum was still of a concern to me. She was a busy working Indian mother. Bringing up a child, a son especially, on her own had been tough on her. Looking after a family and a career was difficult. Yes, she got stressed sometimes but I could not blame her. Mum didn’t show much emotion towards me, indeed she was strict with me, but that was because she wanted the best from me. She loved me and I loved her too, even if she always seemed to be angry with me lately.

I still couldn’t comprehend how Mom had been behaving since the doctor prescribed masturbation as a medical treatment. I had never had a girlfriend but I had gotten to see my Mum’s body and even shared sexual activity with her. Even thinking about what I had seen and done aroused me. It also made me feel wrong and dirty though. Me and Mum were religious and what we were doing was wrong. Was it acceptable because a doctor had told us to do this? I didn’t know but maybe if I didn’t think about it I would feel a bit better.

Hiding feelings rather than expressing them was normal in an Indian household after all.

I clambered downstairs still musing over my thoughts, I hadn’t been able to sleep. It was still very early in the morning, too early to start getting ready for school. Maybe I would get a drink and watch TV for a while before it was time to go. I would just sit in my night time t-shirt and boxer shorts as even my Mum wouldn’t be up at this time.

As I opened the kitchen door I saw my Mum standing with her back to me by the kitchen sink. She was wearing a long dressing gown which covered her to the floor. I could see her black hair at the back. As I saw her I felt nervous as I was only wearing my night time t-shirt and boxer shorts – I hadn’t expected her to be up so early in the morning otherwise I would have put some proper clothes on.

I was at a conundrum. I wasn’t sure if I should go back and put some jogging bottoms on or make my presence known and see if I could get to the sink. If I turned to walk away and Mum turned around then she may think I was slinking around the house and scald me for doing so. I contemplated this unsure and didn’t realise I had unconsciously edged closer into the kitchen.

Even as I took a first step into the kitchen, I saw Mum turn around to face me. Her dressing gown was tied at the middle with cords.

“Why are you up early?” Mum asked then without giving me a Moment to answer continued “are you hurting?”

Her face looked concerned and she started edging towards me. Instinctively I moved slightly away from her, not towards the door as I didn’t want to look as though I was running away, but towards the kitchen cabinets.

“You’re hurting aren’t you? I can see it in your face,” Mum said as she continued to advance towards me.

I was in discomfort but it was not unbearable. My grimace was more to do with the awkwardness of the situation than anything medical. My Mum had seen my penis but I did not usually walk around the house in just my boxers. We were civilised people and when in the company of others, even close family, you should be properly clothed.

“I’m…i’m ok,” I said to Mum. I did want relief (what young man wouldn’t?) but I didn’t want my Mum to be worried about me and her face was showing concern.

Mum continued to move towards me. Even this early in the morning her face looked pretty with no blemishes. Her dark black hair framed her beige coloured skin and was set off by her piercing brown eyes. Her brow was slightly furrowed which indicated her concern.

Mum reached out towards me with her hand. I saw her neatly done nails – as a working woman she had her nails done regularly so as to look professional in the office. I then startled as she touched my boxers in the centre, right where my penis was resting. Involuntary, in shock, I stepped back half a step. Mum continued to move forward and her hand followed me as I moved back.

I felt the kitchen cabinet behind me so was forced to stop moving backwards. Mum’s hand continued moving towards me, however, until it came into contact with my boxers. I felt her hand, in an underarm position, and her fingers tighten slightly as if to trace out my penis resting in my boxers. I felt Mum move her hand delicately back and forward as if checking as to how hard I was. Mum was only a step or so away from me at this point.

“I need to get ready for work, come on now,” Mum said to me in her stern tone as she continued stroking me.

I felt awkward standing in the kitchen in my gaziantep suriyeli escort boxers whilst my Mum stood in front of me rubbing me. Mum’s fingers were starting to arouse me but it didn’t feel right as the kitchen was where we make dinner. It wasn’t a place to be unclothed or do anything naughty.

