Poppy’s Party


Helen was sitting naked at the kitchen table, wrapping her daughter Poppy’s eighteenth birthday present in fancy paper, when her two sons Daniel and Aaron entered, like their mother completely nude and each with their morning wood standing proudly to attention. They smiled at Helen, feeling no shame nor embarrassment in their full frontal nudity, quite the reverse in fact, the brothers revelling in showing off what nature had bestowed to the lady who had given birth to them.

“My goodness,” said Helen, looking up and smiling as her eyes took in the two beautiful thick rods, hard and ready for action, and as always experiencing an immense feeling of pride that she was the mother of two young men so fabulously handsome and horny, “you’re up early this morning.”

“You ain’t forgotten what a special day it is, have you, mom?” asked Daniel, his eyes riveted to his mother’s tits and looking forward to giving them a good long lick and suck again, as he had done the previous night when he and his brother had had their last ever orgy with their parents without their sister since, only now, on her birthday, was she eligible to participate.

“Yeah, mom,” said Aaron, likewise licking his lips as he too admired Helen’s tits, his cock pulsating in his hand as he thought of all the things he would be doing to them later that day, “we wanted to get down early so as not to miss a minute of Poppy’s party. Daniel and I are really looking forward to fucking her for the first time.”

“Of course, I haven’t forgotten,” replied Helen, “and you won’t have to wait much longer. But I think you should let your father fuck her first, don’t you?”

“Of course, mom,” said Daniel, “its only right dad should be the first to fuck her.”

“Yeah,” said Aaron, “she is his daughter, after all.”

“Really?” said Daniel, mockingly, “I’d never have guessed if you hadn’t said so.”

“Now now, boys,” said Helen, feigning a stern voice, “let’s not have any arguments, today of all days. Why don’t you both go down to the gym and see what’s going on?” she suggested. “I’ve just got to finish wrapping Poppy’s present and then I’ll join you.”

“What have you bought her, mom?” asked Daniel.

“A strap-on,” said Helen, her eyes shining brightly as she went back to sticking celotape over the joins, “she can use it on herself when she’s horny and we’re not here to satisfy her.”

“Yeah, mom,” said Aaron, “and she can fuck mine and Daniel’s asses with it too.”

“I’m sure she’ll be only too happy to so, sweetheart,” said Helen, her smile widening, knowing how much her sons loved getting their asses fucked, “once she gets the hang of things.”

“That shouldn’t take long,” replied Aaron, “not when she’s got a family like ours to teach her.”

“Do Aaron and I have to wrap these presents up, too, mom?” giggled Daniel, giving his cock a tug and Aaron doing the same, to draw their mother’s attention to the presents in question.

“No,” grinned Helen, “I think Poppy’ll be quite happy not to have to do any unwrapping where you’re both concerned. And,” she added, “they are wonderful presents you’re giving her, too. No sister could wish for anything better from her brothers at her cumming-of-age party than two beautiful big cocks like yours.”

“Thanks, mom,” said Daniel, “its nice to know you like seeing them as much as we enjoy showing them to you, ain’t that right, Aaron?”

“Too fucking right it is,” said Aaron. “Let’s hope Poppy will enjoy them, too,” said Aaron.

“Oh, I’m sure she shall, especially when you stick them in her,” replied Helen who had been pleasurably and consensually fucked many times by her sons in the past year since they, too, had become old enough to join their parents for some of the hottest sex Helen thought it was ever possible to enjoy. “And don’t forget,” Helen continued, “your old mom will want a good seeing to, as well, will you?”

“Gee mom,” said Daniel, “as if we would. And you ain’t old, you’re beautiful.”

“Yeah, mom,” agreed Aaron, “you know Daniel and I are only too happy to fuck you any time you want. Just as long as you give our cocks a nice suck first.”

“Thank you, boys,” said Helen, “you certainly are the finest sons any parents could wish for and your father and I love you very much indeed. Now, the sooner you let me finish what I’m doing, the sooner I can be with you and then we can suck and fuck the day away together. And,” she added lasciviously with a wicked glint in her eyes, “show Poppy what she’s been missing.”

“That’ll be good, mom,” said Aaron, “I’m so fucking horny, I can hardly wait.”

“Me too,” said Daniel. “I’m dying to see how Poppy’s pussy feels around my cock.”

“Yes, well try not to shoot your loads too soon, boys,” remonstrated their mother, “after all, we have all the time in the world as Louis Armstrong once sang.”

