Quarantine Madness Ch. 07-08


Chapter Seven.

I woke up in the morning feeling very good indeed. I yawned and stretched as I marvelled at what a good night’s sleep I had had. It was ironic because everything that had happened to me in the last 48 hours should have had me rocking back and forth in the corner. It’s amazing what a good, hard fucking will do for you. All the dreams I had last night and the memories of yesterday meant that I was wet before I even opened my eyes. Normally this would have led to a great sense of frustration for me but not today. Even though I was a little bit tender from yesterday’s pounding I was ready for more.

I stripped naked and admired my tits and their hard nipples in the mirror. I looked down at my pubic hair and realised that I should probably tidy things up a bit down there. Shane didn’t seem to mind my hairy bush yesterday but I liked it trimmed and neat. So I made my way into the bathroom where I ran a sink full of hot water. I sat on the edge of the bath and using a pair of scissors I trimmed back my bush to a satisfactory length and checked the job in the mirror. Mmm, that does look much better. I thought as I admired the way my pussy spread open and was on display. I then grabbed the razor out of the cupboard and began cleaning up around the edges. I was a little more thorough than I usually am but I was kind of mesmerised by how delightful my pussy looked. The more I looked at it the more I wanted to touch it. The more I thought about touching it the wetter it became, to the point where it now looked quite tasty indeed.

I jumped into the shower for a quick rinse off but there was no time to hang around I had something that needed attending to right now.

I walked out of the room naked as the day I was born. I didn’t care who saw me, neither of the boys complained about seeing me naked yesterday and besides it made me feel excited and alive to walk around naked like this. It might even become a new thing for me. I walked down the hallway and into the room where Shane was sleeping. Sure enough, the situation was as I expected it to be. He was lying on his back with just a sheet covering his lower half, but in the middle of that, standing to attention, was his lovely stiff cock. Morning wood, dawn horn, whatever you want to call it doesn’t matter, all that matters is having it inside me. I was practically salivating as I looked at his lovely cock.

I peeled the sheets slowly down his legs then carefully stood upon his bed. The motion seemed to be stirring him and I could tell he was beginning to wake up. I squatted down over his magnificent pick then guided it gently into my drooling pussy. Oh god, it felt so good as I slowly filled myself with his lovely cock. The walls of my pussy slowly stretching to take his girth. I had my head thrown back in ecstasy. A low guttural moan escaped my mouth and I felt Shane’s hands take hold of my hips. I smiled as I looked down at him, at the same time as I bottomed out on his cock.

“Good morning.”

I practically purred.

“It certainly is a good morning. Any morning that starts like this, is a very good morning.”

“Mmm, I agree. I would love to start every day with a cock inside me.”

I slowly raised up and slid back down his pole. Up and down in a nice gentle rhythm. I could feel every ridge and bump on his cock as it slowly slid in and out of me. I knew the door was open and I found myself wanting Bill to watch us and stroke his cock again. I wanted to feel his cum splashing onto me again and to taste his cum again. The more I thought about it the more worked up I got and the faster I rode Shane’s cock. He was beginning to thrust up into me and I knew he wouldn’t last all that much longer but I didn’t care. My orgasm was growing inside me and thinking about Shane’s thick cock blasting inside me as well as thinking about Bill spraying my body and face with his cum was sending me over the edge.

I leaned back and balanced myself on my hands as I bounced even harder on his cock. It was almost coming all the way out before it pushed down against my G-spot, meanwhile, Shane was now rubbing my exposed clit with his thumb. I could feel the energy rising fast in me now. I was grunting with every down thrust and the wet slapping sounds of my ass on his thighs was intensely erotic. Shane’s grunts became louder and he pushed harder back against me with each stroke.

I don’t know if it was the angle I was on or the angle of Shane’s cock but when I came I clamped down hard and cum squirted from my pussy harder than it ever had before. Shane had a look of shock on his face that was very quickly replaced by complete ecstasy as his cock launched a huge load into me. God, I love the feeling of a cock emptying into me and that alone brought on another wave of my orgasm. I lifted my hips to feel his cock rub against my G-spot again but this time it slipped right out. There was a squelching sound and I knew that my gaping pussy was emptying a flood of our combined cum directly onto Shane’s gaziantep yavuzeli escort cock and balls.

