Punishing Mommy!

Big Tits

OK. Its time mommy takes some punishment. I am of the view that if you don’t punish mommies too often, they may deviate from the path of being a nice, obedient slaves to their sons. So here I go in her room again, reminding myself that since last two days, mom haven’t had punishments from her beloved son, so its time to make up for those two missed days.

She is lying in her bed. What she is wearing isn’t going to hide what she has got. Smooth arms that I love to kiss and lick, nice lovely well manicured hands that look lovely when they engulf my dick, fingers long and artistic that I love to suck, shoulders, plump and pleasurable when I dig my fingernails in them. Oh my mother is so pretty, that I don’t think I can ever stop loving her and punishing her is the most pleasurable thing I can think of.

So many ways I have devised to express my love to her in my peculiar way. I love to slap her, on her face, cheeks and wherever I can lay my hands on, until she cries and begs for mercy. I hold her hair in my hands and give her violent jerks, her face in violent throes, I keep on slapping her while I am pulling her face and this mostly happens when I am naked in front of her and with every jerk of her hair, she gets my dick probing in her soft chummy face. I love when I make her naked and make her lie down on my naked thighs and she gets lots of smacks on her soft pretty butt. Oh how pleasurable is it to slap her soft plump butts. They are the cutest pair of butts in this world and how pleasurable gaziantep ucuz escort is it when my hands come with force and slap them in all earnest. She moans like a bitch in pain and how sweet to my ears is it to listen to her cries and sobs and tears flow down her eyes and cheeks. My dick gets erect whenever I think of my mommy getting lovingly punished at my hands.

There are so many ways of punishing mommy and every time I come up with a new innovative way to punish the lovely bitch. So much so, that she is afraid at my innovativeness and is afraid what’s in store for her, each time I approach her bed room. Of course I love water games. So I enjoy whenever I pee on mommy’s face. Her royal, elegant face getting drenched with my golden showers. This usually happens when we are done with all the punishments and I have come once or twice on her face, and she cannot take any more punishments without getting killed. So after the entire usual painful lovemaking and punishments towards mommy, in the end she gets her face wet with my pee and I stand close to her face while urinating. My pee comes out with large force, making splashes and large sound hitting her face and her every pore of upper body as well as my groin gets wet with smelly hot water. This signifies the end of punishments for her so she usually spells relief on her face, whenever I come close to her face and start urinating.

And yes, I love it when the motherly bitch, cries “No gaziantep ukraynalı escort ..No ..No…” while she is getting punished at my hands. So she is strictly ordered to cry these words. So while she likes some of the acts that she is habitual of, she has to say NO loud and clear from her motherly lips. Else I have tricks of making her go mad with pain.

Whenever we are alone at home, and this happens often, I have instructions for the bitch to be stark naked. She doesn’t have a shred of clothing on her and I can lay my hands on whatever piece of her flesh I want. Of course I hit her without any reason , bite her, blood comes out at various parts of her body and most of the times whenever we are alone , she spends her time crying and begging for mercy from her lovely son. I see her working in kitchen bending over sink and I wanna have feel of her soft motherly ass, so I just go and land a forceful kick on her butt’s. This makes her swirl and sometimes fall on cold floor. From there I make her turn and lie on her stomach so that I can view and if I like, kick her butt many times over. Sometimes I have leather boots on, sometimes I like the touch of my bare feet on her soft lovely ass.

Sometime when she is sleeping in middle of night in her nighties and I wanna screw her. So I just go in her room, climb on her bed, start slapping her face, tear her nightie and insert my hard, warm dick in her lovely soft puss. She cries in gaziantep üniversiteli escort pain as she isn’t expecting me to screw her in middle on night, and of course she moans “No No” as instructed, but that doesn’t stop me, rather excites me and I finish my need with her body and when spent my mommy’s pussy, I just urinate on her if I feel like and relaxed, spent, hug her and go to sleep with her, while she cries and sobs softly in my arms.

Of course she has to worship my dick like a god’s statue. She has to lick it clean everyday, and whenever I feel like having the touch of mother’s soft mouth on my smelly, unclean dick, I just order her and she comes, happily sucking on dick and we have fun. Same applies to my arse, and she has to smell it, sometimes I fart on her face, whenever her food gives me trouble and she has to put her fingers in my arse and look for any uncleanness. Sometimes I poop on her face when I feel too bad about her, but that isn’t very frequent. Whenever that happens, I order her to lie down on bathroom floor and I bend on her face and empty my stomach on her face.

Most of the time, we are a normal couple and I just make soft love to her like tying her down to bed post , stripping her naked, beating her so that she acquires pink glow all over her motherly plump body, and then licking , biting, fondling her all over. Her boobies are center of my attention as I fondle them hard for hours, bite and lick the nippies and mom goes crazy shouting at top pitch begging me to screw her, but I won’t oblige. I keep on teasing her tied down body and kicking whatever body part I want to kick and biting her wherever and watching her beg , sob and moan for more or less of the treatment.

I wonder why she plays all these games with me. The answer is that of course she loves to be humiliated and loved all over like no-ones does to her better than I do, her sweet young son.

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