Mum was standing in front of me, looking at me, and then saw her eyes dart to the side of me as if inspecting something there. She released her touch on my boxers and I felt myself straighten slightly. I had unknowingly been cowering due to embarrassment when she had touched me.

Mum then reached for kitchen towels that were on the side of the kitchen cabinet and put it on the floor in front me. That is what she had been looking at a Moment ago. This confused me as I wasn’t sure whether she wanted me to pick it up or step on it or what she had planned. I didn’t know whether to ask her why she had done that but I felt too awkward still to make any decent conversation.

Mum then interrupted my thoughts by beginning to lower herself down. She slowly descended whilst taking off her dressing gown and putting that on top of the cabinet. I didn’t know what to think – Mum was now on her knees in front of me in the kitchen. Underneath her dressing gown she had been wearing a sleeveless camisole top. I could see thin straps holding her top which went across her shoulders. I couldn’t see any bra straps.

Mum then again reached forward. Her right hand moved to the centre of my boxers and began touching me gently. Her left hand went to my waistband and began pushing my boxers downwards. I half froze as my boxers were lowered and I felt myself turn red as my penis sprang up out of them. It felt really naughty to be showing Mum my penis in the kitchen – we were not tucked away in the bedroom or bathroom as previously where nudity was tolerated.

I felt a soft hand touch my penis and began stroking me. It felt fantastic on my skin. I could see Mum kneeling really close to me, I almost felt as though I could feel her breath on my penis but it might have just been the draft in the kitchen.

“Julthi kar [do it quickly], I need to go to work,” Mum said as she continued stroking me.

Mum seemed to shift her body, pulling her shoulders back slightly and angling her torso so that she was tilted slightly back away from me. The effect on me was that it seemed like she was sticking her breasts out to me. Her breasts were a nice size, a nice handful, though they were covered in her strappy camisole top.

I tentatively reached out a hand and stroked Mum’s bare collar, the skin was so soft and delicate. I then let my hands wander downwards over her smooth body and then into the cups of material holding my Mum’s breast. The breast was exquisite in my fingers, soft skin but firm. My fingers being partially hidden inside my Mum’s top made it even naughtier.

Looking at Mum I noticed that her big brown eyes looked really pretty though her face was with no expression. Her pale light brown, beige skin looked like it was glistening in the early morning sunlight. Her lips looked pink and plump.

I was slightly disgusted at myself as I couldn’t help thinking about how much I wanted Mum to open her mouth and suck on my penis. My penis felt hard as steel and I wanted it to be tempered with Mum’s sticky saliva.

“Come on,” Mum said sternly.

As she did so I noticed her left hand, her free hand move towards me. She continued to jerk me with her right hand, not missing a Moment. Mum’s left hand touched the base of my penis and then, remarkably, moved downwards over my balls. Mum began gently stroking my ball sack with her left hand whilst she stroked me. This was completely unexpected and took me aback for a moment. The feelings were good though so I recovered. It felt like my semen was being stimulated on two fronts. I almost felt like it was increasing my semen production.

The double sensations around my crotch – the penis head and my balls – with the sensations of my fingers feeling Mum’s breasts and the visual stimulation of looking at Mum’s beautiful face so close to me was too much. I couldn’t hold out for much longer. I felt cum rising, rising ever faster each time Mum moved my ball sack.

My breathing became more laboured and I let out a quiet grunt and came. My penis twitched with each jet – 3 in total with each a few seconds apart. The release was incredible. Standing up, I felt my legs slightly give away before I steadied myself against the kitchen counter that I was leaning against. I hadn’t eaten anything yet and my orgasm was so powerful on an empty stomach I struggled for a moment.

I saw that Mum had released my ball sack with her left hand and was stroking me with long deliberate strokes with her right hand. I could see the last few drops of semen being squeezed out of my penis.

I was slightly horrified when I saw that my cum had hit Mum as she had been so close to me. gaziantep türbanlı escort There were splotches on her neck and even one on her chin. Thankfully Mum did not seem to have noticed this and was continuing to stroke my deflating penis. She hadn’t shouted at me or been angry which I had feared. I wondered if she had begun to tolerate the mess I made?