“Louis who?” said Daniel, giggling though he knew full well to whom his mother şanlıurfa escort referred since his parents had a large collection of CDs by the late great gravel-voiced singer and musician.

“Get on with you,” giggled Helen, good-naturely, “before I smack that nice round botty of yours. You ain’t too old for me to still put you across my knee and give those sexy ass cheeks of yours a nice good slap, you know.”

“Ooh, mom,” laughed Aaron, going along with the game, “can you put me across your knee and slap my bum, too?”

“Away with the pair of you!” said Helen, now laughing happily and thinking not for the first time how wonderful it was to have such a great relationship with her own sons where nothing was taboo and they could laugh and joke together about all things sexual without any feelings of guilt whatsoever.

“We’re going, mom,” said Daniel, hurrying across to the kitchen door with Aaron in hot pursuit.

“Oh, by the way,” said Helen, smiling and licking her lips as she watched her sons’ tight bare ass cheeks rubbing together as they swayed away from her and stopping the brothers in their tracks, “there’s a surprise in the gym for you, too.”

Daniel and Aaron exchanged puzzled looks. “What kind of a surprise, mom?” asked Aaron.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” replied Helen, tapping the side of her nose. “Now get going before I end up sucking you both off.”

“That’d be lovely, mom,” said Aaron, “but best not. We want to give our first loads of the day to Poppy, she’s waited long enough for us to cream her.”

“Sure fucking has,” agreed Daniel, his hard cock still throbbing in his hand as was Aaron’s.

“Go!” said Helen, firmly, “else I really might end up coaxing the cum out of those big balls of yours before you can say no again.”

“All right, we’re going,” said Daniel as he and Aaron walked out into the hall. “See you in a bit, mom.”

“Yeah, don’t be long, mom,” said Aaron, calling back over his shoulder to Helen, “its great to think Poppy can now join us.”

“Yeah,” went on Daniel, “and it means we can go around nude all the time now, too.”

The boys made their way downstairs to the home gymnasium in the basement that their father Richard had had rigged up soon after they’d moved in two years earlier. It was fully equipped with all the apparatus one would expect and was where most of the family orgies had taken place since the twin brothers had reached their eighteenth birthdays just over a year ago. Now it was Poppy’s turn, no longer having to sit on the sidelines since Helen and Richard were good parents who would not allow their offspring to join them until they were all consenting adults.

That had been unfortunate for Poppy who had had to sit on the sidelines for awhile until she made it to eighteen but now that day had arrived and Poppy was looking forward to it very much, though a little apprehensively. She had never gone nude in front of her family before, let alone had any carnal activity with them, but her brothers had calmed her nerves with a few well-chosen words the night before and Poppy was now raring to get started.

“Wonder what this surprise is,” said Daniel as they started down the stairs, the brothers’ hard cocks leading the way.

The question answered itself a few moments later when the boys entered the gym. Their father Richard was on his knees licking his mother Ruth’s pussy, his hot wet tongue lapping at the shaved slit of the old lady’s cunt.

“Gran!” cried the boys in unison, “how long have you been here?” went on Daniel.

Ruth placed her hands on her son’s head and smiled over his shoulder at her grandsons, her gaze transfixed on their hard cocks. “Hi, sweeties,” she said, “I got here late last night while you were asleep. We wanted to surprise you, didn’t we, Richard?”

“Yeah,” said Richard, relinquishing his tongue from his mother’s cunt and turning to smile at his sons, his eyes likewise widening with pleasure to see them both fully aroused. “After all, its Poppy’s birthday and everyone should be here.”

“Where is Poppy, dad?” asked Daniel.

“In her bedroom,” said Richard, standing up, “we’re going to have her initiation party there, I told her to wait until we were ready.”

“I’m ready now,” said Aaron.

“Me too,” said Daniel.

“I can see that,” said Ruth, smiling and her voice full of lust, “why don’t you boys bring those big cocks over here and let me have a nice long suck on them?”

“Ah, gee, gran,” said Daniel, “we’d love to but we want to save our spunk for Poppy. If you don’t mind,” he added, hastily.

“Yeah, gran,” said Aaron, “mom threatened to suck us off in the kitchen but we had to put her off.”

“You ain’t gonna not let your gran show you how much she loves you, are you, lads?” said Richard, grinning and standing back and giving his hard cock a tug. gaziantep sarışın escort “You’ll just have to use all your willpower not to cum.”