“Oh god, sorry about that.”

“It’s okay, that was amazing.”

I sat a bit more upright and felt more ooze out of me. I looked down between my thighs and realised that Shane was a mess. He had cum from nipples to asshole as well as all over the sheets. I climbed off of him and looked at the mess we had made. The poor guy looked like he had been slimed like on Ghostbusters but thankfully it wasn’t green. The thought gave me the giggles though and I couldn’t stop as I told him to get up. I pulled up one corner of the sheets and handed them to him.

“Here, might as well use this to mop up. It isn’t going to get any worse than it already is.”

Shane looked down at his very wet torso.

“Wow, that was a big one for both of us.”

“Yeah sorry about that.”

“Don’t be sorry, that was awesome. I am going to have to have a shower though.”

I moved around the bed and started peeling the sheets right off.

“I’m glad you enjoyed that as much as I did. These definitely need washing. Can you dump these in the laundry as you go through to the shower?”


Shane bundled the sheets up and was heading to the door when he turned and placed one hand around my waist. He drew me to him and holding my naked body, firmly against his, kissed me deeply.

“That really was spectacular.”

He whispered in my ear as he let me go. I could feel my insides churning with desire again. It really was taking less and less to get my motor revving these days. My knees were like jelly as I watched his tight ass walk out the door.

I wasn’t finished for the morning though, I needed another taste of what I had had last night. I walked into Bill’s room, still completely naked. I stood there for a moment startled by the familiarity of the room my son had grown up in. It was strange that it was the familiarity of that room that made me question what I was doing. Once I sighted that hard cock of his beneath the sheet though I managed to rationalise my thoughts. That’s not William, That’s Bill, and Bill is a very naughty boy and I love naughty boys. I crossed the room pulled back the sheet and engulfed his cock with my mouth.

He almost doubled up in shock until he realised it was a nice sensation. I went to town using every trick I knew. I made it extra wet and used my hands as much as my mouth. I wanted him to never forget the first time his mum sucked his cock. I was going wild and the delicious taste and exquisite naughtiness of it had me fingering my clit as I slurped on his pole. I wanted his cum, no I needed his cum and I was determined to get it. I felt his fingers curl in my hair and it sent a shiver through my body as he moaned and started to fuck my face like it was his favourite pussy. He was pushing my head down with each thrust and making me gag from time to time but I didn’t care, I wanted his cum more than I wanted oxygen.

Bills fist clenched in my hair and he really began fucking my face hard. His balls slapping my cheek with every in thrust. I loved being used like this I wanted him to fuck me hard and fill me with his cum. I knew the day was coming where it wouldn’t just be my mouth that got his cum either. I wanted him to fuck me in every way possible. I wanted him in my mouth and in my pussy. I pushed two fingers deep into my aching pussy and slipped another finger up against my asshole. I couldn’t believe how slutty I was being and how much it turned me on. I pushed my finger against my tight sphincter and felt it begin to slip inside. Never before had I ever let anyone finger my ass let alone fuck it but deep inside I knew, Bill would be my first. I wanted to keep that special cherry just for him. That would wait for another day though because right now I could feel his balls pulling up against his body and he was really moaning now.

“Oh yes. Oh, Mum. Mmmm suck my cock, Mum. Oh, I’m going to give you my cum.”

God that turned me on and I was on the verge of coming again myself. That’s when he erupted in my mouth. I was internally screaming as I came so hard but couldn’t do anything more than moan as I tried to swallow down the huge quantities of cum he was pumping into my mouth. He released my hair and I swallowed down what was left in my mouth before taking a deep breath. I then began licking his delicious cock clean. I couldn’t get enough of him. Eventually, I wound down and removed my fingers from my pussy. Bill grabbed my hand and raised my fingers to his mouth and licked them clean of my cum.

“You taste so good, Mum.”

The fact that he was tasting his friends’ cum, as well as mine, wasn’t lost on me and turned me on even more. I wondered if they had ever sucked each other’s cocks. The mental image of that was fucking delicious.