Abruptly Mum let go of my penis which fell back towards me.

“Go and get ready for College now,” Mum said.

She looked down at her top and I realised that my right hand was still inside there touching her breast. I quickly released her body and pulled my hand back, pulling up my boxers to cover myself. I noticed Mum had not cleaned my semen from her face or neck yet as I turned away from her and began to walk back to my room.

I still felt thirsty, as I had not had the glass of water I went into the kitchen for, but didn’t want to go against Mum’s order. I did feel a bit better though as the pain had subdued as I showered and then got ready for College.


College was the usual fare of boring classes. I was nervous though about the parent’s evening later on where the teachers would be reporting on my progress in classes to Mum. Mum was quite strict and demanded that I get good marks. I was doing ok but I was not top of the class by any means and I just hoped my teachers didn’t say anything too bad about me.

I got home and saw that Mum was there as her car was parked outside. She must have finished early too get ready to go to parent’s evening with me. I got in and didn’t have much time to play on the computer or anything before I was being called down for dinner. Mum was a good cook and dinner was always a meal that I looked forward to.

We didn’t tend to talk much over dinner, Mum was always preoccupied with work or something else that was going on and I wasn’t a big talker anyway. It was just a family thing to do, even though it was only the two of us since dad passed away.

“The parent’s evening finishes quite late tonight and I will be tired when we get back,” Mum said. “So you will have to have your medicine before we go.”

‘Medicine’ was what Mum called her masturbating me. We didn’t tend to use swear words of any description in the house.

“I will do it before I shower,” Mum said as she began walking towards the stairs. “Come to my room after you have tidied away the table.”

It was only when I began clearing the table that I realised Mum had told me to go to her room. Her room was normally off limits and I did not go into very often. I couldn’t even remember the last time I had been in there.

I loaded the dishwasher with the dishes and hesitated before I went upstairs. It must have been 10-15 minutes since we had finished dinner. I hadn’t eaten a lot as I was nervous about parent’s evening later on and this nervousness was increasing as I wasn’t sure what to expect when I went upstairs.

I walked to my Mum’s door. I wondered whether I should knock but she had told me to come in so I didn’t as I thought she must have been expecting me. I gently opened the door, trying not to make much noise as the house was quite quiet.

As I opened the door I half jumped as I saw Mum with her back to me. She was standing on the other side of the room diagonally opposite to me and the door, on the other side of the bed by her wardrobe. Her back was to me and I could clearly see the outline of her beige skinned body.

Mum was wearing just her black panties. As I stood in the door way I saw her hands move to her sides and slowly begin lowering her panties to the floor. Mum’s bum was revealed to me fully when she did this. It was lovely and round, there were a few feint lines there but on the whole it was firm. I so wanted to touch it and stroke it.

The black panties went to the floor and I realised that Mum was completely naked now. She reached up to the open cupboard in front of her and took out a pink fluffy towel which she began wrapping around her body, covering her nakedness. I felt my penis twitch slightly as I looked at Mum’s naked body from the back. The traces of her soft body and her delicate limbs as she moved were arousing.

After wrapping the towel around her, Mum turned around. She half startled when she saw me standing in the door way but then continued forward toward me nonplussed. The towel was wrapped around her midsection covering her from the top of her breasts to the middle of her knees. I still found looking at Mum’s legs exciting as prior to a week ago I had never seen what beautiful long legs she had. Indian women did not tend to expose much flesh normally.

“You need to be quick. We have to be at your College soon,” Mum said as she continued moving towards me from the far side of the bed. “Sit down there.”

I began moving to where Mum was pointing – the opposite side of the bed to where she slept and where her cupboard was. It was gaziantep ücreti elden alan escort only when I got to this side that I realised that this was the side where my dad used to sleep. I hesitated slightly as I realised this but then decided to sit down on the edge of bed as I had been told.

Mum moved around the bed the bed to where I was sitting. She inspected the floor briefly before kneeling down in front of me. Her hand then reached out to the waistband of my trousers and unbuttoned me. I lifted my hips slightly as Mum started moving my trousers to the floor. My boxer shorts quickly followed until my trousers were around my ankles and my shorts were around my knees.