“I’ll try not to suck too hard,” said Ruth, “but its been ages since I last saw you and I really need to feel your nice hard pricks in my mouth again.”

“Go on, boys,” said Richard, standing back by the wall bars and starting to masturbate as his sons moved in closer to their grandmother and stood either side of her with their cocks stretched out long and hard across her face. “I’m sure you’re experienced enough by now to hold back cumming.”

“Of course they are,” said Ruth, “but I shall want them both to cum in my mouth some time before I go home. And you too, son,” she added, smiling across at Richard and gazing with maternal pride on his stiff pole as he massaged it in his hands.

“Gladly, mom,” said Richard as Ruth opened her mouth and quickly took Daniel’s elongated membrane deep inside while Richard moved into position next to Aaron to watch his mother blowjobbing his eldest son by half an hour.

“That’s it, mom,” said Richard, “but go easy, eh?”

Ruth was regarded by everyone in the family as a champion cocksucker and sperm drinker who liked to suck long and hard and swallow every drop but this time she tried to suck more softly than usual so as not to make Daniel shoot his load. Daniel’s big sweaty balls were slapping musically against his grandmother’s chin while Aaron was happy to bide his time until it was his turn for a hot incestuous blowjob.

“Gee, dad,” said Aaron, “I hope we don’t upset mom, letting gran blowjob us when Daniel and I said no to her.”

“Yeah,” said Daniel, agreeing with his brother while his cock continued to occupy the whole of his grandmother’s mouth, the old lady gagging like a twenty years old as, every now and then, the head nudged the back of her throat.

“I’m sure your mom won’t worry about that,” said Richard, “in any case, we’re all going up to Poppy’s room soon and once you’ve both given her your presents, there’ll be plenty of time for you to make up more to give to your mom. And me too, I hope,” the boys’ father finished, grinning.

“Oooh,” said Ruth, letting Daniel’s cock fall free from her mouth, “that will be so nice to watch both you lads fucking your father’s ass, I did so enjoy seeing you do so the last time I visited. With Poppy now old enough to join us, I can see this is going to be the greatest gangbang in the whole history of our sex club.”

“Sure will, mom,” said Richard, “its what this family is all about.”

Daniel twerled his cock in his hands, the long shaft coated with a liberal helping of Ruth’s saliva, and Aaron, without waiting to be asked, slid his replacement cock deep into the orifice where Daniel’s had been and gasped as his grandmother wrapped her lips around him.

“Yeah, gran,” said Aaron, “please suck my cock.”

Richard was beside himself with pride and joy as he watched his mother going down on his second son as Daniel started masturbating alongside his father. Richard eyes darted back and forth from one son to the other before eventually resting on Daniel’s cock to watch him wanking, enjoying the sight of the engorged knobhead peeping in and out of his long delectable foreskin as Daniel’s hand flew up and down the thick greasy pole. Ruth was now licking Aaron’s balls, Aaron rubbing his cock over his grandmother’s face and smearing it with pre-cum while Richard reached out a hand and began to stroke Daniel’s ass.

Another ten minutes slipped by like ten seconds as Helen made her entrance to the gym, fingering her pussy at the intense scene that greeted her. Ruth had moved on from sucking her grandsons’ pricks and balls and was now lying back with her legs in the air while Aaron had his face buried deep in her pussy while, on the other side of the room, Daniel was on his hands and knees having his asshole rimmed by his father. The sight of Daniel kneeling there with his beautiful naked buttocks in the air, having them licked and kissed and his hole plundered by her husband’s tongue, really turned Helen on and she let her hand stray south to her pussy and began to work up her juices with her fingers. Having had her own asshole rimmed by her husband literally thousands of times over the years, Helen knew just how much Daniel was enjoying himself at that moment in time.

“Yeah, lick that ass, dad,” Helen heard Daniel say as he glanced over his shoulder and smiled at his mother as his father continued with the rimjob. “Feels so fucking good.”

“Oh yes, lick my pussy, sweetheart,” Ruth said simultaneously to Aaron and the young man was only to happy to comply, running his tongue along the groove between his grandmother’s old but beautifully preserved cunt lips. The velvety feel of her wrinkled pussy skin and the taste of her love hole were intoxicating and şehitkamil escort Aaron breathed in the heady aroma as his tongue found Ruth’s clit and began to work its way around the hard nub, his grandmother’s appreciative grunts of pleasure mingling with Daniel’s cries as he spread his buns with his hands as wide as he could, gasping as the tip of his father’s tongue worked its way further up his pink gaping asshole.