“You taste pretty damn good yourself son.”

He beckoned me up to him and when I moved closer gaziantep yeni escort he leaned in and kissed me. Not in the way any son should kiss their mother. It was wet and passionate and it was like we were trying to taste ourselves on each other. I could smell my cum and taste it on his lips and he had to have been able to taste his cum on mine.

“Good morning sleepy head.”

“Best alarm clock ever.”

I have to say I agree. Perhaps you can be my alarm clock one day.

“Mmm sounds good.”

I spent the morning in a state of dreamlike bliss. I had all the cock and cum a girl could want right there in front of me but it was fun to tease as well. I decided that because it was a warmer day that the boys could help out in the garden. It had been ages since I had time to weed it myself and other jobs needed doing around the yard. I formulated a plan that would get the yard work done, would tease the boys and well, let’s be honest, would tease me until I was wet and ready. Not that it took a lot for that these days.

I hadn’t forgotten about David yet either mind you but his time would come. Let him continue to think everything was okay, meanwhile it allowed time for everything to be in place before I dropped the bomb on him.

I went and had a shower and while in there I thought about what I was going to wear for the day ahead. First I put on my active-wear pants. I know I’m not a fit, pert teenager with a perfect ass but I can still pull off something like this. The top half, however, needed a different approach. I put on an oversized t-shirt with a stretched neck. It was designed to slope off one shoulder but when I bent forward it showed a massive amount of cleavage. Mmm maybe if I’m lucky I will have a cock slipping between these babies before the day is over.

Mmm, that got my motor running again already. Thinking about one of those two boys slamming their cock between my titties and coming all over me had me wet before I had even left my room. I thought about having a quick play before going back out there but I reminded myself how good the tease could be too.

I walked out to the kitchen to find the boys sitting at the table already. Both seemed very fidgety as I strutted around the kitchen preparing breakfast. I wonder if they each knew about the others wake up call. Did they discuss and compare the way some guys did? I wondered how that conversation would go and then realised that it wouldn’t be that simple, maybe if they fucked me together that would melt the ice a little. In my mind, a scene commenced of me on my back on the dining table while one of the boys stuffed my pussy full of cock. The other fucked my mouth and throat and my body was completely at their mercy to use as they wished. It was all I could do to not strip naked, lay back and say have at me. Oh boy, if my mind kept doing things like that it was going to be a long day.

I told the boys what the plan was for the day, the gardening bit anyway, and asked them to help me with it. They couldn’t go anywhere anyway so what else were they going to do? After breakfast, they got changed and were both wearing shorts and t-shirts. We got to work in the yard but not a whole lot was getting done. I got down on my knees and began pulling weeds, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my back as I worked. I had the boys doing different things, pruning, sweeping and just general tidying up but every time I turned around to see what they were doing they seemed to be staring at me. I caught each of them on different occasions just standing there staring while squeezing their cock through their shorts. I wanted to help them so much but I told myself that for now there would be nothing more than teasing.

Around ten o’clock I announced that I need to go to the toilet and that I would bring them out some nice cool drinks when I returned. I walked inside, noticing that my panties were already quite damp from all the scenarios running through my mind. The fact that the boys kept looking at me like they wanted to eat me wasn’t keeping them any drier either.

I went to the bathroom and peeled my almost soaked panties off my legs. Instead of putting some fresh ones on though I decided to up the ante and not wear any at all. I wondered how long it would take before they noticed that I didn’t have any on, or for that matter how long before I had soaked them through. I decided that if I wasn’t going to wear any panties I might as well abandon the bra too. I put my t-shirt back on and pulled my yoga pants back up and looked in the mirror. Oh, it wasn’t going to take them long to notice at all. My breasts were quite a bit lower than they had been and my nipples stood out like crazy. I looked at my crotch and at first, it didn’t look any different so I pulled the pants up a little tighter and I felt the seam push up between my lips. I looked again and there was no mistaking that camel toe.