My penis was semi hard. Seeing, no spying, on my Mum undressing had excited me as had being in my Mum’s room. I could feel that my penis was slightly sticky with pre cum.

Mum reached forward with her right hand and began stroking my penis. When she first touched my penis I saw her face slightly grimace. She liked things to be clean and tidy and the fact pre cum was leaking so quickly from me must have been off putting to her.

“You’re sticky,” said Mum as she continued to stroke me. “I can’t…” Mum cut off and paused. She looked down at my trousers and boxers. I was worried I had done something wrong.

“Take them off, I can’t get a good position,” said Mum continuing to look down towards the floor.

I quickly reached down and unhooked my trousers from around my ankles and my boxers from my knees. I put them on the edge of the bed. I was now fully naked from the waist down sitting on the edge of the bed.

Mum shuffled forward slightly on the carpet in front of me. Her left hand touched my right thigh and I instinctively moved my thighs apart to open up a gap for her to kneel in front of me. My penis and balls felt really free now that they were dangling off the side of the bed.

Mum continued to touch my penis, I felt excited seeing how close she was to me on the floor in front of me. I reached down with my right hand and slipped it underneath my Mum’s towel towards her left breast. Mum did not object. I had felt her breasts several times over the last few days. I couldn’t get enough of them.

I don’t know why but I found it so erotic for my Mum to be on her knees in front of me. Mum was so strict with me and domineering but this just felt like such a submissive position. My penis felt rock hard as she stroked me up and down with her long delicate strokes. My excited state was making me really tug and stroke on her breasts.

“Come on,” said Mum. She was staring intently on the tip of my penis and stroking me ever faster and faster.

It was only when Mum spoke that I noticed that the towel she had wrapped around her upper body had fallen slightly. It was hanging now so that her left nipple was visible. As I saw the nipple I felt excitement but I was concerned Mum might notice on her towel falling and stop things.

The only thing Mum noticed, however, was that the pace that I had been touching her breasts had decreased as I looked at her nipple.

“Come on, hurry up,” said Mum upon which I immediately started touching her breasts with greater vigour, only this time the breast was not covered by her towel but exposed.

Mum’s nipple was dark brown in colour and stood out beautifully against her pale beige skin. The areolas were large and succulent. How I wished to suck on them. I couldn’t help think that I had sucked on them as a child and how erotic it would be to suck on them now as an adult. I knew it was silly to think of them being full of milk but they were a nice handful and I couldn’t help fantasising.

As I touched and stroked Mum’s breasts I noticed that the other side of the towel had also begun to slip. Mum was moving her arms so quickly that they really had no hope of staying up. The covered up right nipple now began to slowly reveal itself. As more and more was revealed I felt my penis become harder and harder.

The sight of my Mum topless on her knees in front of me was mind blowing. Prior to this week I had never seen my Mum in more revealing clothes than a full length sari. Seeing her now stroking me and willing me to cum was surreal.

“You’re taking too long, come on now.” Mum said. Her voice sounded agitated. She was right. It was taking me longer to cum than previously even though I was so excited.

Then Mum said: “cum now.”

I felt my penis jerk with excitement when I heard Mum’s last sentence. My brain struggled to comprehend what she had just said. Mum had been telling me to ‘come on’ but had she just told me to ‘cum’! We didn’t use that kind of language in the house. It was so out of character.

I couldn’t help thinking that Mum’s choice of words was due to us being in her bedroom. Indeed I was sitting on my dad’s side of the bed. I wondered if she had ever done this kind of thing for him or said nasty words to him.

Naughty thoughts made me penis jerk with excitement. Mum must have noticed this as she spoke again to try and make me cum quicker: “cum fehr [then]” she said in a more demanding voice than previously.

I don’t know why, but my Mum actually saying that she wanted me to cum was turning me on incredibly. I found myself grunting softly under my breath as I felt tingles. It wouldn’t be much longer that I could hold out. The sensations were getting too much.

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