“I’m sorry to break up the party,” said Helen, after watching the action for several minutes before reluctantly letting her fingers slip from her cunt, “but this is supposed to be Poppy’s day and the poor girl is waiting patiently upstairs.”

“Come on, folks,” said Richard, removing his tongue from the crack of Daniel’s ass, “let’s go and give Poppy her treat, she’s waited long enough.”

“Yes,” said Helen, “and another surprise has just arrived, too,” she finished, giggling and making her way back up the stairs. Aaron and Daniel followed closely behind her, their eyes admiring their mother’s naked bottom which rose and fell majestically as she lifted each slim leg one after the other as she made her way up the stairs, while Richard and his mother Ruth were getting equally unobstructed views of Daniel and Aaron’s ass cheeks rubbing together as they too climbed the stairs out of the gym.

When they all got to the hall, Richard’s divorced sister Janice and her twenty-one years old son Zachary were waiting for them, smiles of welcome on their faces, both still fully dressed. They’d arrived some five minutes earlier but with the gym being in the basement, neither Ruth, Richard, Daniel nor Aaron had heard their car pulling up in the drive, nor the doorbell ringing and Helen going to answer it.

“Hey, aunt Janice,” said Daniel, his face breaking into a smile, delighted as always to see his father’s sexy sibling and his sex-mad horny cousin, “nobody told us you and Zach were going to be here, too.”

“Zachary if you don’t mind,” said Daniel’s cousin, who hated anyone addressing him by the abbreviation.

“Sorry,” said Daniel.

“That’s OK, don’t let it happen again,” said Zachary, giggling.

“Hi, bruv,” said Janice, kissing Richard on the lips and wrapping her hand around his cock, “my goodness, you haven’t changed, have you?”

“Fucking hell, sis,” said Richard, after returning the kiss, “its only three months or so since we last met, I ain’t gonna change that much.”

“Thank goodness,” said Helen, smiling, “I wouldn’t want my hubby any different to the way he is now.”

Janice moved over and kissed first Aaron, then Daniel before folding herself into her naked mother’s arms while Zachary moved in and kissed his aunt Helen on the lips in a profuse greeting as only this family could give. The greetings concluded, Janice and Zachary removed their clothes to join their relatives in the nude, Janice’s big firm breasts as succulent as ever as they swayed beneath her neck and Zachary firmly on the horn, proving once again that he could match his uncle and cousins in the cock stakes, inch for inch.

Janice unfolded herself from Ruth’s gasp and licked her lips as she smiled at the men, her eyes taking in the bewitching sight of four magnificent hard-ons being proudly displayed in front of her but especially her son’s. It was only a few hours since Zachary had last fucked her in the privacy of the home they shared together, just the two of them since Zachary’s father had walked out years ago, culminating in the eventual divorce, and had never been seen nor heard from since. As soon as he had turned eighteen, three years ago, Zachary had become the man of the house in more ways than one and had attended quite a few orgies with his mother’s relatives and enjoyed every single one of them, having inherited his family’s intense love of full social nudity and kinky taboo sex.

Zachary was now really looking forward to having his female cousin present for the first time and as well as treating Poppy to a good seeing to, at long last, was also looking forward to fucking his aunt and grandmother, not to mention his male relatives too, and getting fucked by them in return. It really turned Zachary on being fucked by his uncle Richard and cousins Daniel and Aaron and the fact that his mother Janice loved watching him taking her brother and nephews’ cocks up his ass was also a massive turn-on, adding enormously to all the hardcore pleasure that an incestuous family orgy could provide.

“This is going to be a lot of fun,” said Ruth, as she ushered the family up the stairs, “I hope Poppy is looking forward to this as much as we are.”

“I’m sure she is, mom,” said Richard, looking over his shoulder and smiling at his mother ogling his bare ass as he stepped up the stairs in front of her, “so let’s go and wish her a very happy birthday, shall we?”

Helen patted her son’s bottom as the family trooped up the stairs and reached the landing, lining up outside Poppy’s bedroom where Helen and Richard’s daughter had been waiting patiently all morning for her birthday party to begin. For her, the long wait was over as Richard pushed open the door and strolled in, Poppy eyes widening with pleasure as she gazed wondrously on the first of her birthday presents, her father’s huge uncircumcised incestuous prick …

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