It made me even hornier just looking gaziantep zayıf escort at how slutty I looked. I couldn’t conceal the grin as I walked off to the kitchen and the feeling of the material sliding up between my ass and pussy was enough to get me wet without anything else. I opened the fridge and the blast of cool air chilled my nipples but it was a delightful feeling. I carried the drinks out to the boys and was delighted to see that they had removed their shirts. I couldn’t hide the pleased look on my face as their eyes roamed all over my body either.

We stood there making small talk as we had our drinks and they dragged it out as long as they could.

“Well, this garden isn’t going to do itself boys. Come on, let’s get back to it.”

I walked over to where I had been working and got down on my hands and knees to begin weeding. The first thing I noticed was how much further up the yoga pants pulled when there were no panties to stop them. The second thing I noticed was how good it felt when my tits swung free bent over like this and my nipples were just brushing against the material of my shirt. Fuck I wasn’t going to be able to hold out all that long if I teased myself like this.

I glanced back over my shoulder and both boys were standing there slack-jawed and looking at my pussy. I felt my inner walls contract and I knew that I was soaking the yoga pants through with my cum. I let them look a little longer, enjoying seeing their hard cocks pressed against the front of their shorts.

“Come on boys, back to work please.”

I turned away and smiled as they both realised they had been caught. They continued to work for a while and I was getting back into it myself. I got a bit of a rhythm going, lean forward and grab the weed move back a little and pull it out, then forward again. The rhythm also felt pretty good as my nipples brushed back and forth and every time I leaned back the seam of my pants would rub just a little bit on my clit. I knew I was sopping mess by now. I could feel my pants were wet halfway to my knees but knowing the boys could see how wet I was, just turned me on even more.

Bill had moved around the yard and was now working almost directly in front of me. I knew he could see my naked tits swing inside my shirt. I wished I could do exactly what they had done and strip my shirt off so they could both see properly but knowing the neighbours were home was putting a little bit of a restriction on things. Besides teasing is way too much fun and they should at least work for a glimpse, shouldn’t they?

After an hour more had gone by I was too far gone. The sun was making me even hotter and every time a trickle of sweat ran down my tits I imagined it was their cum. My pussy and yoga pants were so wet now that it would have been impossible to deny how turned on I was. My pants were stuck to my pussy and ass like a second skin and left nothing to the imagination as the boys, who had long since stopped pretending to work just sat on the grass squeezing their cocks in their shorts. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone made a move and I was in no condition to say no. I stood up and mustered the last of my will power and headed for the door.

“Whew, it’s so hot out here. Look at how dirty I am.”

Making no pretence at all anymore I pulled the front of my pants up into my crotch. It really accentuated my pussy lips that were quite swollen by now and felt so good against my clit. I knew that now I was just inside my doorway the neighbours couldn’t see me and I was so worked up that I was on the verge of anything goes.

The boys were staring at me with complete arousal and I loved having an audience to play too. I made a feeble attempt at lifting my shirt up but it was stuck to my skin. I could easily have got it myself but that’s not what I wanted.

“Oh, I’m so sticky, I need to have a shower but I can’t get this damp shirt off. I wish someone would help me.”

I know it was completely oversold, with acting that would be considered over the top in an infomercial, but I was having fun. Besides, the boys were at my side in seconds.

“Here, let me help with that Mum.”

“Yeah, I can help too, Heather.”

I just raised my hands in mock defeat and enjoyed the sensation of them slowly peeling my shirt off above my head. I closed my eyes and before I knew it four hands were running over my body and I moaned out loud as two mouths descended on me. Each taking a nipple at the same time.

Oh, why hadn’t I done something like this before? If I knew that asshole was cheating on me our whole marriage I would have been the neighbourhood slut for sure by now. I was just so horny all the time that I would happily fuck almost anyone who wanted me now. I couldn’t believe how slutty I was feeling and the thought of every man in the neighbourhood lining up to fuck me was driving me wild. I felt a hand on my sopping pussy and I simply didn’t care whose it was.

The only thing I did care about at this moment, apart from pleasure, was getting into a shower before things progressed. As much as I was enjoying getting so wet with these two horny studs I was also sweaty and I had to get cleaned up first.

“Mmm that feels so good but I have to have a shower. I think you should both help me get out of these wet pants and perhaps even help me get clean.